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Let Me Fix Us || c.h.

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I M A G I N E 

“Guys, give me my phone back!” You urged, chasing Luke around the dressing room as Michael and Ashton stood around watching us. “I need my phone back, Luke!”

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Summary: Bucky gives Steve very obvious hickeys and the Avengers notice (basically exactly what the message says).

A/N: I don’t know if you wanted me to make a drabble out of this, but I did it anyway lol.

Words: 406

Steve wasn’t used to being stared at. Yes, okay, people did tend to gloat openly at Captain America, and even when he was tiny and scrawny he got people’s attention - mostly to be made fun of - but the 21st century was different. What with technology the citizens had a way of getting over things fairly quickly, and after about a year people didn’t care as much about him as they initially had. He was old news, and when he was out and about as Steve Rogers no one so much as batted an eye.

Therefore, when he walked into the meeting that morning he had to frown at his gaping teammates.

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