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je t’aime & quaksons

je t'aime & quaksons (Peter Parker imagine)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: hiii! could u pleasd write a peter x reader fic where she’s french but goes to HS with peter and someday she says that she loves him (in french) and he also responds in french ? THATD BE SO COOL! thanks xx

A/N: using google translate because the only French word I know is ‘’bonjour’’ // didn’t want to be basic with using ‘’Paris’’ as her hometown lol


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Marseille, France to Queens, New York

3, 915 miles 

10+ hours flight 

Leaving your hometown to go to a different school is scary, but doing the big jump from one side of the planet to the other was even scarier. Since you had amazing grades and were super smart when it came to anything science, you got the opportunity to go to the Midtown High School in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

Walking into the school caught some looks, other students quickly realizing you were a foreigner. Keeping your head up, you walked into the office and stood in front of the counter. 

‘’Good morning, can I help you?’’ The secretary asked.

‘’Yes, I’m the new transfer student from France’’ you replied nervously. Her face light up like a Christmas tree and she smiled.

‘’Oh, yes! Here, I got your locker combination and your schedule. I attached a little map in the back of the paper just in case you need it’’ she said while giving you two sheets of paper. ‘’Welcome to Midtown, dear.’’

‘’Thank you so much’’ you smiled gratefully and walked back to the hallway. Taking a deep breath, you started your journey to find your locker. After five minutes and a flight of stairs, you found it. After doing the combination, you opened it and frowned. 

‘’Yeah, this needs an emergency makeover’’ you murmured to yourself. You took a quick picture of it, so you had some reference when you went to buy the things you needed later. Leaving your backpack in your locker, you just took your notebook and a pen. The bell rung.


You walked few hallways and found your classroom. Triple checking it was the right one, you walked in. It was a chemistry room, with two seats per table. Okay great. Students looked at you, and so did the teacher. She came up to you.

‘’Hello. You must be Y/N, right?’’ you nodded, feeling nervous again. ‘’Please take a seat next to Peter’’ she pointed to a guy wearing a blue sweater with a flannel shirt underneath. When you sat next to him, his cologne hit you hard. It smelled so good.

 ‘’Hi, I’m Y/N’’ you greeted quietly, startling him a little.

 ‘’I-I’m P-P-eter’’ he stammered a little bit. He was freaking out.

When class was over, you headed towards the other classrooms. You sat in the back so you wouldn’t draw so much attention to yourself. You were looking at everyone when Peter walked in. Okay, another class with him. This went on during the entire day, it looked like you had the same classes as Peter, which didn’t bother you at all.

After school, you were super hungry. It was coffee time. (A/N: hey my little coffee beans… if you know where that’s from I like you). You searched online for a good French café in the area and you ended up deciding on Café Triskell. It was kind of far to go on foot, so you were going to use Uber to get there.

You sat in a bench outside and pulled out your phone again when Peter came up to you. ‘’Hey’’ he said, sitting next to you.

‘’Hey, what’s up?’’ God, he’s so cute.

‘’Are you doing something now?’’ He asked boldly.

‘’Yeah’’ you replied, making his smile fade away. ‘’I’m gonna go get a coffee, do you wanna join me? We should get to know each other, since we’re lab partners and classmates in every class.’’

‘’Uh s-sure’’ he was taken aback because of your question.


You were sitting face to face, close to a window. Peter was still shock because of the small little fact that you were French.

‘’How do you say ‘’I love science’’?’’ He asked, while taking a sip of his coffee.

‘’j’aime la science’’ you told him slowly, so he could understand.

‘’This quakson is so good’’ he said suddenly, surprising you. ‘’Wanna bite?’’

‘’The what?’’ You asked him, confused.

‘’The quakson’’ he pointed towards the croissant. And you just started laughing. It was so funny to you that you were crying. Peter was pouting. ‘’Why are you laughing?’’

‘’You’re pronouncing it wrong, silly. It’s croissant’’ you told him, wiping your tears away.

‘’That was I said, quakson’’ you started laughing again. ‘’Okay, fine. I can’t pronounce it right.’’

‘’I’ll tell you, don’t worry. Just eat your quakson’’ he glared at you playfully, and offered you a piece.

Months later

Your relationship with Peter was going strong. After you hung out at the café, you were inseparable. Now you were laying down in a blanket at the park. A nicely filled picnic basket was full of treats beside you.

Your heard was resting on Peter’s chest. ‘’je t'aime’’ you told him. He sat up and looked at you. Fuck, was it too soon?

He smiled at you. ‘’ je t'aime aussi.’’

neopixiesims  asked:

Hope you know that your presence here makes everything unique and your writing is out of this world. If you publish more, just know I will buy all your books, even if I have to Google Translate it!!!

Hope you know I love you no matter what!! ❤ I adore you despite your constant attempts to blackmail me, to manipulate me, and to threaten me!! ❤ I want us to be together forever despite you dumping me three times this year!! ❤ I’m your biggest fan, the most loyal of your readers, and the sweetest hater of the plushie demon thing!!

lovelytitania  asked:

prompt: adidas dress, you can do it my offspring of fire and memes

“What does this even mean.” Yuuri says, staring at Yuri’s birthday list. Victor peers over his shoulder. 

“I have exactly no idea, my love,” Victor frowns “does this mean we’re getting out of touch?”

“Speak for yourself, old man, “ (”Yuu-ri!”) “I mean, I know adidas make those long jumper-dress-tshirt things, but-”

“Does he want one of those? Let’s google it!” Victor says, tapping away. “Ugly, ugly, fake, ugl-oh,”

The “oh” n question is a deep wine colour, hugs every inch of the model in all the right ways, brings out the notes of gold in her skin. It’s not what Yuuri would usually wear, but the matching red blush that’s crawling up Victor’s nose could teach him different.

“I think we should get one. For. Science,” Victor babbles. Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “Okay,” he replies, amused.

Yuri never did get that adidas dress. 

top 10 phan moments that make me wanna rip my heart out

yeah, just ten moments among hundreds, let it be part one or something. tell me what i’ve missed because i want more suffering in my life.

10) mind control.

i mean, i appreciate the subtlety. i crave those tiny moments that you only notice when someone points them out to you. but this! you can’t miss this one, this moment is shoved down our throats. this is so “i’m allowed to do that to you, to be in your personal space, and gaze into your eyes for no reason, just because i want to”. and phil’s face in that moment, so much joy and mischief, he claps his hands and gazes back.

9) chest touch.

drama queen howell strikes again, it hurts to rewatch it srsly, why is he so extra? but what is phil doing ladies and gents? he slaps his chest in the weirdest way possible, he brushes it, it’s like he wants to shove him but reassuringly and the movement happens so fast you have to pause for a second to comprehend it. that sweet gentle boy is so fond of dan’s unnecessary commentary and yeah, it completely distracts us from what dan is saying at that moment.

8) feel my heartbeat.

was that necessary, really? like, i don’t ask my friends to feel my heartbeat when i’m scared, that was such a “horror movie at first date” bullshit, that’s not what people do?? and when dan does feel that beautiful hummingbird heart, phil just covers his hand with his own palm because yes, you gotta feel it very close, no air between your hand and my chest. dan immediately looks into the camera to show us that yeah, i know you’re there, nothing strange, and makes a comment about phil dying. wow.

7) phil the delivery man.

i don’t know what to say. it’s so simple but why does phil have to make such an act of bringing dan his charger, why does he talk in that stupid voice?? they have a banter, and then phil FIXES DAN’S CHARGER FOR HIM, like what?? who asked you to do that? where’s my IT guy au (literally, he’s got glasses, look at him). and before he leaves he plays the piano that nerd, what an attention seeker, and then bows!! is he tipsy? did he have a pre-liveshow orgasm or something? dan laughs fondly and it’s all i need in the world.

6) child beer.

what’s happening and does it even matter. phil’s hiding on the floor, but why? to surprise us? eh whatever. so he’s got that magical japanese powdery stuff and he wants dan to taste it. the biggest problem for me here, ahem, i mean the thing that just kills me every time is that phil spends the whole time (eight minutes) on his knees and he looks so cute when he makes that beer, holds it close to the camera, and then lets the foam sit so dan can have the ultimate child beer experience.

it reminds me of that hot chocolate video, where he does something so trivial but he’s so gentle and loving about it. i still don’t understand why they didn’t do a simple taste test like bros, but phil had to make it for dan, he wanted to see his reaction. and then he tries it as well, touches the glass rim with his lips at the same place where dan’s mouth just was (gross).

and i just can’t ignore how that boy sneaks past dan’s room after that, he’s playful, he stops to say that he googled something and dan was wrong, and domesticity, i wanna die.

5) sleeping phil on tour.

i kinda wanna talk about the angle here because i don’t understand how it was filmed (camera is pretty static, dan’s hand reaches from the side, not behind), but i don’t know if it matters here. what matters is how gentle dan is. of course, he starts with classic nose tickling, which is what “messing with a sleeping friend” usually implies, but then he frees one strand of phil’s hair and just lets it fall. wow, fantastic prank, dan.

and let’s separately discuss that pout/kiss phil does after he opens his eyes. i know you want a slow mo replay, so here we go:

that’s what i call “im gonna stay asleep but i love you”. where’s the nearest cliff so i can fling myself into abyss?

4) the look.

context what context. why did they keep it? why did they put it on fullscreen instead of hiding in the corner? two full-length looks dan, really?? you know what he looks like, why do you have to examine him like that in front of us you slut. and it just passes, without acknowledgment, they just turn back at us simultaneously and I’M STILL DEAD at that moment, i don’t care what happens next.

3) snoot. proot. (i just filmed you doing that)

i don’t even care what it was. something about piano sounds or whatever, but this video haunts me. THERE’S SO MUCH TO IT. first, phil is lying on dan’s bed (at least in the official version it’s dan’s, not mutual), just chilling?? and dan’s working i guess. so they are not actually doing something together but it’s a cozy evening, why would they spend it in different rooms? dan says something, idk, and phil replies “yeah” in that deep voice I SWEAR i haven’t heard from him before. dan makes the sounds again, like can you believe he’s an actual dork in real life, it’s not an act, he’s actually the weirdest boy alive, and he so obviously doesn’t know he’s being filmed. because when phil says “i just filmed you doing that you’re so weird”, he’s so delighted, he laughs at himself, he turns around, his hair is pushed back omg they are both so sleepy and i rejoice. i think this video gives us a rare but fantastic insight in their everyday life, phil must be keeping so much silly videos like that on his google drive and we never get to see them BUT SOMEHOW he posts this one, probably because dan is cute and he wants everyone to know it.

2) you loved it. you wanna do it more.

so, yes. you know this one. where do i even begin?? they play this dragon quiz and then 1) phil says “you loved it” in the strangest voice, like the voice we never hear from him, it’s deeper and quieter, he looks at dan even though dan’s not looking back; 2) dan is looking down as if he’s fiddling with an ipad or something, it’s almost a bts moment, something they would usually edit out. AND THEN THREE SECONDS OF SILENCE while dan kinda processes what’s going on and phil still looks at him expectantly. seductive as fuck. and now this quiet “alright”, i’m just… dan looks like he’s gotten the hint, so he’s a little embarrassed and they share the softest laugh. 

the thing is, we know how often phil makes sexual innuendos and dan always reacts the same way: he looks into the camera, he throws a witty comment in, he puts it on display to show us that there’s no intimacy in that moment. but not this time. i don’t understand why they didn’t edit it out. i just… don’t.

1) pantless liveshow
this is the ultimate. this is the weirdest and the most awesome thing these two gave me and i’m not even sure what can top that. the moment when phil decides to grab the humidifier and show us, he looks at the screen, says “one second” and stands up very awkwardly while dan turns the laptop away from him and makes the weirdest “how you doing” face. 

WHAT THE FUCK. did they think we were so used to them weirdos that we wouldn’t even notice that shit? but fuck, they do it again, they want to show us the spray and dan goes “should i go get it? you have to do phil’s corner”. like, i can’t function, i honestly can’t. AND THE WORST PART is when dan returns and we can see him covering his legs with a blanket just too fast like it’s not that cold boy come on.

i have no explanation and i have every explanation. i don’t deserve all this suffering.



These are all works of the talented @dorodraws who not only is here on tumblr but also has a TON more super pretty disney fanart for yout to drool at… so have at it guys! 

EDIT 2: The last one isn’t from dorodraws. The artist is @dc9spot and there’s more completely adorable and bullshit free Beau and the Beast here and here

Isn’t it weird that they aren’t all by the same person? great minds think alike or something like that. Don’t forget to visit both their blogs for more awesome art!

Does anyone know the artist of these? They are al found in google, but it’s all reposts and they are never credited and i really badly need to know who they are. Like i need more of them right away.

And really, could you please look at them? they’re all oh sooo pretty and dainty and so true to disney magic in general and can you please look at that ADORABLE and COMPLETELY HYPOCRISY/BULLSHIT FREE genderbend of Beauty and the Beast? That’s incredibly rare to see and i love it so much.

So this person really deserves the credit and also the fandom really needs more of this type of genderbends. Even if it might not know it does. 

controversial opinion

people who are straight and cis: your friends and relatives should not be forced to choose between giving you an entire 101-level education in gender and sexuality or forever suffering through your clueless remarks/questions that, trust me, are sometimes incredibly painful, however well-intentioned you are

and they definitely should not have to spend years laying this groundwork of educating you in order to feel safe coming out to you

do. your own. research.

Even if you think you don’t know anyone who isn’t straight and cis, I guarantee you that you are wrong, and you should educate yourself so you’re not an additional burden to them before or after they come out to you. It is unfair to expect them to personally tutor you out of your cluelessness, when they’re the marginalised person and you’re the one with nothing to lose.

You have Google. Use it. And actively seek out writers who are trans and gay and bi etc and read what they have to say. Don’t rely on whatever bits of mainstream or even feminist media drift your way. Your loved ones deserve better.


someone you know who has to brace every time this topic comes up because you literally do not know how offensive you’re being, I love you but oh my god, please stop


Wednesday 21.06.17 at 9.33pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Even & Isak (“Man of my life”)


Fucking hell
I love you
*link to Even’s birthday video*
Come sit with me then

You know it’s 9.21pm

You know I was born at 9.21pm

Swear it

I swear

Now I have a boner

Should we leave

We can’t leave it’s your birthday

I can decide, it’s my birthday


Here’s a quick explanation for the 9.21pm because I know some people are always confused about this: in European time we write it 21.21 & it comes from Even and Isak’s first kiss (Even asked the time when they bailed on their girlfriends and it was 21.21, and the clip aired at 21.21 and was named “21:21”), then Even used it during the O Holy Night clip (”I’m standing here and it’s 21.21”), then we learnt that it was Isak’s hour of birth too, then Isak posted a reference to it on Instagram, and I think the fact that the first message between Even and Isak during season 4 was posted at 12.12 was another reference to this.
tl;dr 21.21 (aka 9.21pm) is the ultimate Evak hour :)

To Know One’s Heart- Legolas Greenleaf

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Pairing: Legolas/OC

Request: This idea just sort of came to me, so I ran with it!

Warnings: None

A/N: I honestly am a little shocked I’ve never written Legolas before considering I used to be so in love with him. BETTA LATE THAN NEVER. I hope this turned out okay…I had to do a lot of googling and research for the bits of Elvish, but even then I’m sure it’s not perfect. I’ll put the translations at the bottom. I also got a little, super tiny bit sappy. But hope you enjoy anyways! :) Let me know what you think!

The sorrow in the air was so thick, it was almost difficult to breathe. I scanned the faces of the men around me, dressed in their secondhand armor and some holding weapons that hadn’t seen the light of day in many years. Their expressions were all so forlorn, the looks of men readying to attend their own funeral. The weight of that sorrow felt like a burden. It was only then that I decided to escape, catching Aragorn’s eye from across the room before slipping out into the corridor.

A few minutes later, I found myself in the small, candle-lit chapel. I was surprised to find it nearly empty. Almost as surprised as I was to find myself there in the first place. I hadn’t prayed for many years. Not since I had been a child. Not since my mother and father were alive. I sat in the first pew, closest to the altar. Most of the candles had melted to nothing more than stubs, casting flickering shadows against the stone walls. I wasn’t sure where to begin, what to pray for. Legolas and Aragorn’s argument still rang in my ears. I had never known Legolas to despair, but he wasn’t wrong. 300 against 10,000. Most of them would die, maybe myself among them.

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Underrated groups as things we can sleep on


You knows those ideas you get when you are questioning the existence of the universe while in bed at 3 am… This was one from those times.

I still find this funny af, so I couldn’t help but put this idea on here. I hope it’s original ahah, if not… Don’t sue me. plz.

Another reason why I’m posting this is to make the whole world realise how stupidly dense they are for neglecting all those underrated yet, amazingly talented beings. Enjoy!


PENTAGON  -  School desk

- You sleep partially on it (#You say you stan Pentagon but you can only differentiate Hui and E’dawn and you don’t even know the others members name you piece of dense shits)

- You deeply hate sleeping on it, but something you just can’t help it.

- Everyone is silently judging you for sleeping there.

- Stop sleeping and listen, lazyhead

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KNK - Tree house (lol)

- IDK honestly, they are so freaking tall

- Tbh, why would you sleep there?

- Everyone tells you it’s stupid sleeping there, but you just don’t listen, do you?

- Lowkey wants to sleep there.

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stan knk, stan weirdos.

ToppDogg - Tent

- Sleeping on it is considered a life pleasure for some. (Demonic people tbh)

- You don’t sleep in it all the time. (Like when a member is on produce 101 you suddenly become a ToppKlass and when a member mention wanting to harm himself you feel worried and all wow)

- You think sleeping in it is cool (#its not)

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the dualty of me watching ToppDogg and being sad for then not being love enough but still feeling extremely proud of my boys.

B.I.G - Lazy boy

- Even your grandpa slept on it.

- Sleeping on this IS NOT COOL AND TRENDY, NEVER BEEN, NEVER WILL, period.

- Comfiest shit ever, apparently

- You wish you could stop sleeping on this, but it’s just impossible

- “old but gold” (2014)

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They litteraly are so cool, cute and perfectasdlkflasdfalsdfhaljhdsf

Blanc7 - I tech bed

- You are probably googling this right now

-Sleep on it once, never waking up again

-You know that your life will be brighter if you stop sleeping on it but, you don’t even want to try


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this is 332842340y2341 times cooler than me (BTW they all have an instagram account, so go on and bless you eyes with those beautiful people)

SF9 - The flowery bed everyone has in their attic

- You are soso close to finally wake up from your neglecting sleep

- Cute on the outside, a mess inside

- You just need a bit more money or time to stop (to buy cds or watch their perfomances)

-Everyone slept on it at least once, and the moment they stopped, they never regretted it.

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The S in sf9 stands for Sexy and the F for Fucking extra

witchland  asked:

Do you have any tips for writing poetry? I've always wanted to get into it but wow, it is not like writing a story at all! How do you poem? How???

1. Read poetry. Even the poets you may not enjoy, reread the poets you were suppose to read from in high school, and read poems from poets you do enjoy. I personally love Lang Leav and Michael Faudet, I love their style and what they write. I also love poetry in different languages. Point is, read poetry from other people! You might find a style you enjoy, you might find new subjects or inspiration, you never know.

2. Learn different techniques. Do some googling on rhyming, sonnets, songs, stanzas, the different forms you could write. Try some of the techniques for yourself. Familiarize yourself with often-used terms.

3. Start writing, it can be about anything you want. I find a lot of inspiration from my love to my Gods. You can write about flowers, or the weather, about a person or about an emotion. If you want to work yourself up to poetry, you can start writing short stories similar to Edgar Allan Poe.

4. Don’t stop writing. Practice it. Keep a little notebook with you to jot down ideas or a few words here and there. You won’t get better over night. It’s something you have to keep doing to get better at.

5. Edit your poems, revise them. Take words out, put some words in, what is unnecessary that you could edit? Do you really need 5+ adjectives about a car? Reread what you write carefully; if you dislike the poem, why do you dislike it? Change something about it if you don’t like it. Pinpoint the problem and fix it, you’re allowed to do that. 

6. You’ll write good poems. You’ll also write bad poems. You’ll write poems you like and poems you dislike. All of these things are different and not necessarily connected (a bad poem could still be a poem you like, vice versa). You’ll write poems people like, and you’ll write poems people may not like. You won’t know until you write it, and you won’t know how people will respond unless you share it. I’ve written poems that I could swear up and down wouldn’t get attention, and they’ve gotten more popular than the poems I thought would’ve done better.

7. Enjoy what you write. Enjoy writing, enjoy the process of writing; it’s an art form. Enjoy editing and enjoy sharing it with people. Writing poetry can be so personal, for you and for other people. I’ve written poems that I found hard to connect to personally (but still liked it), and I’d get messages from people saying how much they could relate to it and how much they love it.

8. It’s hard. It will always be hard. I often don’t feel like writing, but I have to keep trying and practicing so I can get things done and get somewhere with it. When you don’t feel like writing, that is the moment you pick up a pen or get on the computer and write anyway. Even just an idea is something, something you can come back to later and do something with or pitch it. Write when you don’t feel like writing.

I think that’s about all I have, but I wish you the best on writing!

Makeup Voiceover;Johnny

Request: Hiii I loved your Jaehyun voiceover scenario, can you please make one for Johnny if you haven’t already? Thanks! :) ♡

  • i actually love writing this series oh my
  • but in reality i dont know a single thing about makeup
  • so sorry if it gets really boring and repetitive for each member ;-;
  • google’s my best friend, if not i wouldn’t even know a single brand yes
  • okay let’s start with chicago monster let’s go

  • so many of your subscribers wanted him to do the makeup voiceover challenge

  • firstly because he has his own youtube channel too, and both of you are like the power youtube couple
  • and he’s always mentioning about you, so are you
  • but mainly because
  • in your vlog once you caught him on tape once using your eyeliner as a pen
  • “oh my god johnny what are you doing”
  • “i’ve never seen a pen like this before?? omg it’s so watery”
  • “are you serious omg HAHAHA GUYS look at my boyfriend”
  • “what????”
  • “it’s an eyeliner johnny”
  • “a what- OH NO WONDER HAHAHA”
  • “this is what i have to deal with everyday guys- a clueless giant, unlike on his channel where you all only see his cool side”
  • which is why tons of comments started to come in after that vlog
  • saying that it’d be hilarious to see johnny doing it
  • so after talking to johnny about it he agreed
  • because he was confident in himself
  • so one day you push him out of your room so you can film the video
  • and every 5 minutes you’d hear him screaming
  • after 45 minutes you let him in
  • and he has this cheeky smile on his face
  • and you can tell he’s very excited
  • “okay start now!!”
  • so he plays the video and starts recording
  • “hello everyone, it’s johnny seo here and im finally here to do the makeup voiceover”
  • “apparently because you guys are excited to laugh at me over that eyeliner incident”
  • “okay enough talking let’s start”
  • “just look at bare faced Y/N, so pretty”
  • “so first off, foundation”
  • “she’s using the l'oreal paris brand one”
  • “oh she’s taking her beauty blender- SEE GUYS I KNOW WHAT IT IS’
  • “yeah it’s because i told you after you endlessly referred it to an egg months ago”
  • “you all didn’t hear that-”
  • “squeeze a little out on the blender and dab it on your face”
  • “blend and make sure there aren’t any patches”
  • “i honestly dont see any difference?? but oh well you look good nonetheless”
  • “okay moving on”
  • “she’s doing her eyes”
  • “she always talks about this- her favourite palette, the Lorac Pro? is that the name- eyeshadow palette!!”
  • “today she’s using the light pink shade”
  • “with a little bit of nude”
  • “she looks like she’d winking- at me of course HAHA”
  • “oh she’s done!”
  • hears his own shout in the background of the video
  • “wait was that me?”
  • “yes it was”
  • “sorry guys, i was too excited”
  • “over with that,”
  • “oh it’s that pen! oh wait eyeliner-”
  • “why is she laughing”
  • “wait babe why aren’t you putting it on”
  • “just wanted to bring it in for some laughs, didn’t use it for this look hehe”
  • “justice for johnny guys, save me from this evil girlfriend”
  • “but damn she looks so cute laughing though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down- her face’s still red though aw”
  • pinches your cheek
  • “she taking out another stick”
  • “the uh nyc wonder stick that is”
  • “woah wait what it has two ends to it HOW COOL”
  • “baby’s using the lighter end”
  • “drawing lines on her upper cheek”
  • “oh she’s turning to the darker end”
  • “and drawing lines again?”
  • “what is this for- oh she’s blending it”
  • “oH i think it’s called contouring and highlighting?”
  • “you’re right babe”
  • “h a h”
  • “oh look her shining”
  • “god so gorgeous”
  • “my heart’s beating too quickly i can’t do this anymore do we still have a long way to go?”
  • “stop it omg. almost there, babe”
  • “why is she laughing again-”
  • “i think i just heard another shout from outside….”
  • “sorry guys”
  • “okay she’s done again, and applying blush right now”
  • “just look at her rosy cheeks!!!”
  • “did i mention the brand?”
  • “i didn’t catch it oh no i got distracted im so sorry”
  • “but it’s er-”
  • “i’ll just insert a caption don’t worry about it”
  • “my babe’s the best”
  • “oh i think this is the last one- lipstick!!!”
  • “look at those plump lips-”
  • “she’s using the Neutrogena one-”
  • “it looks like a crayon?? IS THIS A CRAYON?”
  • “wow i learn new things everyday”
  • “okay but just look at this cutie pouting her lips”
  • “and…. she’s done!!!”
  • “wow, im in love with a goddess”
  • “this is my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “this video ended too quickly???”
  • “aw anyways thank you for watching and please do continue supporting Y/N!!”
  • “and if you didn’t know, we come in a package so do check my channel out too- kidding”
  • “do subscribe, like and comment, this has been Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend, johnny!”
  • after he’s done he has the most satisfied smile on his face
  • and he attacks you with a hug for no reason
  • and your heart just melts because, he’s the funniest yet sweetest person ever??
  • “babe i think i should delete my own channel and join yours instead”

when isak told kollektivet he was moving in with even and noora would get her room back eskild was like ‘my nose will be grateful to smell the scent of lavender again’, but as the date comes closer eskild starts to get really sentimental and keeps telling anecdotes of isak secretly living in the basement, of being sweet to everyone, little things that he would miss about him and isak is a bit embarrassed but mostly touched. then when the day comes and they’re standing outside the building about to drive away with the van, eskild hugs isak and doesn’t want to let go, just clings to him and isak has this soft smile on his face when he says ‘that’s enough eskild i can’t breathe’ but he hugs eskild back just as strongly and whispers ‘thank you for everything’ and eskild is like ‘nope we’re not saying goodbye, i don’t want to cry it’d ruin my mascara… so worry not isakyaki i’ll be bugging you all the time since you’re still my little baby gay son and even though you lucked out big time with this one (he nods at even), i still have things to teach you so better invite me to your housewarming party’ and isak rolls his eyes but tells eskild that first they have to get basic furniture bc so far they only have a mattress and eskild is like ‘that’s all you two will need the first few days to christen your new place’ and he winks at even over isak’s shoulder and isak tells him in a flat voice ‘why would you think we haven’t christened it already’ and eskild lets out a delighted little laugh and smacks a big kiss on isak’s cheek and tells him ‘when noora and eva first showed me your picture and asked me find out if you were gay or when i found you in a gay bar drunk and in denial i wasn’t sure what i was getting myself into but over the months i started to see the sweetness and love underneath all that grumpiness and now you’re moving in together with your sunshine of a boyfriend thus making me the proudest guru in the history of gay gurus. and just an advice, i know even and you tell each other everything but seriously isak maybe should clear your browser history once in a while’. 

and then eskild lets go of isak who is still kind of processing what’s been said and eskild blows a kiss and goes back inside. and only when even parks the van outside their new apartment does isak exclaim and ‘wait what?’ and he immediately dials eskild’s number ‘what do you mean noora and eva showed you my picture? and i told you i didn’t know it was a gay bar, eskild!’ and even just smiles to himself and starts carrying their things up and when a few minutes later isak is about to cross the threshold, even is there to meet him with a long and sweet kiss and after they break apart even only murmurs ‘i love you baby but you seriously need to clear your browser history’. isak furrows his brows in confusion ‘what do you mean?’ and even tells him with a grin ‘i think jonas borrowed your phone today for something and he got the shock of his life when you saw what we googled the other day… you know the thing where you put your tongue up my-’ and isak covers even’s mouth before he can say it, feels his face go all blotchy pink ‘jonas saw that? and you’re telling me this just now? wait is that why he couldn’t look me in the eye all afternoon?!’ to which even just grins and shrugs his shoulders. and isak is all indignant ‘even, you should’ve told me! i can’t face jonas after that! and don’t even think there will be any christening tonight!’ but with all those endless kisses even makes him forget all about his embarrassment and in the evening when even has fallen asleep next to him isak gets a text from eskild ‘you know if for whatever reason you ever needed a place to stay i know a 5* basement that is always open to grumpy little gay sons’. isak never answers the text but he falls asleep with a smile on his face.

*“Do you know karate? ‘Cause your body is really kickin’.” (not literal)

Prepare for a SHITLOAD of stuff like this. Even though I’m THIS close to switching to Shance simply because I hate drawing Keith’ hair

I googled so many (horrible) spanish pick up lines, I got fuel for ages!!!
And, yeah, I’m still struggling with this whole digital media but I’m slooowly getting there.

Please bear with me a little longer

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BTS reaction: their s/o randomly adopting a dog.

little-psycho-ghost asked:

 If you have time, could you do a reaction to their s/o randomly adopting a dog?



Originally posted by jhopefluxo

Jin would give you an entire lecture about how dogs are a big responcibility, how they are like kids and you need to take care of them and how you’re way too lazy to take care of the dog by yourself. 

“But,” he said at the end of his speech, “that doesn’t mean we’re not keeping the dog. It’s just way too cute! Now let’s go buy the poor doggy some food!”


Originally posted by butterflyguk

Yoongi wouldn’t say anything and let you keep the dog. He would pretend that he doesn’t care about the dog and that it’s not a big deal, but on the inside the dog would be jumping with happiness every time the dog climbed on top of him and licked his cheek and if it ever gets sick he would take a day off just to take care of it, even though he would never admit it.

“Hey Y/N, I know it’s really late and you have work tomorrow, but I need to check on the dog, how’s he doing? Did you give it it’s medicine?”


Originally posted by ttaegiis

Hobi would instantly fall in love with the dog. He would love the dog so much somedays you would feel like he’s paying more attention to it than he does to you. He would also use the dog on you every time you’re mad or sad, he would take the little ball of fluff and bring it to you, placing it in your lap.

“I read somewhere that dogs make people happier,” he smiled placing the dog in your lap, “it definetly works for me, so I think it would work for you too.”


Originally posted by baebsaes

Namjoon would sigh and roll his eyes when you first bring the dog home, annoyed that you brought home yet another animal. But he would slowly start getting more attached to the dog than he did to any of your previous animals, he would start buying it clothes and calling it nicknames that didn’t even make sense sometimes.

“Come here Mr. Carrot!”, he would call the dog whose name was Johnny.


Originally posted by itschiminie

Jimin would be completely confused what to do. He would love the dog and think that it’s extremely adorable but he wouldn’t really know how to take care of it. This means that the two of you would constantly be googling stuff about the dog.

“Jagi? The dog has been sleeping for 3 hours straight now, should I be worried?”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Tae would see the puppy as a very important milestone in your relationship. He would think of it as his child - constantly dressing it up in fancy dog clothes and feeding it fancy dog foods. But having a dog with you would make him really happy, because we all know how much he loves children which means that he would absolutely fall in love with the dog.

“Jagi, you’ll be such a good mother of our future child!”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jungkook would NOT like the dog. The only reason why is, because he would be extremely jealous of it. He would be the kind of boyfriend who wants the be the only one and the only thing who you love, so sharing you with a dog wouldn’t be an easy task for him. But even if he is jealous he would still let you keep the puppy, because he loves how happy it makes you.

“Jagiya! Leave the dog alone and come spend some time with me!”


From Amy, With Love

(Here you go, the first part of the sequel to ADWD. I want to thank all the little cuties who helped make suggestions but especially @kyuubikaiju for making a suggestion similar to the title I’ve decided to use. I wanted to give you all something a little more hopeful to make up for the hell that was Pt. 6&7 because I love you all bunches and bunches! I’ve been feeling kinda down lately, and it helped me to write this, like writer therapy or something. So I hope you enjoy! *and I’ll stop rambling now*)

“Why doesn’t he remember me?”

“Simple, I took his memories of you.”

“Give them back.”

“Let me out of this cell.”

Amy lunges for Dark, but Google catches her. “You’ve done enough, Amy. You should be resting, not interrogating your attacker.”

“He’s taken Mark from me! And where’s Wilford?” she asks with a hiss. Amy stares at Dark like her gaze might burn right through. “What did you do with him?”

“He’s alive.” A trail of blood runs from the corner of Dark’s mouth down to his jaw where it drips onto his torn slacks. “That should be a comfort.”

Amy fights against Google’s hold, and the droid is growing impatient. “That’s enough, Amy! He won’t tell us anymore now!” He motions to Oliver who takes Amy and leads her out of the basement.

“Where are you taking me?” Amy doesn’t want to be mad at Oliver or even Google, but right now, she’s mad at everything.

“Where would you like to go? It would be inadvisable to be alone at this present time,” Oliver says eagerly. “Maybe I could take you home? Explain to the others what happened? The love of your friends would be beneficial at such a time as this.”

Amy shakes her head. She doesn’t want the others to know about this, not yet anyway. “Take me to see the Host. I want to ask him something.”

Oliver smiles and nods. “This seems acceptable!” The Host is waiting when the elevator arrives with a blanket draped over his arm and a cup of chamomile tea in hand. Oliver seems satisfied that Host has things covered and leaves the two of them alone.

“I knew you would be coming back, so I got together some things that I thought might comfort you…” Host nervously offers her the cup of tea. “Was I right to do this?”

Amy sets the cup aside and ducks her head. “Host, can I have a hug?” In answer, the Host wraps both the blanket and his arms around Amy’s shoulders. Up until this point, Amy hasn’t really allowed herself to cry, not when she wasn’t having a complete mental breakdown anyway. And the Host is so warm.

She sobs until she’s run fresh out of tears, and then she hiccups into his chest until the Host pulls away and pushes the cup of tea back into her hands. “Drink this, please,” he says softly.

Between sips of the soothing tea Amy asks, “Host, can you make me forget?”

Host seems confused by her question at first, but then he understands. “No, Amy. I—it just wouldn’t be right to do that.”

“I just want to forget this whole awful thing, and maybe if I forgot Mark too…” her voice trails off. Maybe if she forgot Mark and the Egos, maybe her heart wouldn’t be hurting so much right now. Maybe she wouldn’t be sitting on the floor of a blind man’s library sipping tea and sobbing into his trench coat. Maybe, maybe, maybe… “I saw what you did for the Doctor, how you made him relax. C-can you at least help me sleep?”

Host nods slowly. He helps her to her feet, leading her through the library to his room where he very seldom sleeps himself, and tucks her into his bed. “How about I tell you a story to help you sleep?” Amy nods, closes her eyes, and tries to relax.

“Once upon a time, there was a princess held captive in a tower by an evil sorcerer. The princess had many admirers, and they each loved her truly. However, none of them could best the sorcerer, and they fell into his traps one by one. So, in order to save her friends, the princess full of golden light, fought the dark sorcerer until finally he was beaten.”

Amy feels the words brushing over her mind like a warm, gentle breeze. It takes her back to the day in the park with Host when she told him about the clouds, and the flowers, and the trees. Slowly, her muscles relax, and Amy falls asleep with a pleasant smile on her lips. But the Host continues his story.

“When the evil sorcerer was defeated, the princess realized she had lost much, but one of her companions swore a promise to her. He would do whatever it took, no matter the cost, to bring those lost things back. So that they could all live happily ever after.”

With that, the Host steps quietly from the bedroom and heads for the basement.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for a baby witch in secret?

🌙 always start with research! i know everyone says it but i can’t express how important this is. if you can’t get books, Tumblr is honestly a great research source. i love the beginner witch tag on here. find something you like and search the tag, and keep on doing it. google works too. read multiple sites with information. learn EVERYTHING. never stop researching.

🌙 it’s great to familiarize yourself with basic things although they may not all apply to you (crystals, herbs, meditation, colors, different types of magick) and eventually further your research on the things that speak to you (and even things that don’t 100% speak to you if you like; it’s great to be well rounded).

🌙 if you have snoopy parents, i suggest not keeping a book, but if your parents are decently not snoopy, get yourself a grimoire/book of shadows and write in it things that you learn. it doesn’t have to be perfect. hide it in a trustworthy place, or even disguise it as a school binder.

🌙 if you have to be discreet about items, crystals are a commonly collected thing! herbs are in every kitchen and if they aren’t maybe take up an “interest in cooking”. who doesn’t love candles? pick up some cheap ones from the store or find some around the house depending on what color and scents you want for spells/rituals/or even just to set a magick mood. white candles can be charged any way, so they’re almost an essential for candle loving witches!

🌙 most of all, remember your magick comes from you, your tools are just there to give it a kick. tools are symbolic, and thus allow our magick to be portrayed in a physical manifestation so that magick can be sent out in its powerful yet invisible form. they are not necessary to practice witchcraft.

🌙 as long as you say you are a witch, you are a witch. you have me and the rest of the Tumblr witches here supporting you while you have to stay in the broom closet for a bit. familiarize yourself with aspects of the craft, and always be safe.

🌙 if your parents are abusively snoopy helicopter parents, YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. if you feel you may get caught with something that could lead to bad consequences, just don’t do it. it’s not worth the trouble.

🌙 i hope this helped! happy full moon!

Super Awkward

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen

Words: 1,019

Warnings: Comical fluff

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining‘s Cheesy Pickup Line Challenge. My prompt will be in italics. Gif is not mine, it was brought to you by google. 

Also this is my first RPF. Criticism and pointers to writing Jared are welcome!

Jared hummed as him and Jensen drank their beers. It had been a very long but eventful day. It was full of panels and even photo ops. However, it was nice for the two to finally wind down.

“We can’t get too drunk now Jare. We have a panel first thing in the morning.”

Jared nodded, “Right… I know.”

Jensen sighed knowing that look. Jared had often got it. He was a single man in his thirties.

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Dating Non-Spiderman Peter Parker Would Include . . .

Requested: No

A/N: I’ve been thinking of cute high school dating things and basically this is just me putting it on the list, but I did get a couple requests to do pre-spiderman peter parker so I suppose this counts. I hope you enjoy! if you would like some more just high school dating headcanons let me know! I love thinking of them/writing them!

- Peter. Is. The. Sweetest. Boyfriend. 

Before/Early Stage of Dating:

- He asked you out in a dorky way, and your first date was probably at an arcade and chaperoned by Aunt May and/or Tony 

- That’s where you have your dates most 

- He’s really uncertain in himself so he always asks you before doing anything 

   - “Hey uh- Y/N? Can I hold your hand?”

   - “Can I kiss your cheek?”

- He loves to walk you home 

- It gives him a chance to spend more time with you  

- If he finds out you are struggling in any class he’s gonna google that shit until 3 am and insists on a study date

- He just wants to help you and be your hero, your knight in shining armor

Further Into Dating: 

- He texts you throughout all of class 

- Dates are less often, but you hang out even more 

- When you’re not together your texting, calling, or skyping each other

- We all know Peter isn’t the most popular kid, but a lot of kids from school follow him, because he posts a bunch stuff of you and about you

- Basically the entire school ships it

(More social media headcanons x

- He’s the kind of boyfriend that will go to Wal-Mart and spend all of his allowance on a promise ring for his S/O


- During Mid-Terms/Finals, he’s been known to bring you your favorite fast food breakfast 

- You have dinner with the other’s parents at least once a week


- Staying up into late hours of the night and talking about the future

Send in some requests fam 


I absolutely adore highschool dating things so if you find any I would love if you sent them to me!

Escape from Fairy Land

Written for @seastarved’s Fantasy Pretzel Week Day 7, Feb 26: Any Modern Trope in a Elves/Fae/Nymph AU
Again, thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for flailing at me about this one :)

“Killian, what the actual fuck?” Emma’s panting, her eyes wide in distress, her hair tangled and her clothes torn. “What - what happened tonight?”

Killian studies the floor, he knows she’s had a hell of a night already and maybe if he just doesn’t answer her he can avoid making it a little bit worse.

“Killian. Killian!” She grabs his lapels and shakes him a little. He should’ve known that wouldn’t work: she’s as stubborn as they come. Nothing can deter her when she wants something - it’s what makes her such an excellent bailbonds person -

“Jesus fucking Christ! Talk to me now if you ever want to see me again.”

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please consider: tiny baby kuroo and kenma on leashes