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Hi!!!!! My name is Anne Lorraine and I just hit 2k followers!!!!! Well, to be completely honest I hit 2k followers a month ago and I’ve just been taking forever to make this post. 

Anyways, I’m so grateful for this trash can of a website and all of my friends and followers who have been with me throughout this journey. Y’all have stuck with me through my demon phannie phase, my emo phase, and even my over-plucked eyebrows phase. I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you guys. 

So, as a celebration of sorts, I’ve decided to finally do my first follow forever and show some love to all of my favorite blogs. Most of these blogs are phan blogs but I included some zendaya/valdaya blogs too. These are also only sfw blogs. Here we go!

Bold = Mutuals

Italics = Favs

First, I have to shoutout the senpais @danisnotonfire@amazingphil, and the absolutely lovely, @phillylesta <3

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Note: I couldn’t include everyone but I truly love everyone that I follow. I did try and include all of my mutuals, feel free to punch me if you’re a mutual that I missed <3


Front Row (Left to Right): Hiyori Miya, Popola Pola (@popola-sil-pola), Aiko Gakunin, A’onisya Dehf ( @skyholding)

Middle Row (Left to Right): Naih’tan Jinjahl ( @naihtan-jinjahl), Sven Sauriyel, Renaud-Elouan Cledwyn ( @manasong), David Greens ( @master-crafter), Lazer Ferret

Back Row (Left to Right): Colson Chaucer, Aernthota Hymllihtwyn ( @lifeofaernthota), Master Mclovin, Silver Aurochs ( @silverlining-ffxiv)

Life Update

Hiya, so as most of y'all probably know, I posted that I’d be pretty inactive come January fifth I think it was, and so far I have been, but I wanted to let you know I’m alive and I’m okay, just been very busy and haven’t had much time to talk on Tumblr (if we’re close and it won’t hike up my phone bill, I’ve likely given you my phone number by now as that’s easiest for me, if you don’t have it, just message me your number and I’ll send you mine and add you to my phone, you’re welcome to text or call whenever, but I may not respond/pick up right away, I’m sorry)

On another topic, I’ve got a bunch of threads planned with people right now, and I’ll post them as soon as I can, I’m just either waiting for someone else’s gifs, your gifs, or time to film my own gifs and edit those.

Currently I’m really busy with yard work, I’ve got to get flowers and new shrubbery planted, I’ve got a ton of school work, more now that I’m taking Spanish again, I also have to take care of my mom and my dog, Kennedy is training to become an EMT so that’s taking time where I can’t really do much of anything since I’m home alone, I also have to work on driving so I can get my license, and we’re in the middle of a move (which means selling some property, moving all our stuff into our current house, going through it, and then moving it into our new house) so things are a little hectic right now as I’m sure you’ve picked up 😋

Bear with me for a sec, I’ve got some more news. I’m going to be trying to be more active on Tumblr, right now I’ve got a queue set up (not a very active one, though) but I want to be posting more, and talking to y'all more, and hopefully coming on as characters when I’ve got the time, but the latter may be a while. Just give me some time and things will chill out around here, then I’ll be back and more active (googlehangouts included, man I’ve missed video chatting with the gang omg)

I think that’s it, but if you’ve stuck it out to the end and have any questions, just shoot me an ask or a message and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Stay safe, love ya ❤❤❤

“Phem, it’s 3 AM! What have you been drawing all night?”

“…uh, don’t worry about it.”


Okay, the discourse grew really heated in my inbox, I’m glad everyone’s so passionate about this. (As you should be because positive lgbtqia representation is important haha)

I can’t answer all of these without flooding your dashboards, so this is a collective answer of some sorts.

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(this is all I’m gonna say on this issue)

Ok, so, it’s okay for Justin Bieber to get arrested and disrespect his fans.

It’s perfectly fine if Chris Brown and Johnny Depp abuse women.

Everything’s fine when Kanye West releases a video depicting naked female celebrities next to rapists and abusers without their consent.


Not mention how people around the world are being murdered, tortured, and slaughtered but the only thing we care about is an illegally recorded phone call between a sexist rapper and a popstar posted by a reality tv star.

Like, regardless of whether Taylor lied or not, this is fucking disgusting and I’m about 2 seconds from deleting every social media account I have.

And now I’m gonna have to fucking deal with people bringing this up and ranting about it for the next six months because that’s how long we talk about celebrity feuds. Mind you, we only talked about Orlando for like a month. And 50 people were murdered.

Wow, America, I am once again completely ashamed to be an American.
Fuck everyone.

Since I just hit my 300 follower mark I decided to do a follow forever post! Yayyy!

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why is mikasa’s initial reaction to eren’s “death” still being used a a reason to hate her?? in the year of our lord two thousand and fifteen?? good grief?

yes, she is shocked, and she has a moment of despair. she believes the person she loves most in the world is dead. some people are going to react that way. like. you’d think that’d be understandable.

and then almost immediately (and maybe ppl purposefully forget this??), mikasa gets up. she promises to carry on without him, and she keeps fighting. she goes to make sure armin is okay, she helps them all carry out their mission. she is heartbroken, but she is surviving. she is not, as i saw in her tag this morning, nothing without eren.

and yet people continue to focus just on her wanting to give up, because heaven forbid a female character show weakness for even a nanosecond

trashcouch  asked:

Undyne shouldn't be splexing every character of undertale

*Get in the pile, you dang dog! You’re the last person n the Underground I need to suplex


| Flashing lights and we, took a wrong turn and we, fell down a rabbit hole |