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you know what’s sort of fascinating. the word “feelings”. i think about this a lot. about how it comes as sort of a mocking idea, a shadow of reality. oh, did i hurt your feelings? 

men, of course, don’t have these things. these dirty moths that bang around inside of heads, these girly feelings, these gay feelings, these not-cool-bro feelings. men are drinking a beer and watching tv and not traumatized by anything, not even her and her hair like a noose. when they want to crack open and tell their best friend that they are a million mirrors, all reflecting empty: instead they say nothing. they turn angry. angry is not a feeling. angry is a better place to be, the top of the roller coaster. nobody says you’re a fuck up if you’re angry. it’s sort of brave. at the bottom, because you come down, eventually, we all do, you wake up and people ask. what happened to you. is all this because of your feelings?

women, of course, are only these terrible creatures. ruled by it like werewolves. howling and sad and animalistic, chewed up by them. sobbing as a way to escape, because nobody knows how to handle feelings. this make us weak, flimsy, a bed to lie down on but not sleep, you’ll catch feelings. when it is a bad day, when it is a bad life, when we are complaining, it is because of our feelings. this is how we turn mouse-quiet too, learn to mask anger lest it be mistaken for that-time-of-the-month feelings. we cry over our best friend but we don’t cry in a funeral, unsure how to look strong and sensitive, hating ourselves at seven for crying in front of the neighbor, baby feelings, loving ourselves at twenty for holding it in when he sneers oh, does misogyny trigger your feelings? hating ourselves again when we feel a little colored out of the lines, holding our passion in like a breath, quietly sifting crazy feelings that maybe aren’t so crazy to begin with.

feelings. feminine connotations. impolite in proper society. when they ask how you’re feeling, you say “fine.” don’t cry, it will spoil the cake. don’t be so whiny, it won’t happen anyway. don’t feel, it’s not your place.

how to win an argument is easy. “oh, i’m sorry, did i hurt your feelings?” a spat word. a word that drips with venom, a word you shove the plate away with, no thanks i’m not hungry. empty of them. feeling is being in contact with the world, being stroked by it, having things get into skin and lips and behind eyes. strength is the opposite; the unsoft, the untouchable, the ethereal above-ness, no wound can utter the name of you. 

i’m in my feelings. yeah, i have feelings for you. open word. gaping. an already-forming bruise.


IN THIS HOUSE WE LOVE LANCE and throw him a huge birthday party… my friend connie brought prints as party favors, serene took polaroids, and we gave away a blue lion to one super lucky girl!!! we were graced by a most beautiful special guest, and we even had a guest book that we all wrote birthday wishes in to give to the staff—- one of the waiters recognized the blue lion and signed it too! the servers were all super kind and the manager of the restaurant was like “VOLTRON? SICK!” when we told him the theme of the party and he designed a lance shot for us and gave to me as a gift.

and yes, we had TWO cakes. one of them was oreo ice cream.

Hi!!!!! My name is Anne Lorraine and I just hit 2k followers!!!!! Well, to be completely honest I hit 2k followers a month ago and I’ve just been taking forever to make this post. 

Anyways, I’m so grateful for this trash can of a website and all of my friends and followers who have been with me throughout this journey. Y’all have stuck with me through my demon phannie phase, my emo phase, and even my over-plucked eyebrows phase. I couldn’t be more grateful to all of you guys. 

So, as a celebration of sorts, I’ve decided to finally do my first follow forever and show some love to all of my favorite blogs. Most of these blogs are phan blogs but I included some zendaya/valdaya blogs too. These are also only sfw blogs. Here we go!

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First, I have to shoutout the senpais @danisnotonfire@amazingphil, and the absolutely lovely, @phillylesta <3

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#ThicksetThursday is something I never thought I would be ok with being a part of. I’ve struggled my whole life with my body, and i’m still probably not the best person to talk to when it comes to body positivity. I’ve put up with comments, stares, weight loss plans, stupid exercise, and to an extreme: even plastic surgery. I can’t say I regret it, because I am so much happier now than I ever was before. However, now I can only ever wonder if i’d still be as happy if I hadn’t had my reduction.

I started working out a year ago, in an effort to be stronger, and feel healthier. It was a struggle not to focus on the visual results; that’s not what I should be working towards. But now, a year later, and I am so much healthier, happier, and on a gradual slope to enjoying my shapes. 

Here I am, I’m almost 21 years old and I’m ok with saying: I am not thin and I never will be. 

[This is the first time in a very long time I have not edited my body in photoshop before posting pictures. Aside from some color adjustment for photography’s sake, these pictures are unedited] 

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easy co as kids? 👦👦

Dick Winters

  • actual angel child
  • there’s a real story in dick’s book about him as a child: he used to round up a pen of imaginary “sheep” in the backyard. he would give them names and everything, and always remembered exactly which sheep was which. he treated them like they were real.
  • a very thoughtful kid, sort of cautious. never too rambunctious. he didn’t cause any problems in school.
  • the kid whose parents give him a banana as a joke, and he’s absolutely thrilled.
  • he wasn’t a straight-A student, just because he didn’t put too much effort into it. he had more important things to think about than school– family, friends, people in general, things he was interested in. it’s not that he didn’t care, just that he didn’t care enough.
  • was very close to his parents and grandparents. they sort of doted on him – never spoiled him – but he was definitely the apple of their eyes.
  • his hair started off blond, and only got redder as he grew older.
  • a very active kid. he would ride his bike everywhere, always played outside, and grew up to be physically strong.

Lewis Nixon

  • sad, sad little boy with the biggest doe eyes you’ve ever seen.
  • as a child, people really did not pay baby nix much attention. which is a shame, because the kid was sharp as a tack – one of those dangerously smart kids, the ones who don’t do as well in school because they question the point early-on.
  • because of this, nix was written off as a lazy child. he was given tutors he didn’t need (and tortured them, of course). meanwhile his mother was off busying herself with socialite events, and his father was gambling and drinking the business into a hole.
  • his sister blanche was given a bit more attention, but lewis never rivalled her for it. they were both pretty isolated throughout their childhoods.
  • he had a mischievous streak a mile wide. he knew how to play pranks and not get caught for them. he used to terrorize the house maids by putting spiders in their beds and hot pepper in their food. he even pranked his parents a few times. he had to take his fun where he could get it.
  • had a lot of imaginary friends, but always knew that they weren’t real.
  • he used to get nightmares a lot, and even wet the bed a few times. he’d scream and scream, but the only people who would ever come help him were the maids. after a while, lewis learned to calm himself down.

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@mob-psychowo so i heard you wanted a shoe edit

take four.


Front Row (Left to Right): Hiyori Miya, Popola Pola (@popola-sil-pola), Aiko Gakunin, A’onisya Dehf ( @skyholding)

Middle Row (Left to Right): Naih’tan Jinjahl ( @naihtan-jinjahl), Sven Sauriyel, Renaud-Elouan Cledwyn ( @manasong), David Greens ( @master-crafter), Lazer Ferret

Back Row (Left to Right): Colson Chaucer, Aernthota Hymllihtwyn ( @lifeofaernthota), Master Mclovin, Silver Aurochs ( @silverlining-ffxiv)

listen, i’ve been to the future and the following year for the skam kids goes like this

  • the girls have an amazing russ
    • they definitely don’t have the coolest bus, but they’re without a doubt the happiest bus and they have the best time out of anyone
    • there is no russ drama bc they have learned to talk to each other abt things and are v loyal
  • Noora and Vilde both realize they’re lesbians and break up with their boyfriends to date each other
  • Magnus takes it well and it actually encourages him to question his own sexuality and come out as bi. The boy squad gets less straight every day.
  • speaking of the boy squad, they’re now the Cool And Hot third years, except they’re not assholes like the Penetrators
    • they get bonus cool points bc of Isak’s Cool And Hot twenty year old boyfriend that drives them to school every now and then
  • Isak slowly mends his relationship with his parents. It’s slow going but it’s progress
  • Even starts film school and does amazingly
    • He and Mikael make films together and it’s great
    • Also he has a really good relationship with his therapist and finds meds that aren’t Bad
  • He also shows up regularly on Hei Briskeby, which has its first million subscribers and is quick on its way to more. Elias is over the moon about it
  • Yousef and Sana start going steady now that he’s back from Turkey
    • they take it slow, but everyone knows that they’re It for each other
  • William disappears from existence, never to be heard from again

((hey can i just say i really fuckin’ love and appreciate y’all–))

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Hi there! Which 1B students do you think would like a thicker/chubby girl? (Guy or girl students are fine I'm bisexual anyway lmao)

Those who like ‘em Thicc



 Kinoko (she likes being the little gf)




 aaaaand Manga.

Those who don’t really care

Everyone else except for Monoma

Those who would wear your thighs as earmuffs in the bleak December cold




Is Keith okay???


a while ago i saw a commercial for a soap we have here in Brazil called Francis, and it always made me laugh. i promised i would do this and now i finally finished.

it’s a masterpiece.