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Of Melian much is told in the Quenta Silmarillion. But of Olórin that tale does not speak; for though he loved the Elves, he walked among them unseen, or in form as one of them, and they did not know whence came the fair visions or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts

Valaquenta, the Silmarillion

So it’s basically canon that Gandalf totally was meandering around during the Silmarillion giving everyone good advice and hearts of wisdom, but since he was either invisible or pretending to be a random Elf the whole time, he didn’t get any mentions in the story.

I loved everything about the Justice League panel at SDCC 2016 but especially Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as The Flash (and their on-point fashion choices!!) 🤖⚡️


shipper trash gandalf: part one

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I am of the firm belief that Galadriel has spent the past three ages living the rock and roll life–she partied with Nessa and had an ill-fated fling with Eonwe, basically grew herself Faerieland like a chia pet, led armies led people, threw down the walls of Dol Amroth, is definitely doing Gandalf on the side (or at least exchanging snarky running commentary with him) and yenta'ed that whole Aragorn and Arwen business–

But she always comes back to Celeborn, who has been puttering around Lorien and…watering the trees, probably, looking after their grandbabies, and he just kisses her cheek and asks how her day went, if she wants any tea, did she hear about the new entling in Fangorn? such a sweet sapling…

Love, Health, And Happiness (KilixReader)

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Thorin and his band of dwarves were sitting around the campfire one evening when Gandalf suddenly acted a little disturbed.

  “Did any of you hear that crackling sound?” The wizard questioned.

Thorin looked a little puzzled. “Perhaps it’s the fire? Have you been eating those horrid mushrooms with Radagast again?

Gandalf scowled and decided to investigate the source of the crackling noise when suddenly it happened again, and the next thing the group knew, you had fallen out of nowhere and landed…in Kili’s lap.

The young brunette dwarf looked down at you just as confused as everybody else. You sat up and groaned. “Where am I…and…who in the bloody world are you guys?” You looked around at the dazed dwarves and wizard.

A few days went by and you had managed to befriend these dwarves, especially Kili. You had a soft spot for goofy people, and you had a weakness for intense eyes; Kili had both. Little did you know that he had also fallen for you. Your laughter was contagious and the way you snuggled up with him on cold nights really made him feel lucky.

One morning, you went to wash off in the river and came back to dry off with everyone else. Since you didn’t have your hair dryer in the middle of who-knows-where, you decided to just braid your hair and let it air-dry.

You heard several gasps and some concerned voices behind you while you were braiding. You heard Kili’s footsteps coming up, and he grabbed you playfully from behind. “What are you doing?” You turned to see his puppy eyes staring into your own. He looked so confused.

  “I’m…braiding my hair. Is that a problem?” You laughed softly.

  “But…why? Do you love someone? Or…wait…do you love yourself?” He struggled to find the right words. “Braids are a symbol of love and affection in the dwarven world. We…just want to know who you love.”

You looked up to see the whole company watching, and looked back at Kili, who looked a little heartbroken.

  “Oh…my…you’ve mistaken my daily hair routine as a symbol of love!”

Kili nodded and half-smiled. “Can I…? Can I do the honor?”

Your eyes went wide. “You absolutely can. I love you so much Kili. I love you, I love you, I love you.” You attacked him with a hug, sending him to the ground. You nuzzled his nose and said, “I’ve loved you all along.”

  “I’ve loved you too Y/N.” He pulled you towards him with your back facing him, and he began braiding. “I will give you three braids. One for love, one for health, and one…for happiness.”

You giggled and shivered as his hands ran through your hair tenderly, and needless to say, he was much better at braiding than you ever were.

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I have a favorite Leverage  headcanon and feel the need to share.

Hardison, Eliot and Parker all are married to each other. Not the threeway, unfortunately, but they actually had three weddings under different aliases.

Parker’s favorite wedding is the Vegas one. Hardison was playing the semi-famous rapper here, and he wore a sharp, sharp, beautifully fitted suit, and the diamond earring, and a lot of shiny gold. Eliot was wearing his usual ensemble of jeans, t-shirt and checkered shirt. He looked unfairly handsome, both of them did.

Best thing about Vegas is that no one even blinked when after Gandalf pronounced them husbands they both turned to Parker and kissed her breathless.

(“Vegas, baby!” Hardison says, grinning.)

Eliot’s favorite is the first one, where they pulled a wedding to do the job, and Hardison actually got ordained and married his lovers to each other. Eliot was a bit frustrated by the idea. Even though they invited him into relationship (seduced, outstubborned, persuaded him) not so recently, Eliot felt a little uncertain at the point, was still afraid to offend someone or to intrude, to destroy everything. So when Hardison told them to kiss each other, and Eliot looked at him, fighting with disbelief, and Hardison grinned at him - the widest, mischievous and happy smile - and Parker thrown herself at him, making him to catch her and kissing, no finesse in the kiss, but pure delight…

Yeah, it was a turning point.

Hardison doesn’t have the favorite, but if he would it probably would be a third one, just to make the circle complete. It’s nothing outstanding, just a small wedding at the small church. But Eliot stays here and hands them rings they actually have for a long time, and Eliot”s wearing his while Parker laughs and puts the ring on Hardison, and they all are so comfortably sure, so confident in their relationship, wedding is just the fun thing to do, plus Parker looks breathtaking in her simple white gown and stolen gloves.

They don’t actually make a habit of it, cause it’s an obvious pattern, no need to leave the crumbs to the police and agencies, but Hardison is pretty damn sure it won’t be the last time too.

(Eliot and Parker are totally discussing giving Hardison the geekest wedding ever as the birthday present behind his back.)

There’s just so much confusion in to pic I don’t even know where to start.

I mean, it’s the final battle guys. Get with the program.

Aragorn’s like, what was I thinking letting that ghost army go? Fuck honor! I’m gonna die and Arwen will Fade and Elrond will never forgive me!

Legolas is…I can’t even.

And freaking Gandalf forgot his sunglasses or some shit.

[Fic] Aulë‘s wrath

Little fic about Aulë ripping Gandalf a new one once Gandalf returns to Valinor, about how he treated Aulë’s children in Middle-earth.

Inspired by @asparklethatisblue​‘s posts and written based on this ask by @tygermama (I’m so sorry, for some reason it’s not letting me tag you?!)!

tw for mentions of racism and a whole lotta love of Aulë for his beautiful children <3

The Valar do not think.

Or rather, their thoughts are of such weight and alienness that they are utterly incomparable to what transpires in a mortal’s mind. It is the multitude of the world’s events that swirls in their minds, a billion sparks lightening up and vanishing within moments of a time span that is outside mortal’s perception. They see everything and yet can also pick out a single events – especially those whose children swarm the land, sea and sky. They can follow the fates of their offspring through the multiple streams of time and space.

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