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Warnings: Non I can really think of


Over the thousands of years you had been alive you never understood the concept of speed limits, and found every reason to speed whenever you got behind the wheel. You would purposely sleep in an extra 5 minutes (not that demons needed sleep, but it was a thing you needed to do to seem human) just so you could rush through the sleepy streets to get to school in time. But speeding was great, for a creature with no natural human emotions speeding gave you a rush of adrenaline even if it was for a few short minutes.

But today, even by your standards you were speeding, your baby squealing through the almost deserted streets, the tiny orange digits on your dashboard ticking over to the early morning hours. It would be hard to believe that a simple text was making you drive this fast. “Pack meeting. ASAP!!!” The text from Lydia made you bolt up in bed, instantly getting dressed and getting in the car, driving in your usual manner to the loft.

You swung open Derek’s heavy front door, having to act as if it was heavy because it would seem strange if you suddenly sprouted massive muscles and were able to open the massive door. You sped into the loft, seeing the pack standing several feet from the door. “What’s going o-“ You were cut off as you hit an invisible barrier, instantly recoiling and rubbing your nose before you realised what had just happened. A devil’s trap had been spray painted on the roof in red spray paint and you pondered quickly how they got such a complex design up there. You slowly lowered your head to look at your pack, all with varying looks of shock on your face. A tiny smile appeared on your face as you blinked, revealing your fully black eyes. “Surprise.” You said with a dry laugh. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag, or in this case demon.” You say with a shrug.

There was a long silence, no one quiet knowing what to do. “You need to get out of her.” Derek snarled before pulling something out of his back pocket. You instantly recognised it. “No.” You begin to beg. “You don’t understand! No! No! Please! It’s me! It’s always been me. I’m Y/N!” You exclaim as you begin to feel your soul being ripped from the meat suit you had occupied since birth, a unique deal to occupy the dead infant’s form, giving you a suit and the suit a soul. A screamed ripped from your throat as your knees gave out from under you, slamming onto the cold ground. “PLEASE!” you screamed as Derek began to read the last lines of the exorcism. Your mouth pried yourself open as you could feel the black smoke preparing to weasel out of the body, and you knew that if Derek finished the chant there would be a dead body laying in the middle of his loft.

Just as you felt as if you wouldn’t be able to hold on for another second the chanting stopped, the Latin words slowing until they eventually stopped. And you looked up, still gasping for air to see Lydia had ripped the sheet out of Derek’s hands, stopping his recital. “Stop!” She yelled, looking between the pack and your shaking form. “She isn’t lying.” You looked up, hope filling your eyes as she explained. “I looked up her records to find her birthday and found some hospital records.” She dragged in a massive breath. “The baby Y/N was placed in was born still born.” You couldn’t believe it, Lydia found those files, the files you thought hide the only thing that could pass you away for not-quite human. She knealt down to be eye level with you. “That’s what you did, giving a life to you and to the baby.” You nod, not trusting your throat to speak. Lydia stood, scratching one of the thick red lines surrounding you and you instantly felt your energy beginning to return. Lydia turned back to face the still shocked pack. “This is Y/N. It always has, and it always will be!”

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Could you please do a domestic!au with Jihoon? <3


genre: fluff

pairing: jihoon x reader


You smiled up at Jihoon as he walked into the kitchen, yawning. You poured him a cup of coffee, adding in two sugars and one spoon of creamer, just as he likes it. He was rubbing his eyes, a lazy smile gracing his lips. 

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*distracting you with headcanons* oliver drops by keating house after work as a surprise to connor. cue michaela and laurel teasing connor but connor doesnt even care hes so happy to see ollie. he only stays for a few minutes bc he doesnt want to distract them anymore. but connor walks ollie out all the way to his car. going super slow just to elongate his time with oliver any way he can ;)

that’s so cute. i don’t understand why coliver makes me so happy, but omg they really do. (like i’m so attached to this fictional couple that i probably need an intervention…) cute headcanons make me feel so much better. thank you nonnie <333

(but, really, could you see connor just walking slow and holding oliver’s hand so he keeps the pace with him? and oliver gives him this look, like what are you doing? and connor’s lips just turn up crookedly as he goes even slower. oliver would laugh and pull them to a standstill. they would gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment. and omg, YOU KNOW that the other K5 members are watching from the window… And Oliver sees them and mumbles “Your co-workers seem to want a show, so just say the word and we can start making out.”) 


My old friend, anxiety

I just convinced myself by staring at baby Margot for an hour that her breathing was terrible and that she had RSV.

I went downstairs to show my husband and even shed a few tears. He calmly opened her outfit, her breathing looked normal. He counted her breathes per minute, normal. She sounds normal.

You would think having a second infant would slow down my need to stare at them while they sleep at night, but you would be wrong.

i have been debating with myself about becoming a “bigcutie”

i just have to take 200 photos of myself a month and a few 3 minute videos

and i could literally get paid more than i’m making now at a full time donut job that i’ve been at for 3 years and fuckiNGHAAAATE. 

well i mean i’ll keep that job too. this would be sidemoney. i think it’s better than getting another full time job lol. from what i understand you can usually make between 100-1000 a month depending on how active you are and if your photos are desirable enough. 

just for being “plump to supersize” ????

and it’s all pinup cheesecake cheeky pix. no ~smut is even allowed. 

and i don’t really have a problem with it. if fat fetishizm can work in my favor so be it. i doubt anyone would pay for a membership just to talk shit to me lol. 

i just need a photographer. 

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I once managed to get my boyfriend to sit through the Dope music video with me even though he can't stand Kpop. So the other day he was in his friend's car with two other people, one of which is a die-hard Kpop fan who decided to play some Kpop to spite my boyfriend. To basically prepare him for the next few minutes of torture he said "Thomas you're gonna hate me for this" and connected his phone to the car speakers. And what else comes on but Dope, the one song he's heard (1/2)

My boyfriend, bracing himself for another “horrible” song just goes “oh yeah, that’s fine, my girlfriend already showed this to me” and idk it just made me really proud that he recognized it because he hates Kpop but he still remembered Dope. It also made me laugh cause the guy wanted to annoy him but instead my boyfriend was like “meh, it’s fine” (2/2)

way to go for your bf!! tbh inside he’s probably shitting himself with love for kpop but he doesn’t want anyone to know hahahaha

Week 6, Day 1

It’s here!! Week 6! It feels like it’s been a wild month or so but I’m ready to make it happen and kick it up a notch.

Today was an easy cycle day, 48 minutes on the trainer and approximately 18 miles cycled. My legs were super tired at first and made me a bit concerned I would struggle for the whole ride. I kicked up my music and sweat through it. I was aiming for 55 minutes but that just didn’t happen. It’s okay, tomorrow is another day.

After cycling and a quick protein bar, I headed to the grocers for meal prep ingredients. Mangos were on sale so I grabbed a few of those plus the essentials and some extra good things to add in. I’m slowly adding and changing my diet to make it even more clean and organic. With the stomach troubles I’ve had lately, making the changes is best so I can find out what is causing the problems and eliminate it.

On the menu this week:
Veggie tortilla soup
Chicken and salad with goat cheese
Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
Veggie omelettes

Adding more veggies and fruit to my diet seems like a solid choice, especially to curb the munchies I get on overnight shifts. A solid diet plus my training equals happiness in my world; a cheat day of Super Bowl food meant today was a bit rough but one day is just one day!

I am literally in so much shock after being dumped last night like how does a two year relationship just end in a few minutes??? I woke up this morning and it’s like there’s this huge hole in my life and I’m just waiting for him to call me or knock on my door and tell me he made a mistake but I know he won’t. Last night when he was telling me I don’t make him happy anymore he didn’t even seem sad or upset he already seemed over me how do you get over someone so quickly?? I don’t know how I’m even supposed to feel am I supposed to feel sad or angry or empty or what I don’t know what to do with myself I feel so gross how could he go from being my best friend and my partner in life to not even caring anymore how does someone just turn it off so quickly like that

though never really defined as lazy with the amount of energy he has, the only time people can accuse namor of being lazy is in the mornings. very few things demand his attention in the morning, and he’s particularly irritable moments after he wakes up, so a lot of people have learned to let him take his time.

even after waking up, he likes to just lie around (preferably with someone next to him) for 30 minutes to an hour before he gets up, gets dressed and starts the day.

this, of course, is so long as no one has need of their king or he doesn’t get another of his infamous migraines, or he gets another nightmare (which is rare if he has someone next to him or if he’s in the water).

@malchanceuxchatnoir continued from [X]

Nothing was harder then beating up your own brother for being evil, it was something Félix hoped he would never have to face, yet, it happened, he was still in his Chat Noir outfit, even though his brother was back, one couldn’t be too careful.

“Something on your mind, Adrien?” He decided to ask, after a few minutes silence, his brother must’ve gone evil for a reason, he wouldn’t be surprised if it was partly his fault, if he were to be honest, it would be just his luck to accidentally upset Adrien.

“Something that needs to be…talked out?” he rephrased his question.


I could see his pale collar, his dark suit jacket a contrast against it.
“I don’t want to go in just yet. I just want to sit and not have to think about…” He swallowed.
Even in the half-dark it seemed effortful.
“I just… want to be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress. Just for a few minutes more.”
I released the door handle.
I closed my eyes and lay my head against the headrest, and we sat there together for a while longer, two people lost in remembered music, half hidden in the shadow of a castle on a moonlit hill.

When you don’t have what the spell calls for/don’t know where to get it...

It sucks.  That much we can all agree on.  

But it’s not the end of the world!

There are all sorts of other possibilities and substitutes for your everyday spells charms and potions, not to mention unlikely sources!  Here are just a few!


  • Socks make great ‘pouches’ for spell bags.  They’re even easy to get in the right colors, usually black or white!  Just add what you need , tie a knot in the sock, and it’s a perfect spell bag!  You can even store your tarot decks or crystals in one!
  • Most witches know this, but in almost any spell, a white candle can be substituted for any other color.  What many witches don’t think of are all the other options there are!  Just need a few minutes?  Birthday candles work well, and come on almost every color of the rainbow!  And remember that life hack from a few years ago?  In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 mins?  What’s a crayon but a candle with no wick?  Light the paper instead, and you have nearly every color of the rainbow at your disposal.  Be careful, of course, as with all candle magic!
  • Instead of small offering bowls, which can be A) expensive, B) fragile, and C) easily lost, don’t hesitate to use something a little more creative!  A hollowed out fruit or orange skin, a small, still soft dish made of playdough, or a regular kitchen cup all will work just fine!  Just be sure to pick up any fruit as quickly as possible.
  • True cauldrons are difficult to come by, not to mention expensive.  A nice cast iron pot or dutch oven, however, doesn’t have to be!  It keeps all the same qualities on would look for (Natural, easy to clean, holds remnants of what has been made before within it) in a cauldron, but can be gotten for under 10 dollars at most thrift stores.  Get there early, though, as they are popular!  Once they’ve been seasoned, they make absolutely perfect cauldrons!
  • Interested in chord magic?  There’s no need to go out and buy special rope or chord.  Most houses have a skein of yarn or spool of twine around somewhere, and both work just fine.  Even sewing thread will work if you don’t mind your finished project being rather small.
  • Potion bottles and jars can be expensive, not to mention the fact that the few I have for that purpose are almost always filled with one thing or another.  So when you’ve made a perfectly good batch of holy water or confidence draught, only to find that you’ve got nothing to keep it in, remember, nothing but the aesthetic will suffer if you just put it in a plastic leftovers container, or better yet, a spaghetti sauce jar!  Anything good enough to hold your food is good enough for your potions!

Now onto where to get your supplies, as well as the substitutes above!

  • Most herbs can be found in grocery stores, obviously, but it’s also a great idea to check health food stores in the bulk bins section.   If you only need a bit of something, it may cost you only pennies!
  • Candles can be a bit expensive.  Unless you don’t mind scented ones, in which case the dollar store is the way to go!  I’m unsure if there’s an international equivalent, but in the US, you can usually get a small candle for one dollar.  Not bad!  Plus they almost always have packs of tealights and glass dishes, which work well for candle holders or offering trays!
  • two words: GARAGE. SALES.  I’ve found all sorts of amazing stuff at these, some of which I couldn’t buy (My mother would be suspicious.) But there’s usually everything from cast iron to yarn to buttons to books to dishes to statues to cloth to anything you can imagine!  Check them out!
  • Socks can also be bought at the dollar store.  Btw.
  • Farmers markets are great if you are looking for produce for kitchen magic, as the items have more personal touches to them.
  • WILDCRAFTING.  You can find so much out on a walk.  I’ve found bones, crystals, and all manner of herbs, spices, and plant material.
  • Offer to weed a neighbors garden in exchange for the weeds you pull.  Dandelions, pokeweed, and pigweed are all great spell ingredients.  Ask for bits of what they grow as well!
  • Trade with your witchey friends!  I grow lemon balm and always have an unholy amount of it, so I swap that and anything else I have extra of for anything from crystals to advice!
  • I hope all this helped.  Blessings, everyone!

Harry Potter College AU:

Everything have gone to shit in the last few weeks. Draco slept with Blaise which upset Potter (he thinks at least) but apparently Potter have been shagging it up with the girl Weasley, so who is he to be upset? Draco has been over thinking and now he’s so fucking mad. Here he is, trying really hard and Potter just doesn’t give a fuck. There have been yelling, from Draco’s part, for the last ten minutes and Potter haven’t even looked up from his book. It’s like Draco isn’t even there. If Potter would just react, to something, anything, that would be all that Draco needs. To see that he cares. So he pushes where he think it might actually work. And it does, in the wrong way. 

Harry have decided to ignore Malfoy until graduation because he can’t look him in the eye anymore. It’s not the easiest thing when the man is literally two meters behind you, screaming about everything that is wrong with you. It’s too much when Malfoy starts attacking him for sleeping with Ginny (when that is just a rumor, they’re just friends, but how would Draco know, he just assumes everything), and it’s too much when he starts attacking Harry’s magic. Ginny has been there for him in the last month when Malfoy hasn’t. And he has the magic under control. This situation would’ve looked very different if he hadn’t. The two combined are what gets him up in the morning, and what makes him leave now.  

Part 16/?
(Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1517, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)

(Soruce videos x and x)

Imagine Michael wanting you to ride his thigh. “Come here princess. Come sit on your throne.” He’d smirk at his pun, patting his lap playfully. Of course, you’d oblige. You’d walk over and he’d slide down your sweat pants, grabbing your ass while he was at it. “You’re so fucking beautiful kitten. Inside and out.” You’d kiss him. He’d pull you into his lap. A few minutes would be spent just like that, kissing each other both roughly and softly. His stubble would tickle your face and finally he’d reposition you on his thigh where he would place his hands on your hips to guide you over his thigh. You’d try to look away sometimes, but Michael’s favorite part of doing things like this wasn’t even getting his share. Michael’s favorite part was listening to the moans he caused and the faces he made you make.

Sometimes you get run down. Sometimes life throws dirt in your eyes and it stings and you can’t see for a few minutes. Even after you get it out your eyes are all red and your vision is shitty… but eventually, whether through tears or maybe just time… you start to see even clearer than before. Life is not always good. Which is why music exists. Why I believe God exists. And why there’s always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.”

I could see calum coming home after a long day doing band rehearsal’s and all he feels like doing is cuddling his girl, he would mumble a ‘hi baby’ and take off his clothes leaving him in his boxers because cuddling in clothes would just be to uncomfortable for him, he would light fall on your legs with his head on your stomach giving you so much warmth, of course he gives your tummy a light kiss, you would ask how his day was and all you would get is a 'Mm’ and his hand grabbing yours and placing it on his hair, hoping you will play with it which of course you do because the feeling of his soft curls was just as pleasurable for you as it was for him. after a few minutes you can hear his breathing even out and you instantly knew that your boyfriend was asleep, as much as you had missed him during the day, you didn’t care that he was asleep, he was in your arms and that all that matters to you.

very late dinners at a good restaurant with calum and his bandmates where calum get really sleepy after 10pm and his arm is wrapped around your waist and his head is on your shoulder and he keeps whispering things to you because he doesn’t want to fall asleep at the restaurant and he’s quite enjoying this evening even though he definitely needs some sleep so when it’d be like the fifth time he tells you about the same story you’d just tell him he can rest for a few minutes “will you wake me up if you need me?” he’d ask sleepily and you can tell he’s so close to falling asleep “of course,” you’d reply softly. “i care a lot about you,” he’d mumble before finally falling asleep after his long day.