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I wonder what role reversal au would look like with Jack and Salazar? Straight laced Jack and wild Spanish pirate Salazar

I haven’t think about that, because I’m so in love with how they’re in role now.

The Navy Salazar and the Pirate boy Jack (little) Sparrow xD

but to say AU then I even once think about modern AU for them.

It was the young Jack, a genius break-dancer, but he only practise and have fun with his friends in town until Salazar, a director of a idol company found him. Salazar wanted to have Jack worked for his company and become one of the best, famous break-dancer in the city.

It saddens me when people think that Captain Jack Sparrow only ever tries to save his own skin. That he would push other people in harms way so he wouldn’t get hurt.

In Dead Men Tell No Tales, when the possessed Henry attacks Jack and Carina, the first thing Jack instinctively does isn’t to jump away, duck or use Carina as a shield.
He literally PUSHES Carina OUT OF harms way and doesn’t even move himself, taking the full blow.
He doesn’t want his rival’s/friend’s daughter to be hurt.
If you honestly think Jack Sparrow is not a good man, then you might want to rethink.

Pirates of the Caribbean spoilers!!!!

I really think that Hector Barbosa is dead (even though I don’t like it). He’s death was so sad but at the same time meaningful it just made me cry. I also loved the fact that he was a father, only for some hours though. The main reason that I think he is dead is because of Jack’s line when he says “I have a reunion beyond the horizon” or something like that. I think he’s going to look for Hector just like everyone looked for him in the third movie

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the fifth movie of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. As I heard the subtitle Dead Men Tell No Tales I was really exited - what a great title! And the trailer was awesome and I wanted to watch this movie so badly, I have waited ages for it to come out. So here is my review and again, this is just my opinion on the movie (before you start: I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes in this text, I’m just very tired and a mess :D).

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The story itself was a good one. I liked the story line but I think it was a little bit too much sometimes. Just finding the trident to destroy Will’s the curse and getting rid of Salazar at the same time would be enough. But there was a lot more going on with the witch and the finding-my-fathers-legacy-thing with Carina and later the wedding was just a little bit too much. What I don’t get is why they involved the figurehead of the Silent Mary in the fight scene of Jack and Salazar - I mean fighting against “just” an undead Capitán is not easy at all. What I really liked is the flashback to young Jack and how he trapped Salazar and his crew in the Devil’s Triangle. In the end of the scene you could see how Jack become the new captain and his crew gives him tributes; They gave him some jewelry which he wears in his hair which was a pretty cool idea to tell how Jack got them. Salazar told Barbossa in the end of the scene why Jack’s surname is Sparrow which was another little detail I reeeaally liked. You get to know Jack better and I liked that a lot you have much more information.

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The underwater scenes were a cool idea but it took me a bit to find out where the water is, so where the undead crew can be and where Carina, Jack and Henry could stand - that was a little bit confused. The destroying of the trident was very fast when you compare that scene to the On Stranger Tides scene with the hole chalice-thing, it was very rushed. But the underwater thing was really cool, the hole setting was awesome! I expected more magic, you could see some but not that much as in the last movie which made me a little bit sad.  I nearly cried in the end, as Barbossa jumped of the anchor and killed the human Salazar to safe his daughter and her friends, that made me really sad.

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The reunion of Will and Elizabeth was very heart warming and as Jack said the last sentence, I felt very happy and nearly cried again: “Now, bring me that horizon!”

The jokes were funny, I laughed a lot. “Captain Salamander” is going to be a running gag in my clique, I see it coming :D. The donkey jokes were really cool too - the hole movie was funny, the characters were just hilarious, the jokes were well placed.

What I also don’t get is why they always change the title in the countries. I watched it in Germany so the title is Salazar’s Rache (engl. Salazar’s Revenge). Don’t get me wrong the revenge-title still sounds cool (because Salazar wants revenge) but you don’t really get the Dead-Men-Tell-No-Tales-Part: Salazar only keeps one member of a ships crew alive so he can tell the tale later - and this is the connection with the title, so why change it?

The camera angles were really good! One of my faves where Salazar was about to drown in the Devil’s Triangle and slowly turned around; then he was facing the audience and opened his eyes - brilliant!

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The ship scenes were awesome, the camera went in the bird’s-eye view over the ships and later along the ships. The shots of Salazar and Jack fighting on top of the cannons were not bad either, it was really intense with and you could feel the rising action with it.

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I was really disappointed that I didn’t heard the music that much because I was focused on the screen; I bloody love Hans Zimmer’s music and the Pirates of the Caribbean themes are one of his best, I can play He’s a pirate, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Mermaids or Blackbeard all day long. But I couldn’t experience his music that much in this movie. I’m gonna look the music up later but in the cinema I barely had a connection to it. Of course, I recognized the most used songs which were placed perfectly but I think putting the music a little bit in the foreground would have made it even better. But what I’ve heard was awesome – great job Hans!

So then to the actors! I won’t gonna fangirl that much so you are not going to read a hole essay about every actor in the movie :D:

Johnny Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirate. Well played, mate, well played. He was just excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow as usual: funny, with good and bead ideas and his love is the sea (and the Black Pearl).

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Geoffrey Rush: Captain Hector Barbossa. The legend. I could die for his “Jaaaaaaack!” it’s just the best. Barbossa is one of my fave characters/villains of all time, Geoffrey is just an amazing actor and I was really sad as Barbossa died - but he did it for his daughter. Heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die.

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Brenton Thwaites: Henry Turner. The son. He was the one I was most exited about as a new character. Henry was a great character he kept the story line running and interacted really good with the other characters. Brenton, you did a great job, I liked Henry a lot!

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Kaya Scodelario: Carina Smyth/Barbossa. The believer. Carina is always focused and believes in the book, her father gave her. In the end her faith was the solution of the problem and she also got to know who her father is. Kaya’s facial expressions were very good - her hole acting was good, I really liked the way she portrait Carina!

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Javier Bardem: Captáin Armando Salazar. The villain. Bad, cruel and very well played. He was scary and interesting at the same time Javier did a very good job! He portrait him way different than other villains and that made it good; seeing someone playing a character likely Barbossa or Davy Jones wouldn’t be that interesting, right? And every good story need an old fashion villain – Salazar was a great one.

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(Just found out that Paul McCartney was Uncle Jack - I didn’t recognize him! But the role was very funny I liked that they included another family member of Jack.)

To summarize the hole movie I just wanted to say again that I really liked the movie, I can’t wait when the DVD is out and I can do a hole Pirates of the Caribbean movie night with my girls! There were parts I didn’t like and parts I loved but I think every movie has that and everyone likes and dislikes parts of movies ;). I would highly recommend you to watch this movie (especially in 3D - it was just the best!) it is really good: You laugh, you cry, you have a good time and it’s very exciting.

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I’m not sure if I want another Pirates of the Caribbean movie or not; I can’t decide. One part of me screams “YEEEEEEES, OH MY GOD PLEASE DO ANOTHER ONE!!” and the other part is like “Nah, that’s a good ending, let it be.” As we walked out of the cinema my friend Tessa told me she was feeling the same about it; but a hole new series with Henry Turner would be awesome which I totally agree on. But as I said, I’m not sure and I’m not the one deciding if they gonna do another movie; If they make one, I’m gonna watch it, obviously :D!

I will always be a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, the movies are one of my faves. I just wanna say again, this is just my opinion on this movie so don’t be mad at me, aye?

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The thing that always gets me about Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is that he could have been written as a one-note “villain.” The by-the-book, unsympathetic vulture of the law….but he wasn’t. He had layers, and a complete character. 

He was noble and honorable and intimidating as a naval officer, calm and collected and intelligent. But he was also speechless and adorably shy around Elizabeth, unsure of how to express his feelings. He showed mercy at end of COTBP. He made mistakes between COTBP and DMC. He made more in DMC, at the lowest point he could go. Without the uniform he was cynical, bitter, and more free with his words, but still resourceful, and yearning for what he once had. When he gets it back in AWE, it’s not how he wanted, it’s all wrong, and as much as he wants to peace meal what he had before together, it will never be that way. He makes a choice, dying to save the woman he loved to make things right. He went out as the best person he ever was in his life.

But personally, I feel like it was story overkill to kill him, but I suppose they wrote him in a corner at that point and it was their logical conclusion. Maybe it’s also because I preferred him over Jack and Will. I often feel like after COTBP, Will and Elizabeth stopped working as a couple as well as they were in COTBP. It always felt like they let a lot of the issues come between them more than should have for a couple about to get married. That what started as trying to save themselves, save his father, became a rabbit hole of more and more both choosing their own paths in piracy at the expense of each other. Yes, they ended up married and finally getting their shit together, but this also came after Elizabeth lost basically everyone else in her entire world, lost every other trace of her life before Jack Sparrow entered their world. They both lost nearly everything, and Will proposes in the heat of battle, and Elizabeth even thinks its not the best time, but when will it ever be, and so they marry. And then he becomes the new Captain of the Dutchman, and she will wait for a decade and raise a child alone waiting for Will, being faithful so he can return. 

And maybe that’s enough for them, but it felt more like they grew apart over the films rather than become a stronger couple. Will even says it himself to Jack, that he felt like he was losing her. It almost felt like they ended up together because they ended up together at the end of CoTBP, not because their relationship evolved and deepened. 

 They ended up together by the end of AWE, sort of and not completely perfectly, but married with hope that after ten years that’s it, they can really be together on the same ground. And yet, watching AWE and the kiss of death, watching parts going back to COTBP, you get the sense that Elizabeth realized on some level after his words and his kiss, she might have been able to be happy with him. She could have probably loved him had she given him a real chance. Had she known his real feelings, had he learned sooner to tell her. Someone wrote a great meta about how Elizabeth likely thought for most all of COTBP that Norrington’s courtship and proposal was out of social expectation, that because he was a friend of her father’s and what Weatherby Swann wanted for her, it made Elizabeth less favorable.

The real sad thing is, in that moment before he lets her go one last time, she truly gets it, and wants him to come with her. She was trying to come back to get him. For once, she chose him, but too late at the wrong moment in time. He one of only maybe two of the last people from her life before pirates, before she even met Will, he was one of the last touchstones outside of perhaps Mr. Gibbs. And the way I’ve read it is she finally realized what she took for granted with him for so long, and despite their differences over the three films, they were in each other’s lives a long time, friends, and whatever shifted in her heart towards him, she wanted him to come with her. Maybe to figure it out. Maybe to stay friends.

But that’s really the tragedy there isn’t it? It not for a few, thin set of instances, Elizabeth Swann could have probably been happy with James Norrington, and she could have probably fallen in love with him. At some point he’d have caved to her desire for adventure and take her sailing. And she might have even gotten over Will, had Jack Sparrow not made port.

The Love of a Pirate

Request: Would you do a Jack Sparrow imagine where the reader is married to him and he tells her he loves her and its super fluff and all that?

Genre: Romance

Jack x Reader

Requested by Anon

Written by Ashley

People think that the legend Captain Jack Sparrow can not love anyone and/or settle down, but they’re wrong. You were born a pirate and both your parents didn’t want you to live in that life so they kept it from you.

When you found out, you were upset because you always wanted to see what’s out there and finding out you were a pirate made you a criminal to the guards.

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I’ve finally seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales today, and.. I loved it, and I hated it! 

(Possible spoilers!)

I liked to know more about Jack’s past, and the fact that he finally got his Black Pearl back.. Aah, I was thrilled when I finally saw it coming up from the water, in all its splendor. And I love the stars, and the fact that the film is partially centered on a star map.. i like it!
The thing I’m sorry about was the death of Barbossa. Actually, when in the second he came back to life, I was happy, I loved his bad/good character. But then I hated how they developed it, the fact that he was “softened”. But even though I didn’t like him anymore, I was very sorry about his death.
And finally they. Elizabeth and Will; I didn’t really love this couple, but think that the two guys have spent years and years not ever meeting, and finally seeing them together.. I cried out of happiness. And the finale? Post-credits scene? I swear, if they make a sequel to Davy Jones, I start screaming! I hope so, Davy Jones is a crazy character! :D

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Headcanons of reactions of PoTC characters to Salack

Lieutenant Lesaro: He’s furious, like, no way, right? That guy’s a pirate. The ones that they’ve been campaigning against this whole time, the savages that destroyed their families. At the same time, though, he’s reassured that his Capitán has found someone to love and cherish. Torn between blessing them or tearing them apart.

Black Pearl & Dying Gull crew: They figure their Captain is just fooling around as always. After all, it’s not like Jack hasn’t done similar things before. They’re so used to Jack’s bullshit they ignore it.

Will & Elizabeth Turner: That feeling when they see them together is definitely relief. Even though Jack is with the BLOODY ENEMY THAT’S HUNTING THEM DOWN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING at least he won’t hit on Elizabeth anymore, right?

Jack the Monkey: Does not give a shit. The figurehead of Silent Mary is definitely better to climb on.

Hector Barbossa: Dead

Dead Men Tell No Tales ( spoilers*)

I’ve seen many people talk about how Jack is different in this movie, so I wanted to share my opinion about it.
When I was watching this movie last night I couldn’t stop thinking how funny and amazing Jack was, but also how damaged he looked. Yes, he didn’t looked like himself, but that didn’t bother me. Honestly I kinda knew this was going to happen. I remember waching On Stranger Tides and thinking he looked “different” alredy. I mean he wasn’t drunk like in DMTNT, but he definitely wasn’t the same from the original trilogy. And I don’t think that is a bad thing, not at all, actually I understand it very well. Nobody is perfect. I love the Jack from the previous movies. The way he handles every situation, his jokes, his sassiness, his beautiful quotes, his serious side, but he can’t be like that the whole time and he won’t be like that all the time. People go through many things in life, good and bad, and with Jack it isn’t different. In this movie you can see he is not in a good place. He is always drunk, always making jokes and doesn’t take anything seriously. In that scene where he is going to be executed, he couldn’t care less. Really, he doesn’t give a shit about the fact that he was going to die. He kept making jokes after jokes. And everybody could see that. Henry couldn’t believe that the Jack from the tales was that drunk guy in front of him. Even his crew told him he wasn’t the same, that bad luck chased him. Seeing Jack walk on the rain all sad after everybody left him broke my heart, and when he gave the compass away it felt like he was giving up being a pirate. He gave his compass like it was nothing to him. And at that moment I realized how broken he really was. I guess life wasn’t worth it anymore. Only after the curse got broken, it seemed like things were going to get better. The last scene where Jack is finally back with the black pearl I felt like he was himself again. The way the camera was getting closer to his face, the song in the background, you could see in his eyes that he was alive again. He was the Captain Jack Sparrow again.
I know it was a plot choice and many people didn’t liked it, but I see it differently. I think it was necessary. Honestly I love him even more now. We don’t know what happened to him all these years to make him act like that, but it certainly weren’t good things. So perhaps we should consider all this before judging his character.
I’m pretty sure if they make pirates 6, Jack will be back to be the way he was and Johnny is going to be amazing as always. Don’t give up on Jack just yet, I’m sure he will be back stronger than ever.

*Obs: This is just my opinion and nobody is obligated to agree with me. I just wanted to share my view of Jack in this movie. If anyone wants to discuss about it you are welcome to ask me, but please don’t be rude. Let’s all respect others opinions.

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Thoughts on new episode?

Sorry for the delay, tumblr never tells me when asks come anymore??? No arrow or “1″ or anything. 

I thought it was season 6 again. They know that the show is now “event” TV and they know they don’t actually have to try hard to write, now they have a hipster audience, so everything is based around setpieces similar to a CoD game or something. Therefore everything in the show is either a set piece, or the set up for one, and the set pieces never make sense and have no context or narrative value. 

Arya’s poisoning. So we’re expected to believe she impersonated a differently educated man that’s a foot taller than her for two weeks, and also managed to acquire enough rare poison for that many people? It’s just as absurd as thinking that because she is a stealthy assassin, that she could cut up grown men into chunks and bake them into pies without detection. 

Then there’s Euron, who I assume was told “so you’re a captain, so make sure to talk like Jack Sparrow and sway drunkenly, and also wear biker gear. Leather is medieval ok, wear the biker gear”.

Then we have Dany arriving on Dragonstone. Perhaps the most important location around KL for its security…left entirely unguarded. And noone thought to seize it. Not even any common people pillaged it for valuables. (Also silly TV/film things, like the unarmoured leader and support staff going into an unknown environment IN LINE with soldiers. In reality, most people should stay on the ship before word the entire fortress is secure). 

I’d say Jon’s war council was the worst scene because it was the only one that felt like it wanted to portray substance. For one, Lyanna Mormont’s character is absurd. This idea that a child lord of the weakest House can talk to Lord Glover (who are masterly not lordly in the books but still more important than the liege of Bear Island) like that is laughable. Lyanna is just a meme character for people to tweet about and put on Tshirts on redbubble. Then there’s the characterisation of Sansa. The show insists she’s a master manipulator, yet she’s just as stupid as Cersei. Cersei is NOT a master manipulator, she’s just a bad person. The show thinks that good man = silly stupid and bad man = clever clever. Sansa is still a moron, openly contesting Jon and then trying to impose upon him shows she’s learned nothing about manipulation from Petyr, despite the show insisting to us that she has. Then there’s how background characters are treated. In simplistically written shows, some people are just BAD IDEA MAN and some are just GOOD IDEA MAN. Lyana is part meme and part GOOD IDEA MAN. Lord Glover and Bronze Yohn are now BAD IDEA MAN, but in different ways. Glover while perfectly reasonable, 10 year old women are no use in battle, is going to be “bigoted bad idea man”, and Brone Yohn is just going to be “idea so bad noone would ever actually think of it man”. The idea of slighting a very useful castle because muh betrayal is something noone would be so stupid as to think. But again, he is now just BAD ADVICE MAN. he exists just to be corrected by more virtuous fan fave characters. My personal idea in that situation would be to (in context of the show ofcourse, since book houses and show houses act differently) for Alys Karstark, marry her to someone loyal effectively ending her house and forcing Karhold into a loyal hands without throwing out a child, and for Ned Umber I’d either just force him to marry the daughter of a loyal house or just dispossess his house of Last Hearth, and give the lands and castle to new blood on the condition Ned is either a well treated ward (of either me the king, or of someone else) or just make him take the black. 

The general feel of the scene just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the source material and even just the time period, even down to little things. The idea of anyone being so modern as to suggest child female soldiers in that time period is laughable not just because noone would be so liberal, but also because it makes no sense??? The role of women in war is equally important. they assume more domestic tasks and even more industrial tasks while men are occupied in fighting. If you pull 11 year old girls to form your spearmen formations you’l find your crops dying in their fields. Then other little silly things, like people wearing armour to chat. They’re not in a war camp on the move, armour is unpleasant and encumbering. People don’t just wear it casually. At most, particularly military types of men would wear maybe mail and their sword in a social setting as symbols of status or military readiness. And children armed with swords? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Just because they’re lords Ned Umber and Alys Karstark both have swords?? Ned’s sword looks almost as tall as him. And a GIRL child lord wearing a sword? Well we’re in medieval castle time now so I guess everyone important carries a sword, even just to have a chat, even as a kid, even as a girl who will never come near fighting, and has never had military training. 

Game of Thrones is just a fucking hipster wreck. It’s there just so that numales in bars can spill bud lite over their ironic T shirt that has star wars characters wearing fake moustaches on it, and so that women with cat eye glasses can shout YAAASSSS SSSLLAAAAAYYYYY

rant over 

Icing on the Cake (1/?)

Found this fun AU prompt on one of alchemistc’s reblogs and had to write it. 

is that REALLY what you want us to write on your custom-order cake?” AU 

A/N: I intended this to be a one-shot, but I loved writing these two so much that there will be at least one more chapter. This one’s a bit lengthy, 2100 words/ FF.NET)

“Mr. Jones. This is Emma from Swan Bakery. I have a few questions about the custom cake you ordered. Can you please give me a call as soon as possible? Thanks.”

Killian looked down at his phone in confusion. Cake? He hadn’t ordered a bloody cake? This woman must be confused. Plus, she didn’t leave her phone number for him to return her call. Leaning forward to his laptop, he searched “Swan Bakery” and found one listing in Boston. Clicking on the website, he was pleasantly surprised with the understated elegance of the cakes on display. The Contact Us page opened to large photo of a striking blonde woman decorating a wedding cake, with a bio to the right for Emma Swan, Owner and Pastry Chef. Killian was suddenly saying an internal thank you for whatever mix-up caused this beautiful woman to call him this morning. Dialing the number listed, he waited for the mystery to be solved.

“Swan Bakery, how can I help you?”

“Ah, hi, I’m returning a call from Emma?”

“This is Emma, is this Mr. Jones?”

Gods, even her voice was gorgeous. “Aye, you said something about a custom cake? Sorry to disappoint you, lass, but I haven’t ordered a cake from you.”

“Uh….hang on.” Killian can hear the muffled sigh and ruffling of papers through the phone and he couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for the woman on the other end of the line. She was not starting her day off on the right foot and he felt an unexplainable need to somehow turn her day around.

“Sorry about that. Ok, I have the order right here. I have a custom cake that was ordered last night on our website from Mr. Jones, billing address on file is 32 Market Street. That’s not you?”

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Pietro x Reader (braiding hair)

(For that anon that asked for a one shot with the reader braiding Pietro’s hair. Sorry for the wait, and that it’s kinda short :3)

Pietro walked into the sitting room, his intent to play video games, only to find Y/N and Nat and Steve all watching a soppy boring-looking film. Someone on-screen must have made a joke, because Y/N, his girlfriend, burst into laughter. Pietro walked over to the sofa, reasoning that Natasha wouldn’t be watching the movie if it was really cheesy.

“Hey, Y/N.” Pietro leaned over and kissed her and she smiled before shoo-ing him out of her way so she could see the TV. Pietro chuckled before moving to sit in front of the sofa, leaning his head into Y/N’s lap as the boring movie continued.

Y/N began to braid his silver hair absent-mindedly and Pietro found that he, like some kind of cat, liked to have his hair played with. He hummed with content as the end credits came up.

“See, if they had the other guy play the villain that would have been a much better film!” Nat exclaimed, but Steve shook his head.

“No, he wouldn’t have made a good villain…” His voice trailed off as he and Nat left the room. Pietro took Natasha’s seat on the sofa next to his girlfriend, lying face-up in her lap.

“Good morning,” she started, affectionately. “How did the night mission go?” Pietro leaned up and kissed her before answering.

“Pretty well, but I don’t want to talk about that; it’s boring,” Pietro replied, before changing the channel on the remote to something funny.

“Sit back where you were; I want to braid your hair again,” Y/N said, nudging Pietro playfully as he laughed. Pietro sat down on the floor again, enjoying the sensation of being stroked.

“Stop moving, Pietro! You’re ruining my hairstyle!” Y/N exclaimed indignantly after a particularly funny part of the programme they were watching had caused him to laugh hysterically.

“I’m going to look ridiculous anyway,” Pietro deadpanned after getting his laughing fit under control.

“How dare you!” Y/N replied in mock-outrage. “You look like a princess!”

“Kill me now,” Pietro joked.

Clint walked into the room, took one look at Pietro and almost cried laughing. “You… look… so… stupid!” Pietro gave Clint his best death stare before zooming over to Clint and giving him an equally ridiculous hairstyle quicker than Clint could blink.

“Take a look in the mirror, grandpa.” Y/N tossed Clint her compact mirror and he cringes at his appearance. “You don’t think you overdid it with the braiding? I look like a shaven Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“I think you look great, I could even go as far as to use the word fabulous,” Y/N laughed. “At least my boyfriend doesn’t look like a pirate.” Pietro chuckled at this one as Clint grumbled and stormed off, probably to fix his hair.

Y/N high-fived Pietro, but then slapped his head as he continued to move every few seconds. “You’re totally ruining my hairstyle! Stop moving!” She moaned.

“Maybe I should do your hair.”

“Maybe you should shut up and stop moving.”

“Hey, that wasn’t very nice!” Pietro replied, indignantly. Y/N mumbled a few curse words as he moved his head round to face her. “Take that mean comment back.”

“Or what, Pietro,” Y/N said playfully. Pietro took this as an invitation to jump on the sofa and tickle Y/N. “Stop, okay, I take it back!”

“Say that Pietro is the best and you love him so much and he is the king of the world,” Pietro teased.

“Pietro is the worst! He loves himself so much and I’m the king of the world!” Y/N replied, only to be cut off by Pietro tickling her again. “Stop!”

“Say it!” Pietro whined.

“Fine. Pietro is the best I love him so much and he is the king of the world. Happy now?” Pietro smiled and leaned over Y/N’s body as if he was going to kiss her. He leaned in, and Y/N closed her eyes, but instead of giving her the kiss she expected, he licked her cheek. “Ew! Gross, Pietro!”

Pietro burst into laughter at her face before giving her an actual kiss. He loved to kiss his girlfriend, and the novelty of saying girlfriend never wore off. “Now braid my hair.”

Y/N laughed and happily obliged.

I move that instead of calling ourselves fans we start calling our selves pirates, because Captain Jack Sparrow is the only one who really understands us.

He understands feels.

And shipping.

And just gets that shipping isn’t always easy.

Then there’s the non-shippers and even the non fans

And introducing new people to the fandom is pretty much this.

Captain Jack Sparrow understands the joy of getting your hands on some new fanart/fanfics/merch.

The pain of a hellatus.

And that just because it’s canon doesn’t mean it’s right.

And god forbid real life something try to come between you and your fandom.


People might think we’re crazy, but that’s okay.

So, I don’t know about you guys but


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Why is there so much hate between csers and Regina fans? Not judging either side just curious

I’m probably a bias person to ask because I certainly deeply dislike the CS relationship and Hook in general.   So take this with a grain of salt.

Not all Evil Regals feel this way.  But those Evil Regals that do dislike Hook/CS often resent that Regina has had to suffer a long, messy and very painful road to redemption and growth while he was allowed to go from leaving a woman to be tortured and a town to die, to being hailed as a hero within a week.  Literally.  Less than a week.  He steals the bean and dooms the town in 2.22 and Charming is calling him a hero and giving him blessing to date his daughter 5 days later in 3.05.

Because Hook has been allowed to go from villain to hero overnight, while Regina has been put on this long path, some of the more annoying CSers have tried to claim that he’s a morally superior man and has had a better redemption that she has.  Rather than seeing it as many of us do, the product of horrifically lazy writing for Hook.

Many many women, particularly those who have experience with sexual assault, stalking, rape, and domestic abuse, find Hook’s behavior repulsive and in some cases triggering.  I know many CSers like to mock the “rape culture” accusations as if they are being made by people who are over-blowing something in the name of ship wars.  Usually this is directed at people who ship Swan Queen.  The thing is… if you want to use the term rape culture or not… his behavior is deeply problematic and the writing of his character romanticizes problematic behavior.  It presents as normal that a man should pursue a woman even when she has expressly told him she is not interested because persistence will be rewarded.  It romanticizes the idea that it is acceptable to get a woman drunk in order to have sex with her as a deliberate tactic.  It romanticizes stalking, because there is nothing at all good about following a woman around and staring at her through a telescope when she doesn’t know you are looking.  These are all behaviors that many many women recognize as a way to end up in an emergency room or a morgue not the arms of the man of your dreams.  There are many many more examples I could give you.  

Now Hook says he doesn’t treat Emma like booty, but… frankly… he sure as hell is acting like she’s a prize to be won. The fact that Emma’s character has fallen into this is considered by many of us who are also Emma fans to be a bastardization of her character.  Emma Swan was a bail-bondsman.  I can guarantee you she’s seen her share of asshole problematic men and the red flags the CS relationship sends off should be going off for her.  But they’ve turned her into some sort of … lost princess to go with the dashing naval hero idea. 

It’s fine to like a problematic character.  As an Evil Regal.  We’ll all tell you she’s problematic as hell.  Many of us will talk about the psychology of her most problematic behaviors.  And than we are often presented with people who present their problematic favorite as a noble and courageous naval officer rather than a murdering thug.  Because really, despite what Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook might lead you to believe that’s what pirates were.  Violent murdering thugs.  

And than there is the Swan Queen question.  A great many CSers have made it their mission to illegitimate Swan Queen shippers because they appear to see us/them as a major threat to their own ship.  Some days it seems like there are CS fans who think SQ has a greater chance of becoming canon than even the most die hard SQ people.  So regularly people who identify openly as CSers go into the SQ tag and tweet the Creatives to call people delusional.  They refer to it as a crack ship (in direct contradiction to what that term actually means across fandoms).  There are occasionally OQ shippers who do the same, but it’s far rarer.  And that kind of tag invasion and twitter behavior results in a siege mentality among SQers who often identify their ship with their own personal lives at quite a different level than the CSers do.  And sparks fly.