even camber


Another close shot of them. 

First time I saw these wheels on the original RB frs, I automatically fell in love. I looked at the photo for a good second and couldn’t realize why I was so mesmerized by this specific FRS. Siding from the fact of rocket bunny’s sensual & sexual curves, I narrowed it down to the wheels. While at that time, these wheels (to me) were nearly impossible for me to clutch, since they were Japan made and ordered only. They were something I could only dream of having. Now here they are, sitting in my room, patiently waiting for some sticky rubber, and a fat 6-piston brake setup to accentuate the sophisticated yet simple design of these wheels. I hope fitting them on my daily will require minimal fender work, as well as the least amount of negative camber possible. (Even though both of these factors play a major roll)