even before we knew the kind of love they will have one day

In 2007, I met Neil Gaiman during one of his book signing tours in Forbidden Planet, London. I managed to get there early enough that I was only about 30th in the queue, which was fortunate as it was a typical, drizzly British day.

I was a little nervous. I’d loved Gaiman’s work for a long time, and had dithered over which books I wanted him to sign as the limit was two. Eventually, I settled on Stardust and Fragile Things - as it was the Fragile Things tour (if I remember correctly), and Stardust had a special place in my heart.

As soon as I stepped inside, I realised there was absolutely no reason to be nervous. There was this chilled out, completely at ease guy with a leather jacket and curly hair. He smiled at his fans. He actually talked to them, and was actually interested in what they had to say, not wanting to hurry them along. I took a (very bad) picture while he signed someone else’s book.


Then came my turn, and my nerves completely vanished. He asked for my name, and I spelled it for him as Richelle is quite unusual.

“That’s a really cool name,” he said, “Where did your parents get that from?” I explained it was my aunt’s middle name. “What does it mean?” He asked. I told him I didnt know, but that it was the French feminine of Richard, after my great grandad.

“Ah, that makes sense, with the Ri…”

He signed both books, and drew me some lovely little doodles. (“I drew a cracked heart for you.”)

(I don’t have a good enough memory to remember this so clearly by the way, but I blogged about it immediately when I left the shop, and I’ve been able to refer back to it)


What a lovely man, I thought.

A few months later, I went to a Terry Pratchett book signing during his tour for Making Money. Again in Forbidden Planet, there was a two book limit, and as I’d already promised a friend in the USA a signed copy of Making Money, that meant I had one book for myself. Then I remembered Good Omens, and kicked myself for not thinking of bringing it to the Gaiman tour a few months before. Oh well, I thought, there’s always next time.

The first thing I saw of Terry was his hat. Then I noticed his laugh, which was very infectious. He signed Making Money, dedicated to my friend, and then he spied my copy of Good Omens. “Ah, this old thing.” He grinned and signed away. I saw the dedication and laughed, and stepped away, feeling like he knew something I didn’t.


That’s that, I thought, I’ll wait for another Gaiman signing.

I had to wait a little while, as it turns out, until his signing for The Ocean at the End of the Lane in Ely cathedral in 2013. This time, I wasn’t so lucky. My friend and I drove from London to Cambridge, and there was an accident on the way. By the time we got there, there were hundreds upon hundreds of people in front of us.

This signing also included a talk, and Gaiman spoke about his childhood, his experiences as an author and answered lots of questions. He also read a passage of his book, Fortunately, the Milk, and the audience were in hysterics. Seriously, no matter how old you are, you’ll love that book.

We queued up to sign in the order we arrived, and we queued for a long time. The girl standing in front of my friend and I was obviously very excited, and she struck up conversation with us. She told us she was heavily dyslexic, but she’d read every single Neil Gaiman book. She enjoyed his work so much, that even though reading was difficult for her, she devoured his books and they made her love to read.

When it came to our turn, Neil had been signing for hours, it was late. He must have been tired. But he was still genial and pleasant to the people in front of us. The girl in front of us stepped up, and she was so overwhelmed, she couldn’t speak properly as he signed her books. She was almost panicking, but she still managed to tell him about her dyslexia and despite it, her love of his books. Neil put down his pen, and spoke softly, kindly. “Would you like a hug?” She nodded, and laughed and cried and hugged him so tightly.

When it came to my turn, I said he was very kind, and he smiled. He quickly signed my copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and then spied the next book I’d set on the table, open to the page where Terry had signed. His smile widened. “Ah,” he said, dipping his pen in his ink, “I almost never get to finish this joke any more, as Terry no longer does signings.”

He drew an asterisk next to where Terry had signed, drew an arrow to the bottom, and then finished the joke.


@neil-gaiman, thank you. Thank you for bringing my favourite ever book to the screen, and thank you for dedicating it to Terry.

more dogfather au

part four! previous bits: one, two, three.

  • for the first few months there is an uneasy sort of detente between Sirius and Harry’s parents.
  • they’re afraid, but he expected that: all his life Sirius was told that Muggles would be afraid of wizards, if they knew about them.
  • but he realizes, very quickly, that they are not afraid of but afraid for: afraid for Harry, for his safety, for how he will fit into a world he only knows from Sirius’ descriptions.
  • afraid for themselves a little too, for what their warm, bright house will feel like when Harry leaves it for some impossible-seeming school that they can’t ever see for themselves. for what might happen, if he chooses to leave them behind for good.
  • and they’re afraid for Sirius too, though that takes the longest for him to see. afraid he won’t be able to clear his name, that he’ll be sent back to Azkaban, that their son will lose his godfather so soon after finding him.
  • (it never occurs to him that he is, to their eyes, still so very young. he isn’t even thirty, and they waited a long time before Harry came to them. they’re old enough that he could be their son, if things were otherwise.)
  • so: things are weird.
  • but there are consolations.

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Bottle Rockets (Sweet Pea x Reader)

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Summary: You don’t need feelings. You don’t need friends. You need to stop obsessing over the fact that Sweet Pea is spending his summer with Josie instead of lighting bottle rockets with you. 

Based on Request: hello!! could you maybe write something where the reader was a northsider friends with sweet pea and he kind of ignored her while he was with Josie for the summer and now the reader is ignoring him and he’s feeling miserable because he misses his friend (and maybe has actual feelings for her)? thank you 💚 

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Fem!Reader 

Word Count: 14,976

Author’s Note: This goes so far beyond the original request, but I started writing it, and the story just took life. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. [Insert normal begging/plea for feedback in asks and reblog form]. Also, I tried to capture some of the Sweet Pea we saw flirting with Josie. Hopefully, there was some success. 

Warnings: Language (there’s always language). Underage drinking. Minor jokes about killing yourself (because of boredom). References to sex.

When it came down to it, it was all the Black Hood’s fault.

If it weren’t for him, the town wouldn’t have been so on edge and quick to shut down Southside High, ignoring years of hostility and prejudice and throwing over half of the student body into the already crowded halls of Riverdale High.

And while that itself was less than ideal, the situation would have at least been manageable if The Black Hood hadn’t murdered Midge. Because that changed everything.

That led to Fangs Fogarty getting arrested. Which prompted Ms. Klump to shoot Fangs. Which incited the riots and all of that wreckage. Which landed you in the seat next to Sweet Pea for the remainder of Physics.

The first day of the new seating arrangement came with little warning or fanfare—unless of course, you counted the fact that the trophy case was still cordoned off with caution tape and pretty much the entire student body all slipped on Southside Serpent jackets yesterday under threat of death from Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom.

But still.

Walking into physics with your teacher mumbling “Your new seat is on the board—as if he knew he was about to cause the Riots - Part 2–was the first indication that shit was about to go down. Looking at the list of names, with you being placed towards the back right corner and seated next to a kid whose name you did not recognize should have been your second clue. Because you knew everyone who was supposed to be in this class. And maybe if you’d used a little bit of deductive reasoning, you would have known who you were sitting next to before the hulking mountain of flannel and leather dropped into the seat next to you.

“This is bullshit,” he grumbled, slamming his books on the table and pushing them up out of his way.

It was Sweet Pea. Of all the people in this class, you were sat next to the angriest one of all. The one who hated Northsiders with every fiber of his being. So much so that he threw a trashcan through the trophy case.

And whose best friend was shot by his classmate’s mom, a little voice inside your head reminded you.

You ignored her, as you normally did when she brought up irrelevant or otherwise inconvenient facts.

“What?” he growled turning to meet your gaze.

You blinked twice, unaware that you had been staring at him and shook your head giving what you hoped was a casual shrug. “I just didn’t know that your name was–”

“Sweet Pea.” His brow furrowed even more than it had a second ago making his face even darker if that was possible. “My name is Sweet Pea.”

You rolled your eyes and looked back up to the front, your eyes landing on the projected seating chart once more. 

The rest of physics passed by in silence between the two of you, Sweet Pea keeping his head bent close to his notes and you keeping your eyes trained on Mr. Flutesnoot so you didn’t take note of any of the other empty chairs in the classroom.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern as the first day. You arrived first and took your seat. Sweet Pea arrived a little later and dropped angrily into his. The two of you would silently complete your work, pack up as quickly and quietly as possible when the bell rang and then dash off to your last class of the day.

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Daisies (Peter Parker x reader)

Word count: 3.2k

Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with the last words they ever hear from their soulmate written on their arm.

Warnings: Angst, graphic character death.


“What is up with Mr. Harrington wanting to know everyone’s words” MJ huffed as she placed her lunch tray on the table, where Ned, Peter, Liz and you sat.

“I mean what can we say, he’s a hopeless romantic” Ned joked and dramatically waved his hands in the air, to which everyone laughed. Well, everyone except for you.

Mr. Harrington had showed in class a documentary about soulmates. He then spent the rest of the class asking about people’s opinions on the subject and wanting to know what words were written on their arms. You were quiet the whole time, as you didn’t wish to participate on the debate. To you it was a private matter and you liked to keep it that way.

It wasn’t that you didn’t believe in soulmates, in fact, you loved the idea of having someone to share unconditional love and loyalty. But the rest about it? It was just cruel. The words in people’s arms were cursed, evil. They ruined people’s lives, some of them spend their whole lives being afraid, others got married and after years find out their spouse is not the one, and for the most unfortunate ones, they never even get to be together before the other one dies and they have to live knowing that. Many people liked to share their words with the world, while others kept them to themselves, the latest being your choice.

Because your words? God, you always avoided thinking about them as if that would make them disappear.

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What “Pilot Personality” do each of the Voltron Characters fall into?

This has been sitting in my docs for exactly a year under the title “stupid freaking meta” cause it was a pain to write. But it’s been on my mind so I thought it was time for another post, based on my experience as a pilot and member of the aviation community. 

As I was making this I realized that this might be some good fanfiction material for y’all, so enjoy. (Fyi: every pilot-related example or description I use in this post is a real life true story/situation that I have heard or experienced! Nothing made up.)

I began learning to fly at age 16, before I learned to drive. I got my pilot’s license at age 19 which was almost 6 years ago, and it’s safe to say I’m just a little obsessed. I spent years around pilots from all walks of life, and very quickly caught on to the fact that there are different types of pilots, but still a common thread that goes through everyone.

When I sat down one day in July 2016 and watched Voltron for the first time, I was immediately smitten. It was everything I loved: space, flying, technology, awesome characters, all rolled into one. Interestingly enough, I can pinpoint the EXACT SECOND I first fell in love with this show…


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Hey. I don’t know why I’m sending you this because I know you won’t reply. And to be honest, I don’t know if you even get my messages or maybe you do, but maybe you just delete them after you see my contactless number. But I’m doing this anyway. Because I miss you. And something in my stomach is telling me to do this. You need to know that I miss you. I miss you so damn much. And it’s crazy that I think about you every single day. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s very true. I wonder if you think of me too, but I try not to get my hopes up. So, I tell myself you’re happier without me just to keep myself sane and stop asking myself why you left me. I don’t know if you’re happy, but I hope you are. I heard you’re getting married… I don’t know how to feel. And I don’t know what to say. I wish you told me yourself instead of me finding out on my own. Why couldn’t you tell me? Are you really that scared? Ashamed? Confused? I wish you'd explain yourself. I don’t know if I should congratulate you or feel sorry for you. I know you love her, but I know you loved me too. Or at least, I know you were falling in love with me– so hard and fast that it made you run away from me. I want to be happy for you, but I can’t do that if I wanted to be the one you’re happy with, but I’m trying. I promise I’m trying. I know we haven’t spoken in over a year and I don’t know how you feel about me anymore. Do I still exist to you? Or do you pretend I’m dead? I was driving home from work today and I heard that one Ultraviolet Sound song I showed you. I wonder if you still have it in your playlist. It made me think of you and all the good times we had. But the memories aren't enough for me. I want you by my side, especially on a night like this when I’m scared and alone with a big house to myself with nobody to share it with. I want to be in your arms again and I want you to tell me something you never got to tell me before you left. I want to hear those words come out of your mouth. Maybe then I’ll finally understand everything. Because all I have are theories of you- theories of us because you were such a quiet person. I know you had trouble expressing your feelings, but I didn’t mind that. In fact, I loved that the most about you because the most quiet people have the most things to say and have the most on their mind. You were so innocent and kind and selfless. I know you never meant to hurt me. You never knew what the right thing to do was. And I know why you left me. I just wish I got a goodbye.
—  the unsent text @ 11:32pm June 29th, 2018 | Patreon | Instagram

to the boy who ripped my heart out,

I had been through so much shit already. I’ve had my heart broken before. I’ve not ate for weeks, and drank nothing but alcohol for months. I’ve not slept at night and replayed abusive conversations over and over in my head. But none of that comes close to what you did to me. Because with the one who came before you I always knew something wasn’t right with him. I knew he wasn’t the one, and I knew my friends and family hated him, and I knew that nothing was ever going to work out. And I knew he didn’t love me. I mean seriously I knew. And after him I fell off the rails-fell apart maybe. I don’t know.

Months flew by in a blur. Guy after guy after guy. But somewhere along the line I picked up a little bit of self worth- dusted myself off and felt like the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

And I remember getting ready for that night, thinking to myself tonight will be the first I don’t feel the need to base my worth on a guy- the first night I honestly felt like the blur was finally coming to an end.

But then you came along.
I could sit here and describe you for years because truth is you probably were- and might always be- the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on. And you came and swept me off of my feet. For months, you made me feel like the only person in the world. You were the kindest, most incredible person I have ever been with. You’re the type of man I’d love to bring home to my family; polite, handsome, funny, intelligent, friendly and most of all- you weren’t like anyone else. You weren’t like all of the guys who came before you- especially not that one. You honestly had me falling for you from the first moment we spoke- I wasn’t faking feelings for once I genuinely have never felt like that about anyone in my life.

It was a butterfly, heart racing, story book kind of romance, and because of you I finally had faith again. Faith that I actually could be one of those girls that’s lucky enough to find someone like you, to settle down, to finally be my best self, with someone like you by my side.

And then one day you just left.
You never messaged me again. Pretended I didn’t exist when you seen me. Left me wondering where I’d went wrong, no explanation, nothing.

You fucking broke me.
You really did.

But even now, when I lie awake at night thinking of it- I blame myself. I make excuses for you, because in my eyes you can do no wrong, and if you ever came back to me I’d take you in with open arms.

fuck you.

—  one step forward, two steps back x 
got7 as friends with benefits

– basically friends with benefits becoming real lovers
– this is longer than i intented it to be oops
– just a lil something to overcome my writers block


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𝑀𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝒯𝓊𝒶𝓃 

– literally more friends than benefits
– y’all always lowkey had a thing for each other
– took you two years to finally make out though
– but from then on y’all never stopped again
– mark was like ‘oh only until we find smth serious’
– but you just both stopped looking for smth serious at all
– oops
– you saw absolutely no downside to this
– good sex with someone you’re totally attracted to and can talk to about everyhing? amazing
– so now it’s been like 12 months since this thing started
– all different kinds of sex
– sometimes it would be giggly as fuck, laughter and fun included
– sometimes y’all would have sex while casually talking about everything
– sometimes you just had sex to cheer the other one up on a bad day
– basically always looking for any reason to have sex
– you both are very confused how good this works out?
– you’re pretty much like a couple but both of you are lowkey too dense to admit it
– all of got7 knew about y’all, you didn’t even try to make a secret out of it
– other fwbs only meet to fuck but not you and mark
– he constantly comes over and stays forever, would never just leave after sex
– right beside you when you wake up with no intention to leave until he absolutely has to
– “mark??? do you think we act too much like a couple??”
– he thought about your question for a second before lying down beside you
– “naaaahhh” he said laughing before giving you a kiss “we fine”
– you had no idea how y’all should continue because you definitely weren’t breaking this up
– but you also knew this couldn’t go on like this forever even though you’d love that
– so one morning you decided to adress this situation
– he was so cute besides you with his morning hair you saw an angel
– when you started to talk about “how to continue” he immediately started to panic
– “do you want to end this?????”
– you chuckled a bit
– so he also didn’t want it to end
– you assured him that ending this thing between you was the last thing you wanted
– but also told him that you might start to look around again and meet other ppl
– not bc u grew tired of him but bc u had to look out for the future
– y’all were getting old and shit
– mark didn’t like this thought at all
– lowkey too shy to admit that though
– “but we’re having fun, why should we stop”
– softest baby you could swear he was pouting
– for the first time ever he stopped and was like
– hmmmm why aren’t we dating in the first place
– never before thought about the idea of actually dating you
– because what difference would it make y’all act like a couple
– but suddenly he realized that it definitely would make a difference
– 100% has no idea how to deal with this sudden change of things
– after some time he tries to confess
– highkey fails tho
– “you know i love to have sex with you”
– “i think we should have more than sex”
– “what i’m trying to say is————uuuuuuhm….”
– stops and just starts kissing you
– but more passionately and full of love
– he smiled into the kiss which made ur heart beat 10x faster
– you decided to help him out a bit
– “i like you too mark”


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𝐼𝓂 𝒥𝒶𝑒𝒷𝓊𝓂

– when the thing between the two of you started jaebum was sooo sure he’d be fine with it
– you’ve been close to him since high school, always in the same group of people
– somehow though you always were friends but nothing more
– maybe bc y’all were too busy with other people mostly
– but you definitely became good friends in the last few years
– when he was suggesting this whole idea to you you were like
– jb why u tryna ruin our friendship like that
– but he assured you that sex couldn’t ruin your friendship
– it would just be the cherry on top
– now he’s not too sure about it anymore
– he loves the sex for sure and wouldn’t want to miss it for anything
– but this boy started to get a bit frustrated and insecure about the blurred lines between you and him
– highkey has a crush on you and hates it
– tries to hide it as good as possible
– you were 100% sure jaebum was the best lover you could have
– but also… damn he’s cute? and lovely? and so funny?
– when he smiles your heart goes whoosh
– but you always tried to ignore those thoughts
– because how cliche would it be to fall in love with your fwb
– you told yourself on a daily that it’s just his dick game that makes you think stuff like this
– y’all said that you wouldn’t just sleep with other ppl unless you met someone you actually could see a future with it
– “if we horny we can just call each other”
– one time you were drunk on a night out with got7
– and jaebum may have slipped a lil drunk i love you
– and you knew he was drunk and didn’t mean it
– so you both laughed it off but since that moment everything changed
– feelings were involved and you both knew you had to face them sooner or later
– but tbh he tried to do it as late as possible
– so ofc jaebum was going home with you in secret like always
– and your usually rough sex was different all of a sudden
– jaebum could be sensual???? that was new to you
– he apologized for being so soft afterwards hshshs
– both of you were laughing and talking the whole night
– you were almost certain that jaebum also thought this could be more than being friends
– until he ghosted you for a week after this night
– and you wanted to kill him, fucking idiot
– but ofc as soon as he wrote you again you were like
– yea no prob dude :)
– bc sadly you had no reason to be mad at him
– bc he wasn’t your boyfriend
– and slowly you started to hate that he wasn’t
– definitely made up for ghosting you for a week
– “let me take you out to dinner i’m sorry”
– tells you he had a few rough days
– in reality he didn’t write you bc he thought it’s the easiest way to get over it
– jokes on him he’s a fool in love and he realized it by now
– has the hardest time with it
– bc im jaebum???? in love??? that wasn’t normal
– but you made him soft
– also best ‘i’m sorry i missed you too’ sex ever
– gets frustrated afterwards
– bc he loves not only your boobs but also ur lil soft heart
– goes down on you while confessing hshssh


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𝒫𝒶𝓇𝓀 𝒥𝒾𝓃𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔

– no one knew that you two were kind of a thing
– jinyoung never really labeled it as “friends with benefits” to you
– one thing just lead to another one day and suddenly you all were making out in his bed
– which was fine to you, no complaints
– but in the beginning you were completely confused, not knowing where y’all stand
– was this a one time thing?
– were you becoming fuck buddies?  
– he actually likes you a lot you were a hundred percent sure
– but damn you knew him long enough to know how complicated jinyoung is when it comes to feelings
– constantly has to talk to you about this whole situation
– “(y/n) i’m bad for you we shouldn’t do this anymore”
– “i don’t want you to miss the opportunity to meet someone you could like (y/n)”
–  you just rolled your eyes whenever he started this nonsense
–  not because you were annoyed
–  you just wish he wouldn’t think that much and just let things happen
– “we’re fine”, you always tell him
– it was cute that he wanted the best for you but… you wanted park jinyoung
– you knew this since a long time
– you also knew one day he’d man up and ask you out properly
– he just needs his time and you were willing to give it to him
– and secretly jinyoung was very aware of this too
– he wouldn’t just start screwing someone who’s as close to him as you
– he cherished you and was more than thankful that you two didn’t need words to communicate
– both of you hated to be so careful whenever you went out with the boys
– “we should just tell them” your drunk self thought this was a good idea
– as you were in a small room, pinned against a wall, jy’s lips all over your chest
– “and then what?”, he asked placing another kiss on top of your breasts before continuing, “yugyeom and bambam would never shut up.”
–  you knew he was right
– but it would make things so much easier
– “jinyoung” you said softly finally making him look up from your breasts
– “you know you love me”, your drunk self said teasing him
– he laughed before giving you a soft and sensual kiss
– still chuckling he went down your neck again
– “i’m sorry, i’m busy here”, he said avoiding the topic
– but his laughter was enough for you
– it just made you sure one more time that you were right about him
– if he wouldn’t like you he would’ve said it
– so you had to be patient with jinyoung
– which was fine considering the fact that you’d still get to sleep with him all the time
– he never left in the morning before you were awake
– that would be disrepectful towards you in his opinion
– it kind of was his way to show you he cares
– because you knew he’d usually always sneak out immediately after one night stands
– if he couldn’t sleep in with you he’d wake you up shortly to say goodbye
– there was always a goodbye kiss involved even though he hated how cheesy that is
– he couldn’t help it with you
– he was constantly afraid that someone else might snatch you away from him
– it didn’t matter that he knew you liked him too
– it sometimes killed him that he couldn’t just man up and finally ask you out properly
– he loved this friends with benefit thing you two had going on
– sex whenever someone of you felt like it
– but no room for fights or stuff like that bc you weren’t dating
– months after this little thing between the two of you started he decided that it was finally time
– you put up with his bullshit for long enough he thought
– even though he still was afraid of commitment he wanted to try for you
– also he knew that this one colleague of yours was trying to take you out
– he couldn’t let that happen
– another thing was that he was afraid you’d lose your patience
– so finally after all he took the next step one night after sex
– he was still inside you, his breath still heavy as both of you tried to calm down
– his lips were finding your neck as his arm was around your waist
– “i think i’m ready”, he whispered in your ear
– “anal?”, you joked, making him laugh out loud
– “i actually thought about making you my girlfriend.” he said, still chuckling a bit
– “jinyoung”, you said surprised, not thinking it would happen anytime soon
– he gave you a kiss, smiling into it
– “i love you (y/n)”


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𝒥𝒶𝒸𝓀𝓈𝑜𝓃 𝒲𝒶𝓃𝑔

– jackson wang was making you go completely crazy
– you swear you were going insane soon
– it started out simple
– you and jackson met up every now and then to frickle frackle
– you remember thinking you won the lottery
– like look at jackson he’s a whole meal
– eternal beauty mixed with a body that knew how to move
– and wow, he knew what he’s doing
– but that was the problem: jackson was literally perfect
– you both said that you were friends with benefits and nothing more
– well apparently to jackson wang that meant coming to you with your favorite chocolates
– sometimes he’d pick you up and you’d drive around the whole night talking and listening to music
– he’d never leave without saying goodbye
– always texts you after sex even if it’s just smth small
– “last night was amazing”
– “hope you have a good day, don’t let your boss annoy you”
– “write me if you need anything”
– that perfect motherfucker straight up made you fall for him
– sounds perfect doesn’t it?
– but jackson just wouldn’t ask you out properly
– it was all fun in the beginning
– like damn y’all even had the same kinks
– “this is all i need” jackson once said before falling asleep beside you
– those mixed signals left you wanting more and more
– within weeks you knew you were in love with jackson
– what you didn’‘t know is that he felt the exact same way
– at first he thought the amazing sex was just messing with his mind
– but the way you looked at him and him only made him realize that this was maybe more than friends who had sex every now and then
– he told mark about the whole thing and mark immediately was like
– a giggly child which made jackson feel all giggly too
– and as they were sitting on the sofa all happy you walked into the room
– mark immediately stood up and out of nowhere hugged you
– “you’re so cute (y/n)”
– “wtf mark”
– before you could ask anything he was already gone
– “what was that about?” you asked jackson while sitting down next to him
– suddenly he did something he never did before
– his hand was in your hair and he gave you a soft and slow kiss
– of course he did that before but not with the other guys in the same house
– “jackson what if the others come in?”, you asked in shock wondering what was going on
– he shrugged and looked you in the eyes, a satisfied smile on his lip
– “they going to find out sooner or later”
– “find out about what exactly”, you asked him confused
– was he planning to tell the guys about your fuck dates
– not that you’d care but it didn’t seem like smth he’d do
– he usually never talked about his feelings
– he was someone who showed how he felt instead of talking about it
– “about my feelings for you”
– you choked on literal air
– suddenly you were talking feelings
– so you weren’t delusional the whole time
– he actually liked you
– good for you tbh since dating jackson literally is like hitting the jackpot


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𝒞𝒽𝑜𝒾 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔𝒿𝒶𝑒

– tbh being fwb with youngjae the most unexpected thing ever
– you two been friends since ages
– he knows your whole family and you know his
– both of you were like it’s probs not a good idea
– but you did it anyway
– you never were interested in him back then
– until one day you looked at him and realized  
– wow youngjae rlly isn’t a boy anymore
– he is a man now
– suddenly you caught yourself staring at him at every party
– blushing whenever he looked at you for a bit too long
– he used to be so shy and cute
– well at least that’s what u thought until he was kissing you roughly, pinning you against the wall outside of your friend’s home
– but youngjae had many different sides to him
– sides you never knew about before getting involved with him sexually
– a cutie that always takes care of you and your needs
– just wants you to enjoy and relax during sex
– but 10/10 still knows how to get what he wants from you
– sometimes he wonders how tf he managed to become your fwb
– not bc he doubted himself just bc
– he lowkey always had a thing for you
– he also knew it probably was a stupid idea to go into a friendship with benefits with feelings from the start
– didn’t care though at least he could finally have you
– you both agreed that you were in it for the fun
– no jealousy, no drama, just good sex in addition to your friendship
– he was in heaven bc he loved how easy going it was
– definitely wasn’t making a big secret out of his feelings tho
– your lil deal never said smth about no feelings involved
– the cheekiest of them all
– sends you a good morning text every single day
– always surprises you
– you know no one would believe you but king of sexting
– one time he wrote you that he needs one of those long hugs that turns into sex
– and u were like HUH? choi youngjae?
– basically this turned into your first of many sexting sessions
– at the beginning you were 100% sure you wouldn’t develop feelings
– uhh well by now you definitely had to admit you fooled yourself
– one time while having very good sex you may or may not have called him babe
– which maybe didn’t sound like a big thing but you usually never used nicknames
– so midsex he just stopped being confused hshsh
– he smirked a bit though, not able to hide  
– “i like that”, he said giving you a small kiss
– so suddenly you and youngjae were calling each other honey and babe
– not much later you were resting your head on his shoulder in front of the boys
– secret handholding at movie nights, sneakily under the blanket
– until someday you just started casually talking about future plans together
– the lines were getting more and more blurry
– “are we friends?”, you asked him one night before falling asleep
– your head resting on his naked chest, his hand playing with your hair
– “yes, forever and ever”
– his voice was soft like honey, he didn’t even had to think of an answer
– “but are we just that? just friends?”
– he let out a sigh, his thumb slowly stroking your cheek
– “i don’t think you can be ‘just friends’ with someone you’re in love with”


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– you and bambam were messy as fuck it was almost amusing
– everyone knew about the two of you
– you even joked about it in front of others
– “yoooo (y/n) rdy to suck this dicc tonite?”
– starts laughing and apologizing right after
– when it all started you remember telling bambam ‘just this once’
– until you found him in your bed again the next day
– oh and the day after that
– and by now you and bambam were constantly over each other
– things were going really chill most of the time
– y’all had fun, spent loads of time together
– sometimes naked, sometimes dressed
– y’all acted like it was no big deal and you were just friends
– but every now and then you find yourself staring at him
– wondering if he always was this beautiful
– sometimes he laughed and you had to force yourself to think about something else
– the members all kind of just saw you as a couple which was also pretty dangerous
– one time you were texting with a guy from home
– and jackson saw and was like
– “bambam!!!!! who’s he why is (y/n) writing with him”
– and bambam was like trying to ignore but you could swear he disliked it
– but you never knew what he really thought
– like whenever y’all were drunk he’d just be like the biggest flirt
– you remember one time when you were at a party and making out outside
– and he kissed down your neck and just telling you he loves you
– ‘you’re drunk, we’re friends’
– at least that’s what you tried to tell yourself
– ‘oh are we? i don’t kiss yugyeom like that you know’
– but then y’all never talked about it again
– texts you at the most random times
– sometimes all horny like
– ‘i am in front of your house and coming upstairs get undressed’
– other times just in the middle of the night like
– ‘did you know that cats sleep 16hrs a day?? i’m jealous’
– ohh talking about jealousy
– bambam’s biggest flaw
– he hated how jealous he was like he knew it was a problem
– especially considering the fact that…y’all are not a couple
– you talked to him several times about it
– mostly bc u liked to tease him
– and he was so shy and cute about it you never saw him like that
– “listen i know!!! it’s stupid”
– basically he’s just so jealous because you are not his
– and if you meet someone else he’ll lose this fwb relationship
– hates to admit it but he actually likes the thing you two have going on
– “it’s chill”
– you hit him “chill? what a nice way to describe having sex with me”
– he laughed and tried to change the topic
– but you wouldn’t let him
– “bambam, do you like me?”
– he just rolls his eyes
– “ofc i do why would i sleep with you”
– “but do you like like me?”, you asked teasing, looking at him with big eyes
– “i changed my mind i fucking hate you”
– breaking news: he didn’t hate you
– he liked you so much it was k i l l i n g him
– one time he dreamed of you
– nonsexual
– it was just you and him looking at the stars and you confessed
– ever since then it was all he could think of when he saw you
– but ofc he always played it cool in front of you
– remember that one time he told you he loved you when he was drunk
– truth is he barely drank that night
– he knew exactly what he was saying but he knew how drunk you were
– secretely hoped you don’t remember
– until one time you and him were watching a movie where a dude confessed to a girl all drunk
– and you were like remember WHEN YOU DID THIS
– and he was like “uuuhm nnnnO?”
– so you told him every detail of that night bc u truly thought he forgot
– as you were halfway through he stopped you
– “(y/n) i know exactly what happened”
– leaving u confused af
– “why did you lie???”
– “bc u didn’t say it back” you could swear he was pouting
– suddenly you froze… did he mean it? like actually mean it?
– you never even considered that he was serious
– long story short that’s how your fuck buddy became your boyfriend


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𝒦𝒾𝓂 𝒴𝓊𝑔𝓎𝑒𝑜𝓂

– both of you have absolutely no idea how this could have happened
– you never planned to even have sex in the first place
– but the way he danced got you and the way you smiled got him
– you decided to get rid off the sexual tension before it became unbearable
– jokes on you bc it just made you want to have more
– so you two found yourselves in the same situation over and over again
– enjoying a night together and having endless fun
– once the two of you started you wouldn’t stop
– like there were times when you were just up all night having sex
– with cute breaks in between where your head was resting on his bare chest
– his hand tangled in your hair
– it always feels so right even though it seemed so wrong
– you and yugyeom definitely were trapped in this situation
– of course the easy solution would’ve been to just date each other
– but neither one of you dared to say it out loud
– you hated when he left the next morning
– yugyeom also hated that he had to leave
– both of you were always afraid that this could be the last time before everything ends
– dramatic headasses tbh
– but once his lips touched yours you couldn’t get enough
– no one knew about your secret little thing
– which turned out to become pretty hard
– you always had to sneak away in private
– bambam and jackson were constantly on the mission to get you a boyfriend which didn’t make it easier
– yugyeom wouldn’t admit it but he hated it when they tried to set you up
– not even bc he wanted you just bc they were being so noisy about it
– at least that’s what he told himself over and over again
– long story short you two were obviously into each other
– and the amazing chemistry you had in bed made it even harder to act like you didn’t
– two weeks after your first kiss with yugyeom you already feared that it’s gonna be over soon
– one time in the middle of the night u just had to wake him up to talk
– “yugi i rlly don’t want this to ruin our friendship”
– he immediately took your face in his hands, giving you a big smooch on your forehead
– “i’d never let anything or anyone ruin us…especially not myself”
– you often wondered how one night you could just have sex for 6 hrs
– and the next night you wouldn’t even kiss, just both in bed, talking, laughing, making memories
– he was always so sweet to you
– making you feel more loved than any of the guys you actually dated
– waking up next to him in the morning could end in two ways
– dick sucking or cuddle sessions
– you were both with fine
– kingggg of eating you out tbh he could do it for days
– and as much as you enjoyed the sex
– and also the affection
– and just being with him
– you slowly gave up on the thought that he’d actually like you or ask you out
– it was hurting you a bit if you were honest
– so one day you decided for the sake of your friendship and your heart you needed to end this
– “no why would we end this?”
– the horror on his face was real
– “(y/n), don’t you like me anymore?”
– it broke your heart
– “i think i like you a bit too much”
– he took your hand, making your heart flutter
– “then why would you end this rather than take the next step?”

Indie Game Spotlight: Florence

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we knew this week’s Indie Game Spotlight had to focus on love. Today we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of Florence. Winner of Best Mobile Game 2018 at The Game Awards and recipient of Apple’s Design Award, Florence tells a story of our protagonist, a 25-year-old named Florence who meets her first love, a cello player named Krish. Each level is a different minigame vignette that tells the story primarily through the gameplay and visuals rather than words.

We were able to talk with Sam Crisp, a programmer at Mountains—the craft game studio that created this lovely game—about Florence, falling in love, and new ways to tell stories in games. 


How did the initial idea behind Florence come to fruition?

We wanted to make a new kind of mobile game that no one had done before. One that was intimate and emotional and that would appeal and resonate with anyone, even if they didn’t play games at all. We started by playing around with the idea of solving a series of jigsaw puzzles that could tell a story through the metaphors of putting broken things back together. What does it mean when there’s a piece missing from a jigsaw, or if the pieces don’t fit together? Pretty soon we realized we were making a game about the struggles of love.

How did the team choose to focus on modern love relationships?

We need more romance in games! They’re universal stories, and everyone on the team could bring a lot of their own experiences to making the game. Stories about modern love are huge in every media form but are still underrepresented in game stories, despite the fact that games exploring this theme are some of the most interesting and forward-thinking games out there! But practically, we knew we wanted to make a game about a single person going through change in their life. And first love is one of the most transformative experiences we could hone in on.


In Florence, there is a mini-game to create dialogue through a puzzle system. How did the team come up with the concept?

We came up with a lot of ideas for minigames, and the jigsaw puzzle was one of the earliest that still remains in the final game. We had this important scene where Florence and Krish were getting to know each other for the first time and we were trying to find a way to represent that in a minigame. So we asked ourselves, what does it feel like when you go on a date with someone and you go from being nervous and awkward to breaking the ice and feeling like you get along with someone? And we tried out the idea of having to physically make conversation by putting these jigsaw puzzles together, and have the puzzles get easier over time, and the idea just worked. When we got people to play that level and try it out, they understood right away what was happening.

The game can be referred to as a “slice of life.” How was Florence able to gamify everyday experiences?

The interactive language of smartphones and games provide a lot of readymade metaphors for us to work with. For instance, the level Moving In takes the “inventory tetris” from games like Diablo and maps that onto the rituals of compromise involved in cohabitating with someone. Also when Florence is stuck in a bad routine, we made repetitive minigames out of everything, like doing accounting at her day job, scrolling through social media, and even talking to her mum on the phone, in order to show that she’s treating everything in her life as rote, and that she thinks everything is a chore! We went through a lot of trial and error with many different ideas of how to turn everyday life into minigames and what you see in the final game are the ones that worked the best.


How do imagery and colors relay the characters’ inner state?

We don’t have much text, talking or traditional narration in Florence at all so we had to communicate everything to the player through imagery and interaction. Florence’s life starts out dull, colorless and repetitive. When we flashback early in the game and see her as a child, we see that her life used to be full of color but now it’s full of grays. When she meets Krish, he brings color to her life, and that’s the first time we see the color yellow in the game. And at the end of the game when Florence truly finds herself we introduce green to the color palette. The color motifs are subtle but very effective. And there are similar techniques used in the melodies of the music too.

It’s been a year since Florence has been out! What has happened in the past year and what’s next for the team?

The response we’ve had to Florence has been amazing. The game has resonated with all sorts of people all over the world. We’ve had people write in telling us that they played the game at a difficult time in their lives and that the story helped them work through what they were going through. And we’ve seen people be inspired by Florence to make their own games using similar storytelling techniques but telling their own unique story, which everyone here at Mountains is thrilled to see. Right now we are hard at work on the next thing, and we hope to have something to share with you soon!

Already in love with Florence? The good news is it can be purchased at the App Store through Google Play. iam8bit has announced the upcoming release of a vinyl soundtrack for the critically acclaimed mobile game. Accompanying this slice of life story is a gentle, charming, and emotional score composed by Kevin Penkin, now available for pre-order at the iam8bit store


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Okay can we talk about how ATTENTIVE of a lover Harry would be? Like you’d noticed he’d always keep his nails neatly trimmed “s’cause I do t wanna accidentally scratch ya like last time love” and just little things that don’t seem like that big a deal but make ur heart flutter and just ogle your bf

hE sooo would be!!

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Imagine being transported in the Supernatural universe, with no memory of your life, where you become a hunter and fall in love with Dean. Only for a very important person from your past to come looking for you and change it all.

“And who’s our lead?” you placed the mug on the table, a small giggle slipped past your lips when Dean held your sides the moment you reached out for one of the books out of the pile to support you. What none of you noticed was that it just happened to be the journal Jack was holding in his hands minutes ago.

“Ticklish much?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow and you hit his chest giving him a look.

“Don’t you even think about it.” you warned, although you knew very well he already had and would gladly use it to his advantage. And would you both love the hell out of it, even if you wouldn’t admit it.

“What.” Sam corrected, gaining your attention “Uh a stone, a gem of sorts. Orange, glowing, great power although we don’t know about what exactly. They used it to gather all those souls from heaven which Cas said went missing two days ago. My best guess is that it could be something similar to the seal of Solomon that we have, but we’re jut looking.”

“Orange glowing stones huh? What’s next, men flying in suits of armor?” you scoffed, shaking your head with a smile as you skipped through the pages without reading a word, only paying attention to the drawings or designs here and there “So, what do we have so far? Anything on what it could be or at least where from?”

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you know what really hit me about thanks is that ,,, the instrumental really perfectly describes seventeen. they literally started from nothing. cheol was in the company when tempest was supposed to be a thing and jihoon just wanted to make music. hansol was the kid who was always different and he stopped school because he wanted to create instead of just being someone. seungkwan is a small town boy with big dreams. above all, soonyoung just wanted to dance. minghao was the kid who barely spoke korean when he started training. junhui was the kid with the set future, the one who was in one of china’s top schools and played piano and was excellent in every field he was in. wonwoo was quiet and silent and yet he did so much for the people he really cared about. mingyu was the pretty boy who everyone often thought wouldn’t amount to anything. seokmin was the main vocal who always got sidelined, the kid who just wanted to sing. jisoo moved from america and the only thing he had that reminded him of his life in america was probably the guitar he had, and he just wanted to sing. jeonghan was the picture perfect kid who dreamed with his eyes open and treasured his music above anything else and anyone else. chan was so damn young when he started training and he gave all the things normal kids have, like friends and free time, because he had a vision and a dream and he knew exactly where he wanted to be. the thirteen of them were always dreamers. they dreamed, they hoped, and most importantly, they followed through.

so think of seventeen who started from nothing. from the green practice room and the swinging guitar and the emo haircuts. from the constant delays and named t-shirts. from the pod-casts and lives. from 17 project. so think of the thirteen of them. seungcheol, the leader, doe eyed and always ready to help. jeonghan, the sharp-eyed, witty hyung who always knew what to say. jisoo, warm, smiling, careful, reserved (and once upon a time, homesick before he became) settled. junhui, music at his fingertips and love in his voice and a million untold stories in his eyes. soonyoung, who tells his stories with the way he closes his eyes when he dances, who tells his stories with his body and all of him. wonwoo, misunderstood, heart warm, every heartbeat dedicated to running and running behind who he wanted to be as a child. jihoon, music in the way he spoke, music in him when he did anything, who breathed music and thought about music all the time, who loved and treasured seventeen above everything else. minghao, going from struggling in korean to openly speaking what he wanted to, who is so shy and yet so much more, who smiles at everyone, who makes us smile. mingyu, tall, clumsy, handsome, but above all, who broke down all the barriers that stood between him and his dream, who bypassed all the criticism to become a role model for so many of us. seokmin, sunshine in his eyes, sunshine in his smile, sunshine in his voice, who always looked at us with so much fondness and love whenever he could, who always expressed himself so beautifully with his words. seungkwan, who never wants us to have a bad day, who always tells us to look after ourselves and loves us so wholeheartedly and fully and makes us laugh even if we don’t want to. hansol, the kid who grew up so much from his experiences, who is so quiet and so reserved and yet so wild and uncontrolled and so relatable, who writes music and just wanted to create. chan, who danced and danced as a kid, chan who probably never had a significant other, chan who’s first love was his music, chan who grew up so well, chan who loves and respects his twelve brothers so much. 

and now think of where they are.

the thanks they speak of in this song is heartfelt because it’s the most unrestrained kind of thanks. it’s the wild, desperate kind of thank you. it speaks so much and so little at the same time. thank you for staying, thank you for being here, thank you for listening, thank you for believing, thank you for always trusting us, thank you for yesterday and the day before and the very first day and tomorrow and the day after and the very last day. that’s what i hear when i shut my eyes and listen to the song. it’s a thank you that’s filled with so much that it echoes in the bass and the percussion and the vocals.

so seventeen:

thank you. for everything. for the good times and the bad times. for the first time you won a music show and seungkwan started crying and couldn’t sing and the unit leaders started crying and junhui wiped jihoon’s tears. for the time you won artist of the year at the asian artists awards and you all were so pleased. for the time you saw your parents after a long time at 17 project and all of you were willing to show us how much you missed them. for one fine day and the chili paste prank and the chicken fight (and jeonghan’s hair in one fine day in japan) and the happiness you shared. for strength-coups and yoon-cheonsa. for soonyoung and seokmin’s comeback song. for bang-chan. for jeon wonwoo the bag of luck. for mingyu-sunbaenim. for “it’s gonna be lit, like these candles” and “if you don’t know who we are, please check us out”. for american line. for jisoo’s n-line poems. for minghao’s “if there is light in this world i hope it shines on you.” for my i. for highlight. for the performance unit. for the vocal unit. for the hip hop unit. for 13 + 3 + 1 = 17. for giving us so much to be happy for when some of us don’t have a reason to even be remotely happy sometimes.

thank you for just being you.

AN: I just want to say first off, that although this starts off a little angsty, it has a happy ending. I promiose.

When Crowley first heard Aziraphale make any sort of mention of having a husband, it was on a sunny afternoon just a few short months after the averted apocalypse. Crowley was lounging in an armchair by the window, dozing in the sun, while Aziraphale chatted with his favorite type of customer: the kind that had only come in to browse.

He didn’t pick up the comment that preceded it, but Aziraphale’s casual ‘oh, yes, my husband is always after me about that’ followed by a gentle laugh rang loudly in his ears, startling him out of his half-asleep state.

Since when did Aziraphale have a husband? And more importantly, why didn’t Crowley know about him until now?!

He lurched to his feet in such a chaotic and panicked way that Aziraphale interrupted his conversation to glance over at him across the shop. “My poor dear, are you quite alright? You look pale.” 

He stepped around the just-browser and moved to stand in front of Crowley. Reaching out, he gently touched the back of his fingers against first one cheek then the other before finally coming to rest on his forehead. He frowned. “Are you feeling ill? You’re not warm…”

“Uhhhhhh,” Crowley said eloquently, because how do you tell your best friend that you didn’t know he was married until just this moment and now your heart was shattering in a million pieces because you were in love with him, too? “I- I- I just remembered, uhh, I have to be at…” Think, Crowley! Think! Something reasonable! “A bookstore.” Nailed it. “A different bookstore.”

And then he was all but running out of the shop leaving a startled and confused bookseller in his wake.

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Telling the story you want to tell

When Truthwitch was on submissions, an editor rejected it because it “wasn’t accessible” enough. The editor suggested making it a single POV and single “evil” empire in a single location, and at the time, I was horrified. That wasn’t even remotely close to the vision I had for that book/series.

You see, I wrote Truthwitch as an adult fantasy book, and I wrote it in the vein of all the adult fantasy books I’d read growing up (before the days of a YA shelf!). Before we submitted it to adult fantasy editors, though, my agent and I sent it out to YA editors, and a fabulous woman at Tor Teen ended up buying it.

My editor and I worked our butts off to make that book as good as it could be; I worked my butt off to self-promote and run a street team and reach new readers; and I went out in to the world thinking…nay, knowing this was the best book I’d written to-date.

And then, as happens with all books, there were some people who enjoyed Truthwitch…and some people who freaking loathed it. I knew it wouldn’t be for everyone. But you know what surprised me most?

People didn’t like the world-building. They found it too complicated. They couldn’t follow along. Ugh, boring. Couldn’t read past 100 pages. DNFed.

In hindsight, this shouldn’t have surprised me. I mean, that first editor HAD warned me: Truthwitch wasn’t accessible. Still, this was the kind of world-building and complexity I had grown up reading – where you’re thrown into a new place, no explanations, and you figure it out based on context clues. It never ever occurred to me to write my own epic fantasy any differently.

And that obvious oversight on my part really effing messed with my head. I was so ANGRY (with myself) that I hadn’t made the world simpler, that I hadn’t eased people into it all more slowly, that I hadn’t realized not everyone enjoys the kind of fantasy I do.

The complexity and lack of accessibility was (and still is) the number one complaint I saw/see, and I totally get it. Those readers are right. And the fact that that editor was right – that those bad reviews are RIGHT – really killed my self-confidence.

And look: every authors wants their book to be a commercial success. To break out and be turned into a movie and reach more readers. It doesn’t mean we aren’t also happy and grateful with our current successes, but I really doubt any author out there doesn’t also want a little bit (or a lotta bit) more.

Realizing that I had screwed up in the accessibility/complexity department, and that this would prevent Truthwitch from ever truly breaking out…

Well, like I said, it messed with my head. In fact, I got so hung up on it, I tried to find ways to essentially “retcon” some simplicity into the plot and world. Like, I spun myself in circles trying to find a way to make Windwitch simple and NOT follow the complex path I’d first set up for the series…

Maybe if I cut this and never address that and then combine this and blah, blah, blah…


And then a dear friend of mine gave me some tough love. She was basically like, “STOP THIS. This isn’t your commercial success series. So what? Move on.”

Her argument? People who like simpler, more accessible books weren’t even going to read Windwitch, so why was I trying to appease them? The people who enjoyed Truthwitch were the people who liked over-complicated plots and dense world-building, and so I should continue writing this series exactly as I’d initially envisioned it.

Basically, I was wasting my time stressing out over an audience that was never going to enjoy the Witchlands. Maybe they would like my next series, but this one simply wasn’t for them. And that was okay.

Such obvious advice, right? Yet I couldn’t see it at all. Once I did, though…oh wow, it was liberating.

I love super complicated (borderline convoluted), twisty-turny, massive-cast, massive-world fantasy series. Books like GoT, the Liveship Traders series, the Inda series, the Kushiel’s Legacy series, and on and on.

And I’m not conceited enough to think my own books are anywhere near as good as those, but I am definitely trying to appeal to those same fans. To readers who like what I like.

And once I saw that my attempts to simplify were futile, once I leaned into the complexity…Well, the writing got easier. I got out of my own way. I embraced what had made me want to write Truthwitch in the first place, and I stopped caring when I saw complaints about the world-building. Obviously, they were not my target audience.

Now, Windwitch ups the complexity, and Sightwitch like triple-ups the complexity. Sorry not sorry.

This is the story I wanted to tell, and though I definitely won’t reach as many readers as I maybe could have if I’d listened to that first editor…it also wouldn’t have been true to my heart (cue: 98 Degrees & Stevie Wonder).

TL;DR: Tell the story you set out to tell. There’s no predicting what story will turn into a commercial break out success, and trying to crack that code by writing a book that isn’t true to you…

Yeah, just don’t. You’ll be happier and more mentally healthy in the long run. Now seriously, go listen to some Stevie Wonder & 98 Degrees.

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I have heard mixed interpretations of dancing with our hands tied. How do you interpret it?

well i can tell you how taylor interpreted it.. i don’t think i’ve really seen anyone post about the meaning behind this song even though everything else has come out… it’s actually really funny because dwoht has become the most misunderstood song on rep LET’S CLARIFY

taylor set it up by saying that inspiration for the song came when she was back in LA after spending several months out of the public eye. as we know now she spent basically all of this time in the UK with joe without anyone knowing she was in a relationship. back in LA (i think for work), she went to the gym only to be caught by paparazzi on her way out.. the paps shouted all kinds of things at her including comments about her weight… remember this was the first time she had been properly seen in months and nobody knew she was in a relationship.. 

she described being really overwhelmed by the experience but that her thought process was less about herself and more about how she could possibly have a normal relationship when this was her life. taylor actually said that after the incident she went straight to the recording studio, cried, and wrote this song. for the record, i’m pretty sure she was describing this day in Jan 2017 


in terms of how this led to the song, i think in the past we know taylor has made comments like “who would sign up for this” but this was more of a “who would stick around for this” kind of situation.. it’s important to remember that taylor describes this relationship as being different to any other relationship she had ever been in. firstly nobody knew they were together and secondly this person had signed up to be with her despite everything. i think i remember taylor saying something along the lines of feeling like she had something permanent she needed to protect. 

i’ve seen a lot of people say dwoht is a break-up song but.. it’s not.. at all. it’s about a bunch of internalised doubts taylor had about her ability to be in a long-term relationship being brought to the surface quite suddenly. in the song she isn’t questioning the relationship because things are going badly, she’s questioning it because things are going well and she’s scared that she’s going to destroy it by virtue of who she is. in my opinion, this is why dwoht represents what reputation is about at it’s core. the effect her reputation has had on the people she loves. this entire era has been about her taking control in order to protect something that has become everything to her. 

a recent example of this true meaning is that taylor actually said before performing dwoht in manchester that the song was about feeling “a combination of love and fear” and “how those two emotions coincide with each other and fight with each other”. 

if we look at the song this explanation is probably most visible in the lyric "i loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us” but it’s echoed throughout the track in lyrics like “you said there was nothing in the world that could stop it i had a bad feeling” and “i knew there was no one in the world who could take it i had a bad feeling”. i could do a full lyrical analysis but that would take forever. 

basically, this song is really important in the context of reputation and i think if you really pay attention to taylor when she’s performing it you can see how important it is to her in general.. imo it explains why she didn’t perform it in the way we might have expected.  

cherry I (m)

pairings: taehyung x f!reader x jungkook

genre: angst, smut, college!au, i’ve been told tae comes off kind of like a fuckboy so fuckboy!au, this is a love triangle kids i’m sorry

warnings: MATURE CONTENT 18+, alcohol use, strong language, oral (female receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, very mild hints of dom/sub themes

word count: 9k+ (sorry lol)

“Forgive me, ____.” He was whispering now. “We didn’t get back together.”

You felt his hands skirt down your sides and it made you shiver a little. He was pressing his body against yours and his skin felt like the sun, warm and achingly pleasant. You were no longer worried about the wet clothes you had on, but only the scent of him. He smelled like rain and barely-there cologne and deodorant. He smelled like the man you had been sleeping with for months and who you hadn’t been with for two weeks. He smelled like desperation. Well, maybe you made that part up, but it felt right so you let him hug you tighter even as you asked,

 “Are you still considering it?”

AN: this fic is gonna HURT lads, i hope you’re ready. :( don’t worry, i’m suffering right along with you

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Cheating Prank

Pairings: Kim Seokjin / Min Yoongi / Jung Hoseok / Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, crack

Request: “Where the boys or Y/N do a cheating prank on one another..? Ps. Just found your blog & im in love!!! Your writing is amazing😍😍😍”

A/N: There’s obviously going to be a lil bit of angst because I don’t think anyone would not freak out in this situation. Also, these are not all ‘pranks’ as it is, because I think it’d be pretty boring if all of them revolved around the same lol.


Kim Seokjin

“You’re definitely hiding something from me” you snapped, standing up from the couch and leaving a halfhearted Jin along with a very panicked Jeongguk.

“No, I’m not” he defended himself, immediately going after you.

“Seriously?” you huffed, turning around before you could reach for the doorknob. “Because you’re always whispering with the boys, you for some reason all of a sudden act nervous around me, you always lock yourself in the room when some certain number calls you” you started to enumerate.

“That means nothing!”

“You didn’t want me to go shopping with you the other day” you kept going.


“You freaked out when I was organising your wardrobe the other day, for fucks sake!”

“Y/N, stop this, you don’t have to know everything”.

“Jin hyung…” Jeongguk quietly called from the couch, starting to get up.

“So you are hiding something!” you accused him.

“Maybe I am” he shrugged, ignoring once again the boy trying to get him to shut up.

You scoffed. “I can’t believe you” you shook your head in disbelief.

“Just drop it” he sighed in frustration, ready to turn around and forget the topic.

“Oh, I will” you assured him. “The truth always ends up coming to the surface anyway, so you bet–”

“I’m cheating on you!” Jin suddenly shouted out of feeling cornered, shutting you up for once and for all.

“Oh my God, no! He’s proposing!” Jeongguk chimed in before you could even feel your heart starting to break. “Noona, he’s proposing. I don’t know why he’d say that, I guess he’s too committed to making the perfect proposal but it’s not worth it if you leave him. He’s a complete idiot but he loves you and he’d be miserable without you, please don’t leave him”.

Who would’ve thought the maknae would be the one to make you go from possible exes straight to fiancés.


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Min Yoongi

“Wait, wait” Yoongi mumbled, withdrawing his lips from yours. “I have something to confess”.

You raised one of your eyebrows, stilling your hands on his shoulders. “What is it?”

He looked at you uncertainly, kind of wanting to take his words back so he could keep it a secret but knowing it was already too late for it now.

“Do you remember… last week when we were both exhausted from work and I was horny but you just wanted a massage?” you chuckled at the memory, nodding your head for him to go on. “Okay, I– um…” he cleared his throat, “I cheated that night…”

The smile in your face? Yeah, that was long gone. Not even a second after, you were already off his lap, getting up to go get your bag and rush out of there.

“Was this before or after I gave you that blowjob?” you stared at him with ice cold eyes. “No, you know what? It doesn’t matter, either way you’re disgusting”.

He frowned in confusion, instantly standing up to stop you from leaving. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t think it’d upset you this much–”

“You–” a humorless laugh escaped your mouth, “how could I not get upset when you just told me you cheated on me?!”

That’s when it hit him – his heart speeding up in panic.

“Wait, no!” he practically shouted with wide open eyes. “I did not cheat on you, I cheated in the game”.


“We played Uno to decide who would get what they wanted, remember?” he grabbed your hand, pulling you closer. “I was like, really horny, so I cheated to win…”

“Oh” you simply said, feeling your heart calm down and no longer hurting. “I knew that” you confessed, at which he looked at you in disbelief.

You knew?”

“Yeah, I just let it pass because seeing you so concentrated and determined to win kinda put me in the mood, so…” you shrugged, gazing away from his eyes.

Yoongi smiled brightly, pressing a kiss under your jaw. “You’re the best”.

“I know” you giggled. “But you do owe me a massage”.


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Jung Hoseok

“Baby!” Hobi’s lips broke into a smile the second he saw you leaving the studio. “What are you doing here?” he wondered, suddenly realising how late it was.

“Hey, Hoseok-ie” you greeted, smiling nervously. “I was just–”

“So same hour tomorrow?” Jimin distractedly asked as he came out of the same room Hobi had just seen you go out of. “I’m heading to the dorms if you w– Hobi hyung!” he nervously said as well once he finally noticed him by your side.

“Jimin-ah?” he squinted his eyes in suspicion. “What were you guys…”

“Um… Taehyung-ssi is calling me” your friend interrupted him, taking out his phone, “I better get going” he announced, leaving the two of you alone.

“Y/N?” Hoseok sounded almost scared to ask. “What were you guys doing in there?”

“Cheating on you, obviously” you stupidly said out of nervousness, in a poor attempt of cutting off the tension.

After seeing his face, though, you knew you had done the complete opposite.

“You wouldn’t, right?” he mumbled. “Much less with one of my members” you took a step forward, grabbing his hand.


“Y/N, we’re getting married next week, please tell me you’re joking”.

Of course I am joking!” you quickly admitted. “That was such a stupid thing for me to say, I’m so sorry” you pouted, feeling guilty as ever.

Hoseok sighed, letting you wrap your arms around his figure and press your face against his chest.

“What were you doing then?”

You whined, feeling embarrassed. “Jimin has been teaching me how to slow dance because I suck and I want to be on your level for our first dance”.

You heard him laugh under his breath, this time wrapping his arms around you, too. “So you’re telling me Jimin-ie has been slow dancing with my girl this whole time?” you nodded. “I’m supposed to be the one you’re dancing with!” he lightly shoved you away from him.

“You’ll get to see me make a fool of myself for the rest of your life so who’s the real winner, huh?” you smirked.

He mirrored your expression, giving in to both your words and smile. “You still owe me like… a lot of slow dances” you giggled at his serious words, “and infinite kisses”.

“I’m on it, sunshine” you hummed, standing on your tiptoes to comply to his last request.


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Kim Namjoon

“Have you ever cheated on me?” you carelessly asked whilst playing with his hands.

Being past one in the morning and way too far gone in one of your deep late night conversations, that question came to your mind and you just asked it, because you knew for a fact he would never.

Which is why you felt a twinge in your heart after he slowly nodded his head.

“You have?” you whispered.

“Once, like two months ago” he admitted. As your heart started to speed up, he gave you a side smile and added: “In a game”.

“Ugh, I hate you” you rolled your eyes, softly slapping his arm.

Namjoon laughed at how gullible you were, before he turned serious. “Have you?”

“Well, now that you ask” you bit your lip, “yes, I have”.

“Yeah? In what game?” he playfully questioned.

“With an idol, actually…”

His cheeky expression was soon replaced with a frown.

“It was at an award show, almost two months into our relationship” you began to narrate.

“Y/N…” he did not like where this was going to.

“He was just so hot, Namjoon-ie” you sighed in a dreamy way, only making his heart hurt. “He got off from stage and pulled me into one of the empty dressing rooms and, fuck, he was so good, I just couldn’t say no”.

“But…” his eyebrows furrowed even more, “that sounds exactly like what I–” he shut his mouth, glaring at both you and the mischievous smile that had just started curving up your lips. “Does said idol, by any chance, go by the stage name of RM?”

“You know him?” you jolted up, excitedly looking into his eyes.

He rolled his eyes, letting his body slump down on your bed. “You’re the worst” he accused you.

You threw your head back as a laugh abandoned your throat. Placing your hand on his chest, you leaned in to meet his lips.

“Was he as good as you said though?” he wondered with a raised eyebrow.

“He was amazing, trust me” you seductively winked at him, loving the smug smile that covered his face at your words.

“I’m glad you had a good time cheating on me then”.


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Curious: Part One

Requested?    Yes  

By: anonymous

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader (College Roommates Au)

Anonymous said to thirsttrapholland:  I’m a sucker for roommate au’s and I can’t help but feel like there would be so much sexual tension to the point where you’re like “are you gonna blow my back out or not??” ((Ik this is an old trope but !))

A/N:  I’ve never written a roommate au before, so it’s a new trope for me.  I was just gonna do a blurb but it started getting kind of long, so here we are.

A/N Part Deux: Could this be my first series?  Will I ever post part two?  Who knows?  Do y’all even want a part two of this?  Let me know.

Warning(s): Mentions of sex, masturbation, Tom being a cocky little shit, voyeurism, adult language

Word count: 2393

Picture found on: Pinterest

Hope you like it anon.  Feedback is always appreciated.


You were sitting on the living room floor with your Econ book and your notes spread out on the coffee table when Tom came stumbling into the apartment backwards, dragging some girl with him.  He had already started unbuttoning her shirt when you cleared your throat to get their attention.

Tom turned around with a phony surprised look on his face.  “Hey Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“I live here, Tom.”

“Hilarious as usual.  I thought you were going to be out late with your study group.”

“I very distinctly remember telling you this morning that the study group was cancelled and I’d be home tonight.”

“Did you?  It must have completely slipped my mind.”  He didn’t even do you the courtesy of pretending he wasn’t lying.  He knew good and well that you would be home; he just didn’t care.  Or worse yet, he wanted you to be home for this.

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