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Guys, I get you’re all upset that Dick’s actor isn’t Romani, but did you guys do research? Who would you have liked to be in the role? Do you have a specific actor picked out that is of Romani descent? If you can’t find an actor of Romani descent, then stop flipping out. According to Romani organizations and various censuses, there are about 2-20 million Romani people TOTAL in the world, and I don’t know how many of them are actors. When I looked up Romani actors, a lot of them were either dead, old, or women. It’s pretty fucking tough to specifically look for a Romani actor of Dick’s physique and age.

Dick’s heritage as a Romani person was created in the early 2000s. Dick Grayson first premiered in 1940. For about 60 years, Dick was assumed to be white. In Batman Forever, Dick Grayson was cast as a white person. Yeah, he wasn’t Romani back then. Even now, it’s not mentioned that much in the comics.

Look, I get that people are upset, but this is being blown way out of proportion. The actor isn’t some pasty, blond guy. He’s tan. He’s got darker hair (could be black but it wasn’t in the 1966 Batman TV series so I’m not gonna throw a fit). I’m actually going to give the guy a fucking chance before throwing hate around.

Honestly, the only thing I truly care about is if his ass is as good as Dick Grayson’s.

52 Facts about Jason and Bruce:

1) Jason was Bruce’s first adopted son and the only one for a long time. 
2) Bruce met Jason on the anniversary of his parents’ death and at the place where they died. 
3) Jason manged to make Bruce laugh.
4) Pre-crisis Bruce was extremely overprotective of Jason (which Jason wasn’t happy about). 
5) Bruce was pretty strict when it comes to Jason’s education and even forbidden Jason from going out with him in school nights. 
6) In their first meeting in Rebirth, Bruce bought a hamburger for Jason and had a talk with him about giving people a chance while the two were eating on the Batmobile. 
7) Bruce called Jason “Jay”, “lad” and “champ”, but mostly “Jay”. 
8) Pre-crisis Bruce didn’t want to Jason to become his partner because he wanted him to have a normal life. He also tried to find a suitable woman to be a mother to Jason (lol).
9) Jason saved Bruce’s life from the joker in their first meeting in Arkhamverse. 
10) Bruce took Jason to a baseball game once and played a game with him too. 
11) In RHATO Annual 2, young Jason called Bruce “dad’. 
12) Bruce once missed a date with Vickie to take Jason to the cinema. 
13) Pre-crisis Jason was jealous of Selina for spending a lot of time with Batman. While Selina was pretty amused by this, Bruce was upset that Jason was keeping his distance away from him and tried to make the two get along by setting them up in a mission (the GPD even helped out!). The two eventually get along and shared a hug at the end.
14) Bruce done two things for Jason he never done them for anyone before. He ignored a bat signal because getting Jason back after he was taken from him by the court was more important. And he missed a patrol to spend time with sick Jason. 
15) Jason slapped Bruce once to wake he up after he was brain washed in THE CULT. 
16) Bruce declared once to his lawyers that he is willing to give up all of his fortune to get Jason back. 
17) Jason most precious memory was the one where Bruce spent time and watched a movie with him when he was sick. Jason has given up this memory to Saru though and told him to keep it. 
18) Bruce thought to himself once while he was hugging Jason that “For the first time it seems true: A son is not always born of his father” (awww..). 
19) Jason once had a nightmare of Bruce being killed which got him up screaming and Bruce and Alfred running to his room. 
20) Bruce has a picture of Jason on his bed stand after Jason died and he carries another in his Batman’s belt. 
21) Jason last words and thoughts before he died was an apology and thank you to Bruce. 
22) Bruce always wondered if Jason waited for him to save him and whether Jason hated him when he realized he will not arrive at time (ouch).
23) Jason was calling and crying for Bruce despite the fact he didn’t remember anything when he was brought back to life in his grave (double ouch). 
24) Bruce was planning to kill the joker after he murdered Jason, but having supes there for him stopped him from doing that.
25) Jason was mad at Bruce for not avenging him and was absolutely sure that he was never loved by him while Bruce was sure that his love was quite obvious by declaring that “Jason knew how much I loved him” to clayface.
26) In Superman/Batman, Bruce admitted that he would have done ANYTHING to get Jason back. In Hush arc, he revealed that he was planning to put Jason in the pit to bring him back, but didn’t do it because he was worried that Jason wouldn’t return right due to his brain injury.
27) Bruce gives Jason a piggyback ride once.
28) Despite the fact that Jason was completely unresponsive when Talia found him, he still reacted by tearing up when Talia mentioned Bruce to him.
29) Bruce broke down in tears when an investigator asked him about what happened to Jason (those two seriously).
30) In Final Crisis, Bruce had a break down where he wished that he could change the biggest two events in his life. His parents’ death and Jason’s death.
31) Jason planned to kill Bruce after he returned, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he got the chance.
32) Alfred once revealed that Jason’s death affected Bruce more than his parents did because he had the power to stop it.
33) Jason thought that Bruce was died after the event of Endgame and he was really upset about that, but he pretended that he didn’t care. Later on, he discovered that Bruce wasn’t died (he just lost his memories) and he hugged him and thanked him for everything he done for him.
34) When Bruce lost contact with Jason (who was in dangerous mission with the Outlaws), Bruce pretty much freaked out and started yelling at someone to call Superman to save Jason (awww).
35) Jason punched a guy for insulting Batman.
36) When Jason’s face was burned down by the joker, Bruce spent his whole time sitting by his bedside.
37) Jason revealed once that he isn’t much of a sleeper because when he was a kid, he spent his nights worrying that his mother will choke in her own vomit and his father will snap and kill him and his mother. When he became Robin, Jason couldn’t sleep because he preferred to spend his nights patrolling and when he wasn’t, he spent them waiting for Bruce and making sure he return home alive and well (triple ouch).
38) Bruce once asked Jason to come home.
39) Superman told Jason once that Bruce vouched for him which was the reason why the justice league never went after Jason and his team.
40) In alt-universe, Bruce snapped and killed the joker after he murdered Jason.
41) Miller'Bruce retired the Batman mantle after Jason was killed.
42) Despite how crazy Jason acted sometimes, Bruce still didn’t have the heart to hunt him down and it was Dick who captured Jason and put him in Arkham Asylum.
43) Bruce hold back against Jason whenever the two of them fight (and Jason know that). In Arkham knight (where Batman is extremely brutal in the game), it was noted that Bruce didn’t go all out against Jason and couldn’t even bring himself to punch him in the end.
44) When Jason was Robin, Bruce told him that he will always protect him and be there for him till the end.
45) In a world where Bruce died when he was a kid, Jason become a priest and had a good life. Which means he would have been better off if he never meet Bruce (ok, this one really hurts).
46) When he was hit by Scarecrow gas in Pre-crisis, it was revealed that Bruce’s biggest fear was Jason getting hurt and him being unable to protect him. In PC, the worst fear Batman can imagine was Jason’s death. After Jason died, Bruce’s biggest fear was witnessing Jason’s death at the Joker’s hands which made him go crazy and beat the joker brutally while screaming Jason’s name like a maniac. After the event of Hush, Bruce biggest fear was Jason coming back angry at him and telling him that he can’t stop because he loves him too much. In arkham knight, his worst fear was witnessing Jason’s torture and him being helpless to do anything.
47) Bruce smiled a lot around Jason before he died and hardly after he did which showed that Jason’s death changed and affected him deeply (even the cold hearted Owlman was saddened over Jason’s death).
48) Bruce once described Dick as the laugh that grow up and move on while he described Jason as the love and caring that was stolen from him (yup, I’m totally fine).
49) Bruce forbid Jason from joining the teen titans.
50) Jason was supposed to be the next Batman after Bruce retires in The Dark Knight Returns, but he died before he could take the mantle.
51) Bruce lost Jason in every universe (seriously, what the heck batsy?).
52) Bruce said once that he could never forget Jason.

Well, that was tiring and there still many more facts! But I felt that ending this post with number 52 was fitting :-)

  • Robin: I just want you to know that even though you stole that suit from me, revenge is not something Batman would allow.
  • Red X: Oh... well, that’s good.
  • Robin: But Batman’s not here. [yanks him close] Is he?
  • Red X: ...no?
  • Robin: [punches him across the face sending him flying]

Batboys fan fiction recommendations

Dick Grayson

Without me by Gilmare
KF’s last souvenir has finally did it, ruined Robins day. Now he’s gone to an alternate Earth where Robin never existed. Can he go home? How did his life make such a difference for his friends? And for Batman? (88,668 words) complete.

Young justice: Red X by Hexalys (113,508 words)incomplete. Robin, leader of the Teen Titans, wakes up in a world not unlike his own, Earth 16. Isolated and stranded, he decided to take on an old alias and joins a new team of young heroes. As Red X he builds a new reputation and battles against enemies both new and familiar. At one point, he even has to face his worst nightmare.

Five years changed by WoNdY Alice (49,799 words) incomplètes
During a mission, the Teen Titans are taken five years to the past, back when Robin is still part of the Young Justice. Mild RobRae, conflict between Batman and Robin. Incomplete.

Finding Family by Chibisilverwolf
Age reversal, Dick and Cass were Talon before Bats got his hands on them. Damian and Colin are super protective of the two even though Damian never got along with any of his other adoptive siblings (37,044 words). Complete.

Broken glass by panamint complete

Dick Grayson has always been a perfectionist. But what happens when perfectionism goes too far? Anorexic Dick. (109,858 words)

Reversal of fate by Icalyn, Ischa
Jaydick, deaged
During an investigation, Nightwing and red hood are caught in an explosion that forever alters their lives (62,306 words) warning, smut in the first chapter (maybe more I don’t remember) complete.

Lifelines by pukuxumi, complete
The batfamily is one big mess. Richard intends to change that, but his time is running out. No slash. Cancer. Has a sequel, also complete(110,836)

Do not wake me up - unless by qweencookie
Babe- I did not go to bed until 3 am, let me sleep unless… Dick provides Wally with a list of the only reasonable excuses to wake him up in the morning. Birdflash. (1,226 words) complete

Slade plays a major role in:

Forgotten bonds by Anthesar
Robin is kidnapped by Slade after the Red X incident. Unable to escape, Robin must endure the hardship under Slade’s capture. After Robin is nearly beaten to death, Slade’s friend intervened on Robin’s behalf and demands they start anew. But will the bond they begin to form tear down Robin’s morals? Complete (326,797 words)

Northern Star by Hanna Sedai (they have a bunch of D.C fanfics)
Life as Slades apprentice is hard for Robin, but even harder for those trying to save him. Murders, schemes and hatred flourishes as the Titans, Batman and the Justice League struggle to help him. Meanwhile, Slade has a nefarious plan in mind for the Batman (258,809 words) complete, has a sequel - eastern sky, also complete

On a winter Day by FireRanger101
Slade Wilson isn’t really a man to just sit around. But one winter day when he finds himself sitting in a park, he notices some teenagers playing around in the snow and one of them looks awfully familiar… (5,635 words) complete

Why him? By Gilmare
One shot: ever wondered how Robin gained Slade’s attention? Well it had to start somewhere, and it started in a hospital hallway when Robin tried to talk to a Mr. Wilson about his son Grant’s death(1,550 words)

The family of Slade Wilson by paisleyluv96
We all know the story of Richard Jonathan Grayson Wayne. But what if Bruce Wayne hadn’t been the one to adopt him? What if it was Slade Wilson? This is the story of Richard Jonathan Grayson Wilson. Grant, Joey and Rose are included. Complete (97,173 words)

(Also Wynja writes a lot of complicated Sladin manipulation stories where Slade is a king or takes over the world or just becomes a family man with Robin, some of the, are gory, some are fluff. For me Wynja is the queen of Sladin. WARNING: most of her work contains smut.)


100 miles off, first book out of the series ‘not that big a distance really’ by flukesoctor.
Jason is tired, he just wants to sleep. But there’s a hobo at his door yelling for someone called Steve. Because of course there is. Or the one where Steve and Bucky adopt Jason.

Jason Todd: The not-so-outlaw by GoAwayOlivia (168,819 words) ongoing
Jason Todd isn’t what Batman made him, he isn’t what the Joker made him, he isn’t what the League of Assasins made him, and he isn’t what the Lazarous pit made him. He’s his own person and he’s taking himself back, one home renovation at a time. Also he might just make friends with the people who are supposed to be his brothers while he’s at it.
Basically, while Bruce is off world, the Outlaws save the world, at the price of being caught by the justice league. Drama ensues, Jason starts wondering how the heck he came back to being alive in the first place and Tim makes a plan that should bring Jason back to the batfam. He just didn’t think it would include building an orphanage in crime alley for thirty or so kids and a cat that Jason 'adopted’. Loads of swear words

Tim Drake

Snapshots by méhari (72742 words) complete
What if Tim had followed Jason to Ethiopia? Tim follows Jason to Ethiopia when he tries to fins his mother. At a critical moment, Tim act to save his hero, changing everything’s no as a result of that one moment of bravery

Tim is an oblivious idiot by WastedSanity (3,064 words) it was quickly confirmed that whenever the former Robin was comfortable with his surroundings, he would begin to care less about his outward appearance and would stretch himself out in the most interesting of ways. A.k.a Tim likes to lay very inappropriately, and his family and friends are worried. Part of a series 'everybody needs a Tim’, where you can also find an angry Tim, a cuddly Tim and a Tim who was adopted by Catwoman among other versions (like the cooking Tim, whom the Titans really appreciate.) complete.

Fracture by wintersnight
Tim drake has come into his own. He’s a soldier, a leader, a vigilante. Somehow, the Batfamily missed how far away he’d gotten. Batfam tried to get Tim to come back into the family, but his suspicions don’t let him see that - there are too many facts pointing to the opposite that Tim just can’t ignore. Mentions of torture, kidnapping, suicide attempt, genetical experimentation and, rarely, smut (which can be skipped if reader is uncomfortable) (308,368 words) ongoing.


And we’ll find our way home (always) by Laroyena
Those in the league of Shadows must kill their soulmate. Damian Wayne arrives in Gotham city determined to make the Al Ghuls proud, even if his soul word is as mundane as ‘hello’. (21071 words) Damian & Colin soulmate au. Complete.

The division bell by pekixumi
For about a year, Dick has dealt with Damian’s arrogant and aggressive behavior with patience and smiles but what if Damian takes things too far one day, and Dick decides that enough is enough? No slash, pre-reboot during Bruce’s 'death’. Complete. (31,323 words)

All Batfamily
Daddy, not Bats by Gilmare (348,589 words) join one 'retired’ Batman as he raises his kids all together while trying to still save the world with this version f the Justice League. One shots, mini-series, and headcannons, life for the Wayne’s is always interesting to watch, especially since they cant leave crime fighting behind them. - one of the mini series is Slade noticing Dick’s potential and kidapping him to be his apprentice, which cause him to need therapy afterwards. Complete

Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson

I’m going to address the two ton elephant in the fandom: the fan interpretation of Dick Grayson. So yeah, I’m basically going to say out loud what half of you are thinking and what the other half of you are unaware of.

Dick Grayson is not an eternally happy-go-lucky, trusting, or friendly guy. There, I said it. Dick has flaws. Bring on the pitchforks, fandom, I’ll fight you to the death. I’m glad that Dick Grayson is such a popular character, but the fact that so many people characterize him wrong drives me crazy. Yes. You should love Dick Grayson. You should also make sure you’re loving Dick Grayson for the right reasons.

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Dating Tim Drake Headcanons:

Dating Tim Drake/Red Robin would include:

> Even though you’re dating he still gets quite flustered and is prone to blush if you call him by ‘babe’ or something in front of others. You may do that just to see him this way.

> Tim is really sweet though, like he’ll kiss you to welcome you home or say goodbye when he goes out on patrol, happily carries you to bed if you fall asleep on the sofa and makes sure to tell you that he loves you everyday.

> Hacks your computer sometimes, don’t worry it’s for the nicest reasons. You’ll just turn on your computer/laptop and your background is changed to a picture of you and Tim together and it genuinely just makes you smile.

> Starbucks doesn’t even need to ask for your name when you order because they know it off by heart. You’re there that often, a positive is that Tim memorised your order no matter how complicated so if he ever goes he’ll bring you back something you like.

> Tim is the best when he’s sleepy, like he can be needy and just want to hug and kiss you all the time. Granted, they’re kinda sloppy because he’s tired but Tim’s lust for affection is still cute.

> Being a detective, he notices every detail including anything off about yourself. Literally, if something is wrong Tim will notice immediately no matter how good you are at hiding it, afterward he’d do pretty much anything to make you feel better. Yes - even leave his computer alone for a day or so.

> Tim works really hard and doesn’t keep regular sleep patterns as a result, which means it’s up to you to make sure he gets proper sleep most of the time. Plus, you’re one of the few people he actually listens to since you’re basically his favourite person.
“(Y/n) talk to Tim, he hasn’t slept in 3 days.”
“Whah? Why can’t you do it Dick?“
“He won’t listen to me (y/n) and he loves you so…”
“Fine… ”

> Having to learn most of his sweet spots to use against him whenever you’re trying to drag him away from the computer for a break.
“Tim, come on. You need to take a break sometime.”
“5 more minutes.”
“Uh - huh, you said that 1 hour ago.”
“Yes but - mmm - okay - ah - yeah, I’m going.”

> Tim is actually really convenient, he remembers important dates even if it’s last minute - he still remembers. Anniversaries, birthdays, you name it and if it’s anything to do with you then he’ll remember it and usually buy the best gifts for you.

> Movie marathons that Tim is liable to fall asleep half way through but he’s got an arm around you so whenever you move Tim stirs and kinda looks at you like you’re the light of his life, gives you a small smile whilst lazily pulling you closer to him.

> He lets you play with his hair and it’s so entertaining, he doesn’t mind and finds it relaxing when you run your fingers through it, Tim always checks to see what he looks like after you’ve styled it whether it be a man bun, ponytail or braids. No lie, he actually looks pretty good all the time with his hair in a loose ponytail, you told him this once and he didn’t take it out for whole day.

> Take Aways at least once a week because Tim cannot cook to save his life, he just gets too distracted and the food gets burnt. However, if you’re both doing it together and he actually focuses on the recipe and not Batman’s latest case then the outcome is surprisingly good - not up to Alfed’s standards but definitely edible. Although the take aways are pretty good too, Tim will take time just to eat with you and ask about your day rather than work or will watch the TV with you.

> Sometimes it can get annoying to watch detective shows with Tim, he will usually ruin the ending by telling you who the criminal is and the exact reasons for his motives so it’s difficult to ignore the fact he just destroyed the next 45 minutes for you.

> Tim is a legitimate genius so if you need help with anything he is on it, he’s actually written your essays for you before but you know that you couldn’t pass them off as your own because it’s not your writing style and you redo them using Tim’s basic ideas. You’re very appreciative of his assistance but tell him he doesn’t need to do that for you, Tim shakes it off as if it was nothing.
“Tim - what does that even mean?!”
He’ll give you this basic answer in response whilst you just casually stare at him.
“You couldn’t have just put that?”
“No, it sounds more sophisticated that way (y/n).”

> You’ll find out he’s Robin and not be surprised in the slightest as Tim is low key freaking out.
“How are you so calm?! I’m not calm and I didn’t even find out my boyfriend was Robin!”
“Tim, honey, you come home with a new bruise at least every week and I’m definitely not responsible for those, neither are your family because let’s face it they’re probably in on this too, also you’ve fallen asleep with records of the Joker and messages from Batman or Nightwing on screen so I kinda just guessed. Sorry love.”

> Supporting him when he decides to become Red Robin, definitely receiving visits from your boyfriend’s alias whenever he’s on patrol, just to see how you’re doing and maybe a few kisses. Don’t forget helping to sort out some of the more severe injuries Tim managed to obtain and him being completely smitten afterwards.

> Tim won’t initiate PDA, that’s up to you but he will happily reciprocate. It shows his brothers (Jason and Damian) that his partner does in fact exist and no he didn’t make them up.

> Shockingly, Damian likes you much more than he thought which leaves your boyfriend a little jealous. He is very aware that he shouldn’t be jealous over a child because you’d pick Tim but still, you’re Tim’s partner - “Damian stop hugging them - they’re mine.”
Can get very cuddly afterwards because he doesn’t want to lose you, if anyone has been flirting with you he won’t utterly destroy them but they’re gonna know who your partner is once he’s wrapping your arms around you along with a glare. It’s cute really, he gets so flustered if you mention it or kiss him after.
“Tim, you’re the only one I love and I’m not going to leave any time soon.” Cue blushing mess who can’t even bring himself to confidently reply with that dopey smile on his face.

> Having a positive relationship with Stephanie and sometimes discussing Tim, bless his little cotton socks, Stephanie is also great for fashion advice so that’s a bonus.

> Meeting Tim’s hacking buddy known as Barbara Gordon, she is amazing and they both taught you how to hack but obviously they’re still the professionals.

> Dick is super hyped Tim has an s/o and basically becomes your big brother in a way, he’s just so supportive and totally shipped you both before you even got together.

>Bruce is glad Tim got someone who can keep him in check and hopefully alive, yes Batman insists that their detective work is important but he also understands the need for a healthy lifestyle - Tim can sometimes forget the latter and Bruce has given you permission to use whatever is necessary to get Tim to rest.

> Meeting the Teen Titans, Tim is especially enthusiastic about you meeting Kon (Conner Kent/Superboy) since they’re basically best friends. You get on well, Superboy can be easy to get along with and is happy with the fact Tim has an s/o who can actually get him to go to sleep. Superboy congratulated you on that feat.

anonymous asked:

Hey I noticed the tags on your Teen Titans dream team post to do with Anarky. I don't know the character at all but you mentioned him not being that much of anarchist despite being literally called Anarky (or something)? Which seems incredibly dumb. Anyways I just want to ask how you would handle the character in a Teen Titans run considering an Antifa guy might not be that kid-friendly haha

listen… i’m not an expert on anarky so i could be talking shit but lonnie hasn’t been relevant for years and when he was “relevant” he was pretty much a v for vendetta rip-off/a c-list batman villain. to make it even worse, his defining anarchism and hard-left views were watered down by other writers who didn’t like anarchism. so now you have a guy called anarky who’s not really an anarchist, it’s super dumb. 

to modernize the character, i’d have him be part of the antifa/black bloc crowd like i mentioned in the tags. he’s not afraid to fight police, destroy property and set shit on fire to get a point across. he’s yet to kill anyone but can get pretty violent, he’ll threaten people with baseball bats and guns if needs be. this brings him into skirmishes with bruce, duke and the gang. as well as this, he’s an extremely talented computer hacker and child prodigy. i remember in his new 52 storyline, he was masquerading as ‘moneyspider’ which i believe was an online persona he used. i would push that even further and have that as his hacker identity. he steals from rich businessmen and gives the money back to the poor people that were conned out of their pensions and wages. he also exposes corporations and powerful world figures, which makes him a target. 

maybe this is how he meets duke, they probably fought at protests before but bruce asks duke to track lonnie down and protect him when a bounty is put on his head. also…. my version of anarky is gay….. and lonnie and duke have a little bit of batman/catwoman flirting going on. 

he joins the teen titans as a favor to duke but gets heated with them over methods of taking down supervillains just because lonnie is so hardline with his politics and ideals. 



A couple months back talented voice actress Hynden Walch was asking artist to submit a composition drawing for her and her work. Being the fan (of Teen Titans) that I was I was more than willing to do a piece for her (the second image) and she was more than thankful for it. She even asked me to email it to her.

However months later I started thinking on it again and realized I kind of rushed the design (I did because I thought I was on a time limit for it) and tweeted her again asking if I do submit a redraw and she approved. So I got to work and even though school wore me down I was able to get another one done the next month and I am much happier with this version (as was she I hope)

I wanted to make sure she got it and liked it before thinking about posting it myself since I technically gave it to her.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on The Spectre (Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, Crispus Allen)?

You got funny timing; I was just thinking about that guy. Because he’s one of the very, very few characters who I think just does not fit in an expanded superhero universe.

I know many are of the opinion that, say, Midnighter doesn’t belong in the same world as the likes of Plastic Man and Captain Marvel, but to me it’s never been a problem: the whole idea of a shared universe is that they can support a number of different approaches and tones while also benefiting from being able to interact on occasion. So if John Constantine is damning himself and everyone around him while Wonder Woman rides a kangaroo into space, fine by me. But the Spectre is a very specific combination: he’s too powerful to be ignored, too intimate in how he operates to be shuffled to the sidelines of a cosmic scale outside of everyone’s jurisdiction or understanding, and too fucked in concept and morality to comfortably exist side-by-side with the rest of them. He’s not just a killer, he’s not just a killer who intentionally allows people to be murdered so that he can torture their killers to death, he’s not just a dude who snatches up innocent(-ish) people and forces them to go along with it - he even made Crispus Allen kill his own son for avenging his murder - but he’s a mass-murderer who comes with God’s personal stamp of approval. Not just the authorial ‘god’, but the in-universe capital-G truth and life and way. Which means one of two things (assuming you ignore the Multiverse Map which puts God several tiers below the Overvoid - which makes sense, since the map acknowledges that this God is itself a product of the fiction that is the DCU):

1. The Spectre is interpreting his orders wrong (and always has been, not just the times he admits he did) or not receiving them from the ‘real’ God, in which case he’s not only a monster but the most dangerous supervillain in all of DC Comics, and he kind of has to be stopped, or at least no longer framed as sort of debatably a good guy.

2. He really is exactly what he says he is, in which case the absolute, inviolate moral foundation of the DCU is directly counter to everything all of its most important characters stand for. In this model, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the rest of the Justice League, the Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, the Justice Society of America, the Legion of Superheroes, the Metal Men, the Green Lantern Corps, and all the rest are completely wrong about everything, and the humanist, loving world they’ve been fighting for is in fact the opposite of what the universe wants, which is for everyone who’s done anything remotely wrong ever to die slowly in the most agonizing ways possible, before being sentenced to the judgement of the being who instituted this. Granted they’re not even supposed to administer this justice themselves, but this isn’t even a morally indifferent cosmos for Superman and his pals to bring justice to where higher powers won’t: it’s one that explicitly makes an-eye-for-an-eye the non-debatable law of the land in a universe built from day one around a completely irreconcilable vision of what justice is.

That’s the problem: not his power, not his actions, not even that he’s framed as doing the right thing (even if that often comes off as laziness or outright failure on the part of the creators), but that his actions are justified in a way that rewrites literally everything else happening in that world on the most fundamental level possible. I’m, ah, not really sure how to fix that, given it’s all built directly into the premise of his character, unless you really got into the Multiversity of it all and established that he’s either serving only one version of God among many, or the God he serves isn’t the top dog next to the likes of the Monitors and the Overvoid, in which case you still thoroughly alter at least the spirit of the premise if not the word of it. He’s an interesting enough character in enough ways that it might be worth biting that bullet to keep him around though, because near as I can see it the only alternatives are keeping the current untenable position, or pretty much scrapping him altogether.

Character Study: Richard John “Dick” Grayson

Anon asked: sorry i keep asking dick and jason questions but can you like do an overview of their personalities and like use in-text examples? its hard for me to get a grasp on characters and their mannerisms and personalities.

Sorry this took so long! It took me a bit to gather all the comic references together. I’ll start gathering Jason’s character references tomorrow! Everything’s under the read more because … yeah this is a hella long post. 

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First idea from the fanfic Room for All by MissCrookedSmile: Clark visits Bruce to discuss Tim and Connor’s relationship. With a smirk Bruce beats him to the punch asking about them before Clark even mentions anything. Clark is baffled. The Bat already knew of course. Later Tim is hesitant to come out as bisexual as they enter the Batcave. Before he even starts, Bruce simply tells him to say hi to Connor for him with a knowing look and then heads to bed. Tim leaves the manor beaming.

  • [Beast Boy is trying to pull his fingers out of a Chinese finger trap.]
  • Beast Boy: Okay, Sure. [frowns at his fingers] Uh, how do you —?
  • Robin: Man, you’ve never seen those before? There’s a simple trick to getting out.
  • [Beast Boy tugs again with no luck. Even Raven is trying not to laugh. Beast Bot grimaced with concentration. Suddenly, he disappeared. On the deck where he’d been standing, a green iguana crouched next to an empty set of Chinese handcuffs.]
  • Robin: [in a Batman voice] Well done, Beast Boy, that is exactly how people beat Chinese finger traps. They turn into iguanas.
5531. Batman had trained Robin in how to fend off some kinds of animal, but he’d never really had hands-on experience. When Robin met Beast Boy, it wasn’t long before he took the opportunity to train in fending off dangerous animals like bears, lions, dogs, tigers, etc, since he could actually do it in a safe way. He even got some of the other Titans to learn some basics. Beast Boy was glad to be of help, but still got fed up at being a training dummy and usually avoids the sessions now if he can.

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'Is she with Superman?'

Three months ago, during a quiet movie evening with the little cousins, I decided we had enough of Disney, especially Frozen. It was time I introduced them to real Superheroes, thus, Justice League.

This was before Batman v Superman, so Justice League vs. Teen Titans wasn’t out yet. The young ones started with Justice League: War. And the first thing one of them asked me when she saw Wonder Woman was:

Cousin: Hey! Is she with Superman?

Me: Not yet. Don’t ask me stuff! It will be too spoiler-y!

Cousin: She should be with Superman. He’s good. I hate Batman. He’s grumpy.

Me: Yeah. Your wish will come true, kid!

They really wanted to watch BvS but it’s too dark for them. Can’t wait to show them Justice League vs. Teen Titans

I wonder what they would say when they see Supes and Wondy together again.

Keeping It In the Bat-Family: The Dark Knight's Many Helpers

Even if Robin isn’t available, Batman has plenty of other heroes he can turn to for assistance

To think of Batman’s war on crime as a one-man mission is a grave mistake; not only has hebeen helped out by a number of teenagers calling themselves Robin throughout the years, but there has been a veritable army of fellow crime fighters willing to act as back-up to the Dark Knight since his debut.

Here’s a guide to the many, many other helping hands willing to throw Batarangs to keep Gotham City safe after dark.


Traditionally Batgirl has been Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon who was inspired by Batman’s example, but there have been a number of characters calling themselves “Batgirl” through the years, including Cassandra Cain — an assassin seeking redemption through crime fighting — and Stephanie Brown, one-time Robin and, currently, the superhero known as Spoiler. The first Batgirl was actually a Bat-Girl: Betty Kane was the niece of the first Batwoman, who joined her aunt in her crime fighting hobby.


Confusingly, there have been two central Batwoman in the Batman mythos, and they have almost the same name. Kathy Kane was a love interest for the Dark Knight in the 1950s who adopted her costumed identity to win over Batman’s heart (It almost worked, even though Batman’s true love is actually justice). Kate Kane, meanwhile, was created half a century later; a former soldier forced out of service by the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy who took on the guise of Batwoman when Batman was missing from Gotham City.


The first Robin, Dick Grayson finally stepped out of his mentor’s shadow — somewhat — by adopting his own superhero name and costume in the 1980s as part of the fan-favorite New Teen Titans comic book series. That didn’t mean he stepped away from Batman altogether; before too long, he was back in the fold, even serving as a replacement Dark Knight on two separate occasions.

Red Robin

Another former Robin, Tim Drake, took on an alternate superhero identity when replaced as the Boy Wonder by Bruce Wayne’s son, Damien. Displaying a lack of imagination — or, perhaps, a particularly thin skin — he chose the name “Red Robin” when casting around for new names with which to keep bob bob bobbin’ around. (The identity actually initially appeared as part of Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s fan-favorite alternate future series, Kingdom Come, in 1996; Drake didn’t adopt the identity in the “main” comic book timeline until 2009.) 

Red Hood

Originally, the Red Hood was the supervillain identity used by the Joker before he became the Joker — or, at least, that’s the suggestion of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 graphic novelThe Killing Joke. In more recent years, it’s a name that’s been adopted by Jason Todd, the second Robin who was murdered by the Joker and later brought back to life as an anti-hero who had trouble working out whether he was a good guy, or just a thorn in everyone’s sides.


Explaining away the Huntress involves evoking the multiple timelines that have made up DC’s superhero tapestry through the years. In her original and current incarnations, she is Helena Wayne, daughter of a deceased Bruce Wayne who’s decided to uphold his legacy, but for a quarter century, she was Helena Bertanelli, the daughter of a crime family who adopted her costumed alter ego first for revenge, only to come around to being a hero later. Either way, she is consistently deadly with a crossbow and given to a cynicism that makes Batman look like an optimist about human nature.


Jean-Paul Valley was a troubled soul who started life as a religious assassin trained to enforce God’s Will by any means necessary, before being recruited to replace Batman himself after a seemingly career-ending accident. While that didn’t work out too well — he might have ended up a slightly homicidal maniac — he returned to the Azrael identity to make amends, eventually dying in the service of Gotham City. Years later, a former cop called Michael Lane assumed the identity for a short-lived stint as a second Azrael.

The Outsiders

For all his proclamations about being a loner, Batman has always believed in the idea of safety in numbers — so much so, in fact, that when he quit the Justice League in the 1980s, he immediately formed his own super team with members including Halo, a teenager possessed by an angel, Metamorpho, a man who could turn his body into any element, Black Lightning, an African-American man with lightning powers — it was the 1980s — and Katana, a woman whose sword contained the spirit of her dead husband.

Batman, Inc.

In more recent years, Batman has tried to organize a global task force of heroes inspired by his example, including El Gaucho, the Hood, The Knight, Raven Red and Wingman. The idea, which was spotlit in a comic book series of the same name that ran from 2011-2013, was an outgrowth of a 1950s team of heroes called “The Batman of All Nations.” That original version, however, didn’t have a Bat-Cow. Yes, really; there’s a Bat-Cow as part of Batman, Inc. If only he could make it into a future Zack Snyder movie…

by  Graeme McMillan, Hollywood Reporter