even at a crime scene

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Do you think Terry Hobbs killed the west memphis kids?

Yes. At least there was more evidence pointing toward Hobbs being the perpetrator as opposed to the West Memphis Three, even at the crime scene… His hair was found intertwined in the laces used to bind those boys. A hair of David Jacoby (one of his accomplices) was found on a tree stump. - 

“In 2007, new evidence regarding the Murders was discovered and made public. For one thing, it is generally known that hairs that had been found at the crime scene were tested for DNA: one hair was consistent with the hair of Terry and one hair was consistent with the hair of his friend, David Jacoby.” (x) 

What about Stevie’s penknife, which he supposedly carried everywhere, being found locked in his toolbox? -

 “Additionally, after the Murders my sister Jo Lynn McCauhey and I found in Terry’s nightstand a knife that Stevie carried with him constantly and which I had believed was with him when he died. It was a pocket knife that my father had given to Stevie, and Stevie loved that knife. I had been shocked that the police did not find it with Stevie when they found his body. I had always assumed that my son’s murderer had taken the knife during the crime. I could not believe it was in Terry’s things. He had never told me that he had it.” (x)

It’s odd how he disappeared two weeks after the murders because he claimed he couldn’t deal with his wife.  He was unaccounted for from 5pm to 8pm, when the murders supposedly took place. Even his ex-wife, Pam, Stevie’s mother, now believes he killed them and multiple people have come forward with information regarding his involvement. His nephew being one of them. How about the fact that his neighbour saw him with the three boys at around 5:30pm, even though he denies he saw any of them that day? He beat his wife and he beat Stevie. Stevie’s aunt stated he molested Stevie’s sister and forced her own son to watch him masturbate. - 

“Terry has also mistreated our daughter, Amanda. In 1993, when Amanda was 4 years old, my sister, Jo Lynn McCaughey, told me that Amanda had told her that Terry had put his finger into Amanda’s “booty”.  (x) 

“I took Amanda to the hospital in Blytheville, Arkansas, so a doctor could do a physical examination. That doctor told me that Amanda had been vaginally penetrated and that she had a yeast infection.” (x) 

In approximately 2002, when Amanda was older, approximately 13 years old, and developing into a young woman, she told Jo Lynn (and Jo Lynn told me) that Terry grabbed her breasts. This revelation caused me great concern because it was the second time Amanda had said that Terry had sexually molested her.”  (x)  

He was also seen at the laundromat the night of the murders. -

 “Also, my sister Jo Lynn told me that she saw Terry wash clothes, bed linens and curtains from Stevie’s room at an odd time around the time of the Murders.” (x)

Multiple affidavits were written regarding his involvement that all matched, yet they were ignored:

“In April of 1995, I told Billy Stewart what Buddy had told me about the murders. few days later, Billy asked Buddy about it. Buddy told Billy that Buddy, L G Hollingsworth, and the two men in the truck named Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby, had killed the boys behind Blue Beacon Truck Wash, that they had beaten them, stripped their clothes off, and had cut them in the groin area before throwing them in a ditch.”

“LG said that all four were sitting close together smoking and drinking when just before the sun started to set, the three boys on two bicycles surprised them. L G said that Mr. Hobbs shouted, “You better get them boys! You got to catch them! Get them! Hurry up and get them!” L G said that He, Buddy, and Mr. Jacoby all took off running after the boys.“

“According to L.G., Mr. Hobbs snapped and hit the boy with severe force in the head two or three times.93. After the first few blows Hobbs stopped long enough to shout at the boy, “I am going to teach your little fucking ass!” After that, L G said that Mr. Hobbs was in a rage beating the kid over and over and over again.95. L G said that the rest of them started beating the other kids.”

“L G said that after the kids were beaten until they could not stand or run that Mr.Hobbs made L G and Buddy to take the boys’ pants off.98. L G said that after the boys were undressed that Mr. Hobbs pointed at one of the boys and made L G and Buddy hold him down and to spread his legs apart.99. While they forced his legs open, Mr. Hobbs took a knife and reached underneath, cutting the boy’s scrotum and penis.100. After cutting the boy, he told them to toss the boys’ bodies in the ditch of water.101. L G told me that they cleaned up the area as it was getting dark, that they placed he clothes and shoes in the water, and lastly submerged the bicycles in the bayou.”

“L G said that after they submerged the bicycles, they all left the woods.103. L G told me that he was one of the first people questioned, and that he had failed his lie detector test.104. He acted like this proved he had done it.105. He acted proud that he had done it, like killing those kids made him a real toughguy.106. After L G told me this, I knew that Buddy had been telling me the truth. I knew that I had to do something about this, that I could not keep this a secret.107. I immediately told the Crittenden County Criminal Investigator, Ed Laxton, about what Buddy and L G told me, but I never heard back from him.”

“On February 21, 2012, I wrote Prosecutor Scott Ellington a detailed letter about these facts. I stressed my desire to talk to him concerning this because it was important that the truth be known.109. Prosecutor Ellington has never responded to my request.110. I am sharing this information today so that the truth may be told. I want the parents of these little boys to know what really happened to their children and for justice to be done to the ones who did this. This has been a difficult thing to hold and to have ignored. I hope that now, it will finally be heard back from him.”


- the above quotes are taken from the affidavit of Bennie David Guy.

“I learned through my connection in the drug-trade that Mr. Hobbs preferred sex with young boys.”

“Roy told me that Mr. Hobbs was one of the people who murdered the three boyson May 5, 1993, and that one of the boys was Mr. Hobbs’ stepson.”

“Roy further told me that the three boys had caught the four men doing something in the Blue Beacon Wood that was going to cause trouble between Mr. Hobbs and his wife.”

“Mr. Hobbs said that the other two children had to die because of what all that theyhad seen.”

“Buddy told me that he and L G were forced to hold the children while Mr. Hobbsand Mr. Jacoby killed them. Mr. Jacoby beat one of the boys until the boy was quiet and hisbody fell limp. Buddy believed that the boy was dead.”

(x) - the above are quotes are taken from the affidavit of Billy Wayne Stewart.

“If Terry Hobbs said he did not see Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, or Christopher Byers on May 5, 1993, he is not telling the truth. I know for a fact that Terry Hobbs saw, was with, and spoke to Stevie, Michael, or Christopher on May 5,1993. I am absolutely, completely and totally positive that I saw Stevie, Michael and Christopher in my backyard and headed back to Terry Hobbs’ house on the evening of May 5, 1993. I am also absolutely, completely and totally positive that I saw Terry Hobbs hollering at Stevie, Michael and Christopher to get back down to the Hobbs’ house on May 5, 1993 at approximately 6:30 PM. I cannot imagine why Terry Hobbs would claim that he did not see Stevie, Michael or Christopher at all on May 5, 1993.”

“Following the murders, I was aware that there was a search in West Memphis forthe killer or killers. I also knew that the West Memphis Three were convicted ofthe murders. However, I was not aware until very recently that Terry Hobbs hasrepeatedly stated that he did not see Stevie, Michael, or Christopher at all on theevening of May 5, 1993. In fact, it is my understanding that Terry Hobbs hasstated that he did not see Stevie or the boys at all the whole day of May 5, 1993.Terry Hobbs’ claim that he did not see the boys on May 5, 1993 simply was notmade public in the news reports or papers that I read. Had I know that TerryHobbs had claimed that he did not see Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, orMichael Moore at all on May 5, 1993, I would have stepped forward immediatelyto provide the above information.”

(x) - the above are quotes taken from the affidavit of Jamie Cark Ballard.

I don’t understand why he was never fully investigated from the start. I doubt anything will ever be done about it and he will never be properly investigated because that means the state of Arkansas admitting how much they fucked up.

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He didn’t tell them that he smelled corn. He hid that from them. And instead used it to find the site long before the FBI did.  

Team Sassy Science relied on his hint about looking for clues in the craquelure of the bodies, and it took them a longer to isolate the corn pollen. They used that information with Will telling them to look upstream from where Roland Umber was found to find the silo. 

That’s why Hannibal had plenty of time to stitch the Muralist into his own mural. 

Heriberto Seda aka “The Copycat Zodiac Killer…Location : New York / USA…Active : March 8th 1990 - October 2nd 1993…NO.Of Victims : 3 Fatalities/Five Wounded…Method Of Kill : Shooting…Heriberto Seda Was A Serial Killer Active Between 1990 And 1993 In New York. Obsessed With The Zodiac Killer, Seda Recreated Zodiac Killer Crime Scenes With His Victims And Even Sent Cryptic Letters To A Local TV News Studio Claiming To Be The Zodiac Killer. After Being Arrested On A Completely Different Charge And Signing His Statement, Detectives Noticed That His Handwriting Matched The Copycat Zodiac Killer Letters. Seda Was Arrested And Charged With The Three Murders And Sentenced To 232 Years In Prison

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hc + stiles

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He trusts Stiles’ instinct on these things, not just because they’re (on this blog) dating, but because Stiles, even in their short time of knowing one another, has proven again and again that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s proven time and time again that his gut instinct is usually right.

Stiles is always around the station regardless if there’s a supernatural occurrence or not and so Jordan has helped him with homework, has taken him out on patrol with him, ended up at crime scenes with him, so on and so forth. He’s gotten a chance to listen to Stiles and to challenge him with cases that have been quietly hush hush and wrapped up while he doesn’t know it and Stiles can figure it out on his own no problem without even going to a crime scene.

He’s a brilliant intelligent young man and Jordan loves helping him keep that wit sharp and finds it fascinating and incredible to just WATCH.

honestly how did any of the investigators that mulder n scully worked with even keep their shit together when scully walked into the crime scene, i would probably drop all the evidence on the floor as soon as i saw her beautiful face

My brain does strange things at night when I’m sleeping.
Last night I dreamed that my family and I had murdered someone, but I was the only one worried about the fact that our fingerprints and hair was all over the crime scene. Even weirder was the fact that our weapon of choice was a tablet we fed the dog (didn’t harm the dog) but made the dog’s poo poisonous, so when the woman touched it she died.
Told my Da and he just teased me about “The Mysterious Case of the Poisonous Dog Poo”

Some headcanon thing

Headcanon where Akane likes learning about the occult, an interest that began when she’d search for the Talisman in the Commufields. She became intrigued by the idea to be able to give advice and to seemingly tell the future, evolving into her hobby of tarot reading. She finds the cards themselves very beautiful, tangible, choosing the Lovecraft design for her own deck. It’ll usually be on a very long day, when smoke and water is the only thing in her system, that she searches for this guidance. Tarot cards themselves don’t tell the future but can serve as a forewarning, all images on the card left to interpretation to whoever wishes to ask.
Akane likes to laugh it off, after all Sibyl is the only true judge of anything. Not thinking much of the readings she’ll go about her day, but they’re always in the back of her mind, even at crime scenes. Cause of her constant distractions, gnawing at her insecurities as a detective and her poor judgement of character, she can’t help but want to believe in something more.

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body found in washington pt. 3

yesterday i saw the motherload. i saw the very things i did not want to see and even more. “because of the FOIA 60 photos of the crime scene and autopsy are available.” oh my. of course i sat on my bed frozen. i then began trembling and thinking of prufrock “do i dare? and do i dare? time to turn back and descend the stair…” do i? i knew i would not sleep unless i saw everything. i took the emotional obligation of caring for him; i would look at the ugly thing he did right in the face and indeed i did as the first photograph was of his pale face, lips the same color as the rest of his skin tilted there in that unnerving position, dead but to my relief, serene. and it was confirmed to me even in death he was stunning. even in that position, hanging there limp and thin he was striking to see. another individual commented beneath these pictures that seeing this bland typical motel room, totally americana and then suddenly noticing his corpse in the corner bent in that odd way is “absolutely grotesque” and i couldn’t have said it better myself. another person claimed they felt it was the “absolute depths of despair” to choose to end your life in a seedy motel room. (i, however, have seen rooms more seedy than his.) and yet another person (i’d love to shoot them an email as they seem a similar temperament to myself regarding him) lamented that his hair “looked so soft. isn’t there someone out their who misses stroking it?” my heart has broken so may times over this case that it’s all bled together and i am one massive bleeding wound just festering here. no relief ever since the first photograph viewing two weeks ago. still in that tiny room among the green, limply but almost serenely hanging he looks even younger which rattled me. but what rattled me more was his delicacy, his tiny wrists and beautiful hands. please just let me ramble about his hands. one of my very favorite parts of a person.

(i can recall a conversation which occurred two years ago *ironically in a hotel* about hands. we sat there, my friends and i, in large plush chairs on a mezzanine in a marriot, outside of a bar and restaurant on an upper floor listening to the party which was being held inside. everyone in this marriot was here for the all state convention so we were seeing normally uptight or eccentric or professional choral directors all completely drunk and in cocktail dress at this party and we hung around outside to gawk and witness scarcely believing it. but as the night wore on into midnight and the party quieted down a little although the smell of alcohol was quite strong, we mellowed out and began a quiet conversation in these large chairs about life and deep things and one of them being the importance of a person’s hands and how they are the most beautiful and significant part of a person because it is hands that do everything. that create and destroy, that are responsible for initial physical contact between people. they dispense love or hate, violence or lust. hands are important in sex and desire and showing love and gentility. they take care of you or can hurt you. hands are expressive and unique to each person and i fell in love with my friend who was suddenly going on in his gentle bass voice about human hands and i will never forget this conversation which occurred during one of the happiest times of my life.)

his hands were a pale pinky purple color (although this was due to the lividity in his body) and they are so small and fragile looking for a man of his height although stature was also not as expected because of the extreme thinness. you will not consider just how small 140 pounds looks on a 6′2″ man until you see his rigid body laid out in the floor and you can see how thin his arms are, how bony the shoulders through his large tshirt. but his hands shatter me. because of rigor i assume, they were clenched up in fists and i do wish i could see them relaxed with his fingers splayed but no matter; they are beautiful and i wanted to kiss his knuckles and hold his hands and place them against my face and just hold them. christ, i have never wanted to hold something or someone so ardently in my life. (this is a dead man whose corpse i have just viewed. if this doesn’t tell you how lonely i am, i’m not sure what will. but this should also tell you what a bleeding heart i am) and the knuckles bore the signs which keep me awake at night. in his struggle to die, his body fought him back and the evidence was there on each hand’s knuckle and wrist bone. seeing his handsome face dead of course struck me but what reached my very core were his hands and how fucking lovely they were and the small abrasions on them which was perhaps the only evidence that this person wanted to live. at least his biology was telling him to.

the dark hair which lay in soft shocks of black was combed. the face was not distorted but striking and handsome. he could be asleep and if it weren’t for that ungodly position he kneeled in you could almost pretend. i need to inspect the pictures more but i am trying to be kind to myself for a bit. i have seen him in a whole new light, one i promised myself i’d never see but my feelings are so deeply rooted that i will crawl around in this man and settle there even if it takes my whole life to get over him or discover some answers.                                   

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The Buring Rose

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/4393862

by macgyvershe

The crime scene was burnt. Even the garden, its beauty consumed by flame. John watches a rose burn from within.

Words: 186, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/4393862
The Buring Rose

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IiU520

by macgyvershe

The crime scene was burnt. Even the garden, its beauty consumed by flame. John watches a rose burn from within.

Words: 186, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IiU520