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`Jughead Jones Drabble

A/N: bleh not that good but definitely fun to write, lol

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“Archie…this is really weird and honestly feels like something that the guy who murdered Jason Blossom would do,” Jughead grunts out while dodging branches and twigs that came to close to his eyes. He heard Archie sigh in front of him. “You wanted to know if she was really going out with Reggie Mantle-which, by the way, I am telling you is utter bs.”

Rumours speculated that the “hunky piece of teriyaki”, as Cheryl often times described him, Reggie Mantle had asked [Y/n] [L/n} out on a date. [Y/n]. Jughead’s [Y/n]. “Let’s just please leave before one of[Y/n]’s insanely attentive dads figures out that we’re spying on their 16 year old daughter.”

Archie craned his head to look at his friend, flashlight shining in Jughead’s face. “It’s not that bad. I mean, we are 16 too.”

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Oh god you guys are all to sweet q0q!!!
Thank you so very much and I am very happy that so many people enjoyed it !!!!
All the reblogs and tags .. haaah ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

I learned so much while doing this and I know, the next animations I do will be even better! Though I don’t know if i will make another long UT animation qwq;;;;
But i have a few short ones I finally want to finish up!!
Also I really want to start on something original (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Haah so much to do .. so less time aaah

To those who attempt to discredit vegans with the “mistreated migrant workers pick your food!” “vegan diets aren’t cruelty free!” trope:

Do you… not eat any type of vegetation? Assuming you are an average person, you do eat fruits and vegetables. The same fruits and vegetables that vegans eat. This is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black….

Day 3: Demonic Guardians Au
(Romantic. Unless you want it platonic, that is.)

dippers running on ten cups of coffee and he needs to wait for his bus but bill is really insistent on going somewhere else because hes bored 
some demonic guardian he is 

anonymous asked:

What are some head canons of SNS that you love?(or that you'd like to see written?)

Okay first, what a lovely ask?? Thank you anon ,I’m gonna enjoy this!!
Honestly I love every single headcanon set in canon verse (I think it has something to do with the fact that their bond is so strong IN CANON there’s no need to imagine an au or anything cause it’s ALL ALREADY THERE IN CANON😆 and that means a lot to me). That aside I love Naruto and Sasuke being domestic. Like. Awfully, disgustingly domestic. Gimme their everyday life when resting from missions, arguing like a married couple over the most mundane things, sharing chores and getting groceries together, the calm evenings cuddling on the sofa, each of them working on their hobbies (plants for nar and for sas I don’t know weapon collecting? cause he would totally do that?), something with animals or even better pets or summons- cause they are both animal lovers that’s canon!- just show me the boys being domestic af with each other as they try to build a home -their home- together and they succeed cause they make each other happy (FINALLY) and no day is boring or meaningless when they get to spend it together.
Next in line any headcanon about sns in part 1, as in when they were genin. Genin fluff specifically. You know the pre-romance-just-innocent-feelings-of-deep-affection stage? It’s a special weak spot of mine. Cause two lonely kids that apparently wished to talk and connect with each other since forever but they weren’t brave enough to try?? And somehow now that they finally have a chance to do it -being teammates and all it wouldn’t be weird anymore right?- but for some reason it doesn’t work out?? Why do we always end up on each other’s throats??
I’m also a sucker for the angsty mutual pining headcanons set either during their time separated in canon or post war before they start a relationship officially.😁
Naturally there are many more but I chose the most prominent categories of my favourite headcanons cause writing them all down individually would count as an answer for an ask but an actual essay 😛😆

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Why is your art so amazing?! I want to draw like you some day!

If you support ending the breeding program

You support the idea that

“Rocket scientist” Orkid

Her half-sister Kayla

Kayla’s close friend and “adopted daughter” Malia

Malia’s niece and best friend Nalani

Nalani’s big brother Ikaika

Ike’s little brother Makaio

Makaio’s nephew and “big bro” Trua

Trua’s sister Sakari and their baby sister Kamea

Their mother Takara

Takara’s half-brother Keet

Keet’s brother Keto

Keto’s son Adán

Adán’s mother Kohana

Kohana’s half-sister and close friend Skyla

Skyla’s brother Tuar

Tuar’s half-brother and longtime friend Kyuquot

Kyuquot’s half-brother Tekoa

Tekoa’s half-brother Nakai

Nakai’s baby brother Makani

Makani’s big sister Kalia

and Kalia’s baby girl Amaya…

…are miserable animals who should never have been born and it would be better if they all just died out!

Can you seriously look me in the face and say that these animals would be better off dead?

Open Starter: Hiro

Hiro was at a coffee shop enjoying a bit of breakfast with a cup of coffee. He seemed irritated today.

“God today is boring. It would be nice to go on an adventure or get hired by people to do jobs. But it seems boring like the rest of the days.” Hiro said as he yawned then felt pissed off.

“IT’S FUCKING BORING! Isn’t there something decent to do in this freaking place? Even the animals seem to have a better time than me!’ He said as he just laid on the table. 

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Can animals forget things?

Yes. Even animals which have far better memories than we do still forget things. In fact, forgetting information is actually a useful survival skill- sort of a cleaning-house type deal for your brain. Storing memories involves minor physical changes to the brain, which takes energy, which is expensive for your body. If an experience isn’t deemed important by your brain, the memory (theoretically) starts to ‘decay’ over time as the neuronal pathway reshuffles itself to store something else.

(Sadly for us humans, what our brain deems important to remember often differs from what we consider important- ask me to name any Pokemon, but please don’t ask me to remember where I last put my keys.)