even after all this time they are still my otp


Then I’ll wait for you. You will? I’ll always wait for you. I’ve been waiting on you my whole life. Even when we together, there’s still a part of me waiting on you. That’s okay. It is? You’re worth the wait.

Why I started shipping Snowbarry

I started shipping Snowbarry after watching S01E12 of the Flash. This particular episode gave Barry and Caitlin a chance to spend some time together outside Star Labs and it was so lovely. They were not on a date but their chemistry could’ve fooled everyone in the bar and Linda Park actually acknowledged this when she asked Barry if Caitlin was his girlfriend. They just flowed perfectly together and Barry was such a perfect gentleman which was so great to watch coz before this episode, Barry had been portrayed as a wobbly dork that didn’t know anything about girls. This was clearly not the case in that episode since Barry totally knew how to handle Caitlin and even got Linda’s number without asking for it. Barry was just so cute and everything he and Caitlin did together in that episode was just so adorable! By the time he took her home and saved her from “that evil dress” I was so touched and I instantly wanted them to be together. When I thought that episode couldn’t get any cuter than it already was, Caitlin asked Barry if he took a peak at her goods and his response was magnificent and then he stayed with her until she fell asleep and that was when Snowbarry became my first and only OTP. Snowbarry means a lot to me. I wish the writers had given them a chance to be a couple before WestAllen became official. Even now, after all this time, I still hope that they will become a couple sometime in the future even if they’re not going to be endgame. I need to see this ship sail one day and I’m not going to give up on them. For now, I’ll just be enjoying their beautiful friendship. To all the people wandering why a POC prefers a white couple over an interracial one, I can understand your confusion. The reason why I don’t ship WestAllen is because I don’t like some of the creative choices that surround their story arc. For instance, I don’t like the fact that they’re basically adoptive siblings and they still ended up becoming a couple. The writers should have gotten rid of that dynamic after Flashpoint but for some reason, they didn’t. I also don’t like the fact that Iris tried to ruin Barry’s relationship with Linda, i still don’t understand why she tried to do that to another WoC. I also dont like some of the things that have been teased about them like the fact that Iris doesn’t want to try to get Barry out of the speed force and she’ll start a fight with him over who should be team leader, that doesn’t even make any sense. I don’t think I can ever ship the Flash tv show’s version of WestAllen. There are too many bad decisions surrounding that couple. However, I truly enjoyed Barry’s relationship with Linda (I wish they lasted longer than they did in S01) and I am not opposed to any possible relationship between him and Meena Dhawan (if it ever happens). I really don’t have a problem with interracial couples and I don’t believe that not shipping them automatically makes a person racist or anti-black or a supporter of racism unless that person is already clearly racist, anti-black or a supporter of racism. People like that should be utterly dealt with. To be honest, if the writers of the upcoming Flash movie do a good job with their version of WestAllen, I will most definitely ship WestAllen wholeheartedly. As for the Flash tv show, I am and will always be Team Snowbarry. BTW, if anyone insults me for posting this I will block you. If you have any questions ask me nicely.

The Half Life Trilogy

So since I’m going Half Wild (excuse the pun) waiting for the release of the final book, here is a list of reasons why you should get into the Half Life fandom now. Yes, right now.

1. The main character, Nathan, is bisexual. His best friend, and his soulmate according to basically the whole fandom, is gay. And isn’t questioned for it. In fact, sexuality isn’t even a discussed topic, it just is. And nobody cares.

2. Modern day witches. Enough said.

3. The modern day witches have guns, incredibly advanced technology, and magical weapons, and are led by a dominate female society, as females have much stronger “Gifts” than males.

4. Covers the topic of racism and prejudice to such a degree that I wonder how it’s a teenage book, tbh.

5. Follows a young boy into his becoming of a man, and even after he knows who he is, he still doesn’t. He’s so relatable it’s scary.

6. He’s also a completely witty and sarcastic asshole.

7. Especially when he’s with his boy (who is a friend). They are my OTP, no questions asked. But seriously. Read these books because of Gabriel. That’s all. You’ll love him.

8. The writing style of Sally Green is rapid and vague, yet extremely slow and detailed at the same time. It’s intriguing, and makes you want to hang onto every word.

9. Some of the side characters are hilarious and wonderful, like Val, Rose, Ellen, and most of all, Nesbitt.

10. The fandom has a solid 10 people in it, and that includes the cats of 3 of the fans, so we need more!

11. Overall, these books aren’t Half Bad (sorry, my puns are awful). Please check it out!!


I like how Ruby and Sapphire really define “best friends forever” in the way that no matter what life throws at them, how much they changed or how much time passed they’ll still be each others best friend.

They were instantly friends as children because of how they were so similar yet so different and it’s exactly the same for when they were on Mirage Island. Sure, when they met again in RS they initially didn’t get along which was mostly due to each other reflecting what they hated about themselves but also that they weren’t showing their true selves. Once they put their differences aside and weren’t trying hide the other sides of their personality they got to know who each other for who they really were and were right back to how they were as children.

Mirage Island gave them the time and space to interact just as they did before the whole Salamence incident with the chemistry of their similarities and differences balancing each other out. After all this time and how much they had changed, they still became great friends and are still each others best friends even through the Emerald and ORAS arcs.

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OUAT is the first show that I followed in real-time long term. With other shows with ships I really loved, they had already ended when I discovered them so while the binging was an adventure in itself, I never really got to experience the "omg, I can't believe it's over </3" part of it all, since I knew they all had endpoints and often was semi-spoiled by the endgame statuses of everyone. This is all new to me. How to deal? 😭 😭

But seriously, welcome to the club!!!

You’re right it’s very different binge-watching something vs making it your hobby for years and years. The latter comes with a lot more engagement and and fun. (and a lot more emotional attachment!) 

For me, I’m over the heartbreak of it ending because of how long we’ve known and the way things went down. There is nothing like having the band-aid ripped off at 5am after your OTP walks down the aisle! Wow, was that a bad morning after such an amazing evening. (The timing of that will never not suck.) Even before that we were sort of tortured and kept on tenterhooks for months waiting to hear news on renewal and contracts, and then we were tortured for months this summer waiting to hear if they were going to screw up the story we’d just spent 6 years investing in.  

So… I’ve done all my grieving, now I’m just happy about the Captain Swan happy beginning. 

Thrilled actually.

It’s still a loss though, so here are some ways to deal:

  • Silver Lining. Always remember fondly what we have! Captain Swan is the literal holy grail of ships. A blessed by the Gods, true love, end of the world or time, soul mates kind of epic love story. CS is endgame is no longer a battle cry, it’s a set in stone reality. Bask in it. Celebrate it! Enjoy it! 
  • Rewatch. The beauty is we can always revisit these lovelies. We have 5 years of slow burn goodness to watch. Along the way we saw almost every milestone, every moment falling in love, not to mention dozens of kisses, hugs and heartstruck looks.  We will always have that and you can always watch that. Tell yourself that in a year or two years you’ll rewatch the entire thing. It can be a comforting thought. 
  • Read. I don’t know about you but there is so much fanfiction I’ve missed. I keep forwarding myself rec lists I find on here. There are literally hundred and hundreds of stories I have backlogged. I can’t wait to dig in! (and if you do read please remember to reblog the story or leave a nice comment/feedback for the author) 
  • Revisit. I can go down a rabbit hole on my own blog looking at gifs and posts about this OTP. From Jen and Colin and their friendship to Emma and Hook in every single episode they shared. Good stuff. Go find something beautiful to reblog. 
  • Create. If you’re missing Captain Swan create something about them. Write a fic, even if it’s just a drabble, compose an in-depth meta or post a two-sentence head canon, make a gif set, draw or make a graphic or manip. Fanworks can be so fulfilling and cathartic and just because we won’t have new material for CS each week, doesn’t mean you can’t engage creatively. 
  • Feel the relief. Honestly the angst in S5 and S6 took a toll on this fangirl. I can honestly say last season that eps 610 & 612-615 the writers made choices that were not enjoyable for me. I didn’t like what they were resorting to in order to give CS story.  So I’m kinda glad they are out of their hands and I don’t have to think about what character assassination they might pull out because they’re out of ideas.  Now Killian and Emma are safe in Storybrooke. I’m relieved they’re safe. 

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Stop by if you wanna talk CS, I’m always down for that. 

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1: sexuality headcanon

So fucking gay and I love it. I feel like him flirting with Touka was all for jokes.

2: otp

HideKane, of course, which was first ship immediate upon entering this series. Hide loves Kaneki so much, and I feel that the feeling is mutual. I mean, Hide was who Kaneki last hallucinated about before finally gaining his will to live again. He encouraged him, much like the actual Hide. Kaneki, even after all this time, showed that he still missed Hide with all of his heart. He’s the missing half of Kaneki’s heart that not even Touka, in my opinion, can fill. 

Plus, I feel that TouKen was too obvious of a route for Ishida to actually go for. A lot of people expected it, which is why a lot of people didn’t want it. But nevertheless, it happened. I don’t necessarily have a problem with TouKen at all, but it’s just that HideKane is much better imo if I had to choose between the two.

Plus, like, can you imagine jealous Hide? Wanting to eat up whatever girl gets in the way of his cinnamon roll. 

3: brotp

Hide x Marude. This fucking friendship is so hilariously done, it’s brilliant. You can tell that after all Marude has been through, Hide cheers him up with his goofiness, even when he can’t talk. I want to see more chapters with them paired up/conversing again.

4: notp

Hide x Yoriko. A lot of people ship this, and while I admit it would be cute since both are best friends with ghouls who they would do anything for, they literally have not interacted at all. I don’t think they even know each other. lol

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Hide, whenever he felt lonely during his time of hiding, would attempt to draw Kaneki on his notepad. His drawings were really bad, but they still kept him some comfort. He also felt tempted to send Kaneki letters to notify him that he’s all right, but didn’t want to disturb Kaneki’s happy life style as Sasaki. So, the least he did for him was send him that signed Takatsuki book he forgot to give him for his birthday. 

6: favorite line from this character

”Why? Because I love him.”

7: one way in which I relate to this character

I have friends who I go through hell and back for, all because they mean the world to me. I’m also loud like Hide, and a bit of a goof ball. 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character


9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Cinnamon roll.

lordhyderon-deactivated20170208  asked:

I love this AU ideas and that anon can fucking choke, Nina. My request: Notting Hill AU + HydeJackie :)

LOOOL, that’s the spirit. Aaaand, god choice! (mom’s actual favorite movie, man). But I’m not going to follow the movie as it was lol…

Actress Jackie Burkhart has found a successful career on her 20s, happily becoming Hollywood’s most loved face and every person who likes females’ dream girl. She has everything she ever wanted, right? So having a week off, she decides to visit her terrible mother in the little town of Point Place, Wisconsin.

Pam’s welcome is far from warm or even motherly, and the bad taste of it encourages Jackie to go out and explore the little town by her own. If someone recognizes her, at least it won’t be a big fuss like in bigger cities.

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5 OTPs

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Ooh, I like being tagged)

So, list your top 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag others

It’s kinda not a top list, it’s just how they popped in my head and it’s certainly not all of my ships

 1. Caskett

“That’s good. Cause of whole murder thing”

Originally posted by winifred-burkle

One of my rare OTP who end up together – both alive, both happy, three kids, holding hands, “Always” and all (I mean, yeah, they’re on edge with whole Stana’s situation, but everything turned okay). They still inspire me, after 8 years I still laugh and cry everytime I see them, even if it’s ep I saw over 10 times. Talking about power couple – that’s them

 2. Karamel

“Dudebro and personification of the American way”

Originally posted by danverscanary

Yeaaah, Kara Zor-El and Mon-El, kryptonian and daxamite, with all of their problems and flaws. I know most of people don’t like Mon-El and seriously I can get it, but for me? He is selfish and immature and it’s fucking interesting to watch how he – veeery slowly – but changing. And Kara (and Clark as well), well… Both so righteous, so they both definitely need someone “spicy” (ahem, Lois?)). Mon-El and Kara have such potential and chemistry. And Kara is sooo happy with him. Damn I always vote for happy couple

3. Klaroline

“You’re beautiful, strong, you’re full of light”

Originally posted by somenovember

(ahem, half of it belong to the Originals)
Good girl and bad boy, how to resist?  They had and have that kind of connection - even after two years that connection for me seems far more real than klаmillе and sterоlinе (sorry not sorry), so yeah, I’m waiting Stefan’s redeeming death and Caroline’s visit to NO. No bad thoughts – I just can’t forgive him for Enzo’ death. And that lead us to…

4. Bonenzo

“I fell in love with vampire who made me feel alive”

Originally posted by vampire-diariesgifs

Two lonely people , who suffered so much, who deserve happiness so much, who finally found each other. Just so you know: Bonnie lost her Grams, her mother was turned into vampire, father died, she herself died as human/witch, were resurrected as anchor, died as anchor, gone to prison world, survived it, in process nearly killed herself out of despair, were poisoned, almost died again, was reborn as vampire huntress, returned to herself… And Enzo, orphan, was turn unknowingly after getting sick, for YEARS was tortured and tested, was abandoned by his best friend (“The most important person in my life” ©) in fire, found out that friend killed woman he loved, and was killed – was fucking killed TWICE by the same person (hello, Stefan).

Ooops. Got carried away. Sorry

Well, you got my point. Bonnie and Enzo deserve everything

5. Captain Canary

“You better be one hell of a thief”

Originally posted by captaincanarygifs

Last on the list, definitely not last in my head

Just think about it, how epic they are? Master thief and world class asSASSin? They know each other’s demons, they have deep understanding of each other, have tons and tons of attraction aaand (ignore Oculus! Save your nerves. That shit never happened. Well. Except for one part) such promising future holding something for him… And her… And him and her T_T

so, i’m tagging @trolling-since-chernobyl​, @bonenzone​, @captainwhogotthecanary​, @whatadaze​, @gldngrl7, @evil-writer and everyone who wants to show your OTPs!

(just note. also here could’ve been marrish, stalia, river and doctor, so and soo and mermor, but it fucking hurts too much. too much!!!)

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its interesting because you shipped h@nce the most. klnce second, and then shieth last when you first joined the fandom. then over the course of the months klnce slowly became your notp while shieth became the ship you like most. what made you change your mind?

fanon kl@nce. fanon ruined it. i feel like kl@nce could be a good couple after talking through lance’s insecurity issues from being compared to keith all the time by garrison instructors, and a few seasons of developing their friendship, but the way the fandom treats the ship is as if it’s already a thing when they canonically don’t even like being around each other. that’s not healthy.

and while i still totally love h@nce, sheith became my most prominent otp because of how much more we got to see of their relationship in season 2. it’s very VERY clear that they love each other deeply, whether it turns out to be romantic or not, and they look really good together, and work well together, they’re just really the perfect tragic lovers. (shiro pls stop disappearing, you’re breaking the red baby’s heart too much)

people just really sideline keith as if he’s not just as complex and interesting and good as the other characters, and basically turn him into a trophy for (fanon)lance, but i see so much of him shine through the emo-trope, especially when he’s interacting with shiro. he’s comfortable with shiro, he’s not afraid to be vulnerable with shiro; keith deserves to keep the man who changed his life for the better, and shiro deserves someone who cares for him like keith.

The last remaining Rory Gilmore fans!

I have a lot of unpopular opinions about Gilmore Girls, which is totally fine, because fandom life would be boring if we were all in complete agreement, right? And I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot from the people whose perspectives on the show differ from mine, sometimes even modifying my own viewpoints after reading a particularly insightful meta. Still, I’m a strange person who clings to some strange opinions about the show! I’ll share a few of them if y’all promise to be gentle ;) 

A few of the main ones:  I absolutely love the widely disliked Season 7 (due partly though not solely to how Rogan is written!), I don’t think Luke and Lorelai are very well-suited as a couple, I have more problems with Emily than most do, Rogan is not just my OTP of this show but one of my only true OTPs of all time, the Lorelai x Rory relationship will always mean more to me than any other parent/child relationship ever depicted, and I still and always love this show despite its flaws (many of which were on prominent display throughout the revival!) 

But I’m starting to think my very most unpopular one is that I still love and relate to Rory Gilmore with all my heart, not just despite her many shortcomings but in some ways because of them. I still care about her and identify with her, and while I disagree with many of her choices (and many of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s choices, for that matter!), she still means more to me than almost any other fictional character. Many of her strengths, weaknesses, passions and struggles mirror my own. I care about her, I believe in her, and I connect to her. If anyone else wants to join me on the Rory Gilmore Defense Squad, we have plenty of vacancies! Just bring plenty of coffee, a good book, and some cheery optimism that Rory can and will become the happier and better woman we know she’s meant to be :) 

newasskid  asked:

Hey! I have an idea for a Kastle fic. Basically—Frank imprints on Karen. I feel like that’s almost already canon b/c he’s so attached to her. Karen seems to have made a home in the hollow darkness where his heart used to be; and if his desperation/anxiety over her safety shows anything, it’s that she really is his last link to humanity. My question is: do you think anyone else could have been what she is to him? Could have broken him open this way? Or are they specially suited for one another?

I’m saving that fic idea!! ^^

You know, that’s something I wonder about all the time. I think it’s mostly about who they are and a bit the timing as well – for both of them. The timing part is obvious for Frank. Like I put a bit in another ask, she comes into his life and is the one that renews his sense of purpose and through that connection really settles inside him past his walls before he’s aware enough to throw them up against her. 

And perhaps, if he was aware at the time, he didn’t think it’d matter enough to affect him long-term. His concern lies more in how their connection affects her when he forcefully tries pushing her away at the diner after she talks about her own trust and belief in him. I always think back to that confession in the prison “What if I find these men that did that to my family, what if… What if nothing changes? What if this is just me now?” and I genuinely don’t think Frank had any end plan. He was winging it the whole time, going after the next person and the next person until reaching the head of the snake. He didn’t address any potential of a future before killing Schoonover.

Then there’s Karen, who at that point is – paraphrasing off Deb’s own words from different interviews – pushing and trying so hard to be the optimistic, hopeful, and guilt-free woman she wishes she could be, but she does this after burying the secret of killing Wesley inside herself and in chasing the Dream of the Perfect Relationship with Matt. She’s wearing this mask especially within her most intimate relationships.

So when Frank comes along, it’s really the perfect timing for there to be no doubt for either of them about how genuine their connection is. Karen seemingly has/is on the fast-track to getting what she wants, to appearing moral and righteous and deserving of belonging among all the ‘heroes’ around her she so admires. There’s no reason for her dig into Frank’s story the way she does – except that she IS that good of a person. And she yearns for the understanding of her entire self, for someone at the same level of darkness with her or worse to look at her and be honest about it.

In these ways, they’re able to cement a much more human and emotional connection right from the start. There’s no beating around the bush with them (that comes briefly later, in the first prison scene) because Frank wears his heart on his sleeve about his family the first time they talk, and Karen’s already confirmed all of this on her own looking through his house and etc without any potential manipulation from him in the interim, because they haven’t interacted. She reaches all her own conclusions – Frank just confirms them by being opened up so desperately by the mystery surrounding his family.

It’s because of who each of them are individually that makes the timing work, mostly in Karen’s case as it is her following her true instincts that puts them on track to forming this bond at all. And then everything else about them makes them so uniquely suited to each other, yeah. They can relate and understand and empathize on so many levels, even over childhood stories. It’s amazing.

As canon stands of who else was remotely involved at the time – no, I don’t think anyone else would’ve broken him open this way. Because I don’t think anyone else would’ve put in the same level of interest, consideration, and really just the research that Karen did. She really went after finding out his story IN SPITE of everyone else seemingly* not giving an ounce of care. Frank saw that and opened to her because of that. He was in an especially vulnerable situation here, too, that doesn’t exist for just anyone a week, a month, a year after these first scenes.

*(”Seemingly” because Matt was finding out Frank’s story as it related to his purpose, what he did, and then even after he had the same picture of events as Karen, he still fought her on the parts about caring for Frank beyond the flat morality of ‘no one deserves to die’.)


The Sins of the Father

I’m so glad for the time jump and another great episode.

Victoria is struggling even more after the birth of her second son. With Albert gone to attend his fathers funeral and finding out some nasty stuff about his past, Victoria seems to be alone and finds no one to talk about her struggle. She hides from the world and I was very pleased so see that she got help from the last person I’d expect. The Duchess so far has been rather annoying but to see that she is more than that was quite refreshing. Victoria’s new puppy is one of the cutest things ever.

The great thing about Victoria and Albert is that they don’t need each other to be good and fight their demons but together they can conquer almost everything.

The subplot with the staff was not really fantastic but set up a great scene for Nancy to come clean about her secret and showed her courage and her good heart and I’m glad that she did not get fired.

And now back to my otp ship to end them all. I hoped that after the time jump Alfred and Drummond would have got closer but nooo they are still at not so subtle remarks and an engagement. Don’t let my ship sink before it even left the harbour. I need more scenes with them (wouldn’t say no to a spin off centered around them).

Tendori Headcanons

I’m going to be honest, tendori is not my OTP from this show, but I have so many feels about them, so here are some headcanons because I’m trash.

1. After the finale, Chidori’s gaze falls on Tenga even in class, yet she doesn’t realize it. However, everyone else notices it but Tenga, who, according to Yuta, is a blind fool.

2. Chidori and Tenga lately spend a lot of time together. Chidori is still hurt by Katsuhira’s rejection, but finds comfort in Tenga. He’s so honest all the time, and she wants to be like that too.

3. Chidori realizes she loves Tenga when he ends up in the hospital one day after a fight. Chidori gets mad, and screams at him for being so reckless. She panicks, because she hates the sight of him being all bloody. After calming down, she’s just so glad Tenga’s fine, so she holds him. Later that day, she understands her true feelings: she loves Tenga. She feels guilty because she knows Nico is not over him yet.

4. Nico does try to fight for Tenga’s love, but gets mad when Chidori doesn’t take her seriously. After Chidori explains that she feels guilty on her behalf, Nico tells her to fight the man she loves.

5. Tenga sees Chidori and Katsuhira one day, while they’re shopping at the mall. Jealousy strikes because Goddamnit, he thought they were progressing! And wasn’t Katsuhira dating Sonozaki anyway?! He confronts Chidori on Christmas Eve only to find out Chidori asked Katsuhira to help her find the perfect present for Tenga himself! He feels like an idiot, which Chidori makes clear she is. She accidentally confesses when she says she only has eyes for him right now. Tenga doesn’t waste time and kisses her. 

6. Tenga buys Chidori a heart necklace for Christmas. She wears it everyday.

7. The others find out they’re dating when they kiss in front of them. And the whole class. And Yamaada.

8. Chidori starts calling him Hajime after they get together. Tenga wants her to give him a cute nickname. Chidori believes “baka” is the best pet name for her reckless boyfriend.

9. Out of everyone, they’re the most lovey-dovey couple, always kissing or holding hands or hugging. Tenga also likes to run his hands down Chidori’s thighs when he thinks no one’s looking. Everybody notices, though. Most are disgusted, and Hisomu just enjoys the show.

10. Although Chidori seems prudish, they are the first ones to make love. Tenga likes to brag to Yuta, who is secretly even more prudish than Chidori. Honoka fixes it quickly by making love to Yuta too. Noriko doesn’t want to stay behind either. The guys are all whipped.

11. Tenga and Chidori move in together when they are in college.

12. Tenga proposes to Chidori once they graduate. They get married 6 months later.

13. Chidori gets pregnant when she’s 27, ten years after meeting Tenga. She makes Katsuhira buy her pregnancy test, because she’s scared. She needn’t be, though, Tenga is happier than ever.

14. Chidori is with Nico at Honoka and Yuta’s house when she goes into labor. When Tenga arrives at the hospital, he panicks so much Honoka has to hit him on the head.

15. They have a baby boy who looks almost exactly like Chidori, but has Tenga’s eyes. He brags that his son will become a bishounen and a lady killer. Yuta just prays Tenga’s spawn stays far away from his daughter. It doesn’t work.

16. Chidori never regrets falling in love with Katsuhira, she just regrets not loving Tenga sooner. He doesn’t care because, in the end, she fell in love with him, and now they have a beautiful family.



It was around May 2012 when, after following so many wonderful OP askblogs, I started thinking about making one myself! It seemed fun and making it about my ultimate OTP made it even better! (●⌒∇⌒●)

When I started it on May 31th that same year, I couldn’t even imaaaaagine I would be still here almost 2 years later, drawing, rping, receiving so much love and trying to give you something back for it <3 Not even my friends had faith in me, because I usually drop all my projects! But not this time! Even after dealing with artblocks, hiatus, life and college, I’m trying my best to not abandon this until there’s nothing left to ask! Also I met wonderful friends thanks to this blog, converted people into shipping MarAce, and had unforgettable Livestream sessions, I don’t even have words to express how grateful I am to all of you o(^▽^)o

With over 400 asks received, organized in more than 250 different topics, I’m really happy and surprised I managed to reply over half of them! ~(˘▾˘)~ And I won’t stop, not now!

Thank you so so so much for keeping up with me, with these two dorks <3 We all three love you SO much (Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

so instead of writing a new chapter i ended up crying over the sargeras-possessed-khadgar idea and wrote this. have some raventrust hurt/comfort, i hope you’ll like it~

pairing: medivh x khadgar

rating: m (for violence?)

word count: ~1200 

a/n: all this is inspired by @medivhing’s heartbreaking comics (1, 2). go and read them if you haven’t yet! thanks to @theabysswatcher​ for helping me with the translation as always! <3

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Seriously though.

I stopped watching glee some time ago. But then I found out from a friend that Jesse came back and so, out of curiosity I checked Rachel and Jesse tag (they were my otp) like a week ago and I saw these gifs of them kissing and I thought ‘Yay! That’s so cool!’.

But then I literally just checked the tag again right now and found out that they got MARRIED and I just… I don’t even know how to process this…


External image


otp challenge (1/1 otp): Castle & Beckett

You know what I thought when I first met you? That you were a mystery I was never going to solve. Even now, after spending all this time with you, I’m still amazed at the depths of your strength, your heart…and your hotness.

I’m rereading some cosmic marvel and inevitably I ofc notice my otp

my fav thing about Crys and Ronan were the little moments they had when the Inhumans were still ruling the Kree

Look at them, even in srs events they are together

and then esp after Phyla Vell kidnapped Crys that one time, Ronan gets all touchy and Crys lets him

what a gross couple, they get worse after the Inhumans leave Hala