even after a week it still looks like shit

It’s been a week and I’m still not over Bernie calling Serena her partner in the middle of that argument. Like their relationship is solid and untouchable and the Real Deal, even in the midst of all this stuff, as girlfriends who look after each other and challenge each other to be better people and call each other out on their shit. And it’s been that way since they became friends - they’ve always been each other’s partners - the only different now is that they make out sometimes.


The Truth Will Set You Free (part 2)

Anonymous said:
Can I request an imagine where the reader is Liam’s best friend but Hayden doesn’t like her and is super rude to her but Liam has no idea and stiles is really protective of her about it and makes an elaborate plan to make sure Liam knows how mean Hayden is and some cute stuff and Liam and the reader end up together in the end? If it isn’t too much maybe??

Y/N’s pov:

It’s been two weeks since me and Liam’s fight, believe me when I tell you that I’ve never felt so shitty in my life. Literally if you look up shitty feeling memes my face would be on all of them. The sad part is even though I feel like shit I’m still worried about how Liam’s feeling (WTF is wrong with me!). The first week after our feud I stayed home watching Netflix and eating ice cream. My mom made me go to school afterwards she claims it’s for my own benefit but I’m pretty sure she got tired of me moping around the house. Lydia came over Sunday night to help me prepare for my first day back, she said I had to look my best even though I felt my worst.

Monday arrived way sooner than it should have. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed slowly regretting ever waking up in the first place but after I put on the outfit that Lydia picked out the night before and I felt a little better. “RINGGG!”

Y/N: “Hey Lyds what’s up?”

Lydia: “Just checking to see if you were awake or not.”

Y/N: “What did you think I was crying in my bed eating a whole tub of ice cream?”

Lydia: “Actually I did but that doesn’t matter right now. Bring your sexy ass down stairs I’ll be there in 5.”

Y/N: “Okay I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that first comment because I love you and you called my ass sexy which we all know is true.”

Lydia: “Whatever. Just be ready when I get there.”

Lydia wasn’t kidding when she said five minutes, that girl is always punctual.

Y/N: “So what have you been up to lately?”

Lydia: “Y/N are you kidding me you’ve been gone for a week and the first thing you say is about me. Look I know you care about other people and their feelings but maybe it’s time you let someone return the favor.”

Y/N: “Lyds I’m fine.”

Lydia: “Total bullshit!”

Y/N: “What do you want me to say, you want me to say that I’m not fine because I’m very far from it! My best friend believed his self-absorbed, conniving little bitch of a girlfriend over me! He thought that I would deliberately sabotage his relationship. You want me to tell you that even though he said we should take some time apart that I’m still in love with him.”

“Oh god what did I just do?” I thought to myself.

Lydia: “Y-you love Liam.”

Y/N: “I’ve loved him for a while now but it doesn’t even matter anymore.”

Lydia: “Y/N what do you mean it doesn’t matter anymore? Maybe if you tell him you guys could become something more.”

Y/N: “No. Lydia please just drop it okay. Let’s just face the facts he’s with Hayden now besides even if we were talking to each other we will always be just friends. Girls like me will never get “happy endings” because we don’t live in fairytales, we live in the real world.”

Lydia: “Well I don’t believe that. I believe that sometimes the truth will set you free.”

Maybe Lydia was right maybe if I just told Liam how I felt he would realize he feels the same way. Pftt, who am I kidding he would never leave Hayden for me, I mean everything about her is perfect except for her attitude but Liam’s too blind to see.

I slowly pulled myself out of my thoughts noticing that Lydia had already parked the car into the school parking lot. She took the key out of the ignition before speaking.

Lydia: “Are you ready?”

Y/N: “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

I was greeted with hugs from the pack in the parking lot.

Mason: “Hey Y/N glad you’re back.”

Y/N: “Thanks Mas. Good to know at least one of my best friends still care about me.”

Mason: “You know how Liam is.”

Y/N: “Yeah that’s why I don’t hate him as much as I should.”

Stiles: “Hey munchkin! How’re you holding up?”

Y/N: “Hello to you too Stilinski. I’m taking one day at time but I’m gonna be okay.”

Stiles: “Any time you need to talk you know that I’m always here for you.”

Y/N: “I know and I love you for that. Come on let’s get inside before the bell rings.”

We walked into the school together, I had Lydia and Mason by my side and Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira behind me. I was so ready to take this day on until I saw Liam and Hayden practically swallowing each other. I told the rest of the gang I would see them later at lunch. With Mason right by my side I walked as confidently as my legs would carry me to my locker.

Y/N: “So Mas tell me what I missed.”

Mason: “Nothing much really but we have a huge test in history in a week and a quiz in math on Thursday.”

Y/N: “So you’re basically have three problems to worry about now.”

Mason: “Pretty much yeah but if anyone can get through it it’s you.”

Y/N: “Aww thanks Mas but don’t make me cry because it took me forever to get my makeup like this.”

Mason: *chuckles softly* “Come on let’s get to class.”

Half of the school day had gone by without Liam and I talking to each other. Mason and I met up at my locker again before lunch.

Mason: “So how has your day been so far?”

Y/N: “How about you ask the question you really want to ask.”

Mason: “Okay I’ll just get to the point then. Have either of you talked to each other yet.”

Y/N: “No. I’m giving him exactly what he wants, which is some space.”

Mason: “You guys have to talk to each other at some point.”

Hayden: “Except you won’t ever again because he dumped you like the piece of trash you are.”

Y/N: *scoffs* “Hayden do you ever mind your own business?”

Hayden: “How about I mind my own business when you give up this little charade of trying to steal my boyfriend.”

Y/N: “How am I trying to steal your boyfriend when we aren’t even talking?”

Mason: “Y/N she’s not even worth it, let’s just meet up with everyone else at lunch.”

Mason took Y/N’s hand pulling her away from the situation before it escaladed. Little did they know that Liam heard the entire conversation he couldn’t believe Hayden was being a total jerk to Y/N. He felt like the biggest jerk in the world he believed Hayden instead of believing his best friend.

Narrator’s pov:

Y/N and Mason sat at the pack’s usual table since her and Liam weren’t talking. As the pair walked closer to the table Scott and Malia could smell the anger radiating off of Y/N.  Scott wasn’t going to bring it up but we all know how blunt Malia can be.

Malia: “Alright I’ll ask. Y/N why do you smell like that?”

Y/N: “Malia what does that even mean?”

Scott: “What Malia is trying to say is why do you smell so angry?”

Y/N: “Anger doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now.”

Stiles: “Just take a deep breath munchkin. *Y/N takes a deep breath* Okay now tell us what happened”

Y/N: “Mason and I were at my locker earlier and Hayden had the audacity to tell me to stop trying to steal her boyfriend. Mason pulled me away before the situation got out of hand *turns to Mason* thank you for that by the way because you know how violent I can be.

Lydia: “No kidding she almost jumped down my throat when she told me she loved Liam.” Lydia’s eyes went wide when she realized what she had just said.

Everybody: “YOU WHAT!”

Y/N: “Tell the whole world why don’t ya. See Lydia this is why I don’t tell you things because you keep so many secrets one is bound to spill out.”

Lydia: “Y/N I do not keep secrets. Think of them as things that people tell me in confidence.”

Stiles: “Sooo…secrets.”

Kira: “Guys how about we get back to Y/N’s problem.”

Y/N: *mumbles* “Or we could talk about something else besides my nonexistent love life.”

Scott: “I totally heard that by the way.”

Y/N: “Guys it doesn’t really matter anyway. Liam doesn’t feel the same way.”

Stiles: “Aha so you admit it you do love Liam.” *smirks*

Y/N: “Stiles what why are you smirking. Oh no I know that face it’s your scheming face. Stiles please stop thinking whatever you’re thinking.”

Stiles: “To late the wheels are already turning and by the way I’m hurt that you think of it as a scheme it’s more of a plan.”

Y/N: “OMG I am so dead this is not gonna end well. Scott please help me please stop this psycho maniac from doing something incredibly stupid and irresponsible.”

Scott: “If I knew how to do that I would’ve done it a long time ago. Sorry but you’re on your own on this one.” *Y/N groans*

Stiles: “Okay so here is the plan, Y/N, Kira, Lydia, and Mason since all three of you have P.E with Hayden Y/N you will find a way to reel her in. Malia, Scott, and I will lure Liam into the trap but when we do just make sure that Hayden is doing all of the talking.”

Y/N: “That shouldn’t be so hard considering she loves to hear herself talk.”

Stiles: “We also need a plan b so if plan a goes to complete ape shit, I will lock you and the little runt in a room and you two can work it out yourselves.”

Y/N: “I prefer plan a.”

Last class of the day which also happens to be where the plan is located. Today coach told us we have to run the trails today. The girls got dressed in the locker room Y/N is wearing this outfit. The girls met up with Mason on the trails, coach blew the whistle signaling everyone to start running. Y/N raced down the path edge further and further away from the class suddenly feeling her body tipping over she tumbled down a hill. She finally stopped tumbling when she saw a shadow hovering over her body, Hayden’s, her friends came to her aid Kira and Lydia helped pull her up asking her if she was okay.

Hayden: “Next time watch where you’re going.”

Y/N: “Are you fucking kidding me, bitch you just rammed into me I was nowhere near you! You are making this really hard for me right now.”

Kira: *whispers in her ear* “Y/N just relax you’re squeezing your hands so hard they’re turning white.”

Y/N: “Kira I’m trying really hard to not knock this bitch into next week right now.”

Hayden: “Go ahead bitch so me what you got.”

Y/N: *groans* “Lydia can I please just slap her around a bit?”

Lydia: *whispers* “As much as we would all like to see that it’s not exactly part of the plan so I’m gonna go with no. Just keep her talking for a little longer Kira texted Scott earlier.”

Hayden: “What’s the matter you don’t think you can take me?”

Y/N: “Oh I can totally take you, I just have more self-control over myself than you.”

Hayden: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Y/N: “It means I know what you did the thing is do you really want Liam to find out.”

Hayden: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Y/N: “You know exactly what I’m talking about, maybe I should paint a picture to help jog your memory. Remember when you showed up to Lydia’s party three weeks ago, well I noticed Liam wasn’t with you. Why was that?”

Hayden: “I you really want to know it was because he too busy moping around about the fight you two had. He told me he wasn’t really in the mood to go to a party.”

Y/N: “And who do you go with?”

Mason: “Y/N where are you going with this?”

Y/N: “Mas let Hayden answer the question.”

Hayden: “I went some friends.”

Y/N: “Come on Hayden be more specific.”

Hayden: “I’m done talking to you.”

Y/N: “No you’re not. HAYDEN GET BACK HERE!”

Y/N chased Hayden through the trail where they were met but a very stunned Liam.

Liam: “Hayden what was just Y/N talking about?”

Hayden: “Nothing babe don’t worry about it. Why are here you don’t even have this period?”

Liam: “Hayden stop trying to change the subject, just tell me what you guys were talking about.”

Y/N: “Hayden you better tell him before I do.”

Hayden: “Y/N don’t you dare say a word.”

Y/N: “Sure now you know my name.”

Hayden: *scoffs* “Um…okay Liam you remember when I went to Lydia’s party a few weeks ago *he nods* well you didn’t want to go so I took some other friends with me. We got super drunk and this guy I think his name was Logan, anyway long story short he and I fucked in one of Lydia’s spare bedrooms.”

Liam: “WHAT THE FUCK! Hayden are you fucking kidding me, you fucked someone else while I was sitting at home feeling like shit, after all that shit Y/N said about you I was the one who defended you! After all the rumors I heard about you I chose not to believe them and you go behind my back and do some stupid shit like this. You know what Hayden you can got fuck yourself because we’re through.

Hayden: “I don’t even care I’ll just find other loser to satisfy my needs.”

Y/N: “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Lydia: *whispering to Kira and Mason “Little miss bitch won’t do going out with anyone anytime soon when she finds out I live streamed this whole thing.”

Mason: “Lydia that’s intense.”

Y/N noticed Liam walking away since the breakup was partially her fault she chased him to see if he was okay.

Y/N: “Liam! Liam! Liam can you please just stop walking away for a second. *he stops* Are you okay?”

Liam: “Me…um…yep totally fine. I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

Y/N: “Okay I will take that lie and I’m gonna pull the bullshit card because that is complete bullshit. Now let’s try things this again. Are you okay?”

Liam: “Why are you even talking to after what I did?”

Y/N: “Because I know you were just doing what you thought was right.”

Liam: “Okay now it’s my turn to play the bullshit card.”

Y/N: *chuckles softly* “Liam you are my best friend and I missed more than you’ll ever know can we just talk it out.”

Liam: “I should be the one begging you to take me back not the other way around. I’m sorry I believed Hayden. You were right actually you’re always right, why are you even friends with me again?” *Y/N laughs*

Y/N: *mumbles* “Because I’m in love with you.”

Liam: “What did you just say?”

Y/N: “Goddamn werewolf hearing…um I said I love…food…yeah…I love food so much I had to mumble it every five minutes or I’ll forget. You are so not buying that are you? *he shakes his head* I said I’m in love with you. Liam will you please just say something this silence is getting kind of awkward.”

Liam: “Oh…um…sorry. I just can’t believe that I actually have a chance with you now.”

Y/N: “Say whattt?”

Liam laughed softly, he took a step closer towards her. “I’ve been in love with you for quite some time now I just didn’t know how to tell you and then Hayden asked me out and I thought why not Y/N doesn’t feel the same way. Y/N’s heart was pounding in her chest she was so sure he could hear it. She looked up in his piercing blue eyes as they casted down towards her lips then back to her eyes, it was like they were the on two people world when he looked into her eyes, her heart was practically beating out of her chest anticipating his next move. Just as the longing became unbearable, Liam’s lips met Y/N’s. The heat of the kiss sent a spark through her body. Y/N put her hands around Liam’s neck pulling him closer as she got lost in his minty breath and soft lips. They pulled away breathless noticing they were still on the trail in the woods. Y/N was speechless she couldn’t form any words Liam took that as a sign to speak up first.

Liam: “Hey earth to Y/N *waves hand in her face* are you okay?”

Y/N: “Oh…um…y-yeah I’m fine…it’s just…that was…wow. Lydia was right the truth will set you free.”

Liam: “So do you want to make this official and go on a real date with me?”

Y/N: “Hmm…let me think about it…yes Liam I would love nothing more than to go on a date with you.”

bandom in the year of our lord 2016

because it’s that time of year again

  • alex gaskarth got MARRIED holy SHIT and to his high school sweetheart
  • dallon weekes is still constantly looking into the camera like he’s on the office
  • alex and jack hosting the apmas again???
  • travie mccoy adding everyone back on snapchat because he doesnt know he doesnt have to
  • the academy is…’s reunion tour??? the reunion of gabilliam?????
  • 21 peanuts writing a song for suicide squad, somehow making a shitty movie even shittier
  • jack barakat continues to be a 12 year old
  • vicky t being transphobic on twitter
  • william beckett cut his hair after FORTY years
  • ryan ross on phases’ snapchat @phases thank u <3 :-*
  • “the mark matt and travis show” holy fuck that’s fucking salty
  • gerard way posted a selfie and he looks like its 2003 wow
  • brendon urie has been posting salty shit shading ryan on ig im THRIVING its so funny
  • pierce the veil finally released a new album
  • dark fall out boy show me the forbidden the kids arent alright video
  • panic at the disco performing a song for suicide squad, somehow making a shitty movie even shittier
  • brendon! at the party 2k16
  • alex gaskarth leaking new lyrics via snapchat
  • mike carden and gabe saporta are actually dating now

and that’s what you missed on glee!!

I’m fucked but at least I got to read about my otp fucking beforehand

We talk about hard things or we sit quietly
side by side and pass the blunt back and forth.
Our big heavy beautiful bodies are nothing
like what the magazines promised,
but we still run this shit. Catch us waking up early
only if brunch is involved, the week’s hottest gossip
getting us more drunk than $5 mimosa specials.
At bars we take shot after shot, ask strangers
to take a look right down into our open throats
and see our smoking bellies. This summer
was a lot of sadness, a lot of madness,
yeah, but things fell together the way they were 
supposed to. And I should have chosen a more boring life.
And I can wash my hair in the sink if I really want to.
And I count the pores around my nose carefully
every night before bed. And I miss home but home
is different now because I have bills and responsibilities
and a floor that needs vacuuming. My phone is brimming
with voicemails from someone who just wants to talk
but nothing is ever that simple. My true love 
is probably a long time away from me or lost 
on the subway or enjoying someone else’s bed. 
I’ll see you soon, motherfucker.
—  Kristina Haynes, “My Horoscope Did Not Prepare Me for This Day”
Skype sex with the bestie

Pairing: Wanda x reader

Anon request:Can I please request one where the reader has just broken up with her boyfriend and is feeling upset but her best friend wanda is on a mission so they have to Skype to check in on each other and end up having Skype sex. I was inspired by your perfect trio fic which I love by the way. Thank you xx

Authors note: thank you so much for liking my fic

Breakups are tough, they’re even tougher when your best friend is in the other side of the country. Last week I caught my boyfriend of a eight months cheating on me with one of his coworkers. The most messed up part about it was the fact that he was balls deep in her and he still had the nerve to say “it’s not what it looks like.” After I punched him in the face I came straight home. Tony being to oh so sweet older brother that he was and his best friend rhodey offered to beat the shit out of him. I kindly declined their offer, although I know them they were still going to do it anyways. I just needed to vent to my best friend Wanda. Since it’s midnight here in New York I knew it was 9:00pm over in California I knew Wanda would be awake. I just hope she was in her hotel room. It only two rings for Wanda to answer my skype call, the smile on her face faded when she saw my red eyes.

“Y/n what wrong ! ! ! !” Her face was now sad

“I was thinking about him again” I felt my throat tighten as I spoke.

About the happy times in our relationship" I replied looking away from the screen.

“Aww y/n I hate that I’m not there to comfort you or at least hurt that asshole for what he did to you” Wanda’s tone of voice was serious.

“Don’t worry my brother and Rhodey did a number on him” I laughed dryly as I remembered seeing my ex two days after our break up. He had two black eyes, a broken arm and leg. When he saw me he turn around waddled the opposite direction. “But I do wish you were here so we could watch horror movies together. And bash boys, you know typical best friend drill when one of us goes through a breakup”

“I know I wish I was there with you, instead I’m alone in this creepy motel room. The only thing that’s keeping me entertained was the tv and now you”

“Turn on the tv let’s see what movies are on, and don’t worry about the motel charge, Tony will be paying it”

“You want to watch a movie threw your computer?” Wanda questioned as she got her remote

“Yeah, I have nothing to watch over here, maybe there are movies there I’ve never seen before?” Wanda turned on her tv and loud moans came out of her tv speakers.

“Shit” Wanda cursed as she lowered the tv volume.

“Oh my gosh Wanda maximoff was watching porn ! ! ! ! ” I giggled as I saw Wanda’s face turn red from embarrassment. Although I couldn’t see the tv I could still tell that she was watching lesbian porn. I could tell because all I heard were female moans. “Why on earth are you watching porn ! ! !” My sad mood now replaced by an amused one.

“It’s been a while ok, and I don’t know where the girls in this town have been. So better than risking getting an STD I’d rather get off on my own”

“Aww my poor best friend is horny and alone” I playfully pouted while laughing at the same time.

“Shut it” Wanda laughed as her eyes landed on the tv. Her mood suddenly changed as she watched the porn on the tv.

“Can I at least see what your watching?” I asked as Wanda moved her laptop so I could watch the two girls on the tv fucking. “On I’ve seen this one, good choice Wanda”

“You’ve watched porn?” Wanda sounded shocked.

“Yeah of course, a girls got to get off on her own sometimes”

“Well then why were you giving me crap it the beginning” Wanda turned the laptop around so I could see her.

“Because I love watching you get awkward Hahahaha” I laughed as Wanda tried not to laugh as well. After calming down from my laughter I noticed Wanda’s eyes were on my breast that were practically hanging out of my tank top. “Yo Wanda my eyes are up here” I motioned with my hands as I started laughing again.

“I’m sorry” Wanda was turning red again from embarrassment.

“Don’t be I’m having a good boob day and since I don’t have a boyfriend to show them off too I guess my best friend will have to do” I shimmied my chest for the webcam.

“Oh my gosh I’m friends with a weirdo” Wanda smiled at the webcam.

“Yes but you’re a weirdo by association. Now shimmy for me Wanda” I teased knowing she wouldn’t do it.

“You know what” leaned into the webcam so her covered boobs were only showing and began to shimmy them.

“Wanda maximoff you’re brother would be ashamed ! ! ! ! You’re lucky he’s out with my brother or else I would of told on you ! ! !” Wanda leaned back so I could see her face again and laughed. “Who would of thought you had a wild side”

“Oh you haven’t seen wild yet” not understanding what she was saying I leaned closer to the screen. The next thing I knew Wanda flashed her boobs.

“WANDA ! ! !” I shouted as giggled at my reaction.

“See I’m wilder than you thought, now you show me yours” Wanda took her top off and tossed it aside. I was contemplating if I should do it or not and Wanda could tell. “What are you chicken? If little innocent me can do it than it should be a piece of cake for a stark”

“You know what” I swiftly took off my top exposing my breasts to my best friend. “Are you happy now?”

“Very” we stayed silent for a while as we were checking each other out. Wanda had beautifully round breast that I just wanted to suck on. “I wish you were here to do that”

“Wait how are you?”

“I might not be able to read your mind from all the way over here but your eyes say it all. And if I’m being honest I wouldn’t mind doing the same to yours” I began to shift my legs getting turned on by the way Wanda was talking to me.

“Really? What else would you do?” I gave her a smug look as I ran my hands over my chest.

“This stays between us right?”

“Yeah Wanda, you know I still haven’t told anyone about the little night together a year ago. What makes you think I’ll tell anyone about right now?”

*flashback a year ago*

“Y/n y/n y/n I love you so much, you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world” Wanda draped herself on me as we entered my bedroom.

“And you’re my bestest friend in whole wide world Wanda” I slammed my door shut.

“I want to kiiiiiis someone gimme some sugar bestie” I turned around and Wanda’s lips were on mine. In my drunken haze kissed her back hungrily as we tripped and fell on the floor. “Lets at least make it to the bed Wanda” I dizzily got up and laid on my bed as Wanda got on top.

“I am going to rock your world y/n” was the last thing she said before she ripped our clothes off and had drunken sex. The morning after we we swore not to say anything thing to anyone and we acted like it never happened.

*end of flashback*

“Fair enough I would play with the other breast as I’d slip my hand in your sweats and tease your pussy” Wanda responded as she gripped her inner thigh

“Mmm that sounds nice, like this” I began playing with my right breast as my left hand disappeared in my sweats.

“Yeah now take your sweats off I want to see you touch yourself” Wanda ordered as her right hand disappeared in her shorts.

“Only if you take off your shorts too” I moaned as I played with my clit. Wanda soon removed her shorts and underwear. “Spread your legs for me Wanda” I removed my hand from my sweats and removed them and my underwear.

“Like this?” Wanda spread her legs and I could she her bare pussy on screen.

“Mmm yeah run your hands up and down” I ordered her as I mirrored her action. “Pretend that my hand, insert a finger for me” I watched as she inserted two fingers inside her.

“Mmm y/n do what I’m doing and pretend it’s me toooooo fuck” Wanda was watching me as two fingers disappeared inside me. “Oh you look you pretty like that y/n, start moving it faster for me” Wanda started to move her faster as I tried to match her pace.

“Oh Wanda fuck, start to play with with your clit for me” I start you heave as I started rubbing my clit furiously “ahh fuck yes ugh god Wanda”

“God y/n I want to see you cum get your vibrator and shove it inside you while I get mine” I reached into my nightstand and got my vibrator. Wanda came back into view with hers that was exactly like mine. We actually got it at the same one. “Ready y/n?” We shoved the vibrator inside ourselves.

“Yes turn it on now” we switched it on and our moans echoed in our rooms.

“Y/N! ! ! ! ! I’m sorry but I’m going to cum already FUCK”

“Shit it’s ok Wanda I’m going to cum too lets cum together” I responded as she nodded her head yes “On the count of three ok?”


“1… 2 . . . 3 ! ! ! ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” we both screamed as we came at the same time.

“Wanda fuck” I looked at her as she slipped the vibrator out of her “you’re so wet Wanda fuck” I moaned as I slipped my vibrator out of me.

“So are you y/n fuck, I just want to lick you up” Wanda moved so she was laying on her bed and her laptop was on her stomach.

“Mmm that sounds like a good idea, maybe when you come back next week.” I moved so I was laying on my stomach.

“I’d like that as well but in the meantime we could continue this? I like this.”

“What us? Or the sex?”

“Both when we I get back we could maybe see were we go, maybe we can see if our friendship could turn into a relationship? Maybe?”

“Yeah maybe, until then I’ll talk to you tomorrow, same time and place?”

“Yes, goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Wanda” I ended the call and went turned off my lamp before falling asleep.