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(* Greetings!!)
(* I’ve been slammed this month with some super heavy bills, so…)
(* I’m opening up some Discounted UT commissions, about $5-10 off normal prices for the two above options!! Clean sketches and Mono color)
(* These are priced per character, no character limit)
(* They can be anything UT related, including personal AUs and UTsonas)

(* Orders are SFW ONLY)
(* And please keep in mind, I fall ill extremely often so these may take abit of time to finish!! And if you feel like just being nice, you can always throw me a coffee!!)

Please email prinnyparade@live.com this form filled out:
Commission Wanted:
Character Name:
Character Reference: (The best one you have. i want to be accurate)
Brief Personality Description:
Pose Preference / Clothing:
Additional information (extra info , specifics, etc):

(* If you wanna see my general commissions listings/prices for other types or non ut orders, you can check out my site!)

Therapeutic Compression CRIB or TODDLER Size Bed Sheet for kids with Autism, ADHD and Insomnia
A Lycra Compression Bed Sheet stretches over your kids body and gives deep pressure to calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized and/or fearful nervous system. This Lycra Compression Bed Sheet will work wonders on children who have a difficult time unwinding, relaxing and calming her/ his body for sleep. Warm till hot polyester cotton mix washable and warm tumble drying program. Fits all Crib Mattresses with the dimensions 20 x 52.

Holy cow, so y’all. A lot of us have sensory issues. A friend of mine has a toddler who is basically me when it comes to this sorta thing. A lot of OTs recommend weighted blankets but those are 1. expensive to try (I mean WHAT IF THEY DON’T WORK?) 2. HOT. 

Now, I haven’t tried these myself because after decades of trial and error I have found what works for me (and I’m claustrophobic…so these frighten me as much as they fascinate lol), but I will tell you that my friend is RAVING about them on facebook. Her toddler has been sleeping through the night finally without getting under his fitted sheet with all his stuffed animals and blankets) and he is taking actual naps. A weighted blanket didn’t work for them (and they were fortunate to be able to borrow one), but these are much more economical. 

These are listed for Crib and toddler beds, but

They make up to a king size.

That’s right. 40 bucks compared to the hundred plus I see for most weighted blankets (and those aren’t even adult sized). 

Now, we know tumblr doesn’t like to allow linked posts in the search results so if y’all could pass this around that would be great. These sheets have already changed the life of a family I know, I’m sure they’d help others. 

So the method I was using to get grocery money - selling plasma - isn’t working anymore because my hematocrit is too low.

I can’t raise it without eating iron-rich food, and I can’t do that without money for groceries.

If someone could send us money for food, that’d be great. I know I’ve gotten money recently, but that’s for the storage unit road trip and I can’t use any of that for this.

Ideally $50 would do it, but even $20 would let me get some ground beef and a few things to make quesadillas, lol.

If you can, please donate via paypal at Kobanya@hotmail.com or paypal.me/kobanya

Please reblog if you can’t donate. Thanks!

I unfollowed a bunch of people and I need to spice up my dash yeeet, reblog this post if you post any of the following;

~ rilakkuma

~ animal crossing new leaf

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~ art

~ anything nintendo honestly

~ league of legends

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~ memes and shitposts (heh)

~ pastel/landscape aesthetics

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PSA: If You're Reading A Self Published Author

Please, please please take the time to rate and/or review the book. It takes only a few seconds to click a star rating but it can make or break a self published author. If you have the time to write a written review that’s even better. Even if it’s just one sentence “I loved this book” or “great story” you would really be helping out us self published authors. We can’t sell books if we don’t have reviews. Being a self published author myself, I’m always hearing how people loved my book but I still have a hard time getting reviews, which in turn means I have a hard time getting sales. Please guys, at least for me this is my business. This is how I make a living and I know that many of my fellow authors are in the same boat!

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sugasets → gintoukis

For my love, Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki. ♡ Please like if you see this! Mutuals, I would appreciate if you could reblog as well! ♡

so it looks like I might have a chance to go my convention to actually meet most of the Persona 5 cast?? which is a huge deal?? but I’ve been labouring under the idea that I had little chance of going and thus my funds are low low low so if I could get just a couple writing commissions, that would help out a lot!! 

I also make plushies and pillows, too fam if fanfiction isn’t your thing

✨ Prices

$5 for 500 words.

$10 for 1000 words.

Basically just increase in increments of $1/100 if you want a longer story.

Interactive stories (like Persona style choice fics) will be slightly more pricy, because they’re a little more complicated.

Minimum is 200 words, maximum can be discussed.

✨ Payment

Payment will be through Paypal.

After the fic is finished (but before it is posted) I will send you an Invoice.

Once paid, the story will be sent first to the commissioner and then posted to AO3/Tumblr or posted straight to either if the commissioner has no objections. If you want a private commission, let me know.

I reserve the right to turn down anything that makes me uncomfortable.

No emeto, gore, super hardcore NSFW etc because trust me I’m no good at that.

I am great at fluff and angst though that’s kind of my specialty.

✨ Fandoms

Final Fantasy XV          Kingdom Hearts

Persona 3                     Persona 4

Persona 5                     Dragon Age series

Tales of Xillia/2             Tales of Zestiria

Sherlock Holmes          Star Trek

Alice in Wonderland     White Collar

Houdini & Doyle           xxxHolic

Tsubasa                       Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters

Supernatural                Cabin Pressure

Captain America          Hamilton

Merlin                          Free!

Yuri on Ice                   Fantastic Beasts

orrrr any other fandom you know I’m in or want to ask if I’m familiar with!

Even just three mid length fics would pay for my ticket!

Signal boosts would be super appreciated <3


EDIT: you can find examples of my writing on my AO3 HERE

Looking for RP connections!

Hey there folks! I’m looking to further my RP contacts with the lovely folks of Balmung! I’ve been RP’ing almost exclusively with my FC since I brought W’rihn in, and I’m looking to change that! 

  • Character name: W’rihn Diru
  • Occupation: Farmer, and Paladin
  • Age: 23
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

The type of RP I’m looking to find for Rihn can vary, as he’s adaptable to quite a few various plots. If we’re being honest? General folks for him to meet would be grand. He’s a young guy with a desire to simply make friends! Working on the farm for as long as he had kept him fairly limited to his contacts, and now that he’s out setting his own adventure, people to meet are at the top of his list!

Of course, any other Paladins would be great to meet, or anyone who’d like to drag along this farmboy along for any adventure, or even a spar or two!


If you’re interested, feel free to hit me up on Tumblr, or in-game! I’ll be on all day!

Edit: I have Discord! Feel free to add me there too! 




it’s finally time for me to make an official commission post!!

Here is just a really quick sample of things and prices, though I’m willing to work with you if you need! You can find more of my art under #my art on my blog.

I can do lots of different styles ranging from more illustration type things to semi-realistic. I’m best at portraits, but I can do full body as well (it’ll just take me a bit more time). I mostly draw Death Note, but I’ll draw stuff from any series or even OCs!

Even if you can’t buy, please reblog or refer people! I’m broke most of the time and this would help.

If you’re interested, send me a message or an ask and we’ll talk specifics. 

Thanks so much have a great night everyone <3

Hey guys! 

I don’t usually do  this but my friend @paranoidzombi REALLY needs the money, so a lil help would be great!

I’ll try to keep it short, my big bro is a pansexual latinx boy and he is having a lot of money issues right now. Even though he is working the money he gets is not enough to pay for his medicine, his food and his college. 

Soo… to help a lil I opened a REBUBBLE, I am selling stickers so he can get some money! It would be nice if you guys checked it out or at least boosted this, it would be a really sweet detail!! 


Thanks either way! <3 

Please help a mentally ill trans/nonbinary queer poc out

Hey obviously life stuff has changed since I was Kissimmee and i’m doing kinda better financially but I still really need help to get by: everything is pretty much explained HERE and there are my links for donations. If  I have time I might open up commisions but with how much I work and the hours i have I might not have the spoons too not to mention I am not very confident in my art (which is why I barley post any anymore). It will help me out sooo much or  even signal boosting would be great!

edit: I get about $330 this week for 40 hours and I need to give $175 to my dad and pay $40 to my phone bill and $70 for a bus pass which will leave me $45 for food and maybe other things that week I can still share stuff with my dad as explained on my donation page but we oth aren’t very wll off ourselves.Some weeks are better than others.  




Please donate to this SUPER talented chicka and help her realize her dream! She’s far too talented to leave in the dust!





she even made a cupcake for homestuck garbage, she’s so great omfg

SO what can you do to help this hot mama open up her VERY OWN bakery? DONATE TO HER KICKSTARTER! She’s very far from her goal and time is very short. It would be totally tragic and horrible to see it fail, because she’s SO incredibly talented. So please signal boost, donate if you can, and send her some LOVE!

Reblog if you can’t do anything else! Let’s get her talent in the limelight!

Emergency Help Please!

Its the end of the month and again we have no money. We don’t even have $5 to our name. Electric was due yesterday, rent is due in a few days, and we both just started out jobs and no way we will have all the funds needed in time.

We need at least $1100 to pay off all the bills. If anyone can find it in their heart to help that would be great. We got lucky last month with loans. We won’t have that luck this month…

Please help!

Just donate here: paypal.me/michirucipher

so this post has been going around so i thought i would compile a larger list that also would include transgirls as well! it’s all under the cut because its a very large list

Keep reading

So over the last few weeks I recently hit a personal milestone of 600+ followers on this blog, and that absolutely blows me away because this is such a weird mismash of fandoms, ships and personal nonsense. 

So in order to celebrate and to properly say thanks to all of you, I decided to do a give away of sorts, with not just one, but two options and here’s how.

  • First please be following this blog
  • Second pick either a 1) Character Aesthetic Moodboard or 2) Ship Aesthetic Moodboard.
  • Third send me your request in the form of an ask HERE
  • Please note any specific fancasts, canon or AU’s you have in mind in the ask, otherwise it’ll be creators choice. Also note if you’re okay with NSFW content, none will appear unless you give me the okay on it.  
  • My inbox will be open for requests until 5pm EST Monday, August 21st

I am requesting that you please keep your requests to fandoms or ships that I have knowledge about, I also would personally really appreciate if we can steer clear of any underage content. If a ship has an underage character, I will adjust accordingly to my preferences.

You can check out my archive here if you’re curious or just send me a PM with any questions. I will be working on these as I receive them, but please be aware that I do work a full time job and all fandom obligations come second to personal obligations, but have no fear I will complete every single request received.  

Once again, thank you all so much for giving me such a great experience these past few years. I’m so excited to get to make Nice Things for all of you!  

Love, Bex ❤️

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Need Nalu Fanfic Recommendations

Hey guys! So I recently got a request for Nalu, but I haven’t read much of them. For those of you who don’t know, I’m more of a Gajevy reader/writer, but I’d love to try and take the request. I do want to branch out from gajevy, but they’re the only couple whose relationship I feel like I have a solid grasp of. So does anyone have good nalu recs? I want to make sure I do them justice if I choose to write them. So oneshots, drabbles, multicaps, ficlets. Any piece that you think shows good characterization of them as a couple. Bonus: great artwork/comics help too! Thank you for any help :) even if you don’t have recs just a signal boost would be great so those who do can find this!

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SmirkDog Photography on Redbubble
I take photos of local wildlife in their natural habitats, when they think no one is looking. Buy prints (and many other things) of my photos!

I figured a good way to get my photos out there and to make money is to sell them. I don’t have the means to produce and ship them myself, so I thought Redbubble would be a good place to start. For most of them, you can buy posters/prints, stickers, postcards, tablet cases, throw pillows, clocks, notebooks, and more. They’d probably make great gifts.

I’ll be constantly adding more, both as I get through uploading all of them and continue to take more, so make sure to check back often.

And even if you can’t buy one for yourself, signal boosting would be great!

anonymous asked:

I feel like we need to do a jonerys big bang or something to encourage more fic-writing in the fandom. People are already doing amazing, so much fic is being written - but maybe that would inject even more life into those who are interested in writing. We could do a Reverse Big Bang, where artists produce artwork and fic writers write for it too. I would host this myself but I don't know how lol. But maybe some of your followers will be keen or volunteer.

i’m all in for supporting fanfiction writers and this type of event. but i’m terrible with actually hosting something fanfiction related lol i can signal boost or have something promoted here but i’d totally need help. anything to give incentive for more fics being published is great! incentives other than our desperate need of fics, that is lmao