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It took me something like 10 months to finally get around to watching "The Conqueror" because I knew, I FUCKING KNEW it would give me Tony feels and I was right and I'm not ok.

oh my gosh TELL ME ABOUT IT, idk if the writers were following a checklist or something but this episode literally covers all the “tony feels” tropes in the book, like:

  • Tony putting on his flashy “PR persona” and taking control of a press event in order to protect his teammates from unwanted attention
  • Tony having to physically turn away when a reporter starts attacking his self-worth and implying that Stark Industries can’t keep up with its competitors
    • like, this is the expression on his face when she starts mentioning Stane, Killian, Hammer, and The Ten Rings (which apparently is just another tech company in this verse??)

    • in fact, Tony turns away so abruptly that Steve actually calls out in concern as if shocked by how rattled he was by that single reporter
  • Then Whiplash shows up with unusually futuristic tech and actually manages to rough up the Avengers a bit before Natasha sprays him with a hose (hah), but then when Tony doesn’t offer his usual post-battle quip, she asks if he’s okay and HIS VOICE LITERALLY CRACKS when he says “I’m fine” before stalking away
  • So, long story short, the Avengers track down this AIM facility that’s stealing and selling tech from the future via this time portal, and Kang the Conqueror pops out and kicks everyone’s asses before disappearing
    • and this just bothers Tony even more to the point where he holes himself up in his workshop and forgets to eat and sleep because he’s trying (and failing) to understand Kang’s tech
    • cue the other Avengers expressing their concern and trying (and failing) to cheer Tony up
  • Literally there’s a shot of all the Avengers just sitting around in various states of restlessness because THEY’RE ALL WORRIED ABOUT TONY AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO
    • also, side note, because I see everything with a stevetony lens, I’m sorry: but I found it odd just how quiet Steve was in this episode? Especially since this is AA, we expect to see him giving Tony a pep talk of some kind or at least offering his two cents on the matter, but? he doesn’t?? In fact, you can see in the above screenshot that his whole posture is just….slumped? As if he’s weighed down by his own thoughts. I could totally be reading too much into this, but I can’t help but think that the reason for Steve’s lack of input is because he’s busy wrestling with his own demons: specifically his fears about being a “man out of time” that’s helpless/unable to keep up with or mitigate Tony’s “futurist” issues
  • Anyway, eventually Kang comes back and attempts to take over the world etc. etc. and we get this vulnerable scene where Tony just opens up about how he’s constantly shouldering the fear of being replaced because he’s not “enough” (and how he can’t even admit that to anyone because he’s afraid they won’t understand)
    • on a lighter note, he also geeks out over Kang’s ship nomenclature, which just made me think of a young Tony Stark surrounded by books and entranced by Greek myths and Arthurian legends…
    • honestly, thank you AA for this nerd, I love him so m u c h
  • so yeah, this is getting too long so I’m going to stop, but tldr if you love Tony Stark pls do yourself a favor and watch this episode, I promise you won’t regret it

A wise man once told me, ’family don’t end in blood.’ But it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them family’s there; for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family.

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(part 1) ur gonna roast me for this but im legit curious why mafia AUs are so bad? im asking in a non confrontational way, i get it romanticizing mafia is wrong, but i also believe that 1)most mafia AUs are a really toned down type of mafia;2)they do make for some interesting kinds of dynamics with fanart and with fics; 3)in a fic specifically u can create your own world and call something mafia and still make it so they don't kill innocent people but only idk members of other gangs or sth

(part 2) plus theyre a way to put ur charas in a completely diff context and see what theyll do. i mean i dont believe that writing ships in a certain context (like mafia) equals romanticizing that context. mafia AUs arent even my fav things to read (in fact i almost never do), im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

I’m not gonna roast you don’t worry xD okay wait let me check if I replied to this already if yes I’m gonna c/p because it’s half past midnight otherwise I’ll just go at it again wait *checks tags* fff obviously I don’t have a general post but anyway pls read this after you’ve done with my post and then this which is also choke-full of links. plus for a (not nice) laugh: here. AH WAIT I FOUND THE POST.

okay, so, let’s have it out of the way: I have nothing against mob aus or crime aus. I have a problem against calling them mafia AUs because in the US mafia = organized crime at large, in Italy mafia = ACTUAL EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTIVELY HARMFUL. now that I introduced the topic I’ll c/p you the reply I gave to another anon who while discussing the issue pointed out that most writers don’t even know Italian mafia is a thing, which is pretty much on the same discourse so…

*The thing is - in the US it might not be enough of a deal anymore and I honestly do get why people make the mafia = regular mobsters, since the mafia was the first foreign organized crime being exported to the US via italian immigrants (sorry if this sounds horrible in English but I just woke up and I still didn’t have coffee) so I understand that mafia became the umbrella term.But the thing is that - as you said, these people don’t even know that there’s a mafia in Italy anymore or where the word comes from.

 I’m going to link to italiansreclaimingitaly’s tag about the mafia and its perception outside Italy because they posted about this extensively and it’s an excellent resource, but meanwhile I’m gonna do a very short bullet point list and about the topic:

  • Mafia might not be a big deal in the US, but it still is here. We have the beauty of four different mafias (Cosa Nostra - the Sicilian one, camorra which is the one in Campania but has tendrils spread everywhere, the ‘ndrangheta which is in Calabria and the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia) which are all active [especially camorra and 'ndrangheta] and whose actions have direct impact (negative) on our economy and on our society. Actually mafias are one of the main reasons we’re currently economically fucked up, and if I start talking about how mafia culture keeps some areas literally backwards I could talk about it for three months.
  • There are still people who are killed for standing up against them. These days the most prominent personality is Roberto Saviano who is a writer who dared to put together a book documenting minutely the way camorra works and he’s been living under protection for years by this point. Like, they want him dead because he wrote a book. And I’m sorta sure that he was talking about leaving Italy and going to the US after years of sticking with it here because he can’t take it anymore but I don’t know if it was a taken decision or if it’s still debating it.
  • It wasn’t even thirty years ago that we had the stragi di mafia - in english it’d be something like the mafia slaughters, basically around the beginning of the nineties there were a number of bombs planted by the mafia targeting people who were trying to oppose it including judges Falcone and Borsellino, actually the anniversary of Falcone’s death is like… tomorrow. And they’ve killed people for way longer than that. Here is a list of only Cosa Nostra victims including the ones from the eighties/nineties. And people are still dying because of it. The slaughters I’m referring to are just the ones in the nineties which are enough of a number.
  • They also perpetuate a culture where if you testify against your mafia-employed relatives you’ll be shunned forever. There are women who testified against their families and couldn’t see their children anymore never mind that they weren’t automatically considered a relative anymore the moment they sided against the mafia. Some people have committed suicide after becoming witnesses also because our police force/justice system can be terribly non-supportive in this kind of situation so they got left on their own. Never mind that back in the day - it was the beginning of the nineties? - I recall at least a particular story of - I think, correct me if I remember wrong but I can’t remember the names for the life of me - where this guy testified against the local mafia when he either used to work for them or was forced to pay them the pizzo and in retaliation his six-year old (or five? Anyway he had a son younger than ten for sure) got kidnapped, killed and thrown into acid to dispose of the body. That happened in what, 1993? 1994? It’s pretty much yesterday. And now the camorra is doing the same - there’s a list here of camorra victims among which accidental passerbys that got killed because they were in the way which I can tell just by glancing is not complete. And I’m not even going into the 'ndrangheta. That is to say, here mafia still kills people and cripples our country.

Now, I get that it’s a word, but the point was: let’s say that instead of the Italians the Japanese came to the US first and the umbrella word for organized crime was yakuza rather than mafia and let’s say yakuza was still what it was originally in Japan while in the US it stopped being a big deal and people write yakuza!AU instead of mafia AU. Let’s say someone Japanese gets angry at that and goes like 'listen the yakuza is a real deal it does this this this and that and it’s a plague in our country so can you please at least look it up before writing your fanfic’, which is what had happened way back then when this whole mafia and fanfic thing blew up. A bunch of people told us to get over it because it’s just a word and if it’s a problem in Italy it’s not in the US so why should they care? Now, if we had been Japanese (or Chinese or Russian or Mexican) would they have said the same thing? Considering the general tumblr attitude I’m pretty sure they would have received either an apology or 'this is an important deal let’s keep that in mind’ with signal boost reblogs and stuff. 

It’s the fact that we should get over people not knowing that it’s still a real problem for us and that they can’t take five seconds to google it that is the problem imo. Especially when instead of mafia au you can just say mobsters au or tag it as organized crime and everyone is a lot happier, mostly because as the tag above explains romanticising the mafia is a good thing for them because it means they can act outside Italy with less stigma because everyone thinks that the mafia is dead or not relevant anymore, if I’m explaining myself. (And it’s active outside Italy - like, there was a mafia kill in Germany in 2007 where six people died (sorry the link is in Italian but there isn’t an English wiki page, if you look the city up you’ll find something probably) and it was because of the 'ndrangheta.

I’d really like to not get worked over it because it meant it was a thing of the past y'know, but the problem is that it isn’t and I’d rather spread some awareness in hope some of these writers look it up (because it’s a good thing that people know what mafia is since as stated they have tendrils everywhere - if you read Saviano’s book the entire first chapter is about how camorra regularly deals with Chinese import/export in Italy for one) than shrug and figure that since they’ll think everything is good for fanfic then it’s not even worth my time.*

Now, ^^^ that was the c/p-ed reply that should answer most of your doubts. What I didn’t address was:

im sure many ppl romanticize it and i obvs dont agree with that but im just trying to udnerstand bc i believe fandoms are a way to explore things that we normally wouldnt.

aaaand as we say here in Italy, this is where the donkey falls (sorry we have weird sayings), because in theory there’s nothing wrong with that… except that in 99% of the mafia aus I’ve seen around the thing is that they’re supposed to be cute.

like, I see a lot of shit with TINY MAFIA BOSS STEVE ROGERS with RUSSIAN ENFORCER BUCKY (????? bucky isn’t even russian???) and the yoi thing I saw before had the japanese character being the leader of a russian mafia gang which is… like… guys it doesn’t happen it really doesn’t, and a lot of them re-use wrongly terminology taken from the godfather without context or knowing what the hell it means, and it’s always from the criminals’ pov and they’re somehow seen as criminals doing justice where the police can’t (???) and like… no. mafia bosses/enforcers/employees are bad people period, and at least here if you try to leave or repent they kill your family in retribution. like, not even ten years ago there’s been a woman who used to belong to a mafia family (or one colluded with the mafia) who testified and her entire town/family shunned her and she couldn’t take it anymore and… killed herself drinking acid if I don’t recall wrong. it’s not even special cases. this shit is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not good fodder for your imagine your otp scenario (srsly I saw one like.. let me find it,

LIKE. just look at this shit. in a regular context, the enforcer goes to the show owner to force them to pay a monthly sum to their boss lest they destroy their shop and their lives and their family’s life never mind that mafia culture is deeply homophobic so the mafia enforcer flirting with the shopkeeper is like completely fucking out of the question. I mean, people here like to shit on the sopranos but that show was actually excellent representation of Horrid Criminals Who Were Never Supposed To Be Good People and the small arc that happened when one of tony’s friends turned out to be gay (closeted) was REALLY well done. btw, it ended that when they found out he was gay most of the crowd rejected him and thought badly of him until I think they killed him also for other reasons, but that spiraled from finding out he liked dick. and that’s american mafia that they actually based on well-done research of the culture in Italy it came from, I assure you that here it doesn’t work that differently. like. the shit above is so inaccurate and frankly offensive, it’s like… I get people romanticizing problematic stuff but the thing is that when you tell them that it’s actually offensive you get brushed off as ‘ah well you’re being too sensitive it’s just a word u__u’. now, I’m all for exploring shit we wouldn’t be into, but not like THAT, because that’s like mafia romantic comedy and that’s not how it works. now, you wanna do a fic where the mafia characters are deeply flawed and bad people and the police tries to catch them? fine, great, go ahead. you wanna do a fic where the enforcer above deals with dunno an entire life of internalized homophobia when he finds the shopkeeper attractive and feels conflicted over having to con money out of him and doing horrible shit for a living and maybe understanding that crime isn’t worth it and then he actually collaborates with the police and gets shit from about everyone he knows and loves for that? okay, awesome, go ahead. nothing bad in that.

but the shit above is not exploring things we wouldn’t/writing darkfic, it’s THINKING THAT A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION WHICH IS STILL A THING IN OUR PART OF THE WORLD IS CUTE AND ADORABLE. and that only plays in their favor because it takes the bad aura out of the word and we really should not let that happen. like. that is what is bad about mafia aus and mafia discourse, that people don’t realize the mafia is alive and well and thriving and not a thing that doesn’t exist or a generic word for organized crime.

you wanna write the shit above? okay, CALL IT CRIME AU or mob au, not mafia au.

btw, add-on: idk if I mentioned it in the above post or not, but in case I didn’t, I said that people would balk at the idea of a mexican cartel au. sadly since then I’ve found out a fandom where not only there is one but it’s also extra cutesy and people apparently love it and it has a bunch of kudos/comments and idek I’m not even touching that with a ten foot pole but like… I’ve avoided it and everything that author wrote because to me it’s just… nope. like, nope. if you do mafia aus don’t make them fucking cute. (also: in the same fandom I had to mute a v. famous fanartist whose art I actually liked but did cutesy mafia aus and.. like… haahahhaahahahahaha nah sorry. can’t go there. nope.)


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HCs for the paladins singing voices?

I sat here drinking sake while writing this so hopefully it’s not too bad lmaooo. I tried to write yesterday but I couldn’t get anything out that sounded good. (I just ended up drawing some nonsense later.) I hope you guys don’t mind I updated tonight! 

- Mod Enki


  • Pretty decent. He has a nice smooth singing voice but don’t ask him to sing super super involved songs with him because he will not be able to hit anything higher than the range he’s comfortable with. He has no sort of musical back ground what so ever since he’s never really found much success in it. I could see him being much more into sports when he was younger.
  • Once his s/o asked him to sing with them and he tried his best but in the end the two of them just ended up in a giggling fit b/c he tried to hit a high note and it was b a d. It more than likely becomes an inside joke between him and his s/o. 
  • When he’s doing some sort of menial task or just messing with his s/o’s hair when they’re just chilling he’ll sing a bit to himself. Will NOT sing in front of the other paladins like could you even imagine. They would tease him relentlessly about it pls,,, let him be a nerd by himself or with his s/o.


  • The best at singing because he picked up playing the guitar as a hobby when he was younger to try and woo girls in his classes. It just kind of stuck since then and became a real hobby of his. Even if he doesn’t have a guitar around in space his s/o can catch him trying to do the vocals and guitar parts at the same time.
  • Honestly reminds of this guy in high school who kept bringing his guitar to class and kept trying to hit on the girls in my physics class. One time he asked anyone if they wanted to hear him sing and play and I was kidding but I said: “Serenade my candy sweet candy ass.” AND HE FUCKING CAME OVER AND SAT ON MY DESK AND STARTED PLAYING AND SINGING I got so embarrassed okay I didn’t think it would happen omg omg.
  • He can sing almost any song you ask him even if it’s a bit out of his range. (Can transpose it into a different key if it’s not in a good range.) He has a soft singing voice so he could totally sing his s/o to sleep. He could belt out some song if he needed to though he’s not shy at all. Pls ask him to sing he likes to show off and win your heart like a meme boy.


  • In contrast to Lance,,, Please DONT ask him to sing he’s not very good at it. Sure he could sing a song quietly to himself but he can’t full out sing or anything. Would die if his s/o heard him singing something he had stuck in his head or a favorite song. 
  • Tried to pick up playing an instrument when he was little but it never really appealed to him. I could honestly see him being more of a decent drummer than a singer. He would be able to pick out rhythms and play them back really well but don’t ask him to sing back anything. Miss him with that singing shit.
  • If his s/o asks him to sing he will refuse. He has absolutely no confidence in his singing voice whatsoever but maybe every so often he’ll try to pick a place to come in and surprise himself a bit when he finds out he sung it pretty well. Has a surprisingly higher voice than you’d think.


  • Lance probably got him into singing when he first tried playing the guitar. Definitely suckered into singing stuff with Lance all the time so he has a pretty good singing voice. Has good relative pitch and really helps out Lance when he’s trying to figure out a tune on the guitar. A lot of, “No no, it’s a C not a F that you’re looking for.”
  • Both him and Lance are self taught but they would have some sort of music education. Hunk has more than Lance though, hence the relative pitch. He’s really trained his ear so he’s good at singing back songs and harmonizing. (Mostly because Lance always wanted to lead melody parts so he’s have to harmonize.)
  • You bet your ass he will sing when he’s cooking alone. When he really gets into the groove he sings pretty out and openly. Has a soft but still very firm voice. Honestly has a much stronger voice than the others.


  • Forget it. She cannot sing and don’t ask her to sing. Her dad used to sing a lot of dumb songs to try make her laugh but she has an aversion to singing. I can see her family being nerds and going into song and she would just be there trying to get away. You can’t escape Pidge… You can never escape your meme family. 
  • If she ever tries to sing she’s going to have a pretty high and thin voice. Finds it awkward to go from her low to her high reach a lot of the time to the point where her voice will crack and she will immediately stop. She gets really embarrassed with herself when she tries to sing and ends up failing. Always vows to never sing again after she fucks up yet she still ends up trying again later. 
  • Would rather listen to her s/o sing than sing herself. Though she tends to get jealous of people who can sing because it’s a skill she never bothered to learn. Then again, no one knows how to work tech like she does. Finds more pride in scientific pursuits than in any sort of fine arts.

final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

Could you make a fluffy and smutty one where jack is really possessive and dominant around you and you two go out for a Christmas dinner or something and you dress really nicely and guys keep hitting on you and stuff and he gets mad thanks c:

AN Sorry it’s literally taken me a month to update every time. Idk how busy I’m going to be for the next month classes start this week and I’m already freaking out. I think the only reason I’ve been able to update for this is because I’m just determined to? I don’t really know how well I’m doing so pls tell me if these are good and whatnot. It’s always weird having a roommate. Even weirder when you’re writing smut like ten feet away. Anyway lmao she’s gone for now, almost always leaves at night while I’m literally always here. Rip man. Enjoy the imagine my lovelies, you guys are seriously gr8 xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

Thick black liquid on eyelashes shouldn’t make them stand out more, but for some weird reason, that’s how mascara works. I was putting some on over my eyelashes, to make them thicker and darker and longer, when my boyfriend called up the stairs. “Y/N, are you ready to go yet?” he shouted.

“You and I both know that you take longer to get ready, Jack. Are you even done?”


“I said are you even done?”

“What about chicken?!”

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i know that anon had good intentions & you're so sweet nico, but like @anyone in the future: please don't say stuff like "you're half-blind/color blind/legally blind/etc!? but you draw so good!" it's well intentioned, but pls don't say it. it makes ppl feel like they're doing something against all odds. it actually feels a little belittling even if it's meant to be nice, and you can just say "you draw so good!"

YA….. it’s like…. i’ve had people who would do shit like cry when they find out abt my disability and it sort of rly puts us on the spot? b/c we can’t rly say “well actually…” without some people immediately hopping onto us for being mean/rude/etc. thank you for bringing this up john 💖

as a general rule it’s considered pretty rude to a lot of ppl w/disabilities to cite their disability as making their achievements all the more impressive, esp since you hear so many like. feel good news headlines abt “x disabled person Defies All Odds” and in completely disregards things like… hey, maybe if things were easier for disabled ppl this wouldn’t be so impressive, maybe that injured employee shouldn’t be working when they should be resting instead of “””beating the odds”””, etc etc. 

ANYWAY yeah. anon i know you meant well and i’m not upset or anything but do keep this in mind for the future ok? <3

Holy moly. Three hundred followers in god, like, five months ?? That’s honestly pretty wild considering I rebooted this giant golden nerd. I really want to thank everyone who followed me from my meme of an old blog to my meme of a new blog. And I want to thank new followers ! The fact that you guys wish to see / interact with Booster just blows my mind every day. Booster is a character who I have grown to love for years and the fact that you guys follow me because of it has me speechless. Your support means the world to me, and being on Michael has shown me many characters and many friends. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for everything ! I’m about to use youn.g the gi.ant lyrics cause i have no self control.

Cause I know I got you

@warriorlantern / @goldstcrred !! B E N ! Honestly, you’re one of my closest and dearest friend I’ve ever met. I probably don’t tell you often how much you mean to me, but honestly, you do. I don’t think this experience on this site would have been great if I hadn’t met or spoken with you. I’m always so grateful that you started the conversation between us. You’re my biggest inspiration, in both my art and in my writing, and you consistently push me to do better and feel better. Every day speaking with you is legit a huge blessing. You always know how to brighten it up and I’m just so proud of where you’re going. You’re gonna go so far in life because you’re just so god damn talented and I’m so glad I get to see it. I love you so much and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

@bellatornoctis / @walksonwalls / @ofsteelborn ++ many other blogs !! R E G ! Speaking with you is such a treat. You always have so many ideas and so many characters you create that I’m always in awe. You put so much thought and detail into them and you love every single one of them it’s always so heartwarming to see. I can see the passion you put in these characters Not to mention, you’re just naturally a really chill dude to just speak to about anything. Your memes are always 10/10 on par. Keep up the rad work !

@beetletastiic / @wearyrogues / @heroichunter !! M A X ! I still can’t get over the fact you managed to get me to remake this golden doofus AND that you actually wanted to have matching urls with m e ! the n e r d o ! But, I do thank you because I did miss him and I did need that extra push to get me to where I am right now. Your Ted is always such a treat—even though he does pick on Booster far too often ( pls continue ), it’s always just so much fun to interact with you. You bring so much life into your writing and you’re just always having fun which constantly puts a smile on my face. Keep doing what you’re doing !

@cigarlips / @grossbrainiac / @filmspirit !! O C T O ! Well, well, well if it isn’t the giant nerd. I’m kidding. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to sometimes vent and just spend countless hours watching and memeing about many things. It honestly helps a ton you don’t even know. I know you consistently say you’re selfish but ?? I really don’t believe or see it ? You put others before yourself and you try to make them feel happy before your own happiness which is always so admirable. It’s one of the many traits I adore from you. Your art is very cute and your writing is always amazing to read. Keep your head held high.

@ratdrag / @ectospirit / @mirrorworship !! R A T ! You’re so social oh man ! It’s so admirable tbh ! Like, you constantly try to include me in as many things as you possibly can and it’s just so sweet and so kind. Seriously, half of the things I’m into now I didn’t even know about until you showed me. ( Seriously, if you hadn’t shown me Ed.dsworld I probably wouldn’t have met Octo or Alice like w o w ). You love and care so much with all your heart and soul and it’s so great. You’re growing as a person and as an editor for graphics every day and I’m just !! wow !! Continue to grow every day ! And thanks for being such a kind and gentle spirit !

And when the seasons change, will you stand by me ?

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Isn't it odd that when dan and phil make a collabe they basically sit ON each other but when dan does one with connor he is so far away from him that he's just half in shot? I don't really ship phan it's just something i noticed

close to bae

or not close at all

i need youngmin and jaehwan and sewoon to debut ok i need it to carry on i need them to debut so i can stay sane i need them to debut so my acne will be cleared and so my crops will grow and so i can live my life without worrying ok listen them debuting is the equivalent of all m y dreams being fulfilled it will be tHAT moment of running through a field of dandelions with my arms wide open and i am smiling and the sun is shining down on me and i didn’t forget to put some spf on and i don’t sneeze because my allergies will be cured too do u understand??? i need youngmin and sewoon and jaehwan (lemme add in jisung and my bby sungwoon too) to debut! pls!

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I actually wish to talk to you more and be friends with you. But I'm quite shy. (/u\) Is it okay to just say hi to you through chat?



Message me, anon.

Originally posted by larryownthisass

PS: when i talk in ALLCAPS pls think of it as me yelling enthusiastically and not like i’m about to lead an army of bloodthirsty orcs to war, pls do not be afraid





I’d do another event but um

I haven’t even finished the 1,000 follower one pff (god I hate myself for this //rip)

Maybe I will do an art raffle this time? ;v;

But fdsabyiadb thank you for following me and deciding to stick along, I’m honestly so flattered qwq

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Is that anon insane wtf im a student of feminist studies and stripping and prostitution or even porn as long as consensual are about female sexual freedom, we as feminists literally have seminars and rallies supporting human rights for prostitutes like economic/health benefits and legal rights like netherlands has legalised prostitution so that they are not exploited, bitch exploitation will be when u dont pay strippers or prostitutes for the services they provide GOOGLE pls bfor speakin shit

Yeah I feel like saying stripping is just bad kinda shames women who do it by choice like it makes them less of a woman.

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heyyy, your art just popped up on my dash and you were sayin you didnt feel good about the quality of it but DAMN DUDE!!! YOUR ART IS SO GOOD AND THE SHADING IS MAGNIFICENT AND AUGH. PLS KEEP DOING WHAT YOURE DOING, ITS WONDERFUL 💛💛💛💛💛

[vague yelling]

I’m in like, a weird spot where I know my work is good and there’s a lot of things working about it but then immediately after that I’m just not satisfied or even brave enough to try a lot of things I want to draw or feel like it’s worth it, and adding in a time crunch and things I’m delaying working on and you’ve got a stressed out ball of anxiety. 

but he c k, thank you ;w; I’m trying to keep it up!  It’s rather slow progress but it’s going, and I just hope it doesn’t crash and burn on me. 

thank you so much! <3

so I feel like if gmw were like friends, then riarkle would be chandler x monica (unproblematic, bffs to lovers type deal), whereas lucaya would be ross x rachel (kinda messy relationship, but they get together eventually). And I guess that would go along with the riley-&-lucas-being-siblings-joke, bc ross and monica are also brother and sister. And then smackle (pheobe) and zay (joey) are just sort of unproblematic and going along for the ride and I have no idea what the point of this post is

RFA Halloween Party HC
  • halloween !!! parties !!! with jaehee !!!!!
  • rfa halloween party !!!!!
  • she’d be all like nah halloween isnt my thing theres just kids running around everywhere and pulling pranks and interferring with work i dont have time for it
  • on the inside tho she hasnt celebrated halloween since her parents died and it just makes her sad
  • when mc finds out shes all like jaehee !!!! im sorry you cant celebrate it with your parents anymore but pls let me attempt to show you how fun it can be
  • mc convinces her to do couple costumes even though shes reluctant at first
  • mc suggested going as jumin and elizabeth but jaehee was too scared that jumin would fire her
  • jaehee suggested they swap and go as each other (bc she lowkey just wants to see mc in her work clothes because c u t e (but its okay mc will be wearing them later on just for jaehee to see (wink wonk) ;) ))
  • in the end they end up going as an angel (jaehee obvs) and a devil because jaehee is literally an angel and you two are kind of polar opposites with her being a workaholic and you being a lethargic little shit
  • luciel and yoosung go as honey buddah chips and dr pepper (yoosung wanted to go as his lolol avatar but he lost a bet)
  • zen went as handsome squidward. he was supposed to just be average squidward. but it’s zen.
  • jumin ended up going as elizabeth the third. im being serious. he even put a tie and a black wig on elizabeth so she would look like him (much to zens dissmay)
  • when mc told jumin her and jaehee were going to go as jumin and elizabeth he just told her that nobody could pull jumin and elizabeth off like jumin and elizabeth.
  • at the party zen got a little too drunk and ended up giving his own mini concert
  • he sang the entire shrek soundtrack. every song from it. how does he know the entire shrek soundtrack?
  • when yoosung saw jaehee in her angel costume he thought she was rika.
  • when everyone tried to explain it was jaehee he didnt believe them
  • he eventually realised and he didnt stop crying until luciel got him drunk
  • v eventually turned up. 2 hours late.
  • he was dressed as one of the three blind mice.
  • jumin asked him why he was so late
  • “jumin im literally fucking blind”
  • zen spiked luciel’s dr pepper
  • he got drunk.
  • very drunk.
  • he got confused by his costume and thought he was a honey buddah chip
  • he literally tried to eat himself.
  • then he tried to drink yoosung.
  • he then got very scared because he thought mc was literally satan
  • he thought satan had come for him because he tried to drink his friend.
  • he cried.
  • and prayed.
  • and followed jaehee around and kept begging her to save him.
  • eventually jaehee and mc convinced him it was just a costume
  • after he had calmed down he was all like
  • "welp back to hacking i go”
  • he took out his phone
  • opened the notes page
  • typed a bunch of random letters and numbers
  • and then collapsed
  • someone tried to stroke elizabeth third and jumin literally punched him so hard he collapsed on top of luciel.
  • who was on the other side of the room.
  • zen is still singing the shrek soundtrack.
  • except now yoosung is on stage with him
  • yoosung is doing a strip tease
  • while zen sings the shrek soundtrack
  • some people are throwing money at him
  • others are throwing food
  • “thanks i was hungry”
  • he picks up a sandwich off the stage and bites it
  • except it isnt a sandwich
  • its elizabeth the third
  • elizabeth the third jumped on the stage and yoosung just picked her up and took a bite.
  • now jumin’s walking over
  • i mean sprinting over
  • he looks very angry
  • his fists are raised
  • “save me zenny~!!" 
  • yoosung is grabbing onto zen’s legs for protection
  • "ZENNY IS MINE !!!!!!!!!” someone shouts
  • it’s echo girl
  • who the fuck let her in
  • she tries to run towards zen but jumin sprints into her
  • now they’re both on the floor
  • yoosung is crying
  • zen’s still singing
  • he aint give a fuck
  • elizabeth the third is rubbing up against zen’s legs now
  • he sneezes so hard he falls over
  • he falls off the stage
  • he’s stopped singing now…
  • he isn’t sneezing either…
  • oh my god
  • is he dead?
  • oh nope, he’s singing again now
  • from the floor
  • jaehee and mc are oblivious to everything thats going on
  • they’ve just been making out in the corner all night
  • “see, i told you halloween is a lot of fun” mc whispers in jaehee’s ear
  • she doesnt realise that all the other rfa members are either passed out or injured on the floor
  • apart from v
  • v’s been having a conversation with a statue all night
  • he thinks it’s luciel
  • poor v
  • “we should do this again next year” jaehee replies.