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so, season 1 of supergirl built AN ENTIRE SEASON to kara and james being together who really only got one (1) real kiss at the very end of the season, and now mon el has feelings for kara and, despite her MULTIPLE complaints about his behavior and attitude and personality, she somehow reciprocates these feelings, and everything is all happy lovey dovey for them?

hmm… interesting…


disloyal order of water buffaloes // fall out boy

hey so im moving out and my official move in day is feb 1st which is super soon and i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be but i made a wishlist of things i still need if u wanna help me out since i’ve never lived on my own before!! and am broke till i get paid again in two weeks

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fic: time may change me

ok, this is a shameless fluff AU based on this comic about Victor and Yuuri meeting as kids by @aguas-ucia. ENJOY.

time may change me

7 and 11

Victor cries on the plane the whole way home. The air stewardess gives him a sweet. The other passengers give Yakov dirty looks. Victor tries to calm down, he really does, but Yuuri was so cute, and he liked skating so much, and he burst into tears when Victor left and now Victor will never see him again.

“Make that child be quiet,” snaps Lilia in the end. Victor is barely even making noise, he is just sniffling into Yakov’s sleeve.

“If he’s a skater, Vitya, you’ll see him at competitions,” says Yakov gruffly.

“What if he doesn’t compete?” says Victor tearfully.

“Then you’d better just win,” says Yakov. “That way he’ll know who you are anyway.” He cuffs the back of Victor’s head. Victor knows he’s not really serious about it, but it makes him feel better anyway.


8 and 12

Victor sees a lady who looks familiar for some reason in the stands, but it’s not until he spots the chubby-faced boy out on the ice that he thinks Yuuri’s mom! and then Yuuri! “Hi!” he yells, waving frantically the minute he’s on the ice. “Hi, Yuuri!”

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I reached 2k followers several months ago (Thank you so much again!♥♥) but I forgot to do a second Follow Forever. While you still wait till I get a job and do the giveaway you deserve, let me thank all those people and blogs that I love.

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so i’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for quite some time now, because a while ago i hit 2.2k followers??? (even though i think most of them are porn blogs, but u know, who gives) but either way, this is insane, i’m so thankful and all that jazz guys!! like holy cow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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160k Followers... I. Just. Can’t. Believe. This.

You guys are so awesome. I never ever would’ve believed to even reach 2k and now look at this!

Thanks to all of you! I can’t find any words right now..

I am really happy to come this far! And I hope I can help some “unknown” photographers to get some more attention, because there are so many out there that totally deserve it!

Have a good night/day. I’m going to bed now with an amazing feeling in my heart and soul!

Special Thanks to the awesome work of the landscape exposure network! I am proud to be a part of you guys!

Cheers, Niklas