just now realizing how much of a masochist i really am because all of my otps have at some point in their lives gotten separated from one another which just results to a fuck ton of angst and pain and suffering for them and for me

1. Xiumin

“Well…totally worth it.”

2. Luhan

“Wait, what? Why should I buy a new bed! You’re also responsible for this!”

3. Kris

“Well, now it certainly is a night I won’t forget…”

4. Suho

*God, please don’t let the members find out…they won’t let me forget it if they do….*

5. Lay

“Look at that, we even broke the bed…what a shame.”

6. Baekhyun

“Yeah…I’d break the bed again if i have the chance to…”

7. Chen

“It’s all very nice, but I’d like to see you trying to exlain that to your roommate…”

8. Chanyeol

“Oh my God! Were we that powerful?!”

9. D.O.

“The bed’s broken? Why am I not surprised?”

10. Tao

“How will I explain to manager-hyung that I broke my bed now, huh?!”

11. Kai

“Well guess who doesn’t mind breaking it again?”

12. Sehun

“Wanna go break the couch with me, girl?”

oh my god I apologize

Once Upon a Time could have been a game changer for progressive television and lasted years and years. It could have been epic, talked about for generations, and yet, instead of staying female led, equality driven, and diverse, it’s just a flailing show with the leading white guys dying and being resurrected time and time again, and believing they are the females only source of happiness. It’s 2016. This is not what my television shows should look like or strive towards.