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“For me, it’s like playing the same instrument but in a different context. TV work – it’s really about getting it just right. You have a chance to try again if it’s not. Theatre is like playing a rock show. It doesn’t really matter if you make a tiny mistake. It’s the whole vibe and getting people to feel you. It’s about carrying the moment through all the way with you in an hour and 20 minutes of the narrative.”

There was Miss Stevenson who taught me to do the 'th' sound. That's where a lot of francophones block and feel ridiculous. When I figured out the 'th', I was maybe 13 or 14. I could understand everything, but there was a bit of shame (about speaking in English). But the 'th' was the turning point. Then of course there was Seinfeld and watching a whole bunch of English television. And my best friend, her dad was English and spoke English at home. And boyfriends.

So hi guys, I’ve been working for this site for a while now and finally it seems like it’s ready to go! :)

Well, we don’t have some superb design, or UNF coding, but it looks fine to me, and since it’s the only source for Evelyne right now, I am quite proud of it! :)

http://evelynebrochufans.com/gallery This is our empty gallery right now, as soon as we gather our crew, we will start posting properly, news,interviews,photos… hopefully everything :)

So if you want to join us as an Editor, message me so that we can talk about it :) You don’t need to update it every minute, I mean there is already lack of news / photos about Evelyne so even if you put things once in a week, it’s pretty enough. So don’t feel any pressure about updating. 

Lookin forward to all of you :)