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Normalcy is a very important thing. You don’t realize it when you’re doing it. When you get to that place where you don’t even notice that something is a huge step forward, that’s a huge victory. Fuck yeah! It should be the norm, why not? Something that feels so normal should be portrayed in media as normal. You’re like, yes! This isn’t an issue anymore. Putting Cosima and Delphine at the center of the show insofar as the central romantic couple, it’s not sidelined or about anything else but true love and challenges and how they’re going to overcome that. Graeme and John are amazing. Normalization is a huge challenge and can have a huge impact. Right now, we need that impact. The President legitimizes misogynistic comments and normalizes those behaviors, but if we’re on this side of the fight, we have to pull on something positive for what values we want in our lives and push forward.
—  Évelyne Brochu on  the importance of Cophine (x)
Season 1 Cophine
  • Cosima: But she's not a threat and if i know that she knows but she doesn't know I know then-
  • Sarah: stay away from Delphine!
  • Cosima: But
  • Sarah: No!
  • Cosima: she's French
  • Sarah: Cosima, she's using you-
  • Cosima: But she's FRENCH
I’m kind of excited about the whole season, I feel like we’ve always been in a spiral and right now we’re at the center, and it’s gonna go real fast. There’s a specific episode for Delphine and Cosima that I particularly loved shooting. It was episode five. It was very meaningful. I felt very lucky I got to have a chance to play those scenes with Tatiana.
—  Évelyne Brochu on what she’s excited about season 5 of Orphan Black 

           The hair transition is very symbolic to me. It happens all the time when you’re trying to accelerate a change that hasn’t quite happened yet on an inner level. Like when you’re going through a breakup and you’re not over the person, but you cut your hair and bleach it to tell the world, “This is a new beginning.” I think Delphine is trying to force herself into a transition.

         — Evelyne Brochu in Delphine’s curls hair have been straightened.  


Orphan Black - Characters Quotes [13/?]

- Delphine Cormier

Delphine is back and so is the Orphan Black Quotes!

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She’s doing the devil’s dance even though there’s a purpose, there’s a part of her that’s crushed by the fact that she has to swallow so much to play along. What empowers her isn’t the playing along, it’s her goals. I think one of the cool things about Delphine is that she doesn’t mind not being liked. She’s fighting for people who are still doubting her because of a first impression she made years ago. People who can keep going forward without caring what anyone else thinks is something that I truly admire. For Delphine, the goal is above the everyday feelings. I think she’s very strong because she’s fighting for a love that you only find once in a lifetime. She’s tapping into that for strength and that drives her forward.
—  Évelyne Brochu 

          “Cosima has just lost Delphine so she’s in the middle of dealing with that while at the same time pushing forward her own research about her biology, and where she fits into the mystery,.”

                                                                           —   Tatiana Maslany

Cosima and the sisters are going to be Delphine’s priority for a long time. She’s a focused person and a science geek. She’s still in step one of her plans to protect them but she’s goal oriented too and I do think that whatever future there might be for Cosima and her, she’s aiming to ensure they have one. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will say that when Delphine tells Cosima to act like they’ve split up in Episode 5, they’re actually closer than before. I think that was a powerful line. It encompasses what they’re all about.
—  Évelyne Brochu

            “Woman can’t only be the person only french kiss hero after he’s won the game or won the war. Woman are half of humanity. They’re part of history. They’re part of intimate storied and part of greater stories.”

                                                                            Evelyne Brochu