So I was at work and someone called, Moriah picked up. She says, “Hey this lady wants someone who can shoot Nikon. She is shooting the boxer that trained Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby you want it?”

Hmmmm…Lets see, I’ve got to do an hour long tour in 30minutes, then I’ve got class for six hours and a ride to Cabrillo Village right after that……Sure! I tend to work better under pressure anyway.

So I write down the address, take the lady’s number. Don’t even know who is who at this point. I stop by checkout for an Nikon SB900 then at my house for my Nikon SB900. I drive to the spot with my gear across my shoulder and my camera bag all over me. Set up my strobes, meet Maureen “Moe” Shea and the shooting begins. Two hours later I’m late for class but I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine.

So who is this super cool, super fast, super amazing boxer lady?

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I woke up and decided I missed my dog trixy one day. I knew that it would be difficult to bring her back since last time she was here she felt lonely without our other dogs from SLC so I thought about fostering a pet. I had heard about pet fostering programs before and said maybe that was the solution. I found the C.A.R.L. (Canine Adoption and Rescue League ) The process was easy and convenient, all I had to do was set up an appointment for a home check and walah! Two days later I picked up a beautiful puppy at the rescue center. 

Gigi was a rescue yorkie/can-terrier mix from Korea. She had been abused and put in a pound when an American Volunteer saw her and brought her back to the United States and saved her from being euthanized. She was a great pup to have around for the two weeks that she stayed with me. Gigi has now been adopted by a loving family and is living the rest of her happily ever after life. 

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