evelyn weston

Evelyn: *sitting in the parlor, distractedly looking out the window with a cup of tea in front of her, and a leather bound book; she startles when she hears someone coming, swiveling around before she pauses to catch her breath, bite her bottom lip. After a moment, squirming a bit internally at the look of anger and confusion in Leanne’s eye, she says quietly* …Leanne, please. *holds a hand up* I would be furious too–

Leanne: *a brow arches incredulously* Oh, would you? Do I have your permission then? That was most important–

Evelyn: *her eyes shut and she breathes out through clenched teeth, sounding like a little hiss* Leanne.

Leanne: *eyes narrow for a moment, and she says firmly* George didn’t touch you.

Evelyn: *shakes her head, her eyes on the tea cup in front of her* I know. I never said he did–in fact, I have said the opposite. Your problem lies with–

Leanne: *arching an eyebrow* –your husband? 

Evelyn: *tightly* Reynold. Yes. I assure you I have no great sympathy for him, if you go to call him out.

Leanne: I imagine you don’t, *snaps* as you had no problem sleeping with another either.

Evelyn: *lips flick* So your intent is just to berate me for my disloyalty to Reynold? Call me harlot all you want–that is the one fact in all of this I am proud of.

Leanne: Charming, Evelyn, I had no idea you were so happy being such a whore. Is there only one?

Evelyn: *snaps* Yes. *breathless* And you don’t know what you’re talking about. Do not insult him, please.

Leanne: *eyes narrow* And are you proud of the fact that George is locked in a cell for your inability to remain faithful?

Evelyn: *frowns instantly* The two are not intimately related–

Leanne: –and how about, the fact that it was your clear intent to insure George be blamed?

Evelyn: *hand tightens on her book* I did not. I did not…want this to happen.

Leanne: *arches an eyebrow* You made sure, that Reynold would catch you in some kind of intimate embrace with him. You knew he hated my brother, you knew he would jump to the conclusion that–

Evelyn: *swallows tightly* I am not responsible for Reynold leaping to an incorrect judgment!

Leanne: You insured it would happen! *as Evelyn looks away from her, her face falls and she finally asks helplessly, frustrated* He is in the dungeon, Evelyn, he’s down there alone, for you.

Evelyn: *quietly, pressing a tear away from her eye* I know he is.

Leanne: And if Reynold has his way it won’t end there–they’ll tear my family apart, try and take everything from us. Evelyn, he was your friend. How could you do this to him?

Evelyn: *quietly, her eyes on the floor now and her hand tight around her book before she says slowly* I…I know, I do. I’m…so sorry–I have said, it’s not him, so often it may as well be my catchphrase.

Leanne: Then tell Reynold who it truly is! *incredulously*

Evelyn: *her breath catches* I–I can’t do that, I can’t.

Leanne: *frowns* The man is guilty, Evelyn–

Evelyn: Of loving me, yes, I know. *frowns* And do you truly believe I would turn from my husband for a man I could then later betray?

Leanne: I don’t give a damn. *snaps* I don’t. You would rather let your silence condemn my brother–who has been nothing but a friend to you, and your family, though now, god knows why! *snaps* Merlin knows why he bothered.

Evelyn: George is innocent, he…*her breath catches*..he will be free, I won’t let him be condemned. Reynold is not in charge of the law. I did not want him to arrest George–I had no idea that would happen, I really, I didn’t, that was never…None of this, was meant to happen.

Leanne: *arching an eyebrow* And what did you think would?

Evelyn: *her eyes snap back up to Leanne’s, a frown in place* Meaning?

Leanne: Did you think your husband would sit idly by once he had reason to suspect George? Did you just not care what happened–

Evelyn: *quietly* That’s not true. I do care, *breathless*, I just..I don’t expect you to understand. I would not, if I was you.

Leanne: *her eyes narrow* You are right about that. I don’t understand. I don’t understand how you could treat your friends this way. Telling the truth would not be a betrayal, Evelyn–it would set George free.

Evelyn: And in turn condemn the man I love, so no, I won’t.

Leanne: *her breath catches* So as long as you can continue fornicating beyond your marriage bed, it doesn’t matter what the casualties are to you.

Evelyn: *quietly* That’s not–*but Leanne has turned on her heel, and she stops, her hand flying to her lips and she breathes quickly* Leanne, please believe me, I didn’t want this to happen, I’m sorry.

Leanne: *looking at the door, so Evelyn doesn’t see her eyes shut, and she shakes her head furiously* No. I won’t forgive you. You should feel terrible about it, he’s innocent, yet you’ll let him rot to protect someone who is guilty.

Evelyn: *quietly, her eyes shut as well, saying in a low mutter* He’s not guilty thought–neither of them are, and he’s the father of my child. *her other hand unclenches around the book* I had no…

Leanne: Yes, you did. As to the child–*looks back at her, eyes fluttering to her stomach for a second and then looks back up* –they are innocent, and for the danger they are in, I am truly sorry for the mistakes its’ parents made. I do not want anything to happen to them, so do not insinuate that I do. But don’t you dare pretend this was noble–you had a choice–

Evelyn: Between protecting my family, my child,–

Leanne: –and you still do.

Evelyn: I could lose–*but she’s too breathless and just cuts off instead* I’m sorry. I am, I am so sorry, Leanne, I know what George is living through–

Leanne: No you don’t. You don’t know what it is to sit in a cell wondering if you might lose your life anymore than I do. And stop saying that you’re sorry-

Evelyn: I am. I am, this situation–it’s impossible, I don’t want anyone innocent to be hurt, I only want Reynold gone. And you can’t tell me not to apologize, anymore than you can tell me how I feel: I am not heartless towards George, I’m not.

Leanne: *snaps* Live with it, Evelyn, you won’t get absolution for it from me. George will be free, you’re right about that, but it won’t be thanks to you, and I won’t forgive you for this. We were your friends.

Evelyn: *she breathes out, eyes locked on hers and then nods, saying only quietly with her hand on her neck instead* I know. *she brushes a tear from her eye* I don’t blame you, Leanne.

Leanne: *her eyes go wide and she straightens her back, nodding once and saying sarcastically as she turns on her heel to leave* Oh I am so glad you don’t blame me.

Evelyn: *nods once and her eyes shut as she presses tears from them, as Leanne leaves*