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Stephen tells the full story of how he met Evie. Warning: Your heart will explode rainbows.

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The Colberts became attracted to one another in May of 1989, when they were both home in Charleston visiting family. Evie started flirting with him from across the room at a party, and although she’d known him slightly for years, she didn’t realize it was her old acquaintance, Stephen Colbert, until she got closer. He looked pretty much like he does today, but with bigger glasses and a beard. He was doing an Ibsen play at the time, and they talked, among other things, about poetry. Their first date wasn’t until December of that year, and for a long time they carried on a long-distance relationship by letter, until she finally moved from New York to Chicago to be near him. Did he always make her laugh? You bet. But, as Evie Colbert told her sister shortly after the two started dating — “He talks about himself all the time.”