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Dreaming Olympic Big

Growing up we all have dreams don’t we? I mean I wanted to be a lawyer, I wanted to get married, and I wanted to have a family. I may no longer see myself going down the lawyer path, but the other two I still want. Those aren’t really dreams…I mean they are but those are most likely to happen than not. I may joke around and act silly about how I’m not going to get married and I’m going to be a pug lady but I don’t think I’ll actually be that pug lady…I mean well maybe but I see marriage and kids in there too. But shouldn’t we have a reach dream? One that you have to really push for, push like you never thought you would..or even could?

Well I think so, and this is mine: Rio 2016. I just got a text from my dad today telling me that he spoke with someone from the PR Olympic Committee and that I am eligible to compete for Puerto Rico if I qualify and fill out the necessary paperwork. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and talking to people about it too. One conversation was last night with my friend Meghan.

I told her that if I was eligible the next 4 years I’d live and breathe running. She questioned whether that was something I really wanted to do; to put my social life essentially on hold to work and just train (after graduating) to run in the Olympics.

My answer without a doubt was yes, for a few reasons.

  1. I’ll be 25 when it’s all said and done, so I don’t think I’ll miss out on finding the “one.” Plus, imagine that making its way into conversation,”
    “So tell me something interesting about you.”
    “Well, I ran in the marathon at the Olympics for Puerto Rico…”
    I mean, come on talented and Latina?! Come att meee, hahaa.
  2. It’s the Olympics! Who wouldn’t want to say they not only went but competed there?! I know I do!
  3. It’s in Brazil. It’d be pretty neat to leave the country again! Travelling is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve never been to Brazil, so it’s settled I’d enjoy that!
  4. Probably the biggest reason behind my wanting to do this is because I want to see if I can. I look back at my running career and I think about how going into college I saw myself with so much potential and achieving far more than what I actually did. I mean, let’s be honest, this is absolutely crazy talk considering the standard I have to hit…I’ll get into that later but I won’t look back and say what if I did try? I may not look back and think about how I didn’t do all that I wanted with running. I can live with training my ass off for 4 years and saying I didn’t make it.
  5. It’s the Olympics! Did I already say that one?…

Well, now that I’ve established that I’m going to try, let’s get into what I’m really getting myself into and how crazy I really am

My coach emailed me telling me that I have to get at least the “B” standard since they already have 2 athletes competing. It’s easier than the Olympic “A” standard, not by much… in my opinion but I’ll take what I can get!

“The easiest mark is the marathon (2:43:00 B standard)” Easiest being my favorite part of that sentence.
The “B” standard is 2:43:00. 2 hours and 43 minutes for 26.2 miles. That’s about 6:13/mile!
My fastest 5k time (3.1 miles) is 18:13 which is about 5:52/mile.
My fastest 10k (6.2) is 40:06 which is about 6:27/mile.
So look at my best in those two events and then look at what I have to hit again….yeahhhhh!

On top of getting that time, I may have to race against other women to make the team…not as likely but it is always a possibility.

Ok, OK, so you might be reading this and thinking good joke Evelyn there’s no way you can do that and my response to you is you may be right…I may not even come close to breaking 3 hours for all I know but I’m at least going to try. I have 4 years!! 4 years. I’m sure crazier things have happened in 4 years, so why not this too? Who knows I may find out I’m some sick marathon runner or maybe I’ll find out I’m the worst, but I least I’ll find out. What do I really have to lose anyway?
(I can’t really think of anything but feel free to fill me in on some if you can think of them because I’m so focused on trying all I see are positives!)

The way I see it is there’s way more for me to gain.

  • I’ll be in awesome shape
  • I can’t say I didn’t try
  • It will definitely be a great experience
  • I won’t be afraid to dream big!

So here we are. I put it out there so let the adventure begin.

Rio 2016 watch out I’m coming for you.

"Can I call you bronci?" -AVarsell

After going from having a cold to a weird and annoying cough that led to cough attacks that would keep it up at night 3 weeks later I decided to go see health services. Let’s be real I didn’t make the decision to go all on my own. Amy told me to go because she didn’t like how the cough was sounding, and Ashley said I should go because I could have lung cancer ***from all the cigarettes I’ve been smoking or bronchitis.

After a series of questions, checking out my breathing, taking my blood pressure, and temperature, pneumonia was ruled out (Thank God). By the sound, and what I told the doctor bronchitis was the ruling. I was given a prescription that was for bronchitis and would also treat pneumonia so if by some crazy chance I do have it it would be treated as well; I call that one a twofer. I was also given an inhaler which felt amazing and really opened my airways. I like to describe it as when you are chewing a mint piece of gum and you drink water and you’re like whoaa. (Try it if you don’t know what I’m saying…then you’ll know how awesome it was)

I timed getting the prescription filled perfectly. During my warm up before my workout I dropped it off, and on my cool down I picked it up! The workout went well too. It was fairly short which was definitely nice too but the 200s at the end were very entertaining. Leah and I decided we wanted to try catching people while we did them. The distance guys were on their longer intervals while we were doing our 200s so when they would come by the final 200 we would take off slightly behind them and go after them. It was pretty successful.

Another appointment tomorrow morning and three classes before Raleigh where it will be in the 70s..so to say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m still doing the 5k (woohooo :D), but we’re running the 4x800 instead which I’m still pretty freaking excited about because I’ve wanted to do that relay for so long! (Sub 2:30 please?!)

Okay I have homework to do, bye!

***I don’t actually smoke!

Solomon Track at the Northeastern University Spring Open

After a week of crazy hot weather we got to this weekend where the temperature dropped into the 50s…I was not very happy about that especially since we were having our first track meet.

We did have some great performances despite the cold! Starting off the meet was the men’s 10k..well women too, but we didn’t have any in the race. Gabe was the first man for us to cross the line setting a new PR in 32:51.08 good for 8th place! Mike did great too, coming in 1st in the 200 with a time of 22.50, and 5th in the 100 with a time of 11.29 a PR that put him 10th on the Bentley’s all-time outdoor list, woohooo! He was also part of the winning 4x100 relay team which was accompanied by Steve, Bryan, and Derek. A couple guys broke 2:00 in the 800, both Conor and Rob which were PR’s for both! Breaking 2:00 I imagine is a great feeling! Delia PRed and got herself to 8th on the all-time list when she came in 5th in the 400 hurdles with a time of 1:12.96! Also sick debut performances from Tatiana who threw the discus 110 ft and 4 in good for 7th place, and Brynnan threw the shot 32 ft. 5.75 in good for 9th.

We had a few runners change up their events. Amy and Caitlin literally flip-flopped. Amy ran the 1500 coming in 2nd place behind only a BC girl in 4:38.97, while Caitlin ran the 800 winning with a time of 2:17.48.
Curtis too surprised me when I heard he was changing his race up. I was surprised he was running the 5k, but not by his performance. I had no doubt he would run well and he definitely did not disappoint coming in 2nd place with a time of 15:14.63! Not bad for his first time, huh?

Now on to my performance haha, which won’t sound nearly as great after all of those that I just mentioned..but hey what can you do! After having a false start my 2nd start wasn’t the greatest but I think that is what helped me run the time I did, I slowly worked my way up from last to catch the pack ahead of me and pass some girls to run a 5:10 in the 1500. Slower than at this meet last year but coming back from anemia…I’ll take that one to the bank. What was more entertaining was my tripping in the woods during my cool down later. Literally, felt like Katniss Everdeen…but that’s another story. Got a couple nice cuts and bruises to show for that one.

Wow, track recaps are a lot longer than xc ones! 

Next up Raleigh Relays in North Carolina!! We’ll be leaving on Thursday and will compete on both Friday and Saturday. I’m looking forward to not only doubling in the 5k and the 4xmile relay but I’m so happy to get back to the 5k!

Fahey Oatmeal Delight

This recipe was inspired by Caitlin Fahey who is responsible for me eating oatmeal pretty much everyday. This is one of the best kinds of oatmeal I’ve had. For serious.

You need:

Milk. Any kind you drink. I drink fat free so that’s what I use. Idk if it matters in the end but who knows.

Gotta use the quick 1 minute oats (totally a lie, takes longer than a minute…)

I know nothing about sugar so I got whatever was cheapest…

Ground cinnamon 

Peanut butter. Again any kind, I use Jif

Lastly, a banana


You put 1 cup of milk into a small pot

You let that boil, but you can’t just leave it you have to watch it and mix it until it boils so that it doesn’t burn.

Then you pour in ½ cup of the oats

And immediately after a little less than a tablespoon of sugar and a dash of cinnamon..more than a dash

Then you mix that up and get your banana and start putting the slices into the oatmeal

You’re mixing that and breaking up the banana as it’s cooking. The banana starts softening and gets easier to mush up. (the banana while it’s cooking is KEY). I usually leave little chunks for banana for yummy goodness.

Then when it’s done 

You put it into a bowl and add a BIG tablespoon of peanut butter 

Voila! (Accent on the a) Enjoy

You’re welcome. 

I'm back!!!

Alright so, when you can’t run…it’s not fun and I didn’t want to come on here buttttttt I can run again! 

So I mentioned the shin pain I had but I was still running. I was able to run and would feel pain but it wasn’t crazy bad. Afterwards would be the worst though. I would pretty much ice and hobble around the rest of the night as a result. The next day I would just not move, ice and try to run as late as I could that day to try and give my shin as much rest as I could. That was working…it wasn’t fun and definitely didn’t seem like a great plan but it worked. Then Saturday (after my awesome tempo) I ended up waking up in the middle of the night from pain, that’s when I thought Sunday wouldn’t be fun and it wasn’t….I again waited for the very last minute to go run but I couldn’t run. The second I went from my walk to a run it killed. I got about 2 minutes in when I said this run is going to be crap because one I’ll be at a snails pace and two I’ll be in pain the whole time.

I came back, cried and decided to take some time off. I know I could have done like I did before, but it just wasn’t fun and didn’t seem ideal to me. I just didn’t enjoy limping around and being in pain after all my runs and trying not to move the next day until the run and then repeating that even though I was able to do all of my runs with not so much pain. 

I ran for the first time today since my 2 minute incident on Sunday. I ran pretty freaking slow, my mapmyrun app said I was at like 8:10 for 7 miles and that killed me to run that slow but I was just testing my shin out and I didn’t want to get crazy! I felt no shin pain at all so I think I’m in the clear. 

What I did with my spare time was extra CPA studying and a lot of abs and arms. My 6-pack is coming along nicely (jk, long ways to go there…but I’m working on it)

So who missed me?

Day 7

7. Who supports you the most with your running goals and why do you pick them?

No one

I kid, I kid.

In high school it was definitely my dad! I pick him during that time because well he totally believed in me. We did everything running related together and everything not running related turned running related and he was always at my races, he was coaching me a lot, and he just really believed in me. The good old days! Those were some great times. I enjoy reminiscing about those days. The other day I was home I mentioned how someone who was good/we talked about when I was in high school who just graduated/ran for Providence was running for New Balance Boston and he had some awesome guesses! Caroline King was a guess, Hannah Davidson was another…In the end he did guess the correct runner (Mary Kate Champagne in case you were wondering)

Then I went to college and I started to run a lot slower than expected based on my high school career so he stopped mentioning it to me because he knew I wasn’t happy with how I was doing and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself so he didn’t want to bring anymore stress by bringing it up. But I know he still supported me, but I’m going to say my team. They heard me being down on myself a lot but they still supported me and I really appreciate that.

I believe the same goes for now (sorta)post college with my all time big goal. Whether people believe in my goal haha there’s a lot of people supporting me. My dad actually looked into whether I’d be eligible by contacting people here and there. Then Kevin met with me before school started and talked about a plan for the year and a little about when I’m completely done with school and well coaches me now even when I screw up like every workout I do (oops). 

So recap/short version the people who support me the most with my running goals are my dad, my coach, and my teammates because they stand behind me even when I run my worst. Thanks guys :)

No AM run

I decided since I only had 5 miles to run today I would just do it whenever since it’s the weekend which means no work so I didn’t wake up and go run. 

But then it started to rain and I thought I’ll wait for it to stop but now it’s a complete downpour I don’t know if it’s going to stop. Is it safe to run through what looks like a hurricane? 

…I’ll wait another hour to see if it calms down if not..well I guess I’ll see what I can do in the rain? 

Real smooth.