evelyn harris

  • you: second world war
  • me, an intellectual: x company, an amazing canadian tv show about spies in nazi occupied france that definitely deserves more recognition and appreciation, starring beautiful and talented evelyne brochu, with many amazingly portrayed and complex characters and an excellent character development, that at some point will probably ruin your life

X Company - 3x03 → Friends, brothers, sisters, citizens of France, I’m speaking to you now because it’s time you knew the truth. France will soon be entirely under German occupation. The enemy is locking arms. Their eyes on the same horizon, their boots marching in unison across your land casting a great shadow. But this is their secret their victory depends entirely on you. They depend on you feeling weak, powerless and small. They know if divided we can be broken and taught to hate. But together, when we lock arms, we are a force they cannot imagine. We are…


X Company:

“Here’s a bit of the X Company screening Q&A session, featuring most of the cast as well as creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, enjoy!”


We could all use a sign of h o p e right about now.


“You’ll understand I find it difficult to accept I’m the object of an eternal satanic quest that’s so far only demonstrated in something that’s half-poetry, half-gibberish. I’m sorry, no!”

Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places, Penny Dreadful 2x04