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Pitch Rewatch - 1x08: Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects

I can’t believe I’m already at 108! I was right, this made the week go by quicker (cuz 109 is freaking TOMORROW!!!!), but I’m also kind of sad it’s over. I might have to take a couple weeks and then rewatch 109 and 110 so I can post notes about those too…in the meantime, I’ll focus on the fic (when I can get some sleep and get over my writers block)!

  • THIS is how the episode starts?! I should have known this would be a doozy…God, he’s beautiful.
  • I’m so glad the announcers pointed out how rare a rain delay in San Diego is. I once cut a Padres highlight at work where the game was postponed because bees took over the field. The bee delay was their first delay in years.
  • Oh, Oscar and Sarah Shahi. I preferred her as Carmen. This storyline bores me to tears.
  • I totally missed Ginny’s laugh when Al compared his bones to Mike’s. Ha, so cute…
  • I like the dynamic between Ginny and Livan, but am I the only one who doesn’t think it seems all that romantic? If any relationship is sibling-like in this show…I don’t know, maybe I’m just Bawson trash.
  • Oh my God, that sweatshirt. How does he just…walk around like that? How does Ginny stop herself from unzipping it the rest of the way? I think I’m getting fic ideas…
  • I really dig the flashbacks to Ginny’s first and second start. I like the idea that we’ll go back in time and get different versions of things we’ve already seen. Maybe we’ll find out how Mike learned all that stuff about Ginny.
  • I don’t know how to feel about Amelia and Will. I didn’t watch these scenes closely the first time around. I’m not sure I like either of them, and I’m not sure either of them are right about what’s best for Ginny.
  • I hate Mike trade talk, but God jealous!Mike is the fucking best…
  • Kangaroo Court!!! I love how delighted Blip is with the court. It’s adorable.
  • I’m trying to get into this Will/Evelyn restaurant thing, but I just…can’t get there. Will’s making me grrrrrr.
  • More jealous Mike! I’m tempted to just make a gif of every jealous moment…but it’s been done ;)
  • The Ginny and Mike fight is so hard to watch. Though I like how she just keeps rolling her eyes at his insults. She knows he’s full of shit.
  • Oh good. More Oscar and Charlie. Oscar in general is boring this episode.
  • It’s here! The scene! Omar is so adorable here, but we all know what we’re looking at. And it starts with this look for me…
  • I like to call this scene the “But you don’t know she hates cilantro!” scene.  It can also be titled “Mike shows his hand”. God, this show…
  • Ginny and Amelia battling…I’m beginning to think people might be right about her firing Amelia in Episode 10…that would make a lot of sense.
  • I think I might actually side with Amelia in the Amelia/Will fight. This rewatch changed my mind.
  • And the moment. The moment that has made these past two weeks both unbearable and slightly bearable at the same time…#MikesLoveIsCanon

Final Thoughts: I love 108. It’s not the highest on the list because some of the side storylines aren’t that interesting to me, but I still think this is a great episode. I love the clubhouse dynamics, learning about Livan and Ginny’s friendship, the kangaroo court…and, of course, all the Bawson! It also feels like it really sets up the rest of the season (I assume, I have no idea…).

My fic is going to be sweatshirt related…but it’s in the queue behind 106 and 107. Get excited for some fun coming up ;)


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Evelyn Graham was born in Rumsey, California, 1911. She attended Mills College earning a Master of Arts Degree from the Department of Botany. She worked as a laboratory technician in the clinical and public health laboratory of the Kern General Hospital. She was the co-author of the book Ornamental Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Pacific Coast, which was based on her master’s thesis at Mills College. Evelyn also wrote several books on the flora of Barbados.