evelyn ellenor


So, WOW! What a night! OH MY GOD!!!

Evelyn Ellenor & I arrived & put our stuff backstage before coming out to scope out the situation.

No sooner did we step down into the bar, then we saw our friends Aussie artist, Stewart McKenny & his beautiful partner Wendy, who had made the trek out to see the show! Anthony of the ‘not-gaybes’ was also there. We were so excited to see them! 

But it was only a moment later that everyone else descended upon us! SO many amazing supporters from the geek community had come out to see the show! We were kept at a standstill for a good half-hour while many photos were taken - it was just like being at a con, lol!

So we went backstage with a glow in our hearts, feeling really good and positive, as we got into our costumes.

There’s always a few nerves involved before stepping on stage. We were wound-up but so looking forward to it - both of us just love performing!

We were UNlucky enough to have none other than the BATMAN introduce us - grudgingly, I might add, as he cautioned the audience not to encourage us!

Evelyn did her turn as Ivy first, bewitching and enticing the crowd with a sensual, slow, teasing routine, stripping down to glittery ivy-leaf g-string & matching pasties!

Then I was up as Harley Quinn, teasing and amusing the crowd with a sexy, bouncy, playful show, stripping down to sparkling red & black g-string & rhinestoned diamond-shaped pasties!

The cheers & applause were deafening! We felt so gratified! And it was especially awesome to have so many friends & supporters visible in the crowds!

Afterwards we thanked the crowd for their support but then demanded the Bat step on stage to answer to all his meaniness in his long thwarting of our schemes & fun! We asked the crowd: “who do you prefer? The good buy - or the BAD GIRLS?”

I bet you can guess the answer! Unanimously, they declared their love for the villainesses!

So we decided to make Batman pay! We started a chorus of “strip! Strip! Strip!” which the audience quickly took up.Daunted, Batman had no choice but to tear off his cowl revealing he was none other than - what!?! Chad, the Carousel event oganiser & MC! Disappointed, we departed the stage!
We spent the rest of the night watching the other shows, chatting with our friends & supporters, & dancing to the very awesome trio of singers. They sang, amongst other great tunes, Minnie the Moocher, to which the audience did the response, they dragged a bunch of us gals (and some boys!) on stage to dance to Lady Marmalade and then we all did a massive group dance to the Time Warp. It was truly epic! <3
We were overwhelmed by the incredibly positive response to our shows - everyone was so complimentary, generous, kind and lovely. We felt really amazing that we could give out a good show to a crowd that appreciated it and were SO grateful to all of those who made the effort to come and see us - we felt truly blessed and honoured!
And we can’t wait to do it all over again! <3 <3 <3


Gotham Fatale - myself & @evelynellenor as Harley & Ivy - have just released our first little video!

It’s a glimpse into our adventures including doing photoshoots, going to cons, performing our burlesque shows and, of course, hanging out as friends!

Hope you enjoy it - we’ve just launched our youtube channel so please subscribe and add us as friends! <3 Thank you!