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Arthur/Eames, Evelyn/Forrest. Arthur and Evelyn are twins and Arthur made a vow not to date until Evelyn dates because dating has always been hard for her. Eames has a huge crush on Arthur and decides to set Evelyn up with his cousin, Forrest, who he sees as a boring stick-in-the-mud, but Evelyn and Forrest end up really liking each other.

Oh different! I’m so glad you made Eames and Forrest cousins not another set of twins!


Arthur and Evelyn were twins though now, no one could tell them apart considering Evelyn’s life style. Now they just looked like siblings. 

But they were close and Arthur supported Evelyn’s choices and was there for her all the way.

It was in fact because of his support, that he refused to date. 

Evelyn had a hard time not being shy as is, now she faced even more to get over and find someone who would like her for who she is. At work, Arthur was being wooed by his coworker, Eames who constantly asked Arthur out, only to be turned down every time. 

“Arthur, why won’t you go out with me?”

Arthur sighed, looking up from his desk. He was an architect, Eames one of the designers in his firm. They had gotten along well and it wasn’t that Arthur didn’t want to go out with Eames…he just worried about Evelyn.

“It’s not that I don’t want to.”


Arthur sighed deeply and looked at Eames as he lowered his voice.

“My sister can’t get a date and I’m trying to be supportive.”

“Oh…is that all? I have mates who-”

Arthur shook his head and gestured Eames closer. Eames stepped in and waited as Arthur explained further.

“Evelyn is trans. She’s also really shy and insecure about it. I mean, she’s always been shy but now she has more to worry about and though she’s comfortable and feels better this way, she’s not naive to think everyone will instantly be okay with it.”

“Ohhh….I see.”

Arthur nodded. Eames then thought for a moment and said,

“I know! My cousin. He’s a nice enough bloke, but he’s boring and kind of introverted.”

“Do you think if you tell him about Evelyn, he’d…be okay?”

“Yeah. Let me arrange everything.”

Eames smiled and Arthur saw the excitement in his eyes.

That following weekend, Arthur brought Evelyn out to a near by cafe where they met up with Eames and Forrest. Forrest looked just as introverted as Eames mentioned, similar to Eames looks wise and nervous. Evelyn was just as nervous and she worried and stressed the whole way there, Arthur smiling at her, promising her everything would go well.

Dinner was quiet, only small talk being exchanged between all of them. When dinner was over, they went for a walk, Eames and Arthur out in front, Forrest and Evelyn behind them. Arthur would look over his shoulder now and then, seeing them just walking, then gradually talking a little more, their conversation soft and low. It wasn’t until he saw Evelyn smile that he finally felt relaxed enough to enjoy his own date with Eames. He rested his head on his shoulder while Eames put his arm around him.

They got coffee later, the conversation going a bit easier now and by the end of the night, Evelyn was talking to Forrest much, much easier. Eames leaned closer to Arthur to ask him,

“Think they hit it off?”

Arthur nodded, glancing over at them before looking back at Eames.

“Yeah. I’m sorry I was such a boring date. I was so focused on Evie…”

Eames shook his head.

“No, it was great. I finally got to go out with you. Do you think we could do it again?”


He looked at Evelyn and saw her bringing her hand to her mouth, laughing softly  as they each held cell phones in their hands, obviously exchanging phone numbers. Arthur smiled then, feeling relief as he looked at Eames again.

“I’d say so. Maybe next time it can just be us.”


After saying good night going their separate ways. Arthur asked his sister,

“So how did it go?”

“Wonderful. Forrest is such a sweet man…he was so kind and nervous like me. He asked me out again!”

Arthur smiled, glad to see things had worked out so well.


Evie’s last trip to the Arboretum! She’s going again today, and she’s going to meet one of my friends for the first time, I’m excited and she’s going to have so much fun!

Evelyn is my bully breed mix from the shelter that I adopted back in November; I think most of my followers know this but in case anyone new stumbles across this set; photos were all taken by me! These were the first time I photographed her in her pretty purple harness, it got very twisted in the photo with the flowers in her collar though!

Sketchdump 05/23/2015

Too lazy for clothes today… or shading for that matter.

Also I feel like you could make an accurate musculature scale using Dragon Age dudes alone. 

“on a scale from Solas to Iron Bull, how swole are we talking here?”

“Probably a Dorian… maybe a Cullen… definitely not a Blackwall…”

The ladies are all from Warshiner, the sci-fi comic series I’m illustrating. think Lackadaisy meets Firefly.There is, unfortunately, pointedly less nudity in the actual comic… so far.