What’s your dog’s best tongue-photo they’ve taken?

Figured this could be fun. :P Dogs like to show off their tongues, so show me your favorite tongue-out photo of your pups! I love to see their silly facial expressions!

Evie has a lot, but here’s one I like!


External image

External image

External image

This is what League of Legends wishes it would be

Polycount concept art entries [x]

Taric redesign fanart [x]

Cho'Gath redesign fanart [x]

Volibear redesign fanart [x]

Riven redesign fanart [x]

I love that happy grin. Best sight in the world!

We let Evie run around off-leash a little bit in this wooded area by my grandmother’s house and she was loving it, as you can see. :) I also learned that my prima donna little princess doesn’t like playing in creeks, she walked through it and looked exceptionally uncomfortable that she had to get her feet wet!