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Ugh, I love your blog! Particularly Forrest/Evelyn stuff, but lately there has been so much hurting poor Evie. It breaks my heart to see her hurt and so broken.- So I think she needs to be reminded just how important and lovely she is. The Bondurant boys and Bethra working something nice out for her.

Eeee thank you! :DDD

Yeah Evelyn has been going through tough times lately, time for some joy! Hope you like it!


Evelyn was tired, feeling worn down and exhausted. 

Forrest hated to see his lady feeling so down and he didn’t know what to do to cheer her up or make her feel better. He pondered over it as he sat on his rocker, having a cigar when he saw Bertha coming up the path towards their home. He knew Bertha, she was Jack’s girlfriend though her father was a deeply religious and protective man. She was apparently sneaking out to come see Jack, a bundle in her hands. She stepped up to the porch and said,

“Hello Forrest how are you?”

“I’m well. Seein’ Jack?”

“For a moment. I brought him some cornbread.”

“He’d appreciated that.”

She smiled and Forrest stood up and called into the house for Jack, hearing him say he’d be down in a minute and Bertha patiently waited. As she did, Forrest said to her,

“Can I ask you something?”


“You’re friends with Evelyn…”

She nodded, a sweet smile on her face.

“She’s been down lately…she’s had some troubles and I don’t know how to lift her spirits.”

He cleared his throat afterwards, embarrassed to have asked but Bertha smiled and said,

“You could do something nice for her.”

“I don’t…know…”

“You could bring her some flowers, or buy her something nice. Maybe a new dress?”

Forrest nodded and Bertha tilted her head a little as she asked,

“Would you need help?”

Forrest shook his head, grunting a bit as he brought his cigar to his mouth and sat back down. She stepped closer as she said,

“I don’t mind…”

Forrest looked back up at her and asked,

“What about flowers? Where can I get some?”

She smiled.

It was a few days later, Evelyn in her home, picking up a bit. The remains of her hair was out since she was home, tucking it behind her ears, patiently waiting for it to grow out as she did a few dishes. She heard a knock on the door and she dried her hands off and went to answer. She peeked out the window first and saw it was Forrest and she smiled as she opened the door and smiled a bit.


“For you.”

Forrest produced a bouquet of flowers and Evelyn gasped softly, taking them as she smelled them and smiled brightly.

“Thank you. They’re lovely.”

She stepped away from the door, going to the kitchen to find a vase. Forrest closed the door behind him, waiting for her to come back and once she did, vase in hand with the flowers in them, he watched as she set the vase down on her living room table, arranging it nicely. Forrest then said,

“I have something else for you.”

“What’s that?”

He showed her the other bundle in his hand and Evelyn smiled, taking it and sitting down to open it, seeing it was a beautiful new dress.


She lifted it up from the wrapping as she stood up, holding it against herself as Forrest watched her. She loved it, smiling brightly and Forrest had missed that smile.

“Would you like to take a trip? We could go to Chicago. We could take the train. See some sights, take in a show.”


He nodded and Evelyn left her dress on the chair and went over to him, putting her arms around him. She could have cried…Forrest was doing his best to cheer her up and he had put in a lot of effort to make her happy. She nodded, kissing his cheek.

“Yes. Thank you…I can’t wait.”

“We’ll take a train.”

“Can we? What about your brothers? The business…”

“They can handle it. Jack’s always harping about wanting to do more. Now he can.”

She smiled and held onto him again.

“Thank you.”

“You deserve it.”

She only smiled more, hiding her face against him so she wouldn’t cry.