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Chulu Secondhand Bookstore Au

“I zink, zis is a good one for you, da?” Pavel asked as he stood on the third step of the wooden ladder he’d placed against the bookcase. Reaching out for a book. A grumble escaped him as he was too short to reach it. 

“Let me!” Hikaru quickly said, smiling at the other as he took the Russian’s place on the ladder and getting the book out between the others without much effort. “Chehkov?”

Pavel was practically beaming as he took the book from the other, quickly checking it on damage. “Have you heard of him?”
“I love him!”

“I vas avare of zat. Follow me.” With a bright smile he guided Hikaru towards the counter, not that it was needed, Hikaru most likely knew the place like the back of his hand by now. “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice after all.” He said with a cheeky grin as he taped the price into the antique cash register the store owned. 

“Did you just quote him?”
“In ze vrong context, but da. I did.”


Scokov mermaid AU.

Falling in love was like drowning. It started with a deep breath and ended with no way out.
Scotty had always been afraid of drowning, and perhaps, that was exactly the reason why he was so afraid of falling in love.
Pavel had never been afraid of drowning, nor afraid of water. He was born out of it after all. And one day, he would become it again. It was his past and his future.
There was absolutely no reason for them to be together. No logical reason at least. But lets get real here, most fairy tales are quite illogical. And those always have a happy ending.