out of my league ♡ grayson

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anon: please an imagine where girls are bullying y/n and grayson makes her feel better sorry if this is mainstream ily and your blog tysm 

anon: YO imagine where gray gets all sweet when girls are mean to the reader? tysm 

(BRUH these requests have been in my inbox for EVEERRR like actually I’m so sorry frfr) 

“Y/N, come here!” You hear one of your not-so-close friends giggle. You did not want to be at the dumb party Grayson made you go to, but you did anyway because he hadn’t seen his friends for a little while.

You close your eyes for a moment and sigh, really hoping you’d have patience with the girls at this party. They only knew you because you were dating Grayson, and they just so happened to be Gray’s friends girlfriends.

“So, how’s it like being the tops girl,” The blonde says and the rest of the group of girls laugh.

“Good. Why is that funny?” You roll your eyes. You hated girls like them. Snobby, rude, and they threw themselves at literally any guy. Even at Grayson a couple of times.

“It’s funny, because you won’t last a day.” She sighs as if it was a tragedy, but you just roll your eyes once more,

“keep your cool, keep your cool.” You repeat over and over in your head. You didn’t want to make a scene and you wanted Grayson to spend time with his friends. You trusted him, so you knew it was best to leave if these girls got too annoying.

“Yeah, I’m so much better looking then her,” One of the other girls whine,

“More like he’s so much better looking then her.” The blonde scoffs, then looks at you in the eye and smirks, “You have to know he’s out of your league, Y/N.” She continues.

Smoke was practically coming out of your ears as she kept on talking, causing you to get angrier by the minute.

“Stop.” You say loudly, causing her eyes to widen and her to take a small step back, but she quickly recovers as her small frown you caused turns upward into a menacing smirk.

“Your feisty I’ll give you that,” She laughs and the girls behind her laugh along, which was no surprise to you. You knew that if this kept going, you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself, so you turn on your heel and practically jog up the stairs, hearing the girls’ snickers behind you.

You walk into a random room and lean against a wall, taking deep breathes to calm yourself down. Before you knew it, you sank down to the floor with your head against your knees, thinking about what those rude girls had told you.

“Grayson is out of my league” You mumble to yourself and take another deep breathe.

“Y/N?” You hear a familiar voice call out to you but you chose to ignore it, allowing you to sink deeper into your thoughts that seemed to get you in a sad mood.

“Y/N,” The voice was closer, “Why are you up here all alone? I saw you go up here and…Are you okay?”

You look up with your eyes closed, not really prepared to face Grayson after all of the dark thoughts that had just crossed your mind.

You open your eyes slowly to his face, seeing worry written across it causing little wrinkles to form on his forehead. You had always thought that was cute.

“Baby,” He starts and kneels down to be face-to-face with you, “Why are you up here all alone?” He repeats.

“Nothing. Seriously, I’m okay,” Your voice cracks a little, but you keep going, “Go have fun with your friends. I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine,” He shakes his head, “Trust me, I know when my girl is not fine and she is definitely not fine right now.” He informs you and you bite back a smile.

“Grayson…” You start but he interrupts, sitting down in front of you,

“Y/N, what happened? You can tell me.” He says, and you feel tempted to pinch his cheeks at how cute he looked. His eyes were big as he stared into your eyes, waiting for your answer which you knew he’d listen to.

“I just don’t like the girls downstairs. It’s nothing.” You stretch the truth and Grayson narrows his eyes at you,

“And what did they do?” He signals for you to continue and you sigh. He looks at you for a moment and spins you around so that you were leaning on him instead of the wall, playing with your hair as he waited for your reply.

He knew just how to get you to talk.

“You’re out of my league grayson. Those girls are way pretty and I can’t compete…” You huff and grayson sighs, a small frown making its way onto his beautiful face. You wanted nothing more then the smudge that frown off of his face at that moment.

“Did they put that in your head?” He rolls his eyes, “Y/N, let me tell you something. You’re my girl. my girl. No one else is my girl. You are the most beautiful girl I know, and I love you. Those other girls have nothing on you, and if you think i’m out of your league, i’m flattered, but you have it backwards.”

You smile wide and turn around, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing a slow, passionate kiss to his lips. Your lips moved in perfect sync as you kissed, making you hum in delight.

When you pulled apart you see graysons flushed face and plump lips in front of you, and you reach up and trace his bottom lip with your thumb making him smile.

“let’s get out of here?” He asks, a little bit of hope intertwined in his voice.

“Are you sure?” I ask him and he nods eagerly,

“Very. Let’s go get ice cream.” He sighs and grabs your hand, leading you out of the house and to his car, every girl eyeing you jealously from the corner.

a/n – trashy but not trashy. that’s lit. i’m tired. gn. love you all. sorry if theres typos lolol i’m actually about to die of tiredness.

Everyone falls apart, I think. A lot of people try to be brave and not shed a tear. Sometimes when you know someone else feels as you do, or approaches things in a certain way just like you do, it makes you feel better about yourself. Even though my music is melancholy, there’s also joy in that. I hope I do bring joy to people’s lives, and not just sadness, but I think there’s there’s a comfort in it. - ADELE

ran-noch  asked:

Hey! Thanks for running this awesome blog again, it's pretty awesome! I gotta ask: what are the guys texting habits? Who writes properly and who short hands it? And do they text often -- especially if it's their S/O? Or not so much?

Hello you! Aaahh, you’re welcome. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

Ahaha okay. Hehe we go.

Noctis: noct texts like tumblr users write their posts. minimal capitalisation save for things that Need Emphasis, basic punctuation and run on sentences because really you can understand what he’s talking about so why the extra effort? 

Prompto: Spelling errors, punctuation mishaps and more. It’d be okay if he slowed the heck down, but generally a text from Prompto coms out abit allovrr tehplace wth mssng letterslack fospaces and som gud ol leet speek. lol and def :) :P XD
It drives Ignis insane.

Gladio: Short and to the point. He texts a bit like my Dad I imagine. Few words, just enough to carry the concept across clearly, no capitalisation and minimal punctuation. why waste space. time important. 

Ignis: Texts are short and simple but clear with proper spelling, punctuation and no emojis. Ever. He’s the most likely to be pranked with auto-correct though it never lasts long and has a distinctly formal air. After all, Ignis has a professional image to up keep, and no time for any HECKERY OR FUN EVEERRR. And now he’s going to find and murder Prompto.

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i don't get why you wont just link them

I’m going to create an intensely long and dramatic story so you guys can kind of sympathize with me here.


The story of how you could have just clicked a link and avoided me having to think in depth about how annoyed I actually am.

Imagine you invite thousands and thousands of people over to your house (you’re fucking popular apparently). They come in waves, not all at once. Some have been to your house before, and some are just seeing it for the first time ever. Lots of them wear bags over their heads, so you’re unsure of who you know and who you don’t.

The problem, is that when they come inside your house, they suddenly have to pee. They’re bursting and they NEED your bathroom. Though they could walk around and find the bathroom, they refuse to and they need you to give them directions. You’ve encountered this many many times before, so you (cleverly) put up signs to get to said bathroom. Your guests see the signs, yet continually ask for you to walk them to the bathroom. You wonder endlessly WHY these people need someone to accompany them to the lavatory. Are they scared of the hallway? Can they not read? Are they new? Are they fucking with you? We just don’t know.

So you walk the first few thousand to the bathroom without a problem; with a smile, in fact. Maybe they’re new here. You remember being new and how people were rude to you for not knowing things that you couldn’t possibly know. Walking them to the bathroom really isn’t a huge deal, so you do it.

6 months later, you’ve walked several thousand more people to the bathroom and you’re starting to get a little irked. You know some of the people have been here before, they can see the signs, and some are obviously fucking with you. Perhaps others find it amusing to make you feel obligated to help them. This annoys you greatly, but you continue to politely help them to the bathroom.You mutter under your breath, but this changes nothing. Some returning guests ask you why the new people can’ just look at the signs. This makes you eveerrr so slightly angry because it’s now been confirmed that this is not just in your head. People are actually taking advantage of the situation and being fucking lazy.

A year later, a fucking billion people have walked through your house and you’ve passive aggressively pointed at the signs. They pretend not to see them and you finally tell them to fucking find it themselves. They get mad at you and pee on the floor.

It’s your fault because it’s your house.

The end.

2 ideas on how to put a major challenge on Undertale:

1) go through the game without using any healing items, yes you can use saves to heal (as you need to save and they will automatically heal you), but in fights you cannot eat anything to heal

2) every time you die, literately restart the game from the beginning (or never save/only save when you have to turn off the game, otherwise if you die from there you need to restart the game)

Preference #52

He Tweets a Picture of Your Daughter While You’re Away


@zaynmalik: ready for this cold snap ! doesnt she look jus like her mum ? xx @(Y/T/N)
@(Y/T/N): @zaynmalik she looks adorable!! miss you two so much xx.


@Harry_Styles: That’s right, little lady. No boys until you’re 80. Right @(Y/T/N)?
@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles you’re turning our daughter into a frickin hipster. 


@NiallOfficial: sleepy this morning to go pick ma up from the airport. Lookin spiffy, squirt! @(Y/T/N)
@(Y/T/N): @NiallOfficial just getting off the plane now, see you two soo soon! 


@Louis_Tomlinson: She wanted to dress like her mummy. @(Y/T/N) I think she misses you a little. 
@(Y/T/N): @Louis_Tomlinson i miss my little munchkin so much. i guess i miss you too… x.


@Real_Liam_Payne: Got me a trendy baby. Out to run errands with the cutest girl eveerrr! @(Y/T/N)
@(Y/T/N): @Real_Liam_Payne​ is that my hat? 

Your name in his phone

Aaron: Babe ❤️❤️
Shawn: Sunny ☀️
Cameron: Cutie-kins
Nash: DA BÆ
Jack G: The Best Girlfriend Eveerrr [you put it in]
Jack J: Indiana Jones (cause you’re whipped) [gilinsky put it in]
Matt: lovey 💛💛💛
Carter: sexy
Taylor: The Lover 😘😘
Hayes: My Queen 👸
Dillon: Gurly
Sam: My Baby

{hope you like it!! :)

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When Three mumbles about his shoes in the hospital bed in Spearhead from Space, it’s unclear whether he actually looks at the face of the nurse who puts him back into bed, so it’s probable that the first face he actually sees when he wakes up properly is the Brigadier’s

If you watch the beginning of Robot you will see that when Four sits up and opens his eyes and starts speaking, he’s looking directly at the Brigadier

Conclusion: The Doctor imprints on that dumb soldier TWICE

*sings* Fiirrrstt faaccee this face eveerrr saaaawwww