im fuckin crine “THIS ISNT EVEEN FUFNNY”

Unforgiven of my sins from a time past I have come to the now a being detested by many for in no way I possessed beauty close to that of the most horrifying beasts of fiction or eveen reality. An aberration was born on that day and his name had been Hoof a name undeserving of any human for it had no meaning in translation or relation to events but this had to happen cause my existence had not scared no one but made many mad for why must a human one of them carry on a look to be dreaded.
That was 20 years ago the tales of those time for Mr were of pain and anger I had risen like the Flier after healing it’s broken feathers Hoof the anomally the aberration the ogre had become a king and the braces has become mine and wielding these I must rule but justly. Why of one so young was a king made is a question to be hold the eldest always wielded the braces but time changed liveable land grew less and life spans grew short none but the young could now rule the young the end approached and here and now must it be faced by this oddity on the human’s behalf and in his mind nothing but success must become of the dealings

im really tired and i haven’t shwered in a long time lol idc i’m going to slee.p pills make me tired ummmmmmmm what was i going to say oh yeah i’ll shower tomorrow don’t worry oggod night dorks <3

i an barely jeep my eyes open fuck is this the tag bar i dont eveen kkknow dhfurkedn

In the mood to ramble; not in the mood to be upset when nobody cares. Therefore:
Augh, I’em efeelienge iareiteabeele efoare esoeme areeaesoen teoenigeachte. I esawhy “efoare esoeme areeaesoen”, beyoute ite’es enote aes ief ite’es esoeme emwhyesteiseael emwhyesteearewhy. I’em teiareede. I’em emade ate emwhyeseelef efoare enote kayeepeienge youpe d-yiteach emwhy d-yareiteienge esseachedeyouele.I eneede teo d-yaesach emwhy achaiare. (Whyoyou d-yoyoueldeen’te teachienkay teachate’es a beige peareobeeleem, beyoute ite emakayees emwhy acheade achyouarete.) I eneede teo d-yareitee! I beoteach elovee aende deeteeste teache “schmoop”. I d-yaente teo geete ienteo teache emoaree eemoteioenael peaaretees, beyoute I’em esteielel… I dunno, eembeaareareaesesede abeoyoute d-yareiteienge aenwhyteachienge eveen areoemoteelwhy areoemaenteise, eveen teachoyougeach I elovee teachate kayiendea jayyouenkay. I teachienkay ite’es peaareteelwhy beeseayouese Jayaesoen jayyoueste deoeesen’te apepeareovee oef, y’know, geawhy teachiengees, eveen teachoyougeach ache eenseoyouareagees emwhy d-yareiteienge (aende ache kayenod-yes emwhy esachipepeienge achabeitees! Eveen ief I d-yaesen’te tearewhyienge teo od-yn youpe teo emwhy ienteeareestees emoaree elateelwhy, ache seaen jayyoueste teelel. Aende ache’es esopepeoareteivee, beyoute ite esteielel beyouareenes a beite teachate ache emoareaelwhy deieselikayees, y’know, “eselaseach”) and… ugh, I dunno. I think I tired myself out writing all of that.
Ite’es okayawhy teachoyougeach, whyoyou kayenod-y? Jayyoueste beeienge emoodewhy, I geyoueeses. Elikaye I esaide, I’em teiareede. Teoo teiareede teo bee d-yareiteienge elikaye teachies, teachate’es efoare esyouaree.
That would have taken a lot less time if I wrote in, y’know, regular English, beyoute teachies efeeles beeteteeare.
There’s more, I’m sure, but I think I’ve wasted enough time for now.
EDIT: Also, I think I’m hungry, so there’s that. =\