Pregnancy Style Part 1

Hi, so I finally found out how to pregnant morph! So, while watching my daily New Girl binge on Netflix, I added pregnancy morphs to some of my favorite store items! Now, the details.

  • These do NOT require the store mesh. If you already have it, decrappified or not, you will have 2.
  • Each has a custom thumbnail.
  • Only in package file, no sims3pack.

Please enjoy these! And feel free to send an ask if you find any problems, and I’ll do my best to fix them.

Downloads! (From Left to Right)

Easy Does It Shirt // Faux Fur Accent
After Dark Ensemble // Day To Evening Dress

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imagine you getting luke really pissed off so he just slams his fist on the table and begins to walk away but then turns around walking towards you quickly with a steaming look on his face and finally gets not even a centimeter away and starts roughly kissing you and grabs hold of your thighs and picks you up and shoves you against the wall and turns you and thows you on the bed and jumps on top of you and rips off all of your clothes immediately followed bye his and bye

Wth, French class?!

"Soo… during French class today, we learned about maple syrup. No lie. Different kinds of syrup, candied, liquidy, and eveen the instruments to get fresh syrup and how they make it, Kindof. what I’m wondering is how this relates to the french curriculum? How does maple syrup relate to french class? i know we’re Canadian but come on, thats taking it to the next level.  I’m being 100% serious." 


Well since French and the production of maple syrup are both integral parts of our culture and heritage, I don’t see the problem. Ten points if you can tell me the real name for ‘liquidy’ ‘fresh syrup.’