No Im lying !!! It’s not super secret at all B)

If anybody out there still even uses DeviantArt to rp My friend Feather and I just opened up our new Warrior Cats RP Group for the joinings!

It’s called Queer-WC-RP and incase you couldn’t tell from the name it’s a group for queer kitties~ (You can have straight/cis cats but we mostly need lots of queer kitties)

Since we were always kinda complaining about how Warrior Cat rps are kinda super shitty because u know stupid ppl r like “uAH caN CAts EvEEN BE GaYS/TRANZ!?” Feather was like fuck it, makin a group

So we done did it B) Click here to go to our group and sign up soon so everyone can get to roleplayin our queer cats yEAH!!

Mogi Shinobu (2015/05/24) 23:43 (JST)

Goood Eveening !!

今日は早朝からドギマギのお仕事♪( ´θ`)ノ
Heart-fluttering work from early morning today ♪( ´θ`)ノ
I was very nervous, but the staff and everyone was kind, it was fun !

I’ll notice you when I was allowed to share some info !

Tomorrow is a day off !
I want to have a meaningful day, but I also want to just rolling around the floor……

迷いどころですな( ˙-˙ )
It’s such a dilemma ( ˙-˙ )

Anyway, because I woke early today
I’m already sleepy !

Have a nice sleep !!

✽ starter for slytherclawjordan​ ✽ 

She stared at the girl curiously, attempting to
 figure out one small thing. How much pain did
the girl go through in order to receive that tattoo.  
Before she knew it, her actions were taking over
and Mary was already approaching the girl with
a small smile in place.
          ”Hello Jordan, can I have a seat with you?”

  • Weirdest, worst leadup ever. I lost my $60 Metro card and my favorite bookmark, which resulted in panicked retracing of my steps, which was impossible because I walked all the way from 14th Street, which led to tears and getting soaking wet. Which was witnessed by Ginger, Austin, Debra, and JWW. So now I can never talk to them again ever.
  • Once I got inside I had to ask Eveen to perform the weird but very necessary task of watching my drink while I went and dried my shoes in the bathroom.
  • Very happy to see that Sexy was being played by Emily Oldak’s hair, with a special appearance by Emily Oldak.
  • I was standing the lobby and for one sickening second Lady Macduff’s death screams got all tangled up with Lady Macbeth’s insanity screeching. I love those panoramic moments when I’m hyperconscious of everything and the way it all fits together.
  • It’s not news to anyone that I love the nurse, but I love the deranged ones best. Marissa went spinning around the operating theatre, running her hand along the wall, not blinking. If we’re subscribing to the line of thought that she’s an ex-patient, that really becomes disturbing.
  • I’ve been noticing the links between her and Lady Macduff. Both of them are prone to manic, repetitive movements, and for some reason neither of them can control their right hand.
  • Spent a lot of time with Ginger as Hecate and got all the major interactions. I really love what she does. There is some kind of bizarre animated doll quality to the way she moves, and that scares me more than when other Hecates are swooping around with the train and the fan flying.
  • I really love that Lady Macduff’s staging has been changed so that she now gets undressed in her children’s room. Which is kinda weird, but it’s one of my favorite spaces and aside from the taxidermist’s invasion it doesn’t get used often.





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nioo one cares abt me noro will ever care abt me i dont eveen care abt me i iwant to die soemoene pleaase come kill me now

i just dont get how whenever they remake the puppeets they always turn out so fucking scary

eveen when they gussied them up a bit for series 2 they looked all weird and wrong