A Welcomed Visit

After Eve told her she would visit Cici willed herself out of bed. It was strange staying in Noah’s house. After he’d had the bullets taken out he healed up just fine so of course he went back to work. He might have taken time off if she wasn’t avoiding him. So she was alone, but it was better in her mind than being around her brother. She made her way down stairs to start the tea, wondering if she should have asked Eve to bring her some of her paints. She was dying of boredom here.

Cici put the kettle on the stove then sighed. Didn’t really kill much time. Cici licked her lip and pushed up the sleeves of her hoodie, thinking how glad she was that Noah was practical in the clothes he brought her. She then went to the pantry, getting out everything to make some peanut butter cookies. Eve couldn’t really stop her from baking and she needed to do something. Plus Eve was so skinny, cookies would do her good.

She was justputted the cookies into the oven when the door bell rang. She grinned and hurried to the door. She had to slow down half way though because of the pain. Walking was pretty hard for her but she hated feeling weak. And she thought she was treated like some fragile baby before she knew she was being treated like one now. But now wasn’t the time to think about that. She opened the door and skiled brightly at Eve.“Hi sweetie! Come in.” Cici stepped aside to let her in.

The Drinks We Drank Last Night || Eve & Alaya ||

Alaya couldn’t help but smile, maybe this was what she needed after all. A night of booze, dancing on tables and letting go for a change. It was rare for her to just have fun and not worry about everyone else for a change. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d actually had a drama free night. Glancing over at Eve, she couldn’t  think of anyone who was as carefree as the demon, maybe it was because she was a demon.. or maybe she just had the right idea when it came to living her life. 
“Okay, lets do this” the blonde smiled, skipping off into the kitchen and grabbing all of the shot glasses she could find, which was about twenty. Her home was host to many parties in Mystic Falls, but the rest of the glasses were somewhere in the attic with everything else. Grabbing a bottle of tequila she poured ten shots in a row, lining them up on one side of the island in the middle of the kitchen and poured her shots of whiskey in the other ten shot glasses on the other side. “Neither stops drinking until one of us ends up passing out” she smirked raising one of the shots of whiskey in the air, “cheers, we’ll see who can hold their liquor better, the demon or the hunter..” Alaya said with a laugh, “wow.. The Demon & The Hunter.. sounds like the name of either a really bad science fiction movie or a really creepy porn..” she chuckled, her nose scrunching up as she took the first shot.