DRESS: Lazybones
SHOES: Fioni
TOP: BooHoo
BAG: Neve & Eve

A darker/more mature look than normal. Wearing the lovely Alice dress by Lazybones. The light, linen-feeling material makes it a perfect summer dress especially since most of my cute dresses are so heavy and fall appropriate! When it’s hitting the mid-80s it’s hard to find anything other than shorts and a tee to keep you cool, so I really hope more brands make dresses that are similar! I’m not the biggest on wearing revealing clothing either, so the teeny tiny flimsy sun dresses in a lot of stores don’t cut it for me. I’ve been into a lot of flowy fabrics lately! 

I’m just getting through my summer, working on making things happen & starting some designs. Missing the city so I may go for a visit soon. I can’t wait to talk about my band with you all soon as well! I also want to start vlogging again. There’s already something up from a while back, but subscribe for the next 2 I’m working on! I’m going to give some tips on how to start blogging & a hair tutorial~ Don’t forget to check out the shop!