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Day Six: Secret Eyes [Dick Grayson x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can you please and thank you do a YJ Dick Grayson Christmas imagine in which the team is doing a Secret Santa thing and you are his secret Santa, or the other way around? I hope I requested this properly!”

A/n: DAY SIX! I had an awesome time writing this and this may be one of my favorites so far! I really hope you loves enjoy this!

‘[F/n]’ - Nightwing didn’t show it but his heart started pounding a little the minute he read your name on that small slip of white paper. M’gann had just came to him to pick for the Secret Santa the Team decided to do this Christmas. He never thought he’d get you, and he wasn’t sure if he was excited or nervous. Dick has been quite in love with you.

You’re kind and sweet, not to mention beautiful. But you were also different, you didn’t give in to his normal flirting like most women would. You held a certain pride in yourself and confidence that normal flirting wouldn’t work on you. He respected that, and it just made him fall harder for you. But this could be his chance to finally get your attention in a way that was more than your leader and friend.

Dick smiled to himself before looking up to the Martian girl from the paper. “Thanks M’gann, I’ll be sure to have a gift by Christmas Eve.” She gave him a warm smile, “I’m so excited to see who everyone gets. This’ll be so much fun!” Her squeal echoed in the cave before she started to levitate and fly away. Looking for the last few team members that needed to choose names. Leaving Dick alone with just the piece of paper and his thinking cap.

Now, what should he get the girl he’s been in love with since he became Nightwing? Well, first he had to think about what you like. Well there was a lot, he could make you your favorite food? Eh, he’d ruin it. Maybe a new book! But you already have so many. He needs this to be special.

“Hmm” he hummed as he thought.

“What are you ‘hm’ing about?” A cheery and very familiar voice asked as it came into the room. Dick smiled knowing exactly who it belonged to. Looking up from his gaze at the ground, he caught your [e/c] with his masked ones.

Your smile fell into a forced frown. “I hate never seeing your eyes.” You leaned against the wall next to him. Dick chuckled “Well hello to you too.” He teased, you rolled your eyes “I mean do you shower with that thing on?!”

“Only if I have a lady friend with me.” He nudged you while you simply rolled your eyes again. “Classy” you chuckled. “Aren’t I?” He asked playfully.

You simply shook your head with a laugh and changed the subject. “Get your Secret Santa?” asking while trying to take a peek at the paper in his hand. He quickly hid it in his fist. “Yup and you’re not gonna see.” You pouted and crossed your arms, turning your nose away. “Fine, I was gonna tell you who I got but now I think I’ll keep it all to myself.”

Dick chuckled, “It is a Secret Santa. That’s kinda the point.”

“Oh shush up” You swatted at him before pushing off the wall. “Well, I’m gonna go try and get a gift for my person. I’ll leave you alone with your Secret Santa and your secret eyes.”

“Secret eyes?” He chuckled as you began to walk away. But you spun around and walked backwards. “Well they’re a secret to me ya know!” A small grin ghosted your lips before you turned back around and left the room.

You hadn’t noticed but Dick’s heart was beating a mile a minute. It always did when he was around you. It always did when he heard your laugh or even just caught your eyes. And that thought and your conversation just now, gave Dick the perfect gift idea.

The night of Christmas Eve was when the Team decided to exchange gifts. It was pretty laid back, the atmosphere was very relaxed. The cave was decorated beautifully with Christmas lights stringed across the walls, a Christmas tree sat cozily in the corner that was decorated by the younger members, wreaths hung on the walls, reindeer, snowman, and snowflakes were placed around the lounge. It was beautiful.

Also it was a blast to watch as people exchanged their gifts and seeing everyone laugh about who they got and who had them. You had gotten Robin as the name you had pulled from the hat and got him a new Bo Staff. Going so far as to asking Batman what a good material and size would be good for the young Robin. It was easy to say he loved the gift and traded it out for his old one.

Though you still didn’t know who your own Secret Santa was, nobody was approaching you with any gifts as you talked with Conner about the container of protein powder Bart got him. You found it kind of funny that he’d get a guy with super strength such a gift.

However, your conversation was interrupted when Nightwing tapped your shoulder. Turning you smiled at him before he asked. “Can I talk to you in private for a second?” Your brows knitted in confusion for a moment before nodding, giving Conner a quick goodbye and following the Team’s leader.

He led you to his quarters, which wasn’t far from the lounge. You looked around the room and noticed all the training equipment, there were very few personal touches. Laughing you slid a hand over the dresser. “So, this is how our leader lives when he doesn’t go home.”

Your back had been to him and when you turned around you froze at what you saw. Your eyes stared at Nightwing and all you could think was ‘blue.’

“Wow” you whispered. Dick smiled and fiddled with the mask that now lay in his hands. That was his gift to you. His eyes.

He walked over to you, your eyes never breaking contact with his. Carefully he reached out and took your hand in his. “Merry Christmas [F/n].” You smiled and finally broke your gaze from his and down to the floor. “I should’ve known you were my Secret Santa, after you hid that paper from me.”

Dick chuckled and nodded, “Yeah. But that conversation did make me realize what I wanted to give you for Christmas.” Your grin grew wider as you looked up at him. “Your eyes?” He smiled but shook his head, “Not just that, I wanted to give you me, the real me. I want to give up the secrets.”

You stared at him, a bit shocked at what he was saying. Noticing your silence he kept going.

He drew in a deep breath before taking your other hand as well. “My name is Richard Grayson, but I go by ‘Dick.’ My parents were The Flying Graysons until an accident and now I’m the adopted son of Bruce Wayne. And [F/n], I’ve been madly in love with you since I first laid eyes on you.”

Your breath hitched at everything he said. He loves you. Nightwing…No, Dick Grayson loves you. Your leader. Your teammate. Your friend. Your…love.

For Dick, your silence felt like it lasted years. Centuries even. But it was all worth it when you let go of his hands and reached up to pull his lips down to yours. A smile grew on his lips as he kissed you, his hands snaking around your waist.

Pulling back he grinned down at you and rested his forehead to yours. “So does that mean…?” You chuckled and nodded, “Yes, I love you too Dick Grayson.”

He smiled giddily like a child before pulling you into another kiss. Hearing you mumble against his lips.

“Best Secret Santa Ever.”

Sharing the Season

Summary: Sam overhears your wish for the holiday season and decides to take action.

warnings: fluff, Sam crushing on the reader, cute and slightly awkward Sam

word count: ~2150

Holiday Fics 2017 - Holiday Fics 2016

Sam was walking down the hall of the bunker, heading for the kitchen to get a glass of water to drink before bed.  His footsteps were silent with his socks on the bare floor, his pajama pants hanging low on his hips.  He ran a hand through his hair as he yawned deeply.

When he rounded the corner and passed the door to the library, he heard soft talking.  He stopped, wondering what you were doing up so late and who you were talking to.  He peeked his head around the door, seeing you sitting at the table with your back to him.  You had your cell phone to your ear, the act explaining immediately who you were talking to.

Sam didn’t mean to intrude, but he couldn’t help but be entranced by the way your hair was pulled up messily into a bun, looking awfully cute, or the way your sleep shirt had fallen off one shoulder in a way that wasn’t meant to be sexy, but definitely was appealing to Sam.  He thought you looked perfect, all ready for bed and comfortable in the bunker, but he couldn’t admit that to you.  He was keeping his distance, he didn’t want you to get hurt because of a relationship with him.

“I know, Bess…”

Bess, Sam thought.  Garth’s Bess?  Sam and Dean had introduced you to the werewolf couple a few months back and you had gotten along great with Bess right off the bat, but he didn’t realize that you were still in touch.  As much as Sam didn’t want to intrude on your girl talk…

“Sam just doesn’t see me that way,” you said, making Sam’s mind stop wandering and zero in on your words. You were talking about him, on the phone late at night, to Bess.  Why?

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Left Out - Nightwing x Reader

Requested by Anon - a cute Christmas fanfic about nightwing x reader and how she felt left out on Christmas and he made her feel happy

You hid in the shadows as the party bustled in front of you. It was Christmas Eve and the team had thrown a Christmas party. Everyone seemed to be having fun except you.

Pulling your sweater tightly around you, you watched everyone have a good time. Loneliness ate at your heart as you saw the younger members of the team laugh at some inside joke.

It wasn’t really your choice to hide in the shadows. Everything in you wanted to go join the party, but you couldn’t. Socializing had never been your thing, and frankly you were bad at it. Since you had joined the team only a few weeks ago, and had only been on one mission so far, you really didn’t know anyone.

Of course, it didn’t help that your lack of social skills made you come off as standoffish. Tears of frustration stung your eyes, mad at yourself for not making a better impression. You tried so hard to make this different than school or summer camp, but it didn’t work and you were alone.

“It’s time to open gifts,” M’gann announced as she floated around to distribute the Secret Santa gifts. You had heard about the Secret Santa only after it had happened. It hurt, but you understood. Why should you be included when it appeared you didn’t want to be?  A tear slipped down your cheek as your heart begged to be included.

You silently left the room while wiping the rogue tear. Heading towards the zeta tubes, you tried to comfort yourself by thinking about a movie you could watch when you got home. Something that would temporarily make you forget the loneliness eating away at your heart.

“Wait, (Y/N),” a voice suddenly called out from behind you. You flinched as the sound of running footsteps. Taking a deep breath, you turned around to find Nightwing, dressed in civvies, jogging to you. “Are you leaving already?”

“Yes,” you mumbled, keeping your head down to hide your face. He stopped in front of you, taking in a deep breath.

His sunglasses covered his eyes as he studied you as if looking into your soul. “Well, we were just about to pass out presents. Don’t you want to get your present?” You bit your lip as more tears stung your eyes.

Fighting to hold them back, you turned away from him. You let out a bitter laugh. “I know there is no present for me in there.”

“And how do you know that?” Nightwing teased, his voice light and kind. He stepped around you allowing him to lay a charming smile on you. You glanced at him quickly before looking away when you saw he noticed your teary eyes. He frowned slightly.

“I didn’t participate in the Secret Santa,” you said softly. “They drew names before I joined the team.”

Nightwing sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, I heard about that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you replied automatically. You were used to these kinds of apologizes by now. A tear slipped down your cheek making you jump to wipe it away before Nightwing saw. Unfortunately, you were too slow.

“No, it’s not okay,” Nightwing soothed as he laid his gloved hand on your cheek. The touch was so kind, you felt dam burst inside of you. More tears fell down your cheeks as a sob escaped your lips. You went to turn away from him, but Nightwing simply drew you into a gentle embrace.

He held you for a long time, letting you cry into his chest. When you finally got control of yourself, you pulled away from him, ducking your head down in embarrassment. Your face burned as you wiped your face on your sleeve.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled softly. He gently took your hand, giving it a squeeze.

“It’s alright,” he soothed, sensing your embarrassment. You both fell silent for a moment. Nightwing pursed his lips before digging in his pocket to pull out a small wrapped package. “I got you something.”

You blinked, taking the package. “But…but…”

“Shh, just open it.” Staring at the package in amazement, you ripped open the package. You mentally prepared yourself for a trick, nobody had ever been this kind to you before. Opening the box, you gasped when you saw a simple sliver chain.

“How…How did you know?” you asked, eyes widen in wonder as you held up the chain. You couldn’t believe this was happening to you.

Nightwing chuckled. “I saw your necklace break during training last week.” He watched as you took out the charm out of your pocket and threaded it through the chain. You tried to put the necklace on, but you couldn’t get the catch. “Here, let me,” Nightwing offered, taking the necklace from you.

You turned around, smiling when you felt the necklace settle around your neck once again. It wasn’t until it broke that you realize how much you missed it.

“Thank you,” you said, turning to face him. You watched him shyly, fingering the necklace. Nightwing grinned at you before clearing his throat.

“So,” he began, glancing at the zeta tubes before looking back to you. A warm feeling grew in your gut when you were under his gaze. “I know about this Christmas light show happening tonight in Gotham, do you want to go with me?”

Your mouth dropped open in surprise. This all seemed surreal, you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Umm, don’t you have to stay at the party?” You watched him, preparing for his answer.

Nightwing smirked at you, your heart skipping a beat. “No, I doubt if they’ve even noticed I was gone.” He held out his arm, bowing to you. “Shall we go, my lady?”

Your cheeks heated up as you slowly took his arm. He smiled at you with a charm that weakened your knees before guiding you towards the zeta tubes. Taking a secretive glance at the handsome man beside you, you found the lonely ache in your heart lessened.

Christmas C’mon

Summary: it’s Christmas eve and the team went into a last minute mission to save the world leaving you with Thor and Loki.

Words: 1658

A/N: for @lovelynemesis writing challenge. I’m sorry it took so long D:

“You two better behave until we go back,” Steve warned the Asgardians and directed a stern look to Loki, “especially you”

“Captain, you should know by now that I’m always up to no good” answered the God of mischief with a wicked grin.

“He is just jesting, my friend” added Thor and placed a hand on Loki’s shoulder, squeezing it a little too hard, “I’ll keep him out of trouble”

Steve didn’t look convinced, looking for a brother to another. He sighed and turned around to get into the quinjet. Unfortunately, the team needed to leave on a mission and they wouldn’t come back before the New Year.

They hated it, they never could have a decent Christmas. Every year something happened and at least one - or like this time – most of them were out to save the world. Now this year, with a new member on their team, they hoped to spend it together but it wasn’t possible.

The Asgardians watched the quinjet leave and turned around, walking out the building. They had a plan in their minds. The newest avenger (Y/N), was in the med bay with a broken leg and a gunshot wound in her right shoulder since December 3rd. Because of this, she wasn’t allowed to move more than necessary.

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Inch by Inch

[I got a request! Actually I got two requests in the same day, I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be working on the other one next, and I, ugh, I just hope their good. I picture it in my head and I can see it but I don’t know….But enjoy!]

“ – and after that he just wouldn’t stop laughing. I swear those boys are crazy, they have to get it from Will’s side of the family.”

You laughed, watching the screen of JJ’s phone as she showed a video of Henry making silly faces at Michael; the little toddler waving his chubby arms and squealing in delight with each contortion.  

“It’s so adorable, Henry was made to be a big brother. Thinking about having another one soon? Maybe a little girl this time so Garcia and I have someone to dress up and have tea parties with finally?”

You and Garcia had talked about that while JJ was pregnant with Michael. Both of you fantasizing over the clothes and toys you could buy for a baby girl. But with the bulge of shock coming from JJ’s eyes you knew that possibility was a ways away.

“I think I’m good for right now on the baby front. Maybe you two could just dress up each other. Right Spence?”


Glancing over next to you, Spencer blinked his eyes blearily. “Have you slept at all during this case?”

Child abductions had been happening in a small area of Wisconsin, and with no similarities between victims, Spencer had been the one to piece together that though they had no physical similarities, the children were all on the same medication. Leading them to the unsub which was the doctor that had prescribed them. But during that time you doubted the genius had used his bed even once, now beginning to nod in and out on the jet.

“I slept some. Just really tired now that it’s over.”

“Want a blanket?”

“No, no I’m good, thanks.”

JJ’s eyes crinkled. “Well, you need to be a little careful there, Spence, with the way you’re swaying you’re going to bop into Y/N’s skull.”

“Oh, hush, he’s fine. Go back to sleep, Spencer.”


“Oh, he’s gone.”

You laughed. “I’d say so. Hey, pass me some of those Cheetos.”

“You have three steps to the kitchen, get your own.”

“Don’t be like that, JJ, I always share with you. I’m only asking for a few – oh.”

During your debacle Spencer had decided to face plant onto your shoulder, and like JJ had predicted the thud of his skull had sent a sharp signal of pain up to you.

“How did he not wake up from that?”

“I have no clue. Should we wake him?”

You shook your head. “No harm in letting him lay there. Kind of feels nice if you discount the bruise I’ll have tomorrow.”

With that the two of you carried on your conversation, sneaking a few Cheetos from JJ’s bag while discussing where the next team dinner should be. Until you felt a Spencer moving next to you, in almost slow motion you watched as Spencer begin curling up against you, his body moving in closer to you.


“Want to move him now?”

Honestly, you didn’t. His chest pressed alongside your arm, his breath a millimeter from your ear, you could even feel his lips moving near it though nothing intelligible could be heard. He was warm, and he smelled nice, his hair somehow smelled spicy, woodsy.

Cinnamon. How the hell did he get his hair to smell like cinnamon?

Not unless one of the baristas attacked him with one of their seasonal flavors, it didn’t seem logical. But it fit him. It was nice and though JJ’s eyes stared at you in an incredulous amusement you pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“So, I was thinking we’d spend Christmas Eve with the team and Christmas day with –“

And again, Spencer’s spastic motion cut you off. But this time…

“Oooh, I see Pretty Ricky copping a feel over there.”

Great, now Morgan knew what was going on. You huffed, carefully moving Spencer’s hand away from your chest only to have him flop it back in your lap.

“I think he like’s you, your body is like a magnet to him.”

Damn you and your baritone chuckle, Morgan.

JJ was covering her mouth to hide her smile. “I don’t think he’d be offended if you woke him.”

Before you could answer the hand began to shift and squeeze, tugging you closer to him.

“Hmmm, Y/N.”

With Morgan’s laughter the rest of the everyone’s attention was drawn to you, and you had no idea what to do.

“Tell you what Y/N, if you can last with him on you like that I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

Well, thanks Emily.

You still wouldn’t move him, not even out of liking it now. It was more of a point to make. It didn’t bother you, but them thinking it bothered you, bothered you. By the time you were getting ready to land Spencer had folded himself nearly across your lap, his face pressed into the thin fabric of your shirt, which you could feel a small wetness from what you guessed was him drooling. His arms encircled your waist fully now while one of his legs had tangled with yours. In short, the two of you looked like a mutant pretzel.

“Pretty Boy! Rise and shine! Come greet us and look at the mess you’re in.”

The yelling and the jolt of the jet making contact with the ground was enough to get Spencer to open his eyes. Blinking slowly before becoming large when he realized his position.

“Sleep well, Spence?”

The jeers were enough to get you to roll your eyes, as you patted Spencer’s knee in attempt to tell him it was all right. Everyone filing out before the two of you.

“I guess, you won, Y/N.”

You glared up at Emily as she tossed a fifty in your lap. With the two of you remaining Spencer fidgeted with his hands as he looked to you.

“What did you win?”

“Not waking you up while you did your yoga poses on me.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Are you mad at me?”

“Not really. Though you do get that they’re going to find out about us pretty soon now.”

“Probably, is that a bad thing?”

“No, I don’t think so, I just wanted to tell them in a better way than you slobbering on me.”

“I do not –“

Giving him a pointed look his mouth clapped shut. “Fine, I just, I can’t help it, you know? Whenever you’re next to me, my body knows somehow that you’re near and wants to be close to you.”

Giving his cheek a kiss, you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck. “My body likes your body close, it’s the reason I didn’t throw you off.”

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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  • Eve: I can’t keep doing this. I’m not your mom!
  • Jake: You do exhibit rather motherly behavior, Eve.
  • Ezekiel: So you’re like our mom. Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Eve: I’m not the team mom!
  • Everyone: Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Eve: Cassandra! Why are you chanting?!
  • Cassandra: It is a catchy chant.
  • Ezekiel: … Team m-
  • Eve: One more chant and no slushies after training!

anonymous asked:

Thanks for being awesome about answering requests. Can I get a Mama Baird and son Ezekiel fic where Ezekiel gets really into a case and he massively overworks himself and Eve finds him like 3 days later and he hasn't eaten and he's exhausted and she has to mom him to get him to go to bed? Thanks so much.

This was such a cute idea so thank you! Also, thanks so much for your sweet words <3 constant reassurance that I’m doing at least okay keeps me going, lol ;) 

I really hope you enjoy!

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Playing Dumb // A Thor imagine



Thor pretends to not know what mistletoe is

On Christmas Eve, the team was sat around the living area, separated into smaller groups, everyone talking softly, reveling in the Christmas lights and eyeing the presents under the tree. Cheesy Christmas movies were playing on the tv, no one was really watching them. You were talking with Wanda and Clint. Well, Clint was talking, you were pretending to listen, nodding occasionally.
Instead you were focused on Thor, he was sitting with Steve, but instead of being talkative like he usually is, he was staring at the door way. You followed his eyes to the white berries that were hung just inside the door.
He watched Natasha point to her cheek when she stopped under the door, Sharon kissed her cheek and they both started giggling before walking back to their seats.
“And that’s when I told him, ‘I don’t care who you think you are, I am the new director and as the new director, I’m firing you, Nick Fury.” Clint exclaimed when he noticed you weren’t paying attention.
“Woah, that must have gone over well.” You replied, still watching Thor’s puzzled face.
Wanda giggled.
“Don’t take it personally, Clint. She’s distracted by something otherworldly.”
You snapped your attention back to them.
“I am paying attention, Clint said he made himself director and then got his ass kicked by Fury. It’s his go-to story when he thinks someone isn’t listening.” You pointed out and he pouted.
“Fine, I see. I’m just not interesting enough for you anymore. A lowly circus boy could never compare to a god.” He sighed dramatically, letting his head fall against the back of the couch. “I’ll just die here in my non-interesting way.”
You and Wanda fell into a fit of laughter, Wanda called him a drama queen.
“Anyway, enough about me.” He said and you gasped.
“Clint Barton! Never! Never enough about you! Tell me every mundane thing that happened to you in the last ten years.” He scoffed.
“I get it, okay.” He replied and you giggled again. “So what’s got you interested in Point Break all of a sudden?” He asked.
“All of a sudden?” Wanda asked, laughter in her voice. Before she could continue, you shot her a look, the man god in question turned to you with a smile in his eyes. You smiled back at him as you turned back to your company, they were holding back laughter.
“Leave. Me. Alone.” You said with a tight smile, head tilted to the side.
Wanda scoffed. “No way. Don’t make me force it out of you.” She threatened, but the two of you knew she would never do that.
“I don’t know.” You admitted quietly. “Ever since he got back and decided to stay for Christmas, we’ve spent a lot of time together. He helped me decorate the other day and he kept asking questions about how we celebrate Christmas, and he was telling me how it was different than what he did for Yule up in Asgard. He asked about what Wanda was celebrating but I don’t know enough about Hanukkah to answer those questions, I felt bad that I didn’t because you’re my friend and it’s important to you-”
“You’re rambling. She’s rambling, she’s hiding something.” Clint said jerking forward.
“I am not.”
“Yes, you are.” Wanda said and raised an eyebrow. You rolled your eyes and groaned. “You know you can tell us anything right, we would never tell.”
“Clint!” Wanda hissed.
“I mean, love me some girl talk.” You smiled, pulling your feet under you, you looked back over to Thor.
“He’s just so pretty, you know.” Clint made an inhuman noise when he burst out in laughter, the rest of the team turned to look at him, you dropped your head into your hands. Wanda leaned against you, laughing.
One by one, the team went to bed sometime after eleven, until you and Thor were the last people in the living room. This wasn’t by accident, you wanted to sneak some presents under the tree. When you stood to leave the room, Thor told you good night.
“Oh, no, I’ll be right back.” You told him, he smiled. “I’ve got a few more presents to put under the tree.” He nodded and you continued on to your apartment. He was still watching the Christmas movie, a content look on his face.
You sat on a couch that was closer to the blonde god, the two of you sat in silence for a while.
“May I ask you something?” He asked.
“When did it become customary to wrap the cabinets in ribbon around Yule?”
“Um, well that was actually just something Wanda and I saw online.” He chuckled.
“It is a nice touch.”
“Thank you, it was a lot harder than it looks.”
“How about the little village on the desk in your apartment. Is that similar to bringing the tree in, in the sense of housing fae?”
“No, no, that started in the 1950’s. My family always had one and I thought they were cute. No fairies in the pet store on the desk.” You assured him. He nodded. “And I saw you looking at the mistletoe earlier. There’s this tradition that if someone stands under it, they have to be kissed.”
“Really? That is very interesting.” Thor said, his eyes bright. You nodded. “Well, if it is tradtion.” He stood up, holding a hand out to you.
“What? No, I didn’t mean-”
“It is tradition, isn’t it (Y/N)?” He asked, his voice amused. You hesitantly took his hand, standing slowly.
Once you were in the doorway, he positioned you directly under the leaves. His thumbs carressed your cheekbones, you felt yourself blush, his smile widened. Thor leaned down, capturing your lips in his, the kiss stayed innocent, his hand slid around the back of your neck.
When he pulled back he laughed.
“I have not done this in millenia.”
“What?” You asked him.
“I’m not sure if you are aware or not, but my kind did start the tradition of mistletoe. This is nothing new to me.” Your jaw dropped. “Thank you for letting me kiss you under the mistletoe. I have not done that since I was a child. May I?” He asked. You nodded, not sure what he meant. But he leaned in to kiss you one last time. This time, one hand was on your lower back, the other on your cheek. He guided your arms around his neck.
You pulled back first this time.
“I should go to bed.” You told him.
“Nonsense, it’s not late yet. Let us finish this movie.”

@anoasisinawasteland​‘s fic request “if you could do anything about Team Legends - being domestic/arguing on the ship… - going on a vacation and wrecking havoc, being the adorable, nerdy fuck ups. Time Mum and Dad being disappointed but also joining in on the fun. - Gideon’s pov over the team. Like a day in the life of Gideon and how she sees and reacts to the team” (LoT fandom)

i’m so sorry it took so long ! i’ve been swamped with work and stuff and i was hesitating between writing this and a gideon’s pov fic. - the latter will definitely happen at some point, because I absolutely love the idea.

hopefully you’ll like it! 

“This is a bad idea.”

 Jax shared an eye roll with Sara, both groaning loudly. From where he was leaning against Rip’s office doorframe, Ray frowned, miffed, while Nate pouted at his feet, his arms crossed in petulance. Amaya threw them a look before turning to Mick, the latter responding to her cocked eyebrow with a low grumble. Martin, unlike the others, didn’t seem undeterred nor peeved by the Time Master’s constant pessimism.

“Have a bit of faith, Captain,” Martin insisted, his grin hopeful. Rip responded by cocking an eyebrow, his expression unmoved, “We arse all responsible adults, aren’t we?”

“I beg to differ,” Rip muttered, gaze darting from one person to the other.

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I was trying to practice Tsuru-chan ^_^ I know I’m not good at drawing, my style is not very consistent as you can see, but the reason I made all of these was that I’m having some tough time and drawing helps to keep me distracted from stuff…
I chose Tsurugi as my subject because I found myself reciting the words from the spell a night ago, as a way to comfort myself I guess… thus I started to doodle in my new sketchbook and here’s the result! (why do I start drawing more beginning from 1-2 AM whyyy ???)

He is a precious little treasure and I really haven’t drawn him much and now I got the opportunity :) If you’re wondering who is that guy in the middle, it’s one of Tsuru’s prototype designs :D I was like, why not try him out too, so I also drew him like that. Hmmm…who knows, maybe his hair could have been white/lighter because that design didn’t had his hair colored black, so I left it like that too.
Uhhmm…so yeah, I could go on with criticizing my drawings, but I’ll stop now.
What do you guys think?