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A New Business Model For Autism

“Traditionally, companies focus on training workers to fit the work they intend them to do. But the EV team saw a new trend. Especially in places like Silicon Valley, managers are starting to recognize that talented people can perform best when the work environment is adjusted to suit them. Technology and social media companies are at the vanguard of designing campuses to fit their workforces. The EV team decided to make that their “secret sauce,” designing jobs and workplaces precisely to fit the skills and needs of the people they were employing.”

This article was written last year, but it was retweeted by the author today. Even if you don’t personally know someone with autism, it’s a good read. Improving the quality of life for all persons, regardless of their capabilities, should be a fundamental goal for all societies. And everyone wishes for a workplace that is more amenable to their needs, not just the employers. Kudos to the businesses who are upping their game. Source: Forbes