Death is here and death is there,
Death is busy everywhere,
All around, within, beneath,
Above is death – and we are death.

Death has set his mark and seal
On all we are and all we feel
On all we know and all we fear,

First our pleasures die–and then
Our hopes, and then our fears–and when
These are dead, the debt is due,
Dust claims dust – and we die too.

All things that we love and cherish,
Like ourselves must fade and perish;
Such is our rude mortal lot –
Love itself would, did they not.

spn ladies + poetry: Death by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Eve, Mother of All

Her gaze bold as it stares into his eyes
And turns him to cracked stone

Her touch the thorns of a rose that prickle at his skin
Inflicting delight at first but pain ever after

Her kiss poison to his weary heart
Stabbing at him like a dagger to the back

Her words a siren’s call
Playing hide and seek with a meaning uncovered

Her desire untrue and wanting  
Only to toy with him and be his puppeteer

Her beauty a shining star
Blinding him from the monster beneath

Her Name creating the world around them
So powerful it maims the spirit and soul

Her Name
Creator and Destroyer

Her Name
Eve, Mother of All.


New headcanon; Loki & Eve - The Mothers of Beasts

What if Eve from Supernatural

met another know Mother of Beasts, a.k.a.; this guy

- they could bond over how people fear/misunderstand/want to kill their children

- heaven and/or hell have mercy on anyone of their kids when the other is near. For simplicity’s sake one could limit Eve’s “main children” to the alphas

- their kids could have epic play-dates, sometimes Thor would appear and in usual his usual “just roll with it”-style, he’d probably join in on some of the shenanigans


Be right back, have some fictions to write, and some drawings to make

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“Down through the centuries, the Church has carefully preserved, protected, and defended its Marian teachings, because to give them up would be to give up the gospel.”

To understand the Mother of God, we must begin with God.

“All Mariology, all Marian devotion, must begin with solid theology and firm credal faith. For all that Mary does, and all that she is, flows from her relationship with God and her correspondence to His divine plan. She is His mother. She is His spouse. She is His daughter. She is His handmaid. We cannot begin to know her if we do not, first, have clear notions about Him–about God, His providence, and His dealings with His people.

…Marian types abound in the Old Testament. We find Mary prefigured in Eve, the mother of all the living; in Sarah, the wife of Abraham, who conceived her child miraculously; in the queen mother of Israel’s monarchy, who interceded with the king on behalf of the people of the land; and in many other places, in many other ways (for example, Hannah and Esther). The type addressed most explicitly in the New Testament, the ark of the covenant, I will discuss in greater detail in its own chapter. Here I will merely point out that, as the ancient ark was made to bear the old covenant, so the Virgin Mary was created to bear the new covenant.”

- Scott Hahn, Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God

The Apocalypse of Adam, discovered at Nag Hammadi, tells of a feminine power who wanted to conceive by herself:
 '… from the nine Muses, one separated away. She came to a high mountain and spent time seated there, so that she desired herself alone in order to become androgynous. She fulfilled her desire, and became pregnant from her desire …’
The poet Valentinus uses this theme to tell a famous myth about Wisdom: Desiring to conceive by herself, apart from her masculine counterpart, she succeeded, and became the “great creative power from whom all things originate,” often called Eve, “Mother of all living.” But since her desire violated the harmonious union of opposites intrinsic in the nature of created being, what she produced was aborted and defective; from this, says Valentinus, originated the terror and grief that mar human existence. To shape and manage her creation, Wisdom brought forth the demiurge, the creator-God of Israel, as her agent.
—  Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels (1979). There’s another text where Jesus defends Mary Magdalene’s inclusion with the disciples by saying that he made her ‘spiritually male’.
Hunter Regiment

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by RieltheWolf

(This Fanfic is inspired by the movie Suicide Squad)

A portal to Purgatory has been mysteriously opened and every kind of supernatural monster known to man has been released into New York City, along with the Mother of All, Eve, and is creating mass chaos and panic within the country. The F.S.F.I (The Federal Supernatural Field Investigators) are completely lost as to what to do, until F.S.F.I agent Bobby Singer comes up with an idea. He gathers a team consisting of a mentally unstable former hunter that’s deadly with every weapon known to man, an ex-blood junkie with telekinetic abilities and uncanny marksmanship, an Asian 19 year old kid with a knack for making really strange bombs, a red headed girl that can hack anything and kick ass at the same time, a Vampire Pirate, a psychotic archangel with a sweet tooth, and to keep them all in check, a seraph angel in a trench coat with the bluest eyes to ever blue. It’s up to this team of outcasts and misfits to stop Eve before she can destroy the world and bend it to her likness.

Words: 716, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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