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pls i can’t live with out my bby he’s so pure pls it took me 6 seasons to love him don’t take this away from me shonda pls


Anthony: “Here’s to another awesome summer, so let’s celebrate by making this party so loud, we’ll be heard throughout the multiverse!”

//  And with that, the Hawaii event is officially over!

Hello there.
    I woke up today to see messages like this. I was beating myself all day either respond to them or not. I decided to do this publicly because i want some people to understand few things.

   At first when i started doing this edit ( x ) i wanted to put only 10 my favorite females on SPN. In the process i couldn’t decide which one ladies to choose because they all are awesome so i decided to put 20 of them in my edit.

I want to assure everyone that i didn’t forgot about those mentioned ladies, i’m fully aware that i didn’t put every single SPN lady in this edit. I watch SPN for years and rewatched it like 10 times or more, i’m not new to this show and i intentionally didn't  put all female characters.The challenge did not expect this from me either.

It take me so much time make this set,  to find and choose proper screencaps,  to cut all the characters and to put all this together. I know that this is maybe not a masterpiece but it was my time, my work, my edit and i get to choose what i put on it.

There is no need to send me messages like this.

P.S. and FYI while we’re at it, someone forgot to mention in those messages few other ladies like: Jessica Lee Moore, young Mary Winchester, Krissy Chambers, Becky Rosen, Annie Jones also known as Alex, Sarah Blake, Dagon, Litith, Ava Wilson,  Eve - Mother of All, Pamela Barnes, Madison, Toni Bevell, Alicia Banes, Tasha Banes, Missouri Mosely,  Casey (aka) Bartender Demon, Layla Rourke and plenty other ladies.