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Revolutionary Girl Utena 
Duel 39: Someday, Together, We’ll Shine 
December 24, 1997

Eve and the Snob.

This isn’t my story, but my friends “Adam” and “Eve” are allowing me to share it with you.

Eve is a teacher at a public school in a large American city. Specifically, she teaches kids with special needs. Is that relevant to the story? No. I just want you all to know how awesome she is, so you empathize that much more with her in this tale of vengeance!

Now the school where she works happens to be located adjacent to a very, VERY ritzy neighborhood. The school also has inadequate parking for all the staff, so Eve, fully able to walk a couple of blocks, parks on the street in the nice neighborhood.

Her car is nothing special, but it’s very well maintained. Not a bucket of rust, but rather a small, simple car.

It just happens to be lime green.

Well one day, Mr. Snob comes out of his house in the morning and, doing his best imitation of nice, politely asks her not to park her car on the street. He clearly doesn’t like the color.

Eve, not having any other options, politely ignores him and continues parking there every day.

Two years go by without incident, until one day, Mr. Snob apparently snaps and calls the school. He speaks to one of administrators and does his best to sound like he has a real problem.

The administrator, in turn, asks if Eve is blocking his driveway.

Well no, she isn’t….

“Then she is parked legally on a public street that you do not own and you will not call us about this again!”

Now that’s a good administrator.

But… word of the call got to Eve, and it just so happened that Eve’s daughter was visiting (she’s an adult, lives in another state).

Daughter borrows Adam’s car for the day, drives to her mother’s school, and parks right next to mom’s green car. Directly in front of Snob’s house.

Did I forget to mention that Adam’s car is a bright lemon yellow?


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  • Eve(Code Empress): It's a good thing to see you taking interests in our field, Rose.
  • Rose(Optimus): Back in where I came from, I always have a knack for machinery. Glad that I could be with you.
  • Add(Mastermind): *pokes at Rose's machines* Not bad...
  • Elsword(Runeslayer): Oh no...
  • Chung(Tactical Trooper): *is looking at Rose's sweet guns* What's wrong, Elsword?
  • Elsword: It's starting...
  • Chung: What's starting?
  • Raven(Veteran Commander): What in Elrios is he talking about--
  • Elsword: *points at Raven's Nasod Arm* LOOK, THEY TURNED RAVEN INTO A CYBORG, I'M CRYING--
  • Chung: Is he okay?
  • Raven: He's over-reacting. He needs some fresh air.

Hello lovelies I have a special giveaway for all you Pokemon Master’s! I’m a normal giveaway blog that gives out shiny Pokemon normally, but never have I ever created a custom team for people, so y’all get to be the test run! This is a reblog giveaway for my followers only. If you get chosen and are not following me then someone else will get picked. 

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Random headcanon

One of my favorite headcanons is that Ares unintentionally made Eve the biological daugther of Xena and Gabrielle when he melded their bodies into one in Succession.

Xena: “Ares put me and Gabrielle into one being.”
Mavikan: “You get the day shift, and she gets the night watch.”

Part of Gabrielle became part of Eve. 

And, yeah, you can give me lists of reasons as to why that’s implausible. Need I remind you how Xena got pregnant in the first place? 

And *points to the title of the series* this is the show we’re watching. Where time has no real meaning, where trees are made of rubber and where you can be melded into one person at the behest of a God. Also where your head makes a “whoosh” sound when you turn around.