eve torres

OK…So I’ve been seeing some people who are complaining/upset that Sasha didn’t mention AJ Lee in her promo from Raw. But do you know who else Sasha didn’t mention

These women who unlike AJ are actually being overlooked!! By EVERYONE! 

Do you think these women didn’t want a change! Do you think these women wanted the pink butterfly belt! Do you think these women wanted to be a part of the era in WWE that is constantly disregarded!

This is not a hate post about AJ Lee or Sasha Banks. This is an appreciation post to the women that I grew up watching, that I loved! The women that I believe deserve places in the HOF but probably won’t because people never talk about them anymore! 

If it wasn’t for these women there wouldn’t have even been a division for AJ Lee or Sasha Banks so start acknowledging their accomplishments and successes