eve olution


kalya scintilla: open ancient eyes.

this album is, from beginning to end, a deep beautiful journey. eve olution does such an amazing work of love both in the starting evocation and the finishing epilogue… and in between, the most amazing sound magic. she just finds the perfect words to evoke and stir that ancientness inside, that deep wisdom that is lying dormant within all of us. 

i am in the deepest of love with this piece of sound magic, without a doubt in the whole universe, one of my most beloved ones. it gives me goosebumps all over each and every time… give it a listen, sweet ones! i’m listening to this yet again in the background as i crochet a mandala vest that was left unfinished a few moons ago…

and if you’re feeling stressed/anxious, this will calm you down. i promise. this is true medicine. listen to the evocation and the epilogue, if nothing else. the sounds will soothe you and the words will lift you up, they will make you remember your true divine beautiful essence… a divinely guided “meditation” x x x x