eve mun draws

//ooc: Eve’s back tattoo is different from verse to verse, but in her original verse it’s a pretty straight forward and literal interpretation of Yggdrasil. The interesting twist is that the texture of the tattoo is akin to a burn scar- as if she was struck by lightning there. The branches also curl up onto her left arm.

Since I’ve got a thread going where she’s in the age of piracy, here’s a Bloody Sea era depiction of Eve/Dvalinn. Longer hair and refuses to put on a corset.

I’m out of my head
Of my heart and my mind
                                                                       'Cause you can run but you can’t hide
                                                                       I’m gonna make you mine

Lyric and pose source [x]

//ooc: I love this pose in the video and wanted to give it a whirl.