eve doll

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Doll fun

Today I went down to Michaels to get some watercolor paint markers (all paint stuff was on sale!) I popped into Marshalls that was next door and surprisingly found two cute tops. I never usually find anything I like there.

Anyway, I was seeing what they had for dolls and spotted this one (only one) on the shelf. She’s from some show on Netflix called E=MC2 or something like that. Very cute, but I wanted the outfit for one of my others dolls. For $8 I figured why not. I then also noticed that she had actual eyes in, not painted. And they are a really pretty green.

I stripped her down and put the clothes to the side to try on another day. I then removed her head. This is what the body looks like. It is all hard plastic. The neck mech is horrible in that it only allows the doll head movement side to side. She can not look up or down at all. Oh well. I’ll keep the body and maybe do some fun mods to it or something.

Next I chopped the hair but ended up just cutting it all off. It felt oddly greasy and was not in great shape do to being tide into the box in numerous places. I then cut the face off so I could get to the eyes. I just had to cut the plastic off the back a bit and they popped right out. I am saving the face for a potential future project.

Looking at the size, I wondered if they would fit Eve. They are a great green foresty color so would suit her. They work perfectly! Not only that, since the lashes are glued to the eyes, she has upper lashes! My dolls that I paint myself never do as I cannot draw them well (lower ones) and I never think to buy ones to glue in. Either way, it does not bother me that they don’t have lashes.

Here is how the eye looks. I’ll put them in after she is painted. Waiting for this heat and humidity to break.


Finally I can post my canvas about Mikuni Alicein! It took me a few days to finish it and I’m proud of the final result.

First I had draw Mikuni alone, without Jeje and Abel-chan. But… Well, let’s say a little accident happened.^^; But now I’ve got this!

I really hope you guys like it and I will definitely draw more for the servamp fandom in the future! ^_^