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The Elgang's reaction to CrA killing IS because she thought of him as getting in the way? Tbh tho its like you guys are getting many character death asks, have a nice day~

Aisha has to be held back from killing Elesis.  How could anyone kill Elsword?  He’s done nothing but try to be helpful, even if he does it badly!

Rena is absolutely pissed.  Rena goes and chases down Elesis and makes her pay for murdering her little brother.  As far as she’s concerned, Elesis is out of control.

Raven is the one left with the task of bringing everyone back together, and he does so kind of stiffly, but competently.  It’s still never the same.

Eve holds everyone back from killing Elesis.  Rena’s already doing that job, after all, and Eve gets to watch every bit of torture.

Chung falls into grief and pretty much doesn’t come out of his room except to fight demons for a few days.

Ara gets through her grief with Eun’s help, and tries to cheer other people up.

Elesis dies at Rena’s hand, but not before she realizes what she’s done and begs for death.

Add leaves the Elgang.  It’s really just not the same without Elsword there.  He never realized what a comforting presence that brat was.

Lu leaves the Elgang as well, along with Ciel. Without Elsword there… What’s the point in staying with everyone?  She’ll look out for her family first.

Ain just kind of lets himself slip out of existence.  There’s no point to anything without Elsword.  Elsword was his life, his mission, and without him….

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Ok so how about Eve hanging out with the turtles and they're watching a movie in their down time. And when it starts to get late enough that it's past Eve's 'bed time' she falls asleep leaned against Raph. And after a while she starts drooling on his arm and he wants to wake her or move her because of it but he can't bring himself to do it cuz she just looks so cute. With her face smooshed against his bicep and cuddled up against his side.

I couldn’t resist, that sounded so cute I just had to sketch it out real quick :’D

Eve, the apple, the snake & the fall

In the Garden of Eden Eve was immortal.  She felt no pain, all her needs were met.  Her life had no ups, no downs, none of the things that we would associate with being alive; with having a human life.  She was on the side of the angels, God’s side,

Was her life even real?  

Was she just staying alive?  Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it?

Along comes the snake and offers her an apple,

…a fall from grace.  The devil wants Eve.  He finds her interesting.  He is interested in her,

Eve eats the apple.  But, she does not fall from grace.  So Satan owes her a fall,

After that her life becomes real.  Real life as we know it,

Real life includes, ‘pain, heartbreak, loss… death’.  


Before Sherlock meets John, his life is devoid of meaningful relationships.  As John illustrates at Angelo’s, Sherlock’s life is, 'not real’, because he keeps himself from getting involved.

John is put in Sherlock’s path via coincidence.  Yet, Mycroft stresses to him in TSoT that there’s no such thing.  If we see Moriarty as the Devil, one who controls and machinates, one with whom people make deals to get what they want, then we can speculate that Mike Stamford, either literally or subtextually, was put in John and Sherlock’s paths to bring them together.  This is the snake giving Eve the apple.  The green apple that’s part of John’s breakfast in the beginning of ASiP, it represents him.  The snake on his mug represents Moriarty.  He puts the temptation in Sherlock’s path.

The apple comes from the tree of knowledge.  In this case the knowledge is that of love and sex.  'To know’, in the Bible, literally means, 'to have sex with’.  John represents the knowledge of getting involved, emotionally and sexually.

Sherlock eats this apple when he falls for John at the end of ASiP.  And yet, he remains metaphorically, 'chaste’, by denying his feelings.  He has eaten the apple and yet, he has not been expelled from the Garden of Eden.  In Series 1 and 2, he successfully keeps at bay the consequences of falling in love.  He ate the apple but did not pay the price.  This is why Moriarty, 'owes him a fall’, because he ate the apple and was not expelled.  He circumvented the consequences by his own denial but Moriarty catches up to him.

The apple that Moriarty carves in TRF is symbolic of that debt.  It is not the apple that Sherlock is to eat, for he’s already eaten John’s apple.  It’s a reminder of that apple, that Sherlock ate and did not pay for.

Sherlock’s fall is the price he pays for eating the apple in ASiP.  Moriarty discredits his life’s work as a symbol of confronting him on his life being inauthentic.  He is saying a version of what John was saying at Angelo’s: your life is not real, you’re a fake.  But, it’s not the same thing, exactly.  John was saying, 'without taking emotional risks, you’re not really living’, whereas Moriarty is saying, 'you already ate the apple and you’re acting like you didn’t.  You think you can love but risk nothing, pay no price.  You are wrong.  And you’re a fake for pretending you’re not in love’.  In this way, Moriarty is right, Sherlock is a fake and his whole life is fake.

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'shit just got real’?  Shit getting real means things getting bad, getting hard, it means, 'the plot thickens’.  In Series 3 we see shit get very real for John and Sherlock.  None of the former comforts of Series 1 and 2 remain.  There is no more stasis, no more, 'stayin’ alive’.  Sherlock’s life has literally become real after the fall.  Just like how Eve was not really alive, not really human the way that we think of as human and it’s only once she is expelled from the Garden and falls from grace that her real, hard life begins, so, too, with Sherlock.

At the beginning of TEH we immediately see just how, 'real’, things have gotten for Sherlock, as he’s literally a captive being tortured.  After the fall, the exit from Eden, his life will never be anything but real.  

To me, 'the final problem’, is mortality (look at how similar the words, 'mortality’, and, 'Moriarty’, are).  The final thing that happens in life is always death.  The issue for Eve is, if she chooses (human) life by eating the apple that also means choosing death, as it’s a part of life.  The final problem is, 'to be or not to be’, as represented by Billy the skull and the skull painting at Baker St.  But, in this context, it’s about choosing a life like Eve’s in the garden of eden, which is basically not a life or choosing temptation and choosing to live a life and then die.  So, 'death’, here is also code for, 'life’, because the two are not offered separately.  Eve chooses between an eternal non-life and a life of necessary dichotomies.

When John was put in Sherlock’s life, he fell but he did not choose to do so.  It was chosen for him.  For this reason, I think, he had a legitimate claim to refusing to leave the Garden of Eden.  He had not chosen and afterwards had chosen to live as he had before, ignoring that he’d eaten the apple.  I think by renouncing the good, he had rationalised that he could avoid the bad.  i.e. if he had fallen in love but chosen not to enjoy it, not to become John’s boyfriend, then why should he suffer?  If he’s giving up the good, he shouldn’t have to pay with the bad.  Except that his life in Series 1 and 2 was secretly filled with silent pleasures.  Sharing his life with John, eating breakfast with him, solving cases together, reading his blog, these things had brought him immense pleasure and just not admitting it did not amount to forfeiting it.  This is why Moriarty comes to collect his suffering, because it is what he’s been avoiding, it is what is due.  

In TRF, he finally chooses to accept the consequence of his eating the apple.  Even if he had felt disconnected from the choice originally and had shied away from it or attempted to obscure it, now he must assume responsibility for it.

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early xmas fic prompt: (take your time, ik you have lots of asks 😊) annabeth making a gingerbread house (bonus if she's building it w lil kids) at percy's family christmas party and she's making sure it's perfect and percy just finding it adorable

(god i’m so sorry about how long this took me, thank you for being such an absolute sweetheart anon)

Annabeth couldn’t cook. Percy knew this all too well. A few times she’d tried to make him a romantic dinner and they’d ended up ordering pizza or going for burgers after madly waving towels under the fire alarm, trying to clear the smoke pouring from the oven or stovetop.

Percy didn’t mind. His girlfriend was so good at so many things, if she’d been good at cooking too he would have thought she was more actual goddess than demigod, and that was a terrifying thought. 

When he invited her to Christmas lunch with Paul’s family and she asked if she should bring anything, he quickly assured her all she had to bring was her beautiful self. So when she arrived at his apartment Christmas Eve with a bag of baking supplies, Percy was really worried.

“It’s a surprise,” she said when he questioned her, throwing a wink at Sally over his shoulder. “You’ll see tomorrow.”

He kind of forgot about it after that; through the Christmas Eve movie marathon, falling asleep with Annabeth curled up in his arms in his small single bed, her bare skin warm against his, waking up to put on ugly Christmas sweaters and unwrap presents, posing for photos and all cramming into the Prius for the drive to Paul’s sister’s house, it was easy to ignore Annabeth’s plastic bag of baking supplies.

So Percy got a pleasant surprise when, after lunch, he discovered his mom, girlfriend and a gaggle of small cousins gathered in the kitchen, the contents of the bag spread over the kitchen island.

“Okay so these will be our walls, right? And that’s going to be the roof,” Annabeth was saying to one of Paul’s nieces, a six year old named Blair.

“It doesn’t look like a roof,” Blair said, staring at the rolled out dough Annabeth was cutting into precisely measured shapes. 

“It will, trust me.”

“I want to help!” Another cousin, Henry, tugged on Annabeth’s apron.

“Here,” she said, pausing in her cutting to lift him up onto a stool. “You have a very important job to do - you’re going to make the Christmas trees.”

Henry’s eyes went wide. “I am?”

“You are. Here’s your dough - you just have to roll it out flat and then squish this on top of it, okay?” Annabeth handed him a tree-shaped cookie cutter and, after watching him successfully cut one out, finished her own task. “And Blair, now you’re going to help me make our roof look like a roof!”

The two girls grabbed almond flakes from the packet in front of them and Annabeth showed Blair how to stab them into the dough to look like roof tiles.

“You’re not meant to see it until it’s finished.” Sally’s voice by Percy’s ear made him jump.

He realised he’d been standing in the doorway staring at his girlfriend for a long time, completely transfixed. He couldn’t really help it - she kept tucking this one loose curl behind her ear, and her eyes had this glow they got whenever she was working on a new project, and she poked her tongue out the corner of her mouth whenever she was concentrating, and -

“Percy,” Sally said, waving a hand in front of his face. She laughed when he blinked stupidly at her.

“Sorry, Mom, what were you saying?”

“Annabeth’s working really hard on this, she wants it to be a surprise, so you should get out of here before she sees you,” Sally said, still laughing.

“She already knows I’m here,” Percy replied.

And he was right: Annabeth hadn’t looked at him when he’d entered the room, but her posture had changed and her smile had gotten a little wider. As if to prove his point, she finally looked up at him now. She smiled and scrunched her nose up, waving a hand at him in a go away gesture.

“But she wants me to leave anyway,” he added, laughing as she blew her hair out of her eyes. “You’re going to make sure she doesn’t burn the house down, right?”

Sally smiled. “That’s what I’m here for.”

Percy reluctantly returned to the lounge, making small talk with Paul’s family and frequently sneaking back to the kitchen to spy on Annabeth’s progress. 

“Seaweed Brain!” she cried in exasperation when he snuck up behind her and kissed her temple. His cousins laughed at the nickname. She was holding the roof on top of the walls, waiting for the icing to dry, and couldn’t move to hit him away when he looped his arms around her waist. “You’re going to make the roof wonky.”

“My bad,” he said quietly, propping his chin on her shoulder. “It looks amazing, Annabeth.”

“Thanks,” she said, turning her head to smile at him. “Your mom helped, and your cousins -”

“But it was your idea, and you designed it.”

That much was obvious. This wasn’t a gingerbread house from a cookbook: it was more like a gingerbread temple. There were columns lining the sides, intricate scenes of a family Christmas carved under the roof and functioning doors that opened to reveal a small gingerbread bowl filled with candy in the middle. 

“I did,” Annabeth said quietly.

“It’s incredible, Annabeth.” Percy beamed. “I can’t wait to pull it apart and devour it.”

Her head hit his shoulder when she threw it back and laughed. “Gods, Percy, didn’t you eat enough at lunch?”

“There’s always room for gingerbread, especially when it’s made by the best girlfriend in the world.”

She planted a kiss on the corner of his mouth and his cousins groaned, “Eww!”

The two teens laughed. 

“Wanna help us decorate?” Annabeth asked, carefully letting the roof go. When it didn’t collapse, everyone clapped and cheered.

Percy grabbed the piping bag. “Where should I start?”

When they brought the finished product out to the table, complete with gingerbread trees scattered across the board it was sitting on, and the whole scene dusted in icing sugar, Paul’s entire family clapped and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it. Sally snapped about two dozen photos from every angle, of the house itself and then of the house with everyone who’d helped bake it, and then of Percy and Annabeth with the house.

Once it had been immortalised forever in photos, everyone grabbed a piece.

“You’ve got yourself a talented baker, Percy!” Paul’s sister said with a fond smile at the two of them, wiping crumbs off her hands.

Annabeth laughed. “Thank you so much,” she said, squeezing Percy’s hand, “but I’m more of an architect, actually.”

As he ate a large portion of the wall, Percy decided he agreed with his aunt. He still didn’t trust Annabeth to use the oven unsupervised, but he definitely wouldn’t mind if this gingerbread temple of hers became a holiday tradition. Especially when he got to kiss the crumbs from her lips.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 7

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6

This is heavy on MAGGIE BACKSTORY 2k17 so it got a little long; hope it’s worth it! I combined a couple prompts on this because, happily, I got an abundance! I hope that’s okay!

From @bacop150: “12 days of Christmas prompt. Maggie volunteers at a shelter around the holidays. Something she’s done since her rookie years in uniform. She usually never tells anyone but this year a special kid has only one wish. To meet Supergirl. So Maggie is forced to ask for Alex’s help making the wish come true. Alex gets to see the connections Maggie has made through the years even meeting people she’s helped. They spill the beans about her kind heart even though she always acts tough. Backstory Maggie” and from anon “sanvers + looking for christmas trees”

Heads up: this story has a very happy bent, but includes references to the negative experiences of queer youth of color who’ve been kicked out of their homes, and sometimes physically abused, by their families. Sending love to those of our communities who have experienced or are experiencing this struggles.

Christmas was usually Kara’s department, and that was generally just fine with Alex. She had her fire place, and that was as holiday as she got. Too many holidays drinking too much wine to cope with not feeling enough for your mother, with missing your father with all your heart, with how happy your sister is and with not understanding why you feel so empty in the midst of everyone else’s joy… That’ll kill the holidays for a person.

It had long since killed them for Alex.

But this year? This year, since coming out? This year, since Maggie?

“Your place is huge, babe, at least you could have a little Christmas tree. Something to remind you that it’s not all about alien invasions and death rays from space.”

“Death rays from space.”

Maggie leaned up and kissed her earlobe, and Alex froze. “Missing the point, Danvers,” she practically growled into her ear, and Alex barely suppressed a groan.

“Just a little Christmas tree, huh?”

Maggie had lit up so brightly at Alex’s concession that it solved the matter then and there: within twenty minutes, Alex had let herself be dragged out to National City’s Garden Depot, which had all but established an artificial forest of evergreens, waiting to be attached to the top of car roofs and brought home to be draped with candy canes, sparkling lights, and photo frames of first anniversaries and lost loves.

Maggie had interlaced their fingers and Alex found herself staring down at the spot where her entire body’s senses had lit up. She gulped and Maggie’s hand stiffened.

“I’m sorry, did you not want – ”

No,” Alex said firmly, taking Maggie’s hand tighter. “I want to hold your hand. I’m just still… getting used to it, is all.”

Maggie nodded softly, but then her eyes caught a tree behind Alex and her eyes lit up.

“Oh, babe, this one is gorgeous.” Maggie let go of her hand and suddenly Alex found herself jealous of the pine needles on the tree – a little taller than Maggie, modest in girth but full, just this side of understated beauty – because Maggie’s hand was running over the needles and she was speaking, softly. Alex stepped closer with a tilted head – a habit she was picking up from Maggie – and furrowed brow.


“Oh,” Maggie shifted her feet. “I always… I always feel bad, you know. They’re killed just to make our living rooms look nice… I like to… you know, thank them, I guess? It’s stupid, I know, but I – ”

But Alex had grabbed her face and pulled her up into a searing kiss, and Maggie – a little shocked, but pleased – melted into the kiss, letting her tongue brush Alex’s bottom lip.

Alex moaned slightly, forgetting entirely where they were, and nearly whined when Maggie pulled back a moment later, tugging her phone out of her back pocket apologetically.

“Sorry, Danvers,” she flirted as she glanced down at the text. Her face – flushed and heated with desire and affection a moment before – drained of any happiness a moment later, and her eyes flew wide.

“Alex, shit, I’m sorry, I have to go – ”

“No, it’s fine, work – ”

“It’s not work. I’m sorry, I’ll explain later, I – get this tree, I – I’m sorry babe, I have to go.”

She pulled her down for a quick kiss to her lips and sprinted back to her Triumph, leaving Alex to stare after her, bewildered and worried and falling in love.

Christmas Eve, Five Years Ago

Maggie sighed as she replayed the last text message exchange with her mother in her mind, having memorized it so her eyes were free to do her job, not keep staring at her phone every two minutes.

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You’re Not Sorry I’m Haunted By You Pt. 1

Title: You’re Not Sorry I’m Haunted By You

Characters: Lucifer x Reader Gabriel x Reader

Summery: You discover that Lucifer is cheating on you with Eve, after his fall from grace Gabriel wants you to run away with him.

Based On: Haunted by Taylor Swift and You’re Not Sorry by Taylor Swift

Listen: Here and Here

Warnings: Cheating, Sadness, Running away. (think that’s it message me if you find anymore!)

A/N: This idea just kinda popped into my head. Let me know what my Little Angels think! So, so, so sorry it has taken me this long to update, finals have had me really stressed! (I broke out in hives!) But, I’ll be done with them on Thursday! And after that I’ll have 3 wholes weeks off to write for you guys! Thank you so much for being patient with me! Love you all!<3

Your heaven was wonderful. Filled with wild flowers of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Lush trees that allowed the sun to dabble on the earth below, giving it the illusion of golden rain droplets on the emerald green grass. And in the middle of it all there was a hill, your ‘mini mountain’ you liked to call it that allowed you to see the beauty of your heaven from the mountains off in the distance where the sun would set, and the little babbling brooks that weaved together like a spider’s web all heading to the same place a lake in the center of the forest where the moon would use it as a mirror. Here was the place where you could just sit for hours admiring everything your Father had created. Here was the place you felt safest. Here was the place where you could paint every little detail over and over, because each sunset was different, each day new things came to join you in all their glory. And here was the place Lucifer was supposed to meet you to go for a walk by the creeks, but he was late. Again.

You had noticed over the last few months the Lucifer had been sneaking away from his duties more than usual, and now you. Deciding to try and find him, you stand up from your sitting position on your mini mountain, and teleport out of your heaven. Thinking of places he would go, you try his heaven first, but he is not to be found in his snowy wasteland. You move onto Michael’s heaven, maybe those two were arguing again, something that had been happening lately, and poor Gabriel was usually stuck in the middle of it trying to play peacemaker. You felt sorry for the youngest archangel, trying to keep a seemingly broken family together was not something you would want to try and take on. But when you found that your Morning Star was not with Michael, you began to worry.

Now, unlike Lucifer, you actually liked humans, maybe not loved yet, but you were getting there. You and Lucifer had been fighting over that issue lately, you were trying to convince Lucifer that humans weren’t all bad, and were actually quite interesting, they experienced emotion like no other being your Father had created, and of that you will admit you were a little envious of. But they were flawed, and that’s what makes them fascinating. The fact that they could fall flat on their faces, pick themselves up and start again, make mistakes and be forgiven for it. Have such a wide variety of personality’s. Fail to understand one another, but try to nonetheless. The fact that they could, just live. Well, it simply amazed you. Your Father had seen your curious (Y/E/C) orbs shining bright when he announced the creation of the human beings, and had given you special permission to be able to go the The Garden of Eden to learn and get to know the two humans there. And you were proud to say that you had made friends with both Adam and Eve. They had both been incredibly curious when you first visited The Garden asking questions that some you didn’t even know the answer to yourself. Then it was your turn to ask the questions, they had both seemed a bit surprised to say the least, you guessed that they thought every angel knew what it was like to feel emotions, and live their own independent lives. And you supposed on some level all angels did, but to truly live the ways humans do well, you didn’t think that was possible for an angel.

When you couldn’t find Lucifer, you decided to go to the Garden of Eden. Maybe Lucifer had decided to give humans a chance, and talked to Father about visiting them. Spreading your large pair of (Y/F/C) wings you launch into the air shooting through the clouds, and before you know you arrive at the grand gates of Eden. Something seems off from your place hovering above the landing site. You hear a pained groan come from behind one of the bushes. Gadreel. Running behind the bush you see him cover head to toe in bruises, and small cuts. A large pool of red has gathered by his lower leg dripping steadily from a gash in it. One of his turquoise wings was bent at an odd angle, making you think it was broken. The other had piles of feathers missing from it, and a few nicks here and there. His coughing brought you out of your shocked gaze. Kneeling down beside him you begin to heal him with your grace, the large gash on his leg gone, and his broken wing healed and you were out of breath.

“Can you stand?” He nods his head before his face contorts into a grimace. You pull him to his feet, helping him steady himself. Once you’re sure he’ll be alright, you bring up the question of why he was injured. “What happened?”

“I-I don’t know something- something jumped me I-I didn’t get a good look at it’s face, correction their face.” He says disappointment, and confusion in his voice.

“What do you mean "their face”?“ You question worry in your tone.

"Don’t you know? Only an angel can hurt another angel (Y/N). The-they took the key I-I failed Father.” Your eyes go wide, and your wings immediately spread out in a protective stance. There were many angels who didn’t like humans, but none that you thought would go this far.

“Gadreel, do you think you could make it back to the archangels, and tell them what happened, tell them I’m here and investigating?” You ask in a commanding tone, the garrison leader coming out, and the kind, caring sister taking a back burner. He nods his head, shame in his eyes Your (Y/E/C) orbs soften and the sister is back in an instance “Don’t worry Gadreel, I’m sure Father will forgive you, and you have me as your witness to how banged up you were.” He gives you a sad smile before slowly taking off to alert the Heavenly Hosts.

You take a deep breath, preparing yourself to defend Adam and Eve from one or more of your siblings. Stalking towards the gates in a predatory stance your eyes rake over the slightly ajar door. You feel your heart rate quicken as you summon your angel blade. You silently slip through the gates hoping not to alert anything or anyone to your presence in the garden. Your (Y/E/C) eyes scan the field looking for any signs of a struggle, your ears open for any sound. But it was unusually quiet something that scared you more than screams of pain would, after all silence is deafening. Seeing no immediate threat, you begin to pick up the pace, throwing a glance over your shoulder every once in a while. Coming to the fence that surrounded the Garden, you hear a twig snap and the sound of a body being pushed up against a tree. You crouch down preparing to jump over the fence, and land silently on the other side.

That’s when you hear her voice, the voice of one of your best friends, the person you shared secrets with, who knew almost everything about you, combined with the voice that you trusted most in the world, that you wanted to hear every day, the voice that you thought you couldn’t live without, the person you loved most in creation. Lucifer. Your heart shattered when you heard their moans come together in pleasure.

Tears threatened to spill from your eyes Eve you could blame after all she didn’t know about you and Lucifer, and even if she had, she was so naive, she would sure to be quick to fall under the serpents spell just as you had. You were angry. At Lucifer, at yourself for not seeing the signs, at Eve. Hopping over the fence you creep toward a bush, a leaf crunches under your feet, and you freeze, grimacing Lucifer’s head starts to turn in your direction. Immediately you dive behind a rose bush, hoping and praying to your father that they didn’t see you. Soon enough the moans return and you poke your head out from the cover of the bush. A gasp involuntarily leaves your mouth at the sight of Eve’s back against a tree her legs wrapped around Lucifer’s waist, her lips parted in pleasure as Lucifer ravages her neck.

Having seen enough, you swiftly get out of the garden, running as fast as you possibly can once you’re out of ear-shot. You don’t slow down until you see the glorious gates come into view. You slam them shut, just as the other three archangels appear. Michael in the lead closely followed by Raphael and Gabriel, all of them prepared to fight. Gabriel is the first to spot you breathing hard slumped against the gates. He comes running over to you archangel blade out, as if ready to fight off whatever hurt you

“(Y/N), are you alright?” He asks, unable to answer his question verbally you nod your head. You walk over to the other brothers, both have the archangel blades out stances in defense, eyes alight with the promise of battle. So eager to take out anything that threatened heaven’s peace. How were you supposed to tell them that that 'thing’ was Lucifer their own brother. As Michael goes to open the gates, you grab him by the shoulder. A labored 'wait’ escaping your mouth

“That 'thing’ you’re fighting… It’s Lucifer.” Michael’s face, which had softened when he turned to you became stony at the thought of having to fight his little brother. Raphael actually showed some emotion. And Gabriel had let out a shocked gasp before he could stop himself, and his face contorted into a pained expression. It hurt you to see him like this… A lot more that it should have considering you were just friends. Sure, you had grown up with the youngest archangel. With his sass and your quick wit you two had been a pair. But all that changed when and Lucifer stared seeing each other that way.

Michael, ever the leader, took charge of the situation. Telling you to go tell Father of what Lucifer had done to the humans, you open your mouth to argue that you should go with them, but quickly close it when you see all of their expressions. This was hurting them just as much as it was hurting you. You were losing the person you loved most, and they were losing someone they had known almost all their lives. You nod your head, turning around you spread your (Y/F/C) wings, giving Gabriel one last glance before taking off to your Father’s chambers.

The reality of what would happen to Lucifer when you told Father what he had done, almost made you regret telling them. Almost. Your heart was in bitter despair, confusion, and anger. Arriving at the door to your Father’s chambers, you slowly raise your hand to knock right before it reaches the wood to knock it swings open. Gadreel is standing in the middle of the room with his head bowed in shame.

“(Y/N). Come in, I’ve been expecting you.” You Fathers voice booms though out the room. “Gadreel has told me you are a witness to the attack on The Garden of Eden.”

“I-I wouldn’t exactly say 'witness’ Father” You try to say without stuttering.

“Well, do tell me what you saw.” Taking a deep breath you begin your story.

“I was on my way to visit the humans, when I notice Gadreel wasn’t standing guard. I then heard a pained groan coming from behind one of the bushes. I rushed over and found Gadreel, he had a broken wing, and several large gashes, along with some smaller nicks and cuts, and was practically unconscious. I healed him, then asked what happened, he told me someone attacked him. I told him to go and find the archangels while I find out who attack him. I followed the path to the garden when I heard- when I heard,” A lump was forming in your throat, making it hard for you to speak, and your eyes were stinging with un-shed tears that you refused to let fall in front of other people.

“Go on (Y/N), nothing bad will happen to you or Gadreel, I promise” Your Father coaxes as gently as his booing voice could.

“I heard a-and saw Lucifer and Eve doing things I’d rather not speak of.” Your voice cracked throughout the simple sentence that broke your heart. Your Father leaned back in his chair contemplating what to do and say

“Thank you Gadreel, (Y/N). You may go now.” You bow your head to your Father before getting out of there as fast as your legs could carry you. At the moment, you were lost you didn’t know what the future held for you or Lucifer. All you knew was that you needed to get out of there, so you flew you flew as far and as fast as you could. Letting the feeling of the wind in your hair, and ruffling your feathered wings clear your mind of all thoughts. And before you really knew what was happening you saw a figure in the distance six golden wings poking out of its back. Gabriel.

To Be Continued…

Story of Creation: God acuses Adam and Eve after the fall (detail of God). Designed ca. 1548, woven by 1551
Designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (Netherlandish, 1502-1550)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (Netherlandish, 1502–1550). Story of Creation: God Accuses Adam and Eve After the Fall tapestry (detail of God), designed ca. 1548, woven by 1551.

*laughs* guys, if you think this:

Is the final way to end the current crisis… Think about this:

  • the Finale is 45 minute-long
  • they need to fill it up with something
  • they wouldn’t reveal the final part of a multi-step plan
  • it’s either Plan A which more or less fails and then other ones follow
  • or one of first steps of a huge one

Sit back and don’t get excited too soon. It doesn’t mean at all they must have got Ford back so he completes the circle here. Very little is certain, and the Pines are still in great danger. Yes, someone could die.

Party! (Closed rp w/ LoZ)

Well the day came quicker than you thought….

Eve had been fretting about nervously, giving orders with Therius and posting guards at the General’s command. It was a shame that she couldn’t stay with you for long. She looked rather nice in her dress, through she insisted upon incorporating some armor into it to make her feel comfortable in some way. She had your seamstress tailor it to fit her description and all she did was add a few pieces of armor she had already. It looked similar to that…ah….valkyrian armor set she wore occasionally. You didn’t see why she didn’t just wear that, as it looked nice enough already.

@};~ Vixie, you’re falling behind.

You trail after Eve, fidgeting a little bit as she leads you across the small bridge connecting the east part of the castle to the center.

“….I don’t want to do this anymore.”

@};~ Too late to turn back now.

Eve pushes a door open for you and you can hear the commotion in the foyer below. How many people were in there?! Oh goodness, they’d all be staring at you. Your sister nudges you a little bit, giving you a small smile.You purse your lips as you slowly walk to the balcony overlooking the large room, clearing you throat softly. You can hear the room begin to quiet, which doesn’t help in the slightest.

Each Frame Tells a Story - Rooftop Fall

This is for Mid0nz ’s Every Screen Tells a Story project. I may do something more challenging later but for now, I am making an observation about this screen shot:

External image

It is a pretty simple composition, Sherlock is preparing to fall from the roof of Bart’s, is a dark figure against a lighter sky, and just before he falls, he spreads his arms in a fairly iconic crucifixion position. The Christ parallels are a bit obvious to really base a meta on, we are hit over the head with it given that he resurrects and is shown being lashed later in TEH again in this arms-outstretched position, with his long scraggly hair. What I would like to point out is a parallel with another movie in which a deliberate fall from a building signifies a profound change in the character. This still from the 1998 film City of Angels shows Seth, an angel who is in love with a mortal, preparing to fall so that he might be with her.

External image

He is even wearing a long black coat that flaps around him as he falls.

External image

The fall is what changes him from an angel to a human being. Though Sherlock has just insisted that despite being on the side of the angels, he is not one, the actions here suggest a different interpretation. A “fallen angel” is usually a Lucifer figure, rather than a Christ figure. It can also refer to a human failing as Adam is sometimes said to have “fallen”. And the fall in Sherlock has had biblical overtones throughout TRF. What are the creators saying about Sherlock if this is the case? Jim offers him an apple while promising him a fall, playing the role of the snake or perhaps of Eve. Will Sherlock, like Adam realize after his fall that he is naked?

Before the fall, he was like Seth, immune to both the pain and pleasure of human connection. (It was more extreme for Seth, who as a literal angel had no sense of touch or taste and could not feel pain, pleasure, or any kind of sensation. Earlier in the movie he asks someone to describe what a pear tastes like. Words are inadequate.) Sherlock had remained above it all. In Season 3 all that has changed, he is extremely vulnerable. He is finally open to pain and loss.

Forgive me if this mini-meta has been purely obvious, but I had not seen anyone else reference City of Angels which contains such a strikingly similar scene. I have much deeper and profounder thoughts about Sherlock which refuse to resolve themselves into something publishable yet, but stay tuned! My brain may wrestle them into something intelligible yet.

flounderandflail  asked:

As a boy Sherlock Holmes had wanted to be a pirate. While his older brother Mycroft thought his little brother was rather silly but despite his claims otherwise Mycroft Holmes loved his little brother, so sometimes he indulged him. (1/?)

Sherlock hated school from the first day. None of the other boys knew how to play deduction like him and Mycroft. When he tried to teach them how to play they got mad, Sherlock didn’t understand why, and started picking on him and never stopped. Sherlock decided he didn’t like people very much but that didn’t mean he wasn’t lonely. Mycroft noticed. (2/6)

That year the boys spent all of December trying to deduce their Christmas presents, it had become a kind of game between the boys and their parents who tried to keep it a secret. By the week before Christmas the two boys had managed to deduce that they would receive a sweater each from their nanny, some old detective novels from their father, and Operation from their mother. What Sherlock didn’t know was that Mycroft had asked if he could give Sherlock a puppy so he would have a friend. (3/6)

Sherlock had loved that puppy as soon as he laid eyes on him Christmas morning. He was named Redbeard, Captain Sherly’s First Mate and together the two played pirates whenever Mycroft was too busy with big boy stuff. And Redbeard was a true and loyal first mate until he passed away the year Sherlock retired from piracy and went off to university to study chemistry instead. (4/6)

Years later Mycroft found himself going to the dog kennel once more for a Holmes who wanted to be pirate, just like her daddy. Molly and Sherlock’s daughter Loo would be starting school next fall. So on Christmas Eve after everyone had gone to sleep Mycroft crept into 221b Baker St. past the little girl sleeping on the couch waiting for Santa to place an equally sleepy puppy under the tree for morning. He crept back out but not without kissing his niece on the forehead. (5/6)

When Mycroft came over the next day to find Loo playing Pirates and Pathologists with Blackbeard he knew it was worth it even with if Sherlock did plan on calling him Santa Croft for the foreseeable future. (6/6)

Ahhh! Holmes brothers and parent!lock feels all in one fic? This made me flail so hard. It’s perfect!