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Hey guys! I’m submitting this too even though I’m not an official participant ;) But, since I don’t really get to participate in EvB (*sobs*), I’ll take the activities I can because well, I can.

  • URL: @fitzsimmonsy
  • (Nick)name: Maggie
  • Age: 26
  • Personality Type: Neutral Good. Very strong Slytherin/Gryffindor hybrid.
  • What do you love most about FS?: I love their unique blend of friendship and romance that truly defies normal descriptors and is 100% unconditional. That it’s all about the other person being safe and happy, and they’ll do anything and fight forever for that to happen. I also love that they’re highly intelligent, but still incredibly emotional and giving people.
  • Favorite FS moment: It’s a tie between them working together to save Jemma from the Chitauri virus, everything that happened in the pod, the sunrise scene, and their intimate moments in 03x17 and 03x18. 
  • Favorite non-FS character: I honestly can’t pick a favorite AoS character besides them (or I’d say like 6 people), so you’re getting Margaery Tyrell, Aang and Jyn Erso.
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: Besides the fact that I can’t pick favorites? Hmm…I’m pretty obsessed with being organized and I’m also currently considering getting a pet rat. 
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): *whispers* Go see Rogue One if you haven’t seen it and join me in my eternal agony.
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I swear I had a post written yesterday and it didn’t post or something.


To those who were interested in one of my Iceland-related VIP stories (@bigfunnywords, @tashonix, @accio-the-force, @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot), you may choose from the following list:

  • Stephen Colbert
  • Misha Collins (or just go here :) )
  • Björk
  • Christy Turlington
  • The current Icelandic president and his wife
  • A semi-famous Icelandic director who made a semi-famous Viking movie in the 1980s

Thank you all for the lovely replies! My desktop is being a tool and not showing me notifications so I’ve gone this way instead. 

@unbreakablejemmasimmons Season Four is amazing - each season keeps getting better and better! It leaves me really excited about Season Five and how they’re going to go better again. 

@theresalwaysaway Ha! Glad to know that I’m not the only one, maybe I will watch the other movies someday *shrugs* And us fandom grandmas have gotta stick together ;) 

@catchylove SDCC is incredible, exactly what you would imagine! If you have ever been to any of your local ‘cons (I go to Oz Comic Con and Supanova every year) take that and amplify it. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible, so many people passionate about so many things in one place. And I guarantee you’ll never go anywhere else where people will apologise for bumping into you (which happens when 130,000 people descend on the same space!) or such a great place where people don’t judge you for what you’re into. I had so many different conversations with people from all different fandoms and walks of life, it’s terrific. 

Then there’s all the other stuff like sleep deprivation because there is so much to see and do, packing into a hotel room with 8-10 others to save some cash and cos everything is booked out, surviving on junk food etc All totally worth it! Plus all the cast you can meet and fun stuff you can do off site etc etc Feel free to ask any more questions :) 

@marvelouswhovianfairytales Start watching! You will get seriously hooked, every episode is drama on top of drama and it sucks you in. Plus you’ll fall in love with the cast :) 

@florchis No HP books either! I did try to read the first one a long time ago but couldn’t get into it. Part of me has always thought I’d try again so maybe one day! And hehehe thanks, I’m glad people liked the fandom grandma line :D

@consoledacup When I go back and rewatch now I pay so much more attention to May, she’s had an awesome arc and god, how she always picks herself up again and gets on with it - super inspiring! I’m so doing Season 4 for your rewatch thing :D 

@jemmablossom Oh man I did not expect to get so into Riverdale but I did! Every time I thought things couldn’t get worse, or a character possibly couldn’t sink any lower they did! Plus Cheryl being so extra cracks me up every time :D Not to mention all of the other awesome cast :) Bring on season two! 

@inevitablefan-ne-girl Hahahah I know, I know! I have recorded some others so I might get there slowly! And SDCC is incredible (see above) - I didn’t meet any of the ‘big 3′ but I got to meet other cast members who were so lovely. Willow Shields remembered me which was amazing (I met her at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne in 2012 where I tried to teach her to pronounce Melbourne). 

Bruno Gunn (he plays Brutus) gave me the most glorious bone crunching hug. I got a selfie with Natalie Dormer. Mahershala Ali is the most wonderful man and taught me how to say his name so I was so rapt to see his success this year. We also had a really philosophical discussion with Jeffrey Wright (Beetee) about the books and why we loved them, the whole cast was so passionate about the messages in the books and doing justice with the movies. Honestly one of the best experiences of my life :) 

Thanks for all the kind replies to my Meet and Greet Intro!


Idiocracy is RIDICULOUS. OMG. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop in 3x17 too!

Nice to see I wasn’t alone!  And Idiocracy is underrated!


Idiocracy is so good but I’m afraid to watch it in today’s trying times. It’s too real!

I know, right?  I don’t think it’s going to take 500 years!


oh, excellent choice!! the tech is such an underrated aspect but it’s so important and i love when we get to see them in their natural sciencey environment!! and doing a cartwheel on the equator is amazing - what a cool thing to get to say you’ve done!!!

Thanks! It was so cool to be there. I just love how in AoS, tech is designed by the good guys to help people and save the day. So often in Hollywood, we just see the storyline where the evil scientist needs to be stopped, but all the engineers I know are like Fitz and Simmons!


I love how you thought someone was going to interrupt the 3x17 moment! But no, for once, they got their moment!! :)

I was so relieved and so happy for them!!! Finally!!!


Sci fi tech!!!! *Grabby hands* I don’t even care that it’s not scientifically accurate ahaha. What did you think when they brought out Trip’s howling commandos stuff? Did you have a Coulson moment? Hahaha

I enjoy it even when it’s not completely accurate either, it’s just close enough that it sounds like it could work.  There’s no such thing as gravitonium, but I did learn about compiler theory in college.

I’m drawing a blank on what exactly the howling commandos stuff consisted of. Maybe you could remind me? But I’m sure I had a Coulson moment!


Yes! I’m right there with you, give me all the fs + tech omg, I really hope we get to see more of their collaborative works again soon

Me, too!  In space, I hope! Plus I miss the drones.


I love Idiocracy so much!!! It’s such a great movie and scarily prophetic…

I know!  It’s happening even faster, too!


Oh I love that you mentioned the tech! I have no idea what they’re doing half the time but as a total geek I do love all of the very cool tech :) I need to hear more about this cartwheel on the equator too!

Yes! I need more holotable!  My husband and I were in Quito, Ecuador for a short-term project with a radio station there and took a little side trip to the equator.  



They are the best! I once did one off the diving board into a pool and the lifeguard yelled at me.  C’mon people, live a little!  


Your reasoning for loving them is so different from what I’ve read from everyone else and can I just say that is absolutely wonderful? Personally I don’t really pay that much attention to the science portion a lot of the time, and those are my woes because I end up being distracted by the pretty, but rewatching now I’ve started to pick up on it and really,  their brilliance is astounding. Some of the inventions that they have put together are just mind blowing.

It’s just so relatable to me.  Sometimes my husband asks me to help him with the software he’s working on and it’s so cool to collaborate that way.  


Gotta say, though, I’m totally on board with your comment about 3x17. I spent that whole scene wondering who was going to interrupt them. 🙈 I’m glad for that alone that we were spoiled. Welcome to team engineering, comrade!

 Exactly! You could see the door in the background and I kept thinking it was going to open any second, but instead they had a great moment!



The tech is amazing. A cart wheel on the equator? Must have been a long cart wheel?

HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, it was!!!  :-D

URL: Jemannesimms

(Nick)name: Charlotte

Personality Type: Ravenclaw, ENFP, Libra

What do you love most about FS?: How true and beautiful their relationship is. They’re first and foremost friends who love and respect each other as people-physical attraction isn’t the only factor nor is it the most important factor in their relationship. Also they’re beautiful nerds like me lol

Favorite FS moment: The scene in 4x21. You know, THAT one. I love it so much. I’ve done an entire meta on it and frankly I could do at least 4 more

Favorite non-FS character: In AoS or just in general? In AoS it’s Bobbi Morse but in general atm it’s Peter Parker

Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: My nephew loved my Funko pop collection and in particular my Daisy Johnson one, so I taught him her name and his first word after ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ was 'Daisy’…Proud Auntie.

Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): I think everyone in the world should read The Book Thief.

  • URL: consoledacup
  • (Nick)name: Janelle
  • Age: 29
  • Personality Type: Slytherin / INFP / 4w5 / Aquarius / True Neutral
  • What do you love most about FS?: their devotion to each other
  • Favorite FS moment: Jemma declaring her love for the Doctor while at gunpoint in “Farewell, Cruel World!“ 
  • Favorite non-FS character: Mace (#macelives)
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: I really love re-watches and do them all the time and will always squeal with you about anything about FS or the show. I also watch TV for a living.
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): The Man in the High Castle (Jason O'Mara will just so happen be a series regular for season 3)

URL: @jemmasimmouns
(Nick)name: nikki
Personality Type: I’m an esfj!
What do you love most about FS?: it’s kind of stupid but between the two of them they’ve mastered physics, biology, and chemistry, which are the three main branches of science. it just complements how well they go together.
Favorite FS moment: the entire Seychelles scene
Favorite non-FS character: daisy!
Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: i once saw elizabeth, ming, and chloe during a panel at sdcc and almost didn’t recognize them coming out because they’re shorter than I expected
Recommend one thing: f.r.i.e.n.d.s the tv show

This is such a cute idea :) you guys rock!

Meet the EvB Participants
  • URL: the-nerdy-stjarna
  • (Nick)name: Sanna
  • Age: Thirty-*mumblessecondnumberveryquietly*
  • Personality Type: Ravenclaw (Ravenpuff) / INFJ / S1JemmaSimmons
  • What do you love most about FS?: They’re the nerds. They work with their brains more than their muscle and that’s so relatable to me.
  • Favorite FS moment: The silent hug in T.R.A.C.K.S. (‘cause they make me feel more with saying nothing at all then other characters with entire speeches) [P.S. ALL OF THE MOMENTS!]
  • Favorite non-FS character: BSquad, Mack’s Shotgunaxe [*whispers* and basically everyone else]
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: 99% of my cool VIP stories are somehow related to Iceland. [I will elaborate if anyone asks ;) ]
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): The Little Prince

Hello friends! This is my submission for EvB! 

  • URL: lapiccolina
  • (Nick)name: Hmm, I don’t really have one with this fandom, but in my last one, I was call “Resa” pretty regularly (TheRESA). :)
  • Age: 33 (real talk - my 30s have been the best years of my life so far)
  • Personality Type: HUFFLEPUFF AND PROUD. ESFJ. 
  • What do you love most about FS?: Um, EVERYTHING. But really, just the way they love each other, how they can talk with and over each other, and how the show constantly shows how smart they are. They’re empathetic, and for a show that has a things like strength and powers that can’t be explain by science, these two are the most powerful when they’re just being their best human selves full of heart and love. Also, they just FIT. Like, when you look at two people and think, “Damn, they make sense.” YEAH, THESE TWO MAKE SENSE.
  • Favorite FS moment: The “A picture of space” scene. I adore everything about it. The highlights as to why I FREAKING LOVE THIS SCENE:
  1. They both take that step towards BEING SOMETHING MORE.
  2. THE HUMOR. I mean, who doens’t love cheeky Fitz making Jemma laugh? I mean honestly.
  3. I get her head resting on her shoulder, his head leaning on her head, and sloooooow slide into a kiss. I DIED SEEING IT HAPPEN LIVE. I legit started screaming and jumping from my couch up and down. FITZSIMMONS ARE NOW CANON. SUCK IT B****ES. LOL.
  4. And then, the completely FUN kiss after that slow perfect slide into that first one. Fitz makes a joke to break this delicious sexual tension and Jemma laughs at him. And then she looks at him with what I like to think is her, “this ridiculous man is mine” look and then KISSES HIM TO STOP HIM FROM MUMBLING. 
  • Favorite non-FS character: Well. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOOSE. But I’ll go with…May. I mean, she’s a badass. 
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: It took me a while, but I’m finally doing the thing I’ve always wanted to do - Just earned my MD and I’m being a doctor! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much reading and commenting - the start of residency has been…a transition! 
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): Um. Hm…Since we’re loving a couple on a superhero show, I’m going to go old school rec: LOIS AND CLARK AND THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. They were legit probably my first ship ever - that Lois and Clark, aka Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, were just THE BEST. Oh, I could gush about them all day. It was a fun and campy show but I really liked that they explored Lois and Clark being a couple vs. Lois and Superman, you know? Just, it all worked. 

I’m just a girl with a shippy heart, what can I say. Anyhoo, hi everyone! 


  • URL: idecaesteckers
  • (Nick)name: Aurelie (even if my father sometimes calls me lily)
  • Age: I’m 28, I’ll be 29 in two months and I’m not even scared to turn 30. I saw a lot of people freaking out about turning 30 but I’m okay with it
  • Personality Type: (Hogwarts House/MBTI type/Zodiac/Character alignment—whichever thing you like to identify with, if any!) Gryffindor (I always thought I was Hufflepuff but then I took the pottermore test and yeah, Gryffindor) / ISFJ / Virgo / Neutral Good (Just find out about this one ! )
  • What do you love most about FS?: That they would do anything for the people they love. I don’t just mean what Fitz would do for Jemma and what Jemma would do for Fitz, I mean that’s beautiful and Epic but what I love is that they also care about their friends, they went through so much in S1 when they were just a team of strangers and yet, they just would do anything for their friends and you can see how heartbroken they are to lose some team members (such as Trip, Lincoln, Huntingbird…). So Yeah, I’d say that what I love the most is their big hearts (and brains)
  • Favorite FS moment: Oooh… Last year I would’ve answered the Fake fight in Afterlife (2x16) but now I can say that Hot Potato Soup is probably one of my favorite FS Episode and the “Maybe I’m stuck In a loop” “You became the most open, loyal, caring person i’ve ever met […]It’s why I fell in love with you. Who you really are that’s not programming, it’s way beyond that”
  • Favorite non-FS character: … Lance Hunter (God that was so tough ! Just one ? Really ?)
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: If I watch/read too much something then I’ll have a dream about it, a month ago I read a lot of X-Men Comics for three or four days and I had a dream that I was the Director of a school for Mutants in France lmao
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): Legion. Please watch Legion, It’s amazing !

Okay so I was trying to think of a pun for the title but I’m pun-less today :(

URL: jemmahearteyessimmons

(Nick)Name: Lauren 

Age: 23

Personality Type: ESFJ, Slytherin, Capricorn

What do you love most about FS?: I love how they never give up on each other

Favoyrite FS moment: When Fitz rescued Jemma from Maveth, like boi that was an intense moment on TV like I legit thought it was fifteen minutes and I was sitting on my bed trying not to scream and throw things at my TV

Favourite Non-FS Character: Daisy and Elena (sorry I can’t choose just one!!!)

Fun fact about yourself: So I hate when people ask this type of question because I literally have so many?!?! But um one fact about me is that my maternal grandparents got a form thank you for your sympathy card along with a picture of Bobby Kennedy from Ethel Kennedy (this makes me sound super posh and it doesn’t help my Dad has  met and talked to Mike P*nce either, but I’m not posh I swear!)

Recommend One Thing: Baked Cajun Chicken. Oh my Gosh it’s amazing and super simple to make, and it makes great leftovers or an add in for a salad :) Hit me up if you want the recipe

Url: @hermionesimmonss
Name: Caroline
Age: 21
Personality type: Gryffindor, INFJ, Pisces
• What I like most about Fitzsimmons is there story. Friends to lovers. It started slowly and now their love is so strong. It’s so strong that no matter what they will never give up on each other.
Favorite Fitzsimmons moment: the Fitzsimmons reunion hug in season 4.
Favorite non-Fitzsimmons character: Daisy Johnson
Fun fact: I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. I’ve written 15 short books in my younger years. And I’m working on one now!
• I would recommend the Harry Potter books. Honestly I just think they are so wonderful and they’ve played such a big role in my life :)

URL: Jewishfitz
(Nick)name: Sarah
Personality Type: Gryffindor
What do you love most about FS?: I love their dynamic
Favorite FS moment: Basically all of FZZT
Favorite non-FS character: Daisy Johnson
Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: I love music, especially film scores!
Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): My favorite movie of all time is 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s a great sci-fi film with amazing music, and I recommend to practically everyone I meet!

evb meet and greet - somethingmarvelous

URL: somethingmarvelous
(Nick)name: Anna
Age: 22
Personality Type: infj & hufflepuff 
What do you love most about FS?: I love that their relationship was built upon such a deep friendship, minus all the outer space and hydra happenings that’s some real #RelationshipGoals right there. 
Favorite FS moment: “Maybe there is.”, I struggle with saying my feelings out loud and the moment when Jemma did has just really stuck with me.
Favorite non-FS character: Daisy
Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: In the pineapples on pizza discourse I firmly align myself with team pineapple. 
Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): I recently read the comic series Giant Days by John Allison, it has well-written female characters and relationships and tbh I could keep going on and on about how I love it.

  • URL: Just this, the one and only!
  • (Nick)name: Rabbit. Sometimes I call myself Rabbit. Sometimes I want to buy myself rabbit things only to realize no one in my real life understands why rabbits=me
  • Age: rounding the end of my second decade
  • Personality Type: ISTJ, Ravenclaw, Lawful Good—imagine a cross between Jemma Simmons and Bagheera, and you’ve basically got it.
  • What do you love most about FS?: Their equality
  • Favorite FS moment: Anytime they run at each other and hug like they’re going to fall to pieces if they don’t hold each other tight.
  • Favorite non-FS character: Harriet Vane
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: On average, I get asked twice a week, “You’re from California? What are you doing here, then?” Most people don’t know what to do with the answer, which is “God asked me to trust him and so I came to work with the church that runs this Cafe.”
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): Stroopwaffel. I have no idea if that’s how you spell it, but they are these waffle cookies with caramel in the middle, and you put them over your tea so the centre gets gooey and delightful. 
  • URL: Fitzsimmonsforlife 
  • (Nick)name: Amelia 
  • Personality Type: INTP, Leo, Slytherin
  • What do you love most about FS?: I love that they will always strive to be there for each other, no matter how difficult it gets. I love how their love is selfless. I love how they understand each other. I just love them. :) 
  • Favorite FS moment: “You’re more than that, Jemma.” *sob* 
  • Favorite non-FS character: Melinda May! 
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: I’m currently trying to write a full length, original novel for publishing.
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): If you’re into anime, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the best thing. 
  • URL: catchylove
  • (Nick)name: lex
  • Age: mid 20s
  • Personality Type: ravenpuff/huffleclaw & infj
  • What do you love most about FS?: how much they love and appreciate each others’ brilliance
  • Favorite FS moment: silently plotting against gonzales & co. together, the fake fight that let fitz escape the playground with the toolbox
  • Favorite non-FS character: daisy!
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: i unironically spent like six months introducing myself as “lex, as in luthor” when i was fifteen. the shame haunts me to this day.
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): i h i g h l y recommend the 2009 syfy miniseries called alice. it’s excellent.
  • URL: bigfunnywords
  • (Nick)name: Lindsay
  • Age: 31 (on July 16th)
  • Personality Type: Hufflepuff, Cancer
  • What do you love most about FS?: their friendship and unconditional love for each other
  • Favorite FS moment:
    oh man…I can remember watching the pilot and as early as  “i’m engineering, she’s biochem” I was turning to my boyfriend and saying THE SCIENTISTS ARE MY FAVORITE. I love all of their moments, but if I *must* choose…probably the 3x17 picture of space kiss.
  • Favorite non-FS character:
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share:
    I’m an actor, I like dinosaurs and candles, and I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.):
    Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
    Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You (A FRIGGIN CLASSIC, FIGHT ME)
    TV show: Orphan Black! Tatiana Maslany is a literal genius.

URL: marvelouswhovianfairytales

(Nick)name: Dani

Age: 33

Personality Type: INFP, Ravenclaw, Taurus/Gemini cusp

What do you love most about FS?: They are best friends before anything else.

Favorite FS moment: The whole episode Fzzt

Favorite non-FS character: Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: I have not seen season 2 and beyond due to a general avoidance of angst. I’m also a cat person.

Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): I’m thinking about rewatching the anime Noragami this week so we’ll go with that.

EvB Meet and Greet!

URL: aosfangirl81.tumblr.com

(Nick)name: Shayne

Age: 35

Personality Type: ENFJ is my MBTI, which I feel like is pretty accurate. I was placed in Hufflepuff but always feel conflicted about it! I was recently told I’m likely primarily Wood in the Five Chinese Elements, so I’m exploring that a little more. Oh, and my main love language is Acts of Service.

What do you love most about FS?: I love their growth! I love how much they’ve grown and change and had their fair share of conflict, but they keep coming back to each other and working through. Respect the journey!

Favorite FS moment: All of their interactions during F.Z.Z.T!

Favorite non-FS character: Antoine Triplett (#Triplives)

Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: My day job is working for an international humanitarian non-profit, and I’ve traveled to 21 countries so far in my life (hoping to make it 24 by the end of the year!).

Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): Anything written by Roxane Gay. She is one of my current favorite authors!