“The (Midheaven) reflects a person’s image, their presentation to the world outside. It can be a very important factor in the physical appearance, the physical type, even more so than the ascendant.”

— Liz Greene

Aries midheaven: Can seem insatiably seductive, intimidating, challenging, inspiring, ready and willing for anything, like they were born for whatever they are doing 

Taurus midheaven: Can seem ultimately grounded, in touch with themselves, competent, alluring and sensitive

Gemini midheaven: Can seem interesting, clever, influential, experimental, free spirited, confident in their intellectual abilities and erratic 

Cancer midheaven: Can seem sensitive, emotionally responsive, introverted, gentle, mysterious, and maternal like a mother figure

Leo midheaven: Can seem confident, charismatic, and commanding, full of pride and performance, big hearted, competent in leadership, always switched ‘on’

Virgo midheaven: Can seem internalised and private, intelligent, skilled and proficient, nervous and sacrificial, self-disciplined, a personal advisory 

Libra midheaven: Can seem popular, artistic, peaceful, and easy to relate to, flirtatious, enchanting, people can feel entitled to their beauty, righteous and fair

Scorpio midheaven: Can seem cryptic, secluded, and provocative, charming, mesmerising, daunting, intense, unforgiving, passionate, commanding 

Sagittarius midheaven: Can seem wild, unrestrained, adventurous, perceptive, interesting, relentless, philosophical, active, impossible to keep up with

Capricorn midheaven: Can seem astonishingly capable and confident, self-sufficient, grounded, gifted, talented, reliable, resilient, wise, and successful 

Aquarius midheaven: Can seem unusual or atypical, strangely gifted, free spirited, intelligent, self-sufficient, inspired, creative, unstable, interesting 

Pisces midheaven: Can seem spiritual or gifted, otherworldly and supernatural, redeeming, rescuer, creative, unstable, dreamy, evasive, inspiring, awakened



Context - the party are dungeon-delving into a rather mischievous vampire’s underground ‘lair’. They spot a door at the bottom of a pit.

DM: There’s a ladder you can climb down.

Rogue: Okay, I’ll go down and check for traps *succeeds*

DM: The ladder’s fine…

Rogue: I reach the bottom and yell up –.

DM: … but as your feet hit the floor, you trigger the trap hidden on the ground. Fireballs explode from all around you and those on the ladder.

*4d6 fire damage*

DM: Roll to keep hold of the ladder.

*NPC companion nat 1s*

DM: Anton falls and …


 DM: … lands gently on the floor…….. triggering the trap again.

Party: FFS

*3d6 fire damage*

DM: Again, roll to keep hold.

*Ranger-druid fails and hits the ground*

Party: NO

*2d6 fire damage*

DM, gleefully: And again?

*Cleric fails and falls*

*1d6 fire damage*

DM, is far too happy: Once more?

*everyone succeeds and makes it down the ladder, but only because the trap is exhausted*

Party: *is totally wrecked and on its last legs purely because of fire and fall damage*

Rogue: *took absolutely no damage because of evasion* Well that wasn’t too bad. Let’s look at this door…

DM: The door is painted on the wall. You’re literally in a dead end pit.

Party: …………


So, my sister and Robbie were never able to have the time together they both so longed for and deserved. Which ever since I’ve ever since I’ve always felt I prevented. But what sense of hope or satisfaction could a reader derive from an ending like that? So in the book, I wanted to give Robbie and Cecilia what they lost out on in life. I’d like to think this isn’t weakness or evasion but a final act of kindness. I gave them their happiness.
Atonement (2007) dir. Joe Wright

The air signs typically have very little energy for emotional labor. Comforting others, showing affection, and communicating their feelings can drain them rather quickly, and it isn’t that they don’t want to do those things, it is more that they often lack the courage and vitality of heart to make the effort. This can manifest in many small ways – for example, Libra may prefer small talk and chit-chat over more personal conversation when spending time with friends because they don’t have the will or the strength to face issues that lie under the surface. Gemini may joke & try to “laugh off” sincere moments. Aquarius may rationalize personal problems, deeming them insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

A big part of the reason they are too tired inside to deal with other people’s problems is because they repress their own. They spend so much of themselves on holding back their own tears that they can become indifferent to others’. In detaching from themselves, they detach from other people. This is actually very damaging to their relationships, and they may not know it. They may think they have smoothed things over by distracting a friend from an issue, but in reality they have burned a bridge, made their friend uncomfortable and made them wonder just how valuable they are. You simply cannot band-aid deep wounds and expect time to heal everything – but sometimes, that’s all air signs know how to do. This often comes from childhood complexes, things they were taught as kids (especially air moons) which become stubborn habits.

While air signs are good debaters, they are very rarely good arguers. The moment a discussion becomes personal, the anxious, awkward side of them erupts in nervous laughter, diversion, and all manner of evasive maneuvers.

Developed air signs gracefully handle emotion along with intellect as a natural component of human nature and a healthy social climate. They learn how to clearly express not only what is in their head, but what is in their heart and soul as well, and they also learn how to react to such expressions from other people. But underdeveloped air signs can be ironically socially inept in the area of emotion. They become like children again, faced with a judgmental parent who scolds them for crying or for seeking affection, uncomfortable and unable to process warmth or coldness alike. For signs that value connection, they can be so bad at forging valuable ones, and it is all due to fear – not having the backbone to face or facilitate interpersonal depth.

Analysis | The ultra-rich are hiding way more money overseas than anyone realized
Leaks from the secretive offshore world demonstrate just how much
By https://www.facebook.com/anaclaireswanson

Previous researchers had theorized that tax evasion was likely much more common at the top of the wealth spectrum. Not only can the superwealthy afford expensive offshore services that help them hide their earnings, they are also less likely to have to disclose to the government in the first place.

Top earners are more likely to be self-employed, and thus have the burden of reporting their own income. In contrast, lower-income people typically earn wages, which in the United States are reported directly to the government by an employer in the form of W-2s. Among wage earners, rates of tax evasion are almost zero, Zucman says.

In addition to providing new insight into the nature of tax evasion, the researchers say their findings probably mean that economists have significantly underestimated inequality. If the top 0.01 percent have 30 percent more wealth than their tax returns indicate, that puts far more distance in the yawning wealth gap between the haves and have-nots.

“It increases measured inequality quite substantially,” said Zucman. 

For Zucman, the findings imply that governments are missing out on a lot of revenue that is being hidden by the super wealthy. 


Derry, 1989.

It had been a week since new kid Richie Tozier arrived, and with each passing day the whispers that followed him only grew more curious. Whether it be about his family’s uncommon move to the boring town, or his own evasive magnetism, the hushed voices hadn’t ceased to speculate who Richie Tozier was and where he had come from.

But while being a mystery to everyone else, the only thing that mystified Richie was the small boy with a head of chocolate curls that they called, “Eddie.”