A Pretty Good Bad Idea II

Peter Maximoff x Reader, Chapter 2/?

A/N: A big thanks/major brownie points to karley for beta reading the first chapter and libby for beta reading this chapter. You’re both the best.  

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Warning: Smut

It takes you forty minutes longer than it usually does to get out of bed the next morning, and you’re almost late to your first class because you spend an additional half hour convincing yourself that you really can’t afford to skip science just because you sit next to Peter. You rush into the room just as the teacher begins to speak, sliding haphazardly into your seat. Peter slips you a sheet of paper with the assignment, and the gesture doesn’t feel any different than it did prior to last night, so you turn your mind to the work and think that maybe the two of you have successfully pulled off the whole ‘no strings attached’ thing. At lunch, you sit with Jean and Jubilee, and he sits with Kurt and Scott, and for the rest of the day, the two of you resolutely pretend that the night before had never happened. Maybe Peter hesitates before meeting your eyes, and maybe you feel so tense you could break bricks on your shoulders, but the two of you are acting like its fine, so it’s definitely fine. Right?

A week has passed. A normal week. At least, you’re pretty sure it’s been normal. The first day was fine, and so was the second, and by the third day, you had even managed to ignore the mounting tension at the back of your mind. Nobody asks any uncomfortable questions, or even says anything at all about how you’re interacting. The two of you eat lunch together and procrastinate your work and complain about training and the teachers, and everything is fine.

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