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Fallfest selfie of shame.
PS For those that don’t live here and don’t know what Fall Fest is, it’s a celebration of Evansville where there’s tons of different booths filled fried food and you wade around in a mass of greasy obese people and indulge every gluttonous desire you never knew you had. Every thing from brains to fried coca cola. It’s kinda like a real life John Waters movie and it’s amazing.


There’s a woman missing in my county, part of a recent spike of missing people and kidnappings. All of these victims have been petite females. A man came to my door with this poster last night and I’d like to spread the word. Please, even if you live nowhere near Indiana or not even in the US, signal boost this. This has to stop, and these women need to be found.

Evansville Press, Indiana, February 11, 1916

Nifty shoes, but nary stocking!
Mercy, girlies, but you’re shocking!

Palm Beach stands for this, but we don’t believe it’ll be popular in Evansville till spring, if ever. At the left are a few of our artist’s predictions as the logical successors of this newest society fad.


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