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Welcome to wintcrsldier’s first solo tumblr awards!

  • mbf me
  • reblog this once (likes are only for bookmarking)
  • check out my june botm and runners up
  • ends June 20th
  • Winners announced June 22nd
  • The Charles Xavier Award  - Best URL
  • The Tony Stark Award - Best Icon
  • The Hawkeye Award - Best Posts
  • The Erik Lahnsherr Award - Best Theme
  • Wanda Maximoff Award - Best Creations
  • Daenerys Targaryen Award - Best Game of Thrones
  • Natasha Romanoff Award - Best Marvel
  • The Dean Winchester Award - Best Supernatural
  • The Donna Noble Award - Best Doctor who
  • The Shield Agent Award - Best Multifandom
  • The Avengers Award - Best Overall
  • a followback from me
  • spot in my updates tab
  • promos upon request (4 for winners,2 for runners up)
  • my undying love and friendship
  • Cookies
  • If you’re entering for a specific award just tag it when you reblog
  • i might add more categories for more fandoms depending on notes and blogs
  • this must reach 40 notes or i’ll cry
  • i’ll add one runner-up for every extra 50 notes this gets
  • questions? shoot me an ask

I decided to make a network to rewatch most marvel films over the summer! This is place to discuss the marvel movies and share headcanons, etc

How to enter:
  • follow bucky barnes
  • must be willing to watch all the movies
  • reblog this (likes only for bookmarking and will not be counted as a entry)
  • fill out this survey
  • must reach 30-50 notes
What am I looking for:
  • friendly blogger
  • You have to like marvel 
  • nice blog (url, theme etc.) 
If  you get accepted
  • get a spot on the network page (please put a link on your blog)
  • you most be willing to give me your email, for the chat page
  • new friends
  • a spot on the network page
  • posting a schedule to watch the movies
  • someone to share all your feelings about marvel
Extra info:
  • track #marvelwatchnet
  • i will be picking members when this reaches enough notes

 if you have any questions feel free to message me (◡‿◡✿)

*drops a quick botm halfway through the month*


  • mbf this crybaby
  • reblog to enter
  • must reach at least 35 notes or this never happened
  • this ends on August 31st and i’ll announce the winner on September 1st
  • there will be one winner
what i'm looking for
  • a fandom blog (multifandom’s gr8 too)
  • nice url and a clean theme
  • a decent human being
the winner will get
  • a follow back if i’m not following already
  • a place in my blog description for the whole month
  • an edit announcing how awesome you are (or a url graphic depending on your url)
  • promos whenever you want
  • *~ eternal friendship~*

yo so i’m finally posting my extremely late 6k tumblr awards!! i mean i hit 6k like two months ago but i’m a giant loser and i’m only just posting this now so (but like just look at those two losers up there that’s gotta make up for it right) (i made that graphic at like 12am last night pls ignore)

ok so the rules :
  • u mbf this loser
  • reblogs only please (can like to bookmark but it won’t count as an entry)
  • must reach at least 40 notes or i’ll deflect a bullet into ur spine
  • 1 winner and 2-3 runners up per category 
  • this ends on my cat’s birthday (july 17th)
and the categories are :
  • the avengers award (best marvel)
  • the team free will award (best supernatural)
  • the all-rounder award (best multifandom)
  • the winston award (best hannibal)*
  • the moriarty award (best sherlock)*
  • the steve rogers award (nicest blogger)
  • the james mcavoy award (best theme)
  • the misha collins award (best url)
  • the tony stark award (best original creations ie. edits/graphics/etc)
  • the michael fassbender award (best overall)
  • the sebastian stan award (my favourite)
  • the next best thing award (upcoming blogger)* if you have less than 1000 followers please message me letting me know and i’ll consider you for this award!
and the most important thing: prizes

winners will receive :

  • a follow if not already
  • a group promo when the winners are announced
  • unlimited promos whenever
  • blog rates?? advice?? my first born child?? ya know anything u want really
  • friEndship !!!! (this is the best prize hush now)

runners-up will receive :

  • a follow if not already
  • a group promo when the winners are announced
  • up to 10 promos whenever u want
  • *drumroll please* my everlasting friendship