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Jily at the zoo!

have a fun/cute drabble b/c i haven’t written anything in awhile

“A zoo, Potter? You have a zoo in your garden?” Lily said, coming to a full stop. James, whose hand was attached to hers, was forced to stop as well.

“Not exactly.”

Lily stared, mouth agape, first at her boyfriend, and then at the collection of misshapen broom sheds that littered the lawn around them. At first glance, the sheds had appeared perfectly ordinary. Well, ordinary for wizards: garishly painted, with bright, clashing colors, some with polka dots, others with stripes, all set in rows like an oddly prepared chess board.

Odd, but relatively harmless.

As James had led her amongst them, however, intent on finding a suitable place to snog, she’d noticed that each shed had an opening, not unlike a snack kiosk. But instead of a fizzy drink machine, each opening revealed a distinct, fully contained animal enclosure.

Enclosures for animals. Like a zoo.

Because that was completely fucking normal.

“You have a zoo in your garden?” she repeated, turning once again to her boyfriend. He looked completely nonplussed.

“I’m not sure why you’re surprised,” he said casually, letting go of her hand to pet a slobbering camel whose head appeared out of a bright green shed. “I told you about it.”

Lily shook her head. “You mentioned your mother’s greenhouse and your father’s potions laboratory, James. You even slipped in that bit about the Quidditch pitch when you thought I was asleep, but I definitely don’t remember anything about a zoo.”

“I said I had lots of pets.”

“That you did.”

“Well, here they are,” James said, wiping his slimy hand on his trousers and sweeping his arm in a grandiose gesture.

“Dogs or cats are pets, James. Not an entire bloody zoo in your back garden.

James grinned sheepishly. Ironic, given the small flock of sheep in the enclosure over his left shoulder. Over his right, Lily saw a small herd of Hippogriffs.

Hippogriffs, plural. Because of bloody course.

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  • child: m-m-
  • me: mama? are you going to say mama?
  • child: my favorite movie is captain america civil war
  • me:
  • child:
  • me: i've raised you right