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If you don’t think McGonagall was invited to James and Lily’s wedding you’re wrong
  • She was in her office working late one night when she heard tapping on the window; it was an owl, carrying a letter labelled « Minnie »
  • So of course she knew who it was from
  • ngl she teared up a little at the thought that Lily and James were getting married, in spite of the war, and that they’d invited her to the wedding
  • She wondered for a (very short) while if it would be appropriate for her to attend her former students’ wedding, but oh who was she kidding - this was James Potter and Lily Evans, of course she was going
  • She showed up in a long bottle green silk dress, and a high bun with green feathers sprouting from it
  • Of course Sirius was the first to spot her when she arrived
  • He offered her his arm (« you look ravishing tonight, Minnie ») and escorted her to her seat
  • She didn’t even try to conceal her tears during the ceremony
  • she was so proud
  • later Marlene dares Sirius to ask McGonagall for a dance
  • Sirius looks offended
  • « I don’t need to be dared to ask Minnie for a dance! I was going to anyway! »
  • « Minnie, would you care to dance with me? »
  • « Mr Black, I hardly think this would be appropriate! And may I ask again that you stop using that name! »
  • « Come on Minnie, you know you love it. One dance? »
  • *deep sigh from McGonagall*
  • « Alright, Black. One dance »
  • Sirius winks at James as he dances with McGonagall
  • James is dancing nearby with Lily
  • He looks so betrayed it’s comical
  • « Excuse me Lily I must go dance with Minnie right now »
  • Lily rolls her eyes
  • « sometimes I wonder if you don’t love her more than you love me » she groans
  • but she smiles and goes off to dance with Alice
  • James approaches Sirius and McGonagall and clears his throat
  • « excuse me, Minnie, do you think I could have this dance? »
  • Sirius looks bewildered (« uh, mate, can’t you see I’m dancing with Minnie?? »)
  • « Ah, yes, Padfoot, but this is my weeding. I do what I want »
  • To their surprise, McGonagall nods, « you know, Black, Mr Potter’s got a point.. »
  • James smirks at Sirius, who stares at them for a second then stomps away mumbling to himself like the drama queen that he is
  • McGonagall may tell James how proud she is of him while they dance
  • James may find his eyes to be a wee bit watery for a second
  • After a while, Sirius reappears
  • James starts to make a speech about how Sirius should quit trying already (« I am the groom, Padfoot, therefore I am the one who gets to dance with Minnie » *severe eye-rolling from McGonagall*)
  • but Sirius cuts him off by saying « Prongs, I didn’t come here to ask Minnie to dance with me. I came to ask you. »
  • « Oh. Well in that case » — he turns to McGonagall — « Minnie, if you’ll excuse us »
  • James takes Sirius by the waist and they start dancing
  • Almost half an hour later, Lily sits down next to a grinning McGonagall and sighs « you know, sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t love him more than he loves either or us »

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james and lily’s wedding

There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad.

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Celebrity Imagine/Preferences: Your Wedding Dress

Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Evans

Mark Ruffalo

Sebastian Stan

Jeremy Renner

Scarlett Johansson



Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

Elizabeth Olsen



Jared Leto

Jai Courtney

Cara Delevingne



Leonardo DiCaprio

Anthony Mackie

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Ginny is five months pregnant when she walks down the aisle. 

It isn’t until a friend dies tragically and unexpectedly and leaves her partner floundering in unfinished work that James and Lily consider a war wedding. It’s Lily who brings it up, citing the idea of not wanting to leave James to put all her affairs in order without a proper place in her life, or vice versa. He sighs, calls her “the world’s worst romantic, Evans,” and proposes the very next week. 

Percy and Audrey have a huge wedding in a beautiful hotel venue seating four hundred - it’s elegant and opulent with none of the intimacy of his siblings’ weddings at the house where they grew up. The divorce is just as cold and elegant, though it’s much lonelier.

Andromeda Tonks is determined to plan a wedding for Teddy - a proper one like she didn’t get she eloped, a beautiful one like she didn’t get to decorate at her daughter’s courthouse ceremony. He’s okay with fulfilling her dreams, even if they weren’t necessarily his own.

Katie Bell marries young, with Alicia and Angelina as her bridesmaids. Ginny isn’t invited to the wedding, since she and Katie don’t retain the closeness of their youth, but she mopes around for a good few days after the engagement, never quite able to articulate why she can’t get over it.

Ron and Hermione write their own wedding vows. Well. Ron writes his. And Hermione checks them over.

Forever | 25: The End

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 3.7k

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language - all the floof!!

Notes: POVS switch during this part, which are indicated in bold // flashback is indicated by date; PD means present day; italics indicate personal thoughts // all songs mentioned are by Ed Sheeran: Perfect and Kiss Me

A/N: THE END HAS ARRIVED!! Y’all, I cried when I wrote this, so I hope you all enjoy the end of this wonderful ride we’ve shared together (and please, let me know how much you like it!)

Forever | 24

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Can’t Help Falling in Love l Chris Evans

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: Story inspired by Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley

Requested by: anonymous 

Warning: Literally fluff. So much fluff I screamed a lot while writing this. 

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