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@shippyprincess for you <3 and the lovely picture that inspired me (I know romano means from Rome,Italy/ being Roman. I just read it as Romanian, hence…this result.)

“There’s no way I’m eating this.”

You dropped your fork on your plate and gasped dramatically. The rest of the gang was trying really hard to be just as astonished as you at Sebastian’s declaration. You made your lower lip wiggle, eyes watering to add an extra dab of exaggeration.

“But, Seb! I made this just for you! You love my pasta. Did I make a mistake? I swear I-”

“No y/n, I’m sure the pasta’s perfect. I just-” Chris interrupted him with a bark of laughter.

“Sure, of course it’s perfect. That’s why your eating her food right up, right? She made a meal for us dude. Come on. Be nice.” His face was stern, but there was a twitch in his neck that told you otherwise. He wanted to laugh. Sebastian looked incredibly guilty, and you almost decided to give him a break. Almost.

“Is it the cheese Seb? I bought this new one, it’s Parmesan still. It’s just…special.” You leered at him with a smirk on your lips, clenching your jaw as you held your breath. Anthony had to look away, but snatched a glance at the container Sebastian was holding before looking up, as if praying for strength. Scarlett was already laughing into her wine, and Robert was smiling too widely. Jeremy was clenching his jaw so tight you thought he could have actually been upset about something. Everyone else was trying hold it together, and failing.

The cast of the Avengers sucked at pulling pranks. So far, you were ruling Queen of the poker face outside of actually acting. 

“Damn you, y/n. This isn’t even Romanian!” You spit your drink into the pasta, red wine getting into your shirt but not caring because of his face, the outburst taking you by surprise. He was giving you that intense look: brows together, head tilted, jaws clenching out and lips formed into a snarl. You bared your teeth at him, and calmly wiped your lips before staring in shock.

“Seb! Why would you think I bought cheese because of you, when everyone knows you need Parmesan when you eat pasta?” Seb’s face was almost bulging in what seemed like anger. Shame filled you, worrying that maybe this time Sebastian was actually upset. As your shoulders started to sag, Sebastian turned the part of the container of cheese to you, showing you the picture of a half naked Sebastian Stan showing off his abs taped to the container next to the label.

Your sighed mournfully.

“If only it said shredded instead of grated. It would have been magnificent I tell you!” 

“How am I Permesan Cheese?! Cheese, y/n?”

“You can’t ever get enough cheese, Seb. Ever. Cheese is a necessary part of life, and Parmesan is the type of cheese that goes on everything. I swear I use it as my main cheating ingredient when dieting.” He shook his head at you.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too!” 

Jesus this was a disaster. Here you go, @shippyprincess !


Thank you for actually using your celebrity status to call out trumps bs without thinking of your career and how I’d could affect it, it’s obvious how much you guys care our others and equality and I love you guys so much for for that, it means so much to know you have the support of the people you look up to and to know that they are good people

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A detailed description of the epic #AvengersInfinityWar footage shown at today’s #D23Expo!

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers 

[Chris Hemsworth on IG]