evans la

what certain musicals remind me of (part 1):
  • dear evan hansen: the smell of my vocal coach's perfume, shades of blue, clean white kitchen counters, new york city at night, sobbing at the final performance during bows and taking off your shoes and dancing in a lake, the water lapping around your ankles.
  • hamilton: old books, holding hands with someone you love and laughing with them, cast parties, busy streets full of happy people, the sound of boots clicking on pavement, and black lace.
  • bye bye birdie: staying up late on skype with your internet friends, hugging, cute short boys, cute tall girls,street lamps and first times.
  • grease: dancing for hours and hours, laying on the back of your s/o's car all sweaty and exhausted, cherry coke, lipstick, fingers that always need something to hold, loud music, and late night carnival trips.
  • la la land: stars, dropping coffee on yourself, warm nights, summer, movie dates, holding hands, talking about your dreams for hours, soft lighting, not a drop of sexual tension, and peppermint gum.

Does anyone else have that problem where your brain is just like a bunch of different musical lyrics competing for dominance the entire day? Like, one second I’ll be hearing Dear Evan Hansen lyrics in my head, then La La Land, then Hamilton, then Dear Evan Hansen again, and then by the time I realize what’s been happening I’ve already missed my teacher’s entire lecture

Guuuuuys, I just saw beauty and the beast and IT’S SO GOOD, WHY THE HELL HAVE PEOPLE OUT THERE SAYING IT’S NOT? Everything is so sweet and like the previous one but still with new and different things, so you get surprised.
Also, I loved LeFou and how they treated him, it has a good and gentle message and it shows homosexuality in a subtle, natural and normal way, it’s very sweet!
I cried 3 times watching because I grew up seeing this fairy tale and it’s pretty emotional and so amazing, and Emma looks stunning! Can’t wait to see it again.
Have any of you watched? I really wanna talk about it!!!