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Two Asian Americans whom I love dearly singing one of my favorite songs from Dear Evan Hansen?? Honestly, my skin is clear and my crops are watered.


W Magazine’s first ever his/her issue with: Kanye West, Elle Fanning, Rami Malek, Irina Shayk, Kit Harrington, Priyanka Chopra, Chris Evans, Halle Berry, Ethan Hawke, Julia Louis Dreyfus and more!


Catfish and the Bottlemen
The Wiltern gig, LA 09.22.2016

There were two things I immediately noticed. First, the wall of sound they generate with just four band members. Granted the stage had plenty of amplification, the sound they are able to create is bold, precise, heavy, loud, clear but not overbearing. You can almost feel it pass through your body it’s that powerful. The strength of the sound combined with the band’s chemistry on stage, created a magnetizing performance which quite easily got the approval of the fans in attendance. At no point did I see or hear 24 year-old frontman Van McCann give the slightest hint of letting up, and especially not vocally which is impressive since he runs across the stage during much of the songs. I think I saw him get a drink of water, that’s about it.

The second thing I noticed was how much the crowd got into it. I’ve been to dozens of concerts at The Wiltern and have seen hundreds of bands perform in LA. You could hear the fans singing every word to almost every song followed by an eruption of applause and cheering. You don’t get that at every concert these days. Catfish And The Bottlemen engaged the crowd giving them every cents’ worth. At each passing song their performance strengthened.

words and photo source
Mathew Tucciarone.